My Walking Pharmacy (2014 Update)

I am the type of person who feels more comfortable out and about in the world with some small just-in-case items.  These include your typical beauty girl must haves such as a hair brush, lip balm, and a mirror, as well as things for general hygiene, such as tissues, hand sanitizer, and a dental pick, among others.  I call this collection my Walking Pharmacy, because it includes the kinds of things I would run into a drugstore for if I were in need of them on the go.

OJ_OLJ_02-07-2014_01Rather than have all of these small items rolling around in the bottom of my purse, I prefer to keep them all together in a zip case for easy access in my everyday purse.  I love all types of containers, but none more so than cosmetic cases.  When I first came across the Orla Kiely for Target Cosmetic Bag line a few months ago, I was immediately drawn to the Beauty Organizer as a Walking Pharmacy option.  It is the perfect size to fit in my most worn handbags (8.5 ” H x 3.25 ” W x 12.5 ” D) and is constructed from a durable coated canvas that holds up well to daily use.

OJ_OLJ_02-07-2014_02The Beauty Organizer is very aptly named, because it does such a great job of helping you organize its contents with built-in features.  The bag has two zippers and opens up flat for great accessibility.  One side of the interior has a shallow mesh zip pocket, which allows you to see the contents stowed within, while the other side has three slip pockets in different sizes to help corral frequently accessed items.  My favorite feature of the case is the floating middle portion, which is a small mesh zip pouch attached just at the base.  I keep my most used items in this portion for easy and quick access.

Here is what I am currently carrying in my Walking Pharmacy:


Slip Pocket Side:

1. Kleenex Pocket Pack Facial Tissue – Compact size perfect for purses
2. Boscia Blotting Linens – Great for dealing with oily skin on the go (they still have the peppermint ones in stock!)
3. OCD Hand Sanitizer – My favorite hand sanitizer from Fortune Cookie Soap
4. Dior Huile Abricot Daily Nutritive Serum – The best cuticle oil I have ever used
5. L’Occitane Honey Hand Cream – My current favorite with a lovely mild scent

Mesh Zip Pocket Side:

6. Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Towelettes – Convenient, small, and effective in a pinch
7. Naturally It’s Clean Stain Eraser – Another convenient, small, and effective in a pinch choice
8. Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions – Heel-savor!
9. Truvia – My sweetener of choice on the go
10. Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy – Best screen and glasses microfiber cloth out there
11. Dentek Easy Brush Interdental Cleaners – My newest discovery for cleaning between teeth on the go
12. Goody Small Spider Claw Clips – Hair clips are a must have!
13. Eyebrow Brush & Comb – Helps put my bushy brows back in place when they get unruly
14. Pen – Always great to have on hand!
15. Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal – A little concealer can go a long way

Floating Middle Section:

16. MAC Slim Mirror – My favorite for my purse because it’s so small and light
17. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 Sugar Rose – Perfect bit of color and great moisturizing lip product
18. Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment – Great for a bit of sparkle and shine
19. Sephora Pop-Up Travel Brush – A compact travel brush with a mirror

If you’d like a closer look at the contents of my Walking Pharmacy, check out the video below:

I would love to know what you keep in your on-the-go/just-in-case/Walking Pharmacy.
Leave a comment if you care to share!


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32 thoughts on “My Walking Pharmacy (2014 Update)”

  1. I’m not one to carry a bag, but that is so cute! I keep my ‘walking pharmacy’ in the back of my car in an old diaper bag…along with a change of clothes for each of the kids, extra sweatshirts for all of us, plus hats, gloves and some more ‘if needed’ items!

  2. I am seriously in love with that little bag from Target. I had it in my hand three times while walking through the store because I have a need to pick up everything I like and carry it around the storejust until deciding on what I actually get. This bag is perfect for my purse though. So many decisions! Love the walking pharmacy name too. I have always carried something little in my purse with random band-aids and just in case things. I just now have a name for it.

  3. Hi Jen,

    Really, really been enjoying your videos lately. But, so glad you did this one. First of all. Happy Birthday to you and Don. I love what you carry. This is not unlike what I carry when traveling but for everyday I don’t keep much because sometimes my purses are too small.

    I started using these small like plastic boxes from Container Store for some items. Looks like they are called Hinged Boxes, I put safety pins in really small ones and my packets of sweetener in the ones sized for it. I have found that having packets of anything floating around in your purse can become unpleasant when you finally fish around for it. With the slightly larger one I plan on putting teas and things like that in them. When I travel I have found it easy to use the slightly larger ones for enough sweetener packets for a week or more. Things like packets, band-aids and feminine things seem to do best contained.

    I love my purses that have slots for pens, lips stuff, lotion and hand sanitizer. Reduces that floating around problem.

    As well, I recently saw a video online where a women put her keys into something soft and pouch-like. Brilliant since I don’t like the scratches to my glasses cases over the years. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Jen–I love reading your posts and thanks for pointing me to the crystal essence towelettes. My skin is so sensitive that I have problems finding products for this purpose. Read the online reviews and it sounds great for me.

    Also thanks for the recommendation about the sugar lip gloss. When you recommend something, I trust the source!

  5. No snark intended, if this is the stuff that you feel you need to feel comfortable then good for you. But…how much do you actually use all that stuff in this huge pouch? Cuticle oil, deodorant sheet (in the cold winter), spot remover sheet, 2 mirrors? If you’ve just left the house and have done your hair and makeup do you use concealer, eyebrow comb and a hair brush and claw? You only seem to run out for an hour or two at a time for some errands or lunch or an appointment.
    I carry a small pouch (it’s about 5x2x2″ and not full) it has my store cards (use in city), pen (use), couple of Advil (use), hand lotion (use), small panytliner, small nail file, keys to our shop, car key in case I lock my keys in the car, hand sanitizer, screen cleaner and I don’t use most of this stuff most of the time. I will throw in Kleenex and cough candies if I had a cold. I do have a couple of lipsticks and gloss in my purse too that I use quite a bit. I live in a small town that only has the grocery store, post office and bank, so I’m only out for a hour or two. I go a couple of times a month to the city to hit up Target, Costco, Michaels, Staples etc etc. I spend the day there doing all my errands and even then don’t dip into my pouch very often.
    I too love having my stuff contained so when it’s time to switch purses (which I do often) I just grab my pouch, wallet, sunglasses case, keys and lipstick and I’m switched.

    1. It’s great that you’ve found something that works for you like I’ve found something that works for me. To each their own 🙂

      1. Hi Jen! Do you know where I can get the Orla Kiely for Target sweet pea cosmetics organizer in orange? I’ve looked all over the Internet including eBay and can’t find it. So need this! Thanks!

        1. It’s a discontinued pattern, but it’s very possible I’m listing the one you’re looking for in my upcoming charity auction. Check back here soon for details!

      2. I, too, need to have many things with me in order to feel comfortable. Always have and I’m 61! Often I’m gone in the car for a good part of the day, so I’m glad to have my “stuff” with me.

  6. Fell in love with this line after seeing you use it. Although I have tons of Vera Bradley that serves the same purpose of these cases, there is something very special about these designs. So glad Target has made them available on line.

  7. Thanks so much for this great idea, Jen! I liked the video about the Orla Kiely travel bags and this video about the walking pharmacy is going to solve my purse issues once and for all! I have ALWAYS had loose items in my bag and then I can ever find anything! I am so excited I was able to find the entire Sweet Pea line at a Target in Vegas near my SIL for in-store pickup. Your videos help me so much, you have no idea! I’m looking forward to the planner update as well since I started using an EC this year. Keep the videos coming! You’re amazing!

  8. Love this! I tend to have lots of similar bits floating around my bag – I really need to get something like this to keep them in! Can’t seem to find any Orla Kiely bags similar to this one in the UK but I’ll shop around and see if I can find something similar! Brilliant idea!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. I end up putting it on my nail whenever I’m stuck waiting in line when I’m out. It helps keep my nails from disintegrating!

    1. I found that I never used the one I used to carry. My makeup tends to stay pretty much in place, even for all day outings. Now I only bring it along if I know I’m going to want it for something specific.

  9. I was so happy when I saw an updated walking pharmacy video. 🙂 I will definitely be purchasing a few things to add to my “walking pharmacy”. Thank you so much for always providing the links to the products you talk about. It is so convenient and thoughtful! 🙂

  10. Jen,

    Thanks so much for the update! I had been using different types of cases for awhile but after this video I went out and bought this Orla Kiely case. I love it and it is flat enough that it fits in even my smallest Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody bag! I carry many of the same things in mine but one recent addition (kind of odd) is a mini screwdriver that is the size of a pen. It has actually come in handy several times when I’m out and about or at work! Haha. Anyways, thanks so much for sharing! Your videos are so inspiring!


  11. Thanks for the video. I will be curious to find the older version, too. I always called it just my “cosmetics bag”, “toiletries bag” or “make up bag”–but I may be adopting the name “walking pharmacy”–I like that! I am always amazed when I look at “what’s in my bag” photos and the only kind of toiletries people carry with them are like a tube of chapstick, Kleenex, and a lotion. I try to carry only things that I use on at least a weekly basis, but there are some things I carry just because if I do need the item I would be so miserable without it. Some background on me: I am usually away from home for 11-12 hours a day and have very sensitive skin so am not able to wear much in the way of make-up. So on the make-up side I carry face powder and lip color. On the toiletries side I carry: lip balm; nail clipper; a mini nail file; hand lotion; either a hairbrush or a comb (depending on how I’m wearing my hair); dental floss; eye drops; Kleenex (incase I forget to change out my hanky); and, often, a hair scrunchy when my hair is long enough. Related, but kept outside my case (either for quick access or because they’re too big); a hanky; wet wipes; and a cloth napkin (in lieu of disposable paper towels and napkins).

    Let me reiterate the thanks for going to the trouble of adding all those product links. I have added a couple to my wishlist!

  12. Jen,
    I really enjoy watching all of your videos! My walking pharmacy is by far one of my favorites. You’ve inspired me to make my own and I have gotten so many uses out of mine. thanks for sharing ❤️

  13. Love this little bag. I use a clear zippered cosmetic bag from Origins. I call mine my Mary Poppins bag because it has everything you need in one small bag and always surprises friends and family when I pull out just what they need. Appreciate the look into a fellow planner’s little bag of everything. 🙂

  14. Jen,
    I’m so upset that I can’t find that beauty organizer even on ebay. I went today and fount the double zip case that is maybe what took the place of the other one. Do you have any ideas of where I can find it?

    1. I’m sorry, I do not. I noticed they still sell Orla Kiely cases at Target but they’re a bit different now. I hope you can find something that will work for you somewhere else.

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