Nursery Tour | Utah Edition | Winter 2017

At last, I am finally sharing a tour of our daughter, Charlotte’s room at our family home in Utah.  We spend a few weeks there around the holidays in the winter and about a month in the summer, so I wanted to be sure her room was comfortable and practical for her during our long stays.  It’s minimally decorated for the time being since we aren’t there full time and her needs change so much between visits.  Keeping it bare bones like this means it’s easy for me to change it up with time as she grows so the room can grow with her.  It’s a wonderful space and she is one lucky girl (just like her parents!) to have such a beautiful place as her home away from home.

utah nursery tour winter 2017

Charlotte’s room in the Utah house is adjacent to ours through a sliding door.  It is large, airy, and full of light.  I chose simple furniture and minimal decoration that will be easy to modify as she grows.  I decided to add a few Winnie the Pooh elements here and there because Don and I are both so fond of those stories and love sharing them with Charlotte.

utah nursery tour winter 2017

There’s ample room for storage with a walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom.  There’s even a loft just like the one in our adjacent bedroom (which I converted into my “loftice” a few years ago).  It will be a lot of fun helping Charlotte transform the loft in her room into a fun play space when she is old enough to safely climb the ladder.  Until then, there is ample room to play, relax, and rest in her beautiful room.  I look forward to making memories in this beautiful room and house with her and our family and so treasure the ones we’ve already made.

You can watch the full tour of Charlotte’s room here if you’d like:

I apologize I don’t have more and better photos to share. I didn’t remember to snap any before we left the house to come home earlier this month.  What I have to share here I pulled from the video tour.  I’ll be sure to take better photos and include them in an update post if I add or change anything to the room during our longer stay this summer.


5 thoughts on “Nursery Tour | Utah Edition | Winter 2017”

  1. Thank you for sharing this tour of CC’s nursery! I always love your taste in decorating! What a great idea to display books as decor! There are a lot of wonderful covers on children’s books! 💕📚

  2. Such a cute nursery! It’s gorgeous and classic and will transition wonderfully as she grows 😊Would you mind posting a link to those frames? I’m decorating our new playroom and those look like they would be perfect, but I couldn’t find them on Amazon. Thanks!

  3. Hi Jen,
    Your nursery is gorgeous. You do have excellent taste. Please let me share something from a community health nursing perspective. Bumper pads are considered a suffocation hazard. It is recommended that no blankets, toys, bumper pads or any decorative items are used in cribs because these pose suffocation hazards and increase the incidence of SIDS. Once the baby is 12 months old you can switch it up. You can find more by Googling Safe Sleep. I don’t know how old your baby is now but since so many mom’s follow you, they may setup a crib with bumper pads and not have good information. Please look into Safe Sleep practices and help advocate for safer practices. I’m not being a nosey parker. My nursing antenna is quivering.

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