Nursery Update | September 2015

We started to make some progress on our at home nursery over the past week and I thought I’d share a little update with you.  The room is still absolutely empty aside from Winnie’s little dog bed, but I’m happy to report that furniture has been ordered, including a crib, dresser, hutch, and glider.

nursery furniture 2015

After much research, we decided to go with Romina as our furniture of choice for Baby Girl’s room.  It’s made in Romania from solid beech wood and is Greenguard certified.  The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is top notch.  I love that these are pieces that can grow with our daughter.  We chose a warm brown color based on the tone of the hardwood floors in the nursery.

While we originally considered an armchair style glider for the nursery, we decided on a more traditional wood frame style model instead, as it can better accommodate the difference in height between me and Don (I’m 5’4″ and he’s 6′ tall).  We learned that it’s important for comfort to be able to easily rest your head back against the chair without having to crane your neck.  The Grand Sleigh Glider from Dutailier accommodates both of our heights and is super comfortable.  I like that in addition to gliding it can recline and has a locking mechanism.  The included ottoman comes with a built-in nursing stool that kicks out to the optimal angle.  We were able to special order the glider in a wood that matches the rest of the nursery furniture and a soft beige-toned fabric.

These made-to-order pieces can take 12+ weeks to ship and we’re hoping they make it to us before Baby Girl’s arrival, but honestly, I’m not really worried about it since I plan on having her sleep in our room (in a bassinet) for a little while at least.  In the meantime, I plan on repainting her room a neutral color and work on researching nursery bedding and window treatments.  I’ll keep you posted with any new updates as we make more progress!

On a side note, the missing Utah nursery furniture was finally delivered!  The original shipment never made it to the delivery company so Toys R Us kindly resent the Westwood dresser and bookcase we ordered.  They arrived early last week!  I’m so happy that’s taken care of so we have the basis of the nursery set up for our first trip out with Baby Girl next summer.


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  1. The furniture is lovely. I am sure it will be a beautiful room and very welcoming and comforting to your new baby girl and family.

  2. The furniture is beautiful! Your baby girl will enjoy growing up in that room but more than anything else, she will be one blessed baby to be so loved by you both (and Winnie!)

  3. Hi there Jen! As I read through this particular blog post, I realized that some of the furniture pieces that you were explaining, I have the same ones and have had them for the last 21 years, so kudos to you for picking out furniture pieces that will be built to last, even through some possible future moves that could be out there on the future horizon… 😉 BTW, have you and Don thought about any names yet? When one of my younger female cousins was born 6 1/2 years ago, I had asked my aunt if I could honour my best friend that had passed away earlier earlier that year 🙁 I hope to one day share the story of one of her middle names and explain the important significance that it holds to me. Just a name suggestion situation from me to you… I also have a couple of questions for you:
    1. I’m heading down to Buffalo, NY from the Toronto area with my mum this upcoming weekend and I will be doing some belated birthday shopping. (I turned 21 12 days ago) I know that since you’ve been pregnant, you have since stopped using your Origins “skincare routine” products, as I’m in the market for some new skincare products. My question for you is: If you weren’t pregnant, would you still recommend the Origins products to people? I have “normal skin”, but it does get extremely sensitive to certain products, and I also haven’t had ANY MAJOR serious acne breakouts since I was 12/13/14 years old…If not, what others would you recommend?
    2. I wanted to thank you for all of your feedback and support that you have given me during the last 9/6 months that I have started blogging; I’ve learned a lot from you! I hope that you continue to do this even once you first become a new mum, which by the way, your nieces, and daughter are so lucky to have you in their lives… I don’t really have the most supportive family, so it makes it really tough for me to express my thoughts and opinions to people, as I’m also still very much struggling with expressing that. My one MAJOR piece of advice relationships that I have learned about mother/daughter is from my great-grandmother: she explained to me that it’s always important for daughters and mothers to be able to communicate and encourage each other through everything because without it, then your relationship with each other will never really be strong… My mum and I have always had a very hard relationship because our communication has always not been good; mainly because I have always had an extremely hard time communicating with people and expressing my thoughts and feelings ever since I was an early infant, and I guess my mum has always been frustrated with it, despite the fact over the recent years, I’ve been greatly improving on this 🙂 So please from a young daughter to an unborn other, please do your best to be calm and patient with her should she, like me, ever have trouble expressing how she feels. Give her as much praise and feedback as you possibly can… I hope for the best for you…
    3. When exactly are you due?
    P.S.: Thanks for the inspiration on your carry-on blog post from 2013, I just recently posted my own blog post that I would love to share with you…
    Hope that you have a great day

    1. Hi Kate – to answer your questions: We’ve got our name selections narrowed down to 3 and we’re keeping them secret from everyone, even our family, until Baby Girl is born and we pick the one. I do still like Origins products and will likely go back to some of my tried and true favorites postpartum. I’m due in early January. Thanks for sharing your experiences – I hope to be a patient and accepting Mom to my little one. I hope you have a nice trip!

  4. You have exquisite taste. I am excited to see Baby Girl’s room when you are ready to share. Congratulations to you and Don! You will be great parents.

  5. Hi Jennifer!

    In one of your past pregnancy updates, you said you weren’t sure if people would like to hear/what they would like to hear (pregnancy related content) once you are post pregnancy- well coming from just one of your readers, I love everything you post! Thank you for always being so transparent and for letting us in on your exciting happenings, including your pregnancy. I think anything you have time for or come up with that’s relevant to you at the time would be interesting to us, i.e- baby proofing, adventures with baby girl, firsts, routines, etc. Of course the content would evolve as she grows, but from a journalist’s perspective, I think that the angle of 2 adults who have lived alone for 10 years, and are now going through an exciting transition of adding a baby to the mix, how is that reflected in your usual routines, house set up, hobbies, etc. I love all of your content, and look forward to it every week!



    1. Thanks for your feedback! It seems the general consensus is that people want to be kept in the loop, so I’ll do just that 🙂

  6. The time is moving along so fast now, for me anyway loll but I’m not the one pregnet. The furniture looks amazing Jan, and I’m sure with each day passing day you feel more prepared for the arrival of pretty little miss. I was wondering if baby girl will sleep in your room for a while are will she start to sleep in the nursary from the first day she arrives home. We plan so much when pregnant, lots of my plans went to plan B the scoundrel I arrived home, it wasn’t a bad thing, infact I found that plan B should have been plan A from the beginning. At the end of the day everything works out, the puzzles in your head will slot together perfectly to “your own” perfection Jen. Regardless of what us mummies did or do “your own” way is the right way. I am feeling so excited for you, thank you for sharing I look forward to seeing baby girls room but most of all I look forward to seeing little pretty miss herself. Take care of YOU pretty lady and hug your precious bump from me …. Hugs Margaret 🎀🎀🎀🎀

    1. Yes, I am planning on having her in our room in a bassinet for a little while after she is born. That’s how all of the women in my family have done it and it seemed to work out well, so that’s what I’m planning, but as you said, you never know when your plans will go out the window! It’s best to be flexible 🙂

  7. Gorgeous furniture choices!
    My babies have all been in our bedroom for 3-6 months after birth. It’s just so much easier for you with the wake ups. And if you happen to be blessed with a good sleeper (I’m 0 for 3 in that department with kids under the age of 1, ha!) it is nice to be able to peak over at baby and see that are safe and sound. 🙂 We eventually started naps in the nursery as a transition from our room to their room.

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