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I had so much fun putting together my daughter, Charlotte’s room during the last few months of my pregnancy.  It made me feel like a real Mama to make a cozy space in our home for our little girl.  Today I’m sharing a look at CC’s space with special notes about some of my favorite things.

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charlotte nursery february 2016

CC’s room is situated just down the hallway from the master bedroom on the second floor of our house.  I knew this room would be perfect for a nursery before we even bought the place almost nine years ago.  It’s a good size with lots of natural light thanks to two big windows.  This unfortunately makes it very difficult to photograph true to color, but at least you get the general idea.

We picked out nursery furniture by Romina, including three beautiful all wood pieces.  I love how the furniture is ageless and can grow with CC.  The Cleopatra Crib converts into a toddler bed as well as a full size bed. We opted for the Antonio nightstand for a more streamlined look.  I share more about the nursery furniture we picked out in this post if you’re interested in learning more.

charlotte nursery february 2016

There is only one open wall in the room (two of them have windows and the other a reach in closet), which fits the Antonio 7-Drawer Dresser by Romina perfectly.  We opted for the hutch as well, as we thought it helped balance the room and also adds more storage and space for decorating.  I keep all of CC’s daily necessities tucked away in the drawers, including her every day clothes, accessories, blankets, burp cloths, and more for easy access.

We splurged on the Dutalier Grand Sleigh Glider and Ottoman and I’m so grateful that we did because I spend a lot of time in that chair.  It’s cozy with a great smooth gliding function as well as recline and offers great back support.  It’s also fairly wide and roomy and I see me and my girl sitting together reading stories in it down the road even after her nursing days are over.

charlotte nursery closet february 2016

I haven’t finished CC’s closet organization aside from putting up a new configuration of Elfa shelves and sorting things into bins and baskets I had on hand.  I’m thinking of getting large soft sided totes for the floor of the closet to sort and stash toys and moving the rest up into bins on the shelves.  I like the idea of open and easy organization for the things she will eventually be in charge of and a more structured system for extra supplies and such.  Ultimately, the closet is quite flexible and like the rest of her room can grow and change with her.

I didn’t really settle on a specific theme for the nursery, but if I had to describe it in one word, I would say fairytale, hence the unicorns, butterflies, and fairies.  The walls are painted a soft almond shade called Lambskin by Benjamin Moore with lavender as the main color pop.  I find the room soft, feminine, cozy, and inviting.  I decided not to complete it in terms of decoration to allow the space to grow with CC as her personality blossoms.  I did pop in a few bits and bobs that bring some life and light to the space.  Here are a few of my favorite things in CC’s nursery:

charlotte nursery details february 2016

❊ The Nursery Unicorn Rocker is too cute!  I didn’t want the space to feel cluttered with lots of big toys (there’s plenty of time for that!), but I couldn’t resist this sweet piece.

❊ CC doesn’t sleep in her crib just yet, so I popped her unicorn plushies and a couple of hand knit blankets in there for now.  I love how they soften the look of the crib.

❊ These fairy art prints hung in my childhood bedroom.  I love being able to add a touch from my childhood to her room.

❊ I love, love, love this beautiful butterfly mobile I found on Etsy.  CC has started to take notice of it, too.  It’s so sweet to see her little face look up at it in wonder.

charlotte nursery details february 2016

❊ I love the way the light comes through her curtains, creating a soft glow.

❊ CC likes to gaze at the contrasting pattern of the beautiful quilt on the back of the glider while she nurses.

❊ Purple polka dot drawer organizers?  Yes, please!  CC’s little clothes fit perfectly folded and stored vertically in these.

❊ My heart melts a little every time I open the closet and see her sweet little shoes lines up on the shelf.

charlotte nursery february 2016 details

❊ We received so many beautiful handmade gifts from my followers, including this precious personalized lamb with CC’s birth details embroidered on it and the amazing handmade tissue box cover thoughtfully made to match the nursery color scheme.  I so appreciate the care put into these gifts and I know CC will come to appreciate them as she gets older, too.

❊ CC is so blessed by thoughtful friends and family both near and far who gave her such pretty things to decorate her shelves with.  These sweet touches make her nursery all the more special.

I give a tour of CC’s nursery in this video if you’d like a closer look:

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Charlotte’s room.  I hope to share more as it evolves with time!


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20 thoughts on “Nursery Tour | Charlotte’s Room”

  1. Beautiful room for a beautiful baby! Please consider attaching that hutch to the wall securely, if you haven’t already. My non-climbing daughter climbed the “steps” (pulled out drawers) of her tall dresser to reach something up top. The dresser fell over toward her, but luckily stopped a few feet before crushing her because it caught on the Little Tykes dressing table that was on the adjacent wall. She is 24 now. We have attached anything tall and tippable to the walls after that. Perhaps CC’s dresser is SO heavy that that is not a possibility, but keep it in mind for other items.

  2. What a beautiful room Jen. I could not be more delighted for all of you. Wishing you the best as the days turn into years. Enjoy each and every day. Hugs to you.

  3. Love it! It’s so simple and clean. Perfect for a newborn, if you ask me. I did a soft Pooh theme (more classic than Disney) for my son, shades of beige and pale blue. (Well, when I eventually finished it!) I loved it, but it really only lasted so long before I had to change everything! I didn’t even continue our “grow with me” style of crib, instead buying a new bed that better suited him. Your daughter’s room is so sweet and will definitely allow for change as she develops into her own little person.

    Get some baby pictures in those frames though! All of ours’ ended up in storage soon enough, but they’re so sweet to glance at while baby grows.

  4. Jen, you did an amazing job of making such a welcoming space for your daughter. With your help, it will continue to be a room which will always be unique to her. Another job well done!

  5. What a sweet room, love the butterfly curtains and the rocking chair looks so comfy!
    Won’t be long now until baby Charlotte looks up at you and gives you a big smile then your heart will truly melt 🙂
    Hope everything is going well for your little family

  6. Wonderful job with the room, I love that you and Don appreciate and use all the little gifts from your viewers. I think that’s why people love your channel, you truly are grateful for your subscribers and take to heart our comments and opinions.

  7. Beautiful, everything is beautiful, beautiful, beautifully organized and beautiful room for beautiful CC. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hey Jen,
    Not sure if you read the comments on old posts but we recently found out we were expecting and after rewatching your old videos feel in love with this furniture! Are you still happy with it? Wish you did anything different? We are also looking at the Antonio (since I like the 3 top drawers) but in the oil grey or bruno rosso.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Absolutely love Romina furniture. It’s beautiful quality. Congrats on your special news! Wishing you all the best for a healthy & safe pregnancy.

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