Narrow Dresser Drawer Organization: Spring 2014 Overhaul

Greetings from Utah!  I am currently at our family vacation home in Utah with my husband and his parents.  I wanted to continue work on my clothing and accessories organization while we are here, and in these next few posts I will be sharing how I organize those things in our bedroom at this house.


We have one dresser in our room, which is on the more narrow side since our bed takes up the majority of the floor space and we didn’t want any subsequent furniture to be too bulky.  I store all of my folded clothing in this dresser, including some tops, workout clothes, sleepwear, undergarments, and lounging items.


We keep my husband’s folded clothes on shelves in our closet.  This works out well for us, because he prefers to have his things stored this way since it is easy for him to access.  His clothes also don’t fit so well in the dresser drawers.  I prefer the drawers to shelves and my things fit nicely inside them, so it made sense for us to divvy up how we store our clothing in this way.  I am in the middle of organizing the closet and will be sharing a closer look next week.


The top three drawers of the dresser are practically square in shape and are best for smaller items.  I have designated the lefthand top drawer as a “junk drawer” to store things we access frequently, but that I don’t want crowding the top of our dresser which I try to keep as clear as possible.  In this drawer you’ll find a hodgepodge of items, including playing cards, an umbrella, a flashlight, extra lotion and lip products, and even a luggage scale.  I am hoping to pick up a few organizers for this drawer in the next week and will share an updated look at it once I have it in order.

The middle and righthand top drawers are where I store all of my undergarments and socks.  The middle drawer is where I keep my workout-related things, including sports bras, workout underwear, and running socks.  I have a couple of Cedar Blocks from The Container Store tucked next to my wool running socks (which were all in the wash at the time I took this photo. It’s been chilly on my morning runs this week!) to help keep moths at bay.  My everyday undergarments and socks are in the righthand top drawer.  I use the shape of the clothing to organize instead of drawer organizers.  The way I fold my socks and underwear keeps them stacked nicely in line.  I use the shape of my bras to tuck them neatly to the side.  I use the same system at our home in Illinois and find my undergarment drawers stay pretty tidy when I fold my things in this way.


The middle and bottom rows of drawers in the dresser are more rectangular in shape and can accommodate more clothing, although they are still quite narrow and shallow in size in comparison to my dresser drawers in our main home.  The middle lefthand drawer is where I keep my everyday loungewear.  I tend to work the same amount when I am in Utah as when I am at home and spend a lot of time in front of my computer here as well.  I prefer to be comfy while I do so, which is one of the perks of working from home.  I keep sweatpants in different weights as well as cozy long-sleeve tops in this drawer.  I also store my swimsuits and tanks that I wear as coverups when we go to the pool here.  As you can see, I am using vertical organization in many of these drawers.  I find that by folding my clothes and stacking them in this manner I can see my things more clearly and access them easier.

This method of organizing folded clothing works best with bulkier items that can stand up better, however, which is why I keep my lighter tank tops and t-shirts folded flat in the middle righthand drawer.  There is enough space that I can see the entire stack down to the bottom, which makes it easier to identify and locate what I want to wear on any given day.  I keep my tanks organized horizontally by type, with my camisole and undershirt style ones on the bottom and my more colorful ones that I wear in the warmer months on top.  My t-shirts are organized by type, as well, with long-sleeve shirts on the bottom, graphic tees in the middle, and my plain shirts on the top of the stack.  I have a few warmer weather sweaters folded vertically on the side with a Cedar Drawer Liner to help protect against moths.

As you can see, I pack a lot more into the bottom two drawers.  My workout gear is stored in the bottom lefthand drawer.  I keep both my warm and cold weather running gear on the left side of the drawer, with my tops folded vertically in the back from coolest to warmest and my running tights in the front organized in a similar fashion.  Cold weather running accessories and my stretch strap divide my running clothes from my other workout gear on the right side of the drawer.  Yoga pants and shorts are folded in the back and t-shirts and tanks in the front.  Everything fits nicely and is organized in such a way that I know exactly where to find things.

I keep my sleepwear in the righthand bottom drawer, and again, this includes both cold and warm weather items.  I have pajama pants, tanks, shorts, long sleeve tops, nighties, slipper socks, and some undergarments all organized by type and by warmth.  While these bottom two drawers may seem a bit stuffed just by looking at them, they actually are organized in such a way that makes great use of the space.  I am really enjoying vertical folded organization, especially in these narrow and shallow drawers!

I go through each drawer in more detail in my coordinating video if you’re interested in a closer look:

I would love to hear how you organize your dresser drawers if you’d care to share.  Check back next week for a look at how I organize the closet in our Utah house bedroom.
Happy organizing!


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17 thoughts on “Narrow Dresser Drawer Organization: Spring 2014 Overhaul”

  1. I have a similar drawer system behind me but with 2 drawers along the top, not three. The three bigger drawers are…somewhat…organized, but the top two, which are mostly current skin care and junk just never seem to stay organized! I must go through and straighten the current skin care every week but nope, come the following week it’s a disaster area! If I can clear the junk drawer out somewhat I could probably split the skincare drawer and maybe that’ll help?

    Loving your posts lately about organizing different zones, it’s really giving me a kick-start and I’d managed to get a fair bit done! Thanks!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Hi Jen, glad to see some organizing videos! I store items vertically as well. It keeps tbe drawers neat and tidy. I also use dividers in the drawers. They are from the Container Store. They are white plastic and spring loaded. I forget the name of them. They also make a smaller size for kitchen drawers. I love them! I also use tbese Japanese plastic holders to contain socks, underwear and tank tops. Again these are from Container Store. I am looking forward to next weeks video!

  3. Hi Jen! Happy Friday!! I hope that you’re enjoying your vacation in Utah! I have a question for you about this post: I have a dresser system from IKEA that I bought last autumn and I have these large soft-sided bins, instead of drawers that I have to put my clothes and TV accessories into. I’m exactly like you, I prefer to have my clothes inside of drawers rather than bins, but I love how easy it is to move things around when they’re placed in bins. However, my clothes NEVER STAY NICE AND NEAT no matter HOW MANY TIMES I spend folding them!! It really frustrates me!! 🙁 My question for you is: How would go about organizing clothes if you had to place them into bins? I love the system that I’ve implemented and I love how it’s been working out for me, so far these past couple of months…but my clothes always look messy, even though I have them nicely folded. Do you have advice, tips and/or tricks that I could try to use?
    Thanks so much

    1. I’m not sure, it would depend on the type and size of bin. I would try out vertical organization, though.

  4. Hey Sweet Jen!

    I love seeing that you have gotten on a schedule and have regular videos. I enjoy them so much.

    Anyway I organize vertically also, unfortunately I don’t have shallow drawers so it wastes a lot of space. I have a three drawer dresser and the 2nd and third are my undergarments and my hosery. Undergarments and socks do best vertically. That’s what works for me.

    I am maybe looking into buying one of those tall dressers with narrower drawers. I think it would work better for me. We will see.

    Take care and keep spreading you shine!


  5. Love seeing your drawers and way they are organized. I only organize the hang up cloths by color. This way if I am looking for a blue top I know right were they ALL are. Makes it a lot easier to get dressed in the morning. Thanks and have a great time in Utah.

  6. Will you please share in your closet video a little about how much you pack and bring back and forth between Illinois and Utah versus how much you just leave in Utah? Are you ever in one place and wishing you had something from the other place…or be looking for something because you don’t remember you left it in the other location?

    1. TBH, I only bring back and forth my running shoes & GPS watch, Winnie’s bows, and anything I need for videos/blog posts while I am here. Everything else pretty much stays here all of the time.

  7. You seem very happy over there. Love the west. Also love that little dresser. It’s a great size. Might fit in a closet. Love the room and the vibe. I wanted to ask about your filming since I think you got a new camera. Did you film this just with a camera? Also, did you steady the camera? The voice quality was great as well. Just curious as I have noticed things over time in your video quality in looks, sound and editing. Looking forward to this Utah series. Love the life you guys live. I think in the future many will be telecommuting and working virtually. This will allow us to live in places we were not able to before due to employment needs.

    1. I’ve been using the same camera for about a year now for OLJ & TBBB videos. I think maybe the lighting in this room just made it look different. Lighting makes a huge difference!

  8. Jenn, really love this video/post.

    How about a laundry post (someone on YouTube suggested it) with your thoughts for those of us in condos (shared laundry room too). I’ve done laundry all my life and have it down, BUT, you always have great tips and think it would be a great service to a lot of peeps.

    Happy Mother’s day!

  9. Finally getting a chance to catch up on your organization videos! Thank you so much for sharing all of your dresser drawers in your Utah family home! I am glad that you even shared the more intimate drawers as it was very helpful in helping me decide how to organize my workout bras and underwear! Thank you!

    At our house we keep most of our clothes on shelves like Don, but all of our undergarments, socks, nightwear and my workout gear (I have separate underwear and bras for different workouts too 😉 ) go in drawers.

    For socks, I put a shoebox (that would otherwise just go in recycling) in the middle of a drawer and it acts as a divider and a bin for the socks. So the socks go in the middle (in the shoebox), and then on either side of the shoebox I put underwear to the left and bras to the right. Keeps things really nice and organized that way.

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