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Now that I’m firmly inside of the second trimester and feeling more confident about my pregnancy, I’ve started to acquire a few baby things here and there.  I didn’t plan on picking up a lot of specific baby gear just yet, especially when I haven’t had a chance to do proper research and comparison shopping.  When I saw the amazing deals available on well reviewed, high quality baby products through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.  Plus, Nordstrom has a great return policy so I can easily take these things back down the road in the event that I change my mind.  Here’s a look at what I picked up for me and for baby.

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nordstrom anniversary sale clothing haul

I picked up a couple of tops that I thought would make good second trimester (and perhaps beyond) options for me.  I haven’t been a big fan of form fitting clothing in the past few years and it seems like most maternity tops are meant to fit snugly around the belly.  It’s nice to find some more flowy options (FYI – these are not maternity specific pieces).

I’ve already worn the Soprano Henley Tees ($24 $15.90) on my recent trip to New York.  They are the most comfortable travel tops ever paired with leggings.  I bought the grey and oatmeal colors and am now eyeing a couple of other shades as well.  They run pretty big.  I bought them in size large to have room for my growing bump, but also so I could machine wash and dry them without worrying too much about shrinking (the care label advises drying flat).  I washed them for the first time this week and they lost a tiny bit of length but are otherwise still extremely roomy, very long, and extremely soft and cozy!

The Pleione Mixed Media V-Neck Tunic ($58 $37.90) is very much in line with my recent style preferences.  I wanted a couple of these for the fall specifically as easy to throw on options with jeans or leggings.  They run a bit narrower than I’d like and I’m still on the fence as to whether I’m keeping both, but I really love the fit in the neck and arms as well as the beautiful blue mazzarine color.

nordstrom anniversay sale baby haul

1. Little Giraffe Luxe Dot Hooded Towel – I’ve read nothing but gushing reviews about these super plush hooded towels.  The cozy minky exterior and little bear ears are the icing on the cake! $48 $32.90

2. Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket – These blankets are just about the softest, most coziest things I’ve ever felt!  I picked up one in the beautiful lotus pink and another in grey.  $86 $56.90

3. Baby Bling Headbands – I’ve read that these soft and stretchy headbands are designed to stay put without irritation.  I was able to purchase a pack of three of these in white, baby pink, and hot pink, which is now sadly sold out, but the individual bows are on sale for a great price as well.  $10 $7.90 or 3 for $20

4. ZoLi ‘BUZZ B. Nail Trimmer, Replacement Pads & Storage Case – I know absolutely nothing about trimming a baby’s nails, but this highly rated baby-friendly nail trimmer supposedly makes the job easier, so I thought I’d give it a whirl (pun intended 😉 ). SOLD OUT

5. Aden & Anais Print Swaddling Cloths (3 Pack) – These swaddling cloths have been one of my go-to baby gifts (to give) over the years because they are so widely used and loved.  I couldn’t pass up picking up a pack with these great savings! $45 $29.90

6. ERGObaby 360 Baby Carrier – I haven’t spent time researching baby carriers yet, but I do know that Ergo gets high marks, especially for their newest edition, the 360.  I was happy I snapped up the black version on sale at a great price before it sold out! SOLD OUT (black available for full price here)

7. Jellycat Charmed Sophia Unicorn Stuffed Animal – When I saw this little plush unicorn, I was immediately smitten.  It’s very possibly this little guy might become the inspiration for the nursery!  SOLD OUT (available for full price here)

nordstrom anniversary sale baby gear

There are so many high quality well known brand name baby gear items on sale as well.  I spent a lot of time looking at the Nuna Sena Travel Crib ($199.95 $149.90), the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller ($249.99 $184.90), and the Nuna Leaf Baby Seat & Toy Bar ($259.90 $194.90).  All three get outstanding user reviews and I seriously considered each of them, especially given the savings.  Ultimately, I’m not ready to make these kinds of purchases without doing the proper research and comparison shopping first.  They are pretty sweet deals, though!

I picked up a couple of the Aden & Anais Print Swaddling Cloths 3 Packs as a gift for two of you!  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Giveaway will run until Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 6 PM CT.  The giveaway is open internationally.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  TWO winners will receive one of the Aden & Anais Print Swaddling Cloths 3 Packs pictured below (you can choose which color scheme you’d prefer in the event that you win when entering):

aden & anais giveaway

You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (check out this blog post for more information on entering Rafflecopter giveaways).  I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email, as always.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Big shout out to Mint Arrow which I got much of the inspiration for this haul from.  I highly recommend checking out her blog if you like to know the scoop about great deals and sales!  I would love to know what you picked up if you shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, too.
Happy Shopping!


 * Post contains affiliate links.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


44 thoughts on “Baby & Clothing Haul | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale”

  1. The ergo 360 was a great choice! I have one for my 8 month old daughter and she absolutely loves being able to face out now that she is older. It worked great for her as an infant as well!
    The headbands work out great too! 🙂

  2. Awesome finds! That unicorn is absolutely adorable! It would fit perfectly in my daughter’s room as it is white, grey and lilac/lavender with little touches of gold! At 7 month she already has plenty of stuffed animals so I am going to hold off… for now 😉
    If I may, I would highly recommend a Mamaroo (it is pricey but it saved me for naps!) and a bouncer seat (the one you linked is pretty! I like the design a lot!)
    I have the baby Jogger City Mini GT and I love it! It is so easy to “drive”!

    1. Thanks for sharing your recs. Mamroo is on my list to research for sure and I’m intrigued by the Baby Jogger line. Good to hear real testimonials!

  3. Colorado clothing company has the best baby blankets my 2 youngest are still usinf theirs at 9 yrs and 4 yrs old

  4. Congratulations Jen! This is so exciting for your and your family xx
    Looking at your purchases, I have a couple of the same – the ergo baby 360 is amazing, get the infant insert for when she is tiny and you’ll be able to carry her around as a newborn. The Nuna leaf seat is amazing too. My son loves it (so does my 6 year old nephew!) I love it because it will last so long.
    I did look at that stroller but ended up going for the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitian (not 100% sure if you can get them in the States – I’m in New Zealand). Enjoy the journey xx

    1. TFS! Glad to hear good things about the Nuna leaf….I think it’s great kids can continue using it past infancy as well.

  5. Hi Jen! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thanks for sharing. I am 15 weeks pregnant as well with my third child.

  6. I am imagining how cute a nursery based on that unicorn would be! I am so excited to follow your preparing for baby journey!

  7. Little Giraffe Luxe Dot Hooded Towel is too cute, but you cannot put it in the dryer. The minky trim cannot stand up to the heat. (Unfortunately, I know from experience- missed that on the label.)

    Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket is AMAZING, but also is not supposed to go in the drier. I still do it, but it is now more nubby than minky. I have the adult version that can go in the dryer.

    ZoLi ‘BUZZ B. Nail Trimmer, Replacement Pads & Storage Case is AMAZING! We have been using it for two years and it is still going strong.

    Aden & Anais Print Swaddling Cloths (3 Pack)- best blankets! They get even softer as you use them!

    ERGObaby 360 Baby Carrier is AWESOME! My husband, SP and I all loved this carrier. I did not use it with SP when he was younger, but started around 10 months and used it until he maxed out on weight.

    With strollers and car seat it really dictates on you- your needs and lifestyle. I would suggest going to Galt and having them walk you through their selection and give them a test drive. You should also check out TheBabyGuyNYC. He will be in Chicago for Gearapalooza in November.

    Best of luck!

    1. Wow, thanks for this wealth of information! I figured the minky products wouldn’t be dryer friendly, but I’m used to air drying a lot of my clothing and certain throw blankets so we’ll see how it goes. I’m intrigued to learn more about this TheBabyGuyNYC person!

  8. My favorite stroller was Peg Perego, the Bugaboo Donkey is a really cool one. I just couldn’t plop down $1200 for a stroller. My kids didn’t like those baby carriers. I saved money on those things along with pacifiers. They didn’t like those either, and I tried many different ones.
    Newborns don’t need much so I would wait on some purchases especially clothes. Neither one of my boys actually fit into newborn sizes so they had to be exchanged. I HATE returning things.

    1. I wasn’t planning on buying a lot in the clothes department, but I know my family is going to get us some things. They’re super excited about dressing this little girl!

  9. HALO SLEEP SACK! Cannot recommend it highly enough! The one with the velcro. Don’t even try to swaddle with a blanket because trust me, middle of the night feeding/changing is hard enough. You shouldn’t have to make origami baby swaddles on little sleep. Congratulations! I’m due with a baby girl on December 25th so I’m giddy that I can follow you along on your journey (I have an 18 month old boy, but a girl is a whole new ballgame…plus SO MUCH PINK! Yay!)

    1. Congrats! And thanks for the info on the sleep sack. I’ve heard great things about them. Most people I know just use those swaddling cloths as light blankets, burp cloths, or to cover up while nursing.

      1. Oh DEFINITELY buy the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets! I use those all the time. They are great for traveling because they roll up to nothing and fit in every bag/purse/ etc. I also love the Aden & Anais bibs. They are fantastic! Just for sleeping, I loved the Halo Sleepsack. 🙂

  10. The Nuna products are AMAZING and so is the Baby Jogger stroller. If you’re even contemplating having another child in the next 2-3 years, you may want to consider the Baby Jogger City Select because it can be converted from a single to a double with the purchase of a second seat and back to a single again. Not only is it an amazing single stroller, but it is a smaller profile double that is still a full sized stroller. If not, The Baby Jogger City Mini is excellent. A great resource that has reviewed many of these products is a site called Baby Gizmo (she also has a Youtube Channel with video reviews). She’s from Chicago but recently moved to the Carolinas. Hollie is a wealth of knowledge on all things baby.

  11. I bought the baby jogger city mini for my little girl. We love it! Very light and easy to maneuver…. Also super easy to install the car seat adapters you can buy from their website. My other choice would have been the UppaBaby Vista! Loved it, but wasn’t practical for me. Baby gizmo was great for stroller reviews!
    Loved the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets…Used those constantly!

    Congrats on sweet baby girl! I’m excited to see you share your pregnancy!

    I’m a jellycat sucker, too… They’re sooo adorable! Check out their Soother blankets. They are little stuffed animals with a little blanket attached. My daughter has the pink bunny, and sleeps with it every night. So sweet!

  12. I have an ERGO I purchased with my third child and I sooooo wished I had done it from the beginning! We also purchased a Britax stroller that has the option of adding a second seat should you need it and it is amazing!!!! Last piece of advice, promise, JuJu Bee diaper bag!!!! I know there are a lot of designer options out there and if that is what your looking for go for it but I looooove this brand for many reasons. They are so durable, can be machine washed, have awesome compartments and come in so many designs and some can be converted into a backpack. Can’t wait to hear about more updates! Congrats again!

    1. I agree I have the number ju ju be (be prepared) diaper bag and love it. Although I think I should have gone for the Kipling version in the end

  13. I am so excited for you and Don to welcome your gift into the world. Great choice in baby carrier it is something that will last you many years. I work at Babies ‘R’ Us and recommend the Baby Jogger City Mini GT as opposed to the regular City Mini, I also recommend staying away from any stroller that has a removable seat such as the City Select because the baby grows out of it extremely quickly. The MumaRoo is a life saver for many busy parents such as yourself and I would certainly recommend looking into it. My family and I wish you and Don the best of luck on your journey and I will be watching along the entire time.


    1. TFS this great info! I keep hearing nothing but praise for the Momaroo so I’m definitely looking into it.

  14. When I was pregnant I did a lot of research on strollers and I heard great things about bob strollers but most of them are jogging strollers but I lucked out that they started making regular strollers and I snatched up the bob motion stroller. I think it’s the best baby purchase I made. No matter what brand you go with I suggest a stroller that has air filled tires(like a bike) it makes for such a smooth ride. If you and don both intent to use the stroller keep in mind one that has adjustable handles so both of you can both push it comfortably.

  15. We LOVED the CityMini stroller and give it high marks! Also loved the Ergo. Wearing baby facing out is a bit controversial? (Ill-advised for baby’s developing body.) But if anyone has figured out a solution for this, it’s gotta be Ergo. I know you’ll do your homework 🙂

    Babywearing is AWESOME for Mommy, Daddy and baby!

  16. My son and DIL are expecting their 1st child (and my 1st grandchild) in November. It’s a girl! Entered to win the Swaddlers in pink, of course. Got some great ideas for future gifts, as well. Thanks!

  17. we purchased the nuna sena awhile back! I think it’s a great product (tested it out in stores) very easy to set up and break down. we also got the nuna pipa car seat….we just went to have our car seat inspected at the hospital and the woman checking our seat was raving about it saying how it’s one of the best on the market and very dummy-proof, where it’s almost impossible to make a mistake installing it. just thought I’d share if you were thinking about car seats. something to think about.

  18. Hey Jen! Congratulations on the pregnancy! Every time I watch you talk about it, I get a little bit of tears because you are so happy and this means so much to you. You should look into getting a Solly Baby wrap, they have beautiful color choices, and are pretty popular with youtubers I know TiffanyD used one. I plan on purchasing one for my close friend and sister inlaw who are due in late November and early December. That is the site. I am so happy for you and Don. I have been watching you since 2012, I am happy to see your family grow.

  19. Check out little unicorn blankets. So nice. My daughter loves her blanket. They are on Instagram as well.
    Congrats! I’m so excited for you. I kept telling myself, wow Jen’s skin looks amazing, she’s glowing! Now I know why (:

  20. I love the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, very smooth ride. You can see it in action on itsJudysLife. And the Aden & Anais blankets can be used for everything. I especially love their stroller blankets. And the Halo sleep sacks are great now that my son is 6mos but the Comfort & Harmony wearable blanket was a better fit when he was smaller. And it give the option of arms in or out of the blanket. Congrats on your baby girl!

  21. Ergos are pretty good, but their resell value really sucks. Most Babywearing mamas who use SSC(soft structure carriers) love Tulas. They say it feels better on the shoulders and they come in so many different prints. I do have an Ergo classic and like it, but couldn’t get the newborn insert to work for me, so my son wasn’t carried in it until he was 6-months and above. Now that I have a new little squish, I’ll be using my Girasol woven wrap. You should really look into woven wraps. 😊

  22. Hi there Jen! I hope that you’re doing well. I have a couple of questions for you that I would love for you to answer:
    1. I was watching your “Tea & Talk” video from the spring, the other day and I was hoping if you’ll ever do another one sometime in the near future? I’m sure that some of us that may not follow ALL of your content, may have some questions to ask you…
    2. I was wondering if it’s at all possible for you to do either a video and/or blog post, talking about your experience on YouTube and blogging, your best tips and tricks about starting a blog and/or a YouTube channel, and maybe include a few suggestions of what topics to start off with? I’ve been blogging for about seven months now, and I feel like it has gone absolutely nowhere, and I’ve been mostly figuring things out through trial and error; which brings me over to my next question for you…
    3. I know that you’ve mentioned in some “Q&A” videos in the past that you majored in Art History and minored in Psychology when you were in university. Somebody recently wrote a comment one of my blog posts, saying to be careful with “long-descriptive” blog posts, since people tend to have short-attention spans. This comment has left me feeling a little upset, but very confused. I know that this is probably a very stupid question to ask: How can people have short-attention spans?
    Thanks for answering my questions! Take care and have a great week!

  23. which adapter did you buy for the nuna pipa and city mini gt? do you find it wobbly? We’re thinking of getting the same travel system.

    1. I don’t have the Citi Mini GT. We actually bought the Uppababy Vista and use the adapter they sell specifically for the Pipa. Haven’t had an occasion to bust out the stroller yet, but in our test drives at the store there was no wobble whatsoever.

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