OLJ Q & A (June 2014)

Hi there!  You might have noticed that I’ve been traveling up a storm these past couple of months, which has made it s bit challenging to stay on top of my organization projects since they require more time than my other kinds of posts.  The next stop in my clothing and accessories series will be my closet.  Since I am traveling yet again this week and not quite ready to share, I thought I’d film an OLJ Q&A for you where I answer some of your organization-related questions.  I reached out on Facebook and Twitter earlier this week and received many wonderful questions.  I picked five from Twitter and five from Facebook that I thought were interesting and that I don’t think I’ve answered in recent Q&A’s.  If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts about staying on top of new year’s resolutions, how to keep your spouse on board with organization, my top three organization hot spots in my home, whether I have a “Monica closet” a la Friends, and more, check out my video:

Thank you to everyone whop submitted a question.  If I didn’t answers yours this time, I might very well next time around, as I try to film one of these every few months.  Check back next week for a look at my closet!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂


*All opinions are genuinely my own. *


10 thoughts on “OLJ Q & A (June 2014)”

  1. Yay! Mine was the first question. Thanks for choosing it Jen. I am working on my goals at the moment. They are still being drafted at the moment, but when they are finished next week (hopefully!) I will put them in clear sight as advised and hopefully if i can always see them that will make me really think about how things are going.

    1. Good luck! And remember not to be too hard on yourself if you feel like you’re not crossing all of your goals off your list as quickly as you’d like. Major change takes time and patience 🙂

  2. Awesome Q&A! Always love these videos! Thanks for showing us Winnie at the start of the video too – I always love seeing her – she’s so cute!!

    Please do a dishwasher video (I need help on my dishwasher loading system!!), and also please do a laundry video – I could use some help there too!!

    Thanks Jen 🙂

  3. Would you mind doing a post or video on your current rotation of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks? I know you like to change it up seasonally 🙂 you have given me inspiration on simple go to breakfast, lunch and snack ideas for when Don is working and you are cooking for yourself! Don has given us inspiration for dinners! In the winter we have no included in our rotation Don’s egg sandwich, Greek turkey burgers and chicken soup. Like Don my husband loves garlic and big flavor and so he will watch Don’s cooking videos with me 🙂 I love you TIU peanut butter smoothie (I am a TIU girl too! Hey Beach Babe!) you have also introduced me to some awesome new snack products so thank you for that! I definitely watch all of your food related videos. I wish we lived closer to the city so we could check out some of the restaurants you guys go to. We live in the suburbs too but it takes us an hour and more if there is traffic. We have a 13 year old diabetic Maltese dog and we hate to ever leave our baby girl alone for too long! If only restaurants were dog friendly like in France, right?! 🙂

  4. Hi Jen!
    maybe you can have a Cleaning Series. You can include laundry and dish washing organization, but also include how you pick up during the day, cleaning routines and deep cleaning, tips to keep your house so shiny! (your house is always spot clean everywhere!)
    Also, you mention someone helps you with cleaning twice a week, it would be interesting to see what is her routine, or how you manage her tasks. I have a cleaning lady that helps me twice a week but, since I don’t see her (I’m at work when she comes) she doesn’t always maintain the organization systems.
    Regards from Guatemala!

    1. Our cleaning lady comes to the house once a week. She generally starts with dusting and counters and bathrooms and does floors last. I try to pick up in the kitchen and our bedroom every day. I surface clean the kitchen every night and vacuum. I wipe up the bathroom counters & mirrors every night too. Those things help keep things tidy between cleanings.

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