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It’s time for me to buy a new vlogging camera and as usual I am stuck on my decision.  I don’t like to commit to a big purchase unless I am 100% certain about my choice.  I’ve been using a Canon PowerShot ELPH 300HS for a couple of years now with great success.  Unfortunately, it’s gotten pretty banged up lately and needs to be replaced.  I like to buy my cameras from Best Buy, because of their great extended warranty options.  Luckily, my current camera is still covered under the 2-year protection plan I originally purchased for it.  The problem is that it needs to be sent in to the servicing center and I would be without a vlogging camera for 2-3 weeks.  That might not sound like a very long time to most people, but in the life of an almost daily vlogger it might as well be an eternity.  My parents really need a new camera, so I decided I would go ahead and purchase myself a new one and then give them whatever replacement or refurbished camera Best Buy sends back to me under my 300HS warranty.  The issue now is what new vlogging camera should I purchase?

OJ|MHWL 3:19:2013I am a Canon camera girl through and through, which makes picking a brand easy enough.  I love the convenience of the PowerShot line, which features small-sized point and shoots with big features.  Of course, I need a camera that shoots in HD for high quality videos.  I narrowed it down to two of Canon’s newer releases.  The first option is the latest version of the camera I’m currently using, the Canon PowerShot ELPH 330HS (photo source, listed at $229.99).  This is so new that there aren’t many reviews on it yet, which I tend to rely on quite a bit when making big ticket purchases like this.  The second option is the Canon PowerShot S110 (photo source, listed at $449.99), which packs a lot more punch into what settings it offers and capabilities it has.  Initially, I wasn’t really considering the S110, because it’s quite a bit more expensive than the 330HS .  The reason it is a split decision now is that the S110 is currently on sale for $329 at Best Buy where I can purchase the extended warranty I like so much for it.  The 330HS isn’t offered at Best Buy yet.  Plus, I know many other YouTube vloggers use and love the Canon Powershot S100, which is the S110’s predecessor.  The S110 also gets rave reviews, whereas the 330HS has none as of yet.

Any thoughts from my fellow camera enthusiasts out there would be greatly appreciated!

** Camera Decision UPDATE **

After further research as well as considering your input (thanks for that, btw!) I decided to go with the Canon PowerShot ELPH 330HS.  I’ve been watching videos from some of the YouTube vloggers that I know who use the S100 and S110 in the past few days and noticed a bit of audio interference due to the autofocus.  I also read several reviews that commented on this, which helped me decide to stick with the ELPH line, since I haven’t had that particular issue with my 300HS.  The 330HS isn’t available for shipping yet on Best Buy, so I decided to purchase it through Amazon.  Not only did I get the camera for a slightly reduced price ($218 as opposed to the $229 list price), I get free 2-day shipping as an Amazon Prime member.  I also decided to try out the 2-year accidental warranty from SquareTrade offered through Amazon for $39.40.  A similar warranty from Best Buy costs $49.99.  All in all, I saved a bit of money ordering from Amazon and decided it was worth trying out a new accidental warranty provider as well.  I should be vlogging with the new camera this weekend!  I’ll let you know my thoughts 🙂

*I am not affiliated with Canon.  All opinions are my own.*



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  1. I work at Best Buy and I actually use to work in the cameras department. Canon as a brand, has been a personal favorite of mine for several years. Between the two cameras you are trying to choose they are quite similar. Although the Powershot s110 does offer more zoom (10x v. 5x) and a higher ISO setting (which will essentially allow you to film in the dark without as much grain or noise). Though with the ISO setting, that is more so for picture taking and you can adjust it within your movie mode, but not to the extent as if you were taking a picture. The real reason the S110 is essentially priced higher is because it is a touch screen and it has wireless connectivity. Both features in my personal opinion are kitschy and not really needed. Touch screen cameras are often harder to operate and take a little longer to get to know where all the settings are than a traditional camera, the touch screens are often smaller than your average smartphone and don’t have nearly the sensitivity that other touch screen items have. Canon as a company have priced it for that main reason. The wi-fi connectivity will allow you to connect to your wireless network at home and automatically load photos to your computer (I don’t know how well video will upload, or if it will allow you it mainly depends on the file size, software, and internet connection). The Canon 330HS is priced well for what you are receiving for the camera, it is part of Canon’s “High Speed” line which can even take pictures up to 10 frames per second (which would once again not really affect vlogging).

    After doing a lot of personal research when my old Canon camera was about 7 years old (still works, just the quality suffers) I wanted to invest in a new camera. I knew I wanted a Canon but while working at Best Buy nothing truly captured my eye that was DSLR quality but a reasonable price. As much as I would love to own a t4i it was entirely too much money and I knew I wouldn’t want to take it with me on the go. I came across the Canon 260HS which I have been really happy with. Currently at Best Buy it is on sale, a little over the $200 price range. It has 20x zoom that will allow you to get up close on action and 1080p HD movie mode, it has a few kitschy features like the S110 (like GPS capabilities that allow you to track where you took your photos). It does have slightly less ISO than the S110 and it is a little bit thicker, but overall I have really enjoyed the use I have gotten out of it for the past six months. I am overall impressed with the quality that looks professional without the price tag or the weight and accessories.

    1. Hey Jen,

      I know you are a cannon girl but I got this really cool camera for Xmas to make my Youtube videos for. I liked that I can make high quality videos, take pics and also Vlog because it has this really cool feature where you can see yourself while you film. So you are always in frame. It is not expensive and is all that I use for my youtube channel PGUniversity. or Puregoddess University on Yotube.

      The camera is a Samsung Dual View Smart Camera DV300F and has the front viewing option here is the link below:

      I have had is since Christmas and still works really good. Anyways, look into it and see if it is a good second option.


        1. yes and it is like $99 to $150 bucks so way cheaper than the Cannon. I got mine at Best Buy with a mini tripod I paid extra for that. So check it out Samsung is a good brand and its all I use for my videos and pics…:) Check the reviews but I really like it.


  2. Jen,
    Does your warrenty cover a loaner camera while yours is getting fixed? If so you could possibly try out one of the ones you are considering buying. If not, I would recommend checking out consumer reports. We have used them before and they are a great resource when making a major purchase. Hope this helps!

    Blessings on your day!

  3. I would say that, even though there aren’t any reviews yet, you pretty much know all about that camera. The new one should be just the same features as the one you have now, but a little bit better. If you love it now, you will love the upgraded one and save yourself $100 to spend on something else….like more dresses from ModCloth! 😉

    Speaking of camera’s…I am looking for a new one as well. Except I am wanting one the takes great photos from far away, up close and action shots. Something that I could take on all my travels. Like a nice dslr. Any thoughts?

    1. That S110 gets a lot of great reviews by professional & amateur photographers alike who want a small point and shoot camera that takes high quality stills.

  4. Hi Jen,

    I love your blog! I understand the need to be certain about a big purchase especially one that is costly. I follow you as well as a handful of other YouTubers such as Ingrid aka missglamorazzi, and fleurdeforce. They all use and love the canon elph 300hs. It’s actually one I’m considering buying myself when I replace my Nikon camera. I hope this helps you with you camera dilemma.


  5. Thank you for sharing the information Jen. I have been looking for a camera that I can carry around. I am a Canon girl all the way. I have a Canon 50D takes AWESOME pic’s, but it’s bulky and difficult sometimes to carry it as well as all my other stuff.

  6. I was looking at both of these models recently myself, as I needed to replaced my aged P&S. I’ve had a wide range of Canon cameras over the years from entry level to pro SLRs and loved them all, so knew I wanted to stay with the brand. I was leaning towards the S110 for two reasons…

    1 – The f/2 aperture. Not sure how much you’ve studied aperture, but it basically means it can let more light onto the sensor. Hopefully this is also true in video mode, so could potentially improve your night time shooting.
    2 – Manual controls and RAW mode. Coming from years of SLR use (first film, then digital), I like having full control of the camera and post-processing when I want to. As you use your dSLR more, this may be something you’ll appreciate in time.

    In the end, I ordered the IXUS 240, which is the proceeding model to the 255 – I believe it’s called the ELPH 320 in the US. Because of the newer model coming out this week, Amazon had it marked down this one to nearly 60% off – too good a deal to pass up. The lack of buttons concerns me a little but I use my iPhone so much for photos now that I’ve gotten used to controlling it that way.

    Still quite tempted by the S110, but it’s a bit expensive (it’s the same in £ as in $) for what I need it for right now. But maybe once it comes down in price a little.

  7. One of the big selling points of the s110 for me (and I’ve been thinking about purchasing one) is the collection of features that it has that match a DSLR. You can shoot in RAW which allows you to do more tweaking afterwards, and there are more manual settings, just like you would find on a bigger DSLR. The tradeoffs between the s110 and a DSLR are the lack of interchangeable lenses, and a smaller sensor which makes for pictures that aren’t as sharp on a DSLR.

    But I’m not sure those settings would be useful if you’re using the camera primarily for vlogging. Have you considered looking into getting a compact video camera instead? Since you have your DSLR and your phone, you probably won’t be using the camera for still photos very often, so a video camera might be a better fit for vlogging.

    If you don’t know about it, I would suggest checking out for detailed camera reviews and comments.

    1. I like how discreet a point & shoot can be. Plus, it’s nice that it takes pictures, too!

      Thanks for your input. I’ll check that website out 🙂

  8. I didn’t research anything but in my opinion, based on what you wrote, I’d get the S110. I think you’d get the most bang for your buck and it’s available now at Best Buy. I know you could save $100 if you wait for the other one to come out at Best Buy but I think it would be annoying to get that camera if it wasn’t all it seems. I would be concerned about glitches and bugs that are not obvious until they are used by the masses. I also would like that other YouTubers use the S100 so I would know that it seems to do good videos. So, yeah, that’s my 2 cents. Good luck on making your decision. I really don’t think you can go wrong either way.

  9. I think both of these cameras would shot great video, but one other thing to consider is audio. Some point and shoot camera’s have terrible hollow audio. I wish I could remember which video it was, to reference it, but about a year ago Katersoneseven switched vlogging cameras and her sound was awful to listen to for a while. You can hear the difference when she switched mid-day.

    Most of the daily vloggers I know use the ELPH, but you said you know lots who use the S100. You might just have to test them out. Buy both, try them out, and then return the one you decide not to keep.

  10. I’m interested in these posts too as I’m looking to buy a smaller camera. I have a bigger one with a big zoom but I’m really just looking for a small one I can carry in my purse just for those spur of the moment photos. I don’t have a smart phone so I don’t do pics with my phone. I’ve been told that with the smaller cameras you really need to look for one that has a stabilizer so your videos are not shaky. Any ideas anyone???

  11. Hello Jen,

    I ordered the Canon ELPH 330 from Amazon as well! It is scheduled to arrive today and I can’t wait. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  12. I bought the 320HS to start vlogging and it had a touch screen – I beg ANYONE who is even considering a touch screen to STEER CLEAR! It has been such a pain. I ordered from Amazon and it is going back and I will be getting the 330HS – very excited to have a REAL BUTTON to press – LOL! I am a Canon girl too – I own a T4i and have owned an elph & another powershot in the past – and I won’t go back! Thanks for all this info Jen it made what I had already decided a DONE DEAL! 🙂

      1. No it doesn’t – you may have gotten yours by now, but all the videos I’ve watch on YouTube and the Canon breakdown on their website it has buttons – the touchscreen was so bad on those they went back to buttons and THANK GOODNESS for that! I can attest to the fact the 320 HS was truly AWFUL – I had to hit the touch screen 5 times to get it to record. Hope you have gotten your and cannot wait to see vides with it 🙂

  13. ps – is amazing! And also another quick question – have you started filming with your T4i yet? I am planning to film my husband’s chef tutorials with mine and was wondering what lenses and such you have had success with? Thanks 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply, Jen. I have used mine for a few videos, would love to see a blog post on what lenses you are using to take close up pics of your nails, etc. 🙂

  14. Hi Jen!

    I wasn’t sure where to ask this question I have, so I decided to comment here on a recent post of yours…this is off-topic of cameras, btw.

    I have been enjoying your videos for quite some time, and and am particularly captivated by your blue and yellow dinnerware featured in your cooking videos. What brand and pattern is it? I just LOVE all blue-and-yellow things, and trend toward French Country in my decorating endeavors.

    Thanks, and hope you are having a great Spring day!

  15. Hey Jen I thought of you in bath and body works cause their was an owl pocket back holder and the eyes lit up.Thanks for sharing your life and I can not wait for more exciting videos

  16. Hey Jen!!

    I just happen to pass by your blog and I am in love with it! Right now I am looking for a video blogger camera. I am completely new on this cuz I have never vlogged before. Just wanted to ask you how are you doing with it so far. Does it makes noises while zooming? Do you find any CONs on this camera? hehehehehe. Thanks in advance!

    1. My only issue with is for filming videos is that sometimes it takes a moment to focus and I accidentally get some blurry shots. I’m pretty sure more Point & Shoot’s do this to some degree…

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