My Posting Dilemma

Hello, lovelies!  I wanted to take a moment to chat honestly with you about my current feelings about posting, including on my blog and YouTube channel as well as the other social media platforms I usually frequent.  I’ve been trying to sort out this next part of my online journey as lately I’m feeling rather conflicted about it.  I thought it was only fair to share those feelings, however muddled, with you since you take time out of your day to sit down with me.  Plus, I’m kind of hoping writing them out will help me figure out a new plan and perhaps you might have some suggestions as well.  So, grab a cup of something comforting and let’s have a chat.

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Motherhood has been the absolute best thing to ever happen to me.  I love being a mama to my precious little girl, Charlotte.  She is the light of my life.  I relish every moment I spend with her, even the tough ones.  I’ve never felt so relaxed, grounded, and at peace before.  It’s like finally finding the ground after years of searching.  I don’t mean to sound melodramatic, but that is actually a very accurate description of my experience.

While I feel like I’ve finally settled into my truest self, which is so comforting to my soul, I’ve noticed that some parts of my pre-mama life now feel out of place.  In my personal life, I’m less apologetic for my feelings and actions when they don’t align with what others want.  I used to bend so easily to accommodate others out of a deep seated guilt complex I carried with me as a young adult.  I thought I was being a good fill-in-the-blank (friend, family member, etc) by always compromising, but I now realize I wasn’t doing anyone any favors by not being true to myself.  This realization wasn’t a lightbulb that suddenly clicked on one day, but something I came to slowly through a lot of introspection and observation in my late twenties and now early thirties.  Being a mama and feeling like I’m finally truly living in my own skin has sealed in this new sense of self that is, thankfully, (mostly) guilt-free.

In my public life, I feel more protective of my family and their privacy than ever before.  I’ve always been very careful about what I post that involves others.  I always ask before filming or sharing photographs of anyone other than myself, even of my husband, Don, who has never had an issue with being shared about online.  And even then I am super selective about what I choose to share.  That selectiveness has greatly increased this year with the addition of Charlotte into our fold.  You might have noticed I haven’t shared any glimpses of our new nephew, Theo.  That’s not because my sister-in-law doesn’t want me to; I haven’t even asked because I want to protect his privacy in these early months of his life.

My mama bear protectiveness levels are at an all time high.  Much of that is due to the unfortunate negativity that seems to be growing online these days.  People can be incredibly cruel when they think they are anonymous in their posting.  I truly believe that there is no such thing as anonymity with spreading negativity either in person or online.  One’s actions always have a ripple effect, both outwards and inwards.  Unnecessary negativity sours the soul and is a heavy burden to shoulder, consciously or not.

I personally have never understood the point in spreading unnecessary meanness online.  If I don’t like something I see, I simply move on.  Some people seem to have a real need to be mean.  This is purely a reflection of their own burdens they carry and often has little to do with whatever or whomever they choose to target.  They feel the need to deflect negativity as a way of lightening their own load.  Sadly, what most of these people fail to realize is that spreading hate only adds to their burden.  It’s a vicious downward spiral that can consume those who do not have the gift of unconditional self love to support them.

Here’s where my posting dilemma comes into play.  I feel the need to be more protective of my personal life and family than ever before yet I also miss sharing more openly about my life.  The world can be a frightening place, and increasingly so with true privacy becoming a thing of the past with the many doors the internet opens.  I feel stuck, really.  To be honest, I’m not loving my content lately.  I like all of my posts, of course, or I wouldn’t make them, but as a whole they’re leaving me quite dissatisfied as they don’t paint a complete picture.  I want to be able to share openly and honestly without fear.  Sadly, those days are long past.

I know some people will tell me to “not listen to the haters” and share what I want without giving them a second thought, but in these times and circumstances I don’t think that’s really an option anymore.  I might be one of the few YouTubers who actually doesn’t want her channel to grow, because with that exposure comes more opportunities for people to overstep boundaries and blur the lines between right and wrong.  Being “anonymous” online does not give anyone the right to disrespect others or breech their right to privacy.  Sharing online does not mean you deserve to be (mis)treated like a thing rather than a person.

I was watching this video the Saccone-Joly’s made about their experience with real life interference from some obviously extremely miserable people.  Can you believe people had the nerve to actually call child protective services and the ASPCA and report on their family and pets?  Anna and Jonathan are clearly healthy, stable parents who love their children and dogs and provide them all with a healthy, stable environment.

Obviously, this was a tactic meant to annoy and inconvenience a lovely family trying to share honestly about their lives online rather than from a place of real concern.  The audacity of some people is astonishing.  I should have been shocked to learn of this, but sadly I wasn’t, because this is the kind of stuff YouTubers have to deal with now.  I’ve had my own share of “hater interference,” fortunately not to the same extremes, but enough to make me incredibly careful about what I share on the internet these days.

This is where I’m at right now: I want to be able to share freely, but I don’t think it’s wise to do so at this time.  I could blog more, but I feel my strong suit is my video content.  I feel stuck, which is really depleting my posting mojo.  I’m trying to pave a new path, but I haven’t found the right one just yet.  I appreciate your continued patience and support while I work my way through my current feelings about posting.  I am continually surprised and encouraged by the many cheerleaders I’ve encountered along the way in my online journey.  Thank you for treating me like a friend.  I hope to continue on in a way that sparks joy for both me and you.

Remember that your words and actions have a lasting impact, not just on others, but more critically, on yourself.  You reap what you sow.  Spread love and joy.  Life is too short and precious to waste on negativity.  When you are kind to others, you cultivate inner peace and experience true joy.  These are the gifts of a life well lived.  Take good care, friends, and live well…



334 thoughts on “My Posting Dilemma”

  1. Thank you for sharing with us Jen ! I have been following your youtube channel for years now, back when it was still “organisedJen” and “myhousewifelife”. It always made my day a little brighter see a new video of yours and to know that I could have my life a little more in check by getting it more organise by following your advice 🙂 (I am a true to-do-list and organisation lover ahah). It helped me a lot. It still do, I hope you can take confort in that like you give us confort too.

    Regarding privacy, I believe you should never EVER make anything that makes you even remotly inconfortable. Ever.

    I don’t have children, or a youtube channel, so I can only imagine what you are feeling, but to be totally honest, I thought you really shared a lot of your life and of CC especially ! Before her birth, I thought for sure you would maybe introduce her to your channel and the, never show her face in a video again. Like what Rachel did, from the youtube channel “RachhLoves” with her daughter Julia. I wouldn’t mind to be honest because I really wouldn’t want you to stop doing videos all together. Please never stop youtube ! Even if you choose to only show packing and organising videos 🙂

    I wish you the best Jen

    1. I absolutely concur with everything that Sophie says on here. Jen, always be true to your heart and post at your own pace. People care that you are happy in continuing. I’m sure you’ll find your point on this issue. Good luck. With love and thanks for all that you’ve done so far. Kate. Xxx

  2. With all your rebranding, which I love by the way, I truly hope you don’t give up on your YouTube channel. I especially love your cooking videos as well as your party preps, organisational videos, open box videos, favourites videos and Utah videos. So much variety and so interesting! I’m sure these could be done without invading your family’s privacy too much. Please don’t give up on us, Jen!!! 😀

    1. I’m working on figuring it out, but it’s not been a straightforward journey. I appreciate your patience while I sort it out 🙂

      1. I totally understand where you are coming from and I would be the same. However, I absolutely LOVE your videos and content. Is there a way of making your videos more private so that genuine subscribers who want to view your videos can access a code or something from an email link. My thinking behind this is that people who are so harmful in their comments may not go to the lengths to access your videos if it’s not as simple as clicking the subscribe button. Just a thought 🙂 p.s I hope that one day when I have a child I am as great a mother as you are. You are so inspirational and joyful it’s refreshing and fun to watch 🙂 I especially love your planner videos and of course CC updates 🙂 x

        1. Interestingly I find the “haters” are generally the people who go to the greatest lengths to watch every video, rad every blog post, and stalk my social media accounts. Funny how that works 😉

          1. Jen,
            I have loved your posts from day one. I’m just a normal boring gal from Michigan. But I have noticed on youtube or the internet some really mean people and a lot of the people I follow have had mean people ruin a good thing. I noticed on Emily Noel (Beauty Broadcast) she has had a baby but rarely if ever puts a post up about her family esp. baby but rather her content just is about makeup and beauty. It’s sad that others ruin it for us but your family and privacy are top important. If I were you, I would just post about the pretty neat living stuff and not talk about your family for a while, cause they are number one. If the haters get really bad after that trial run, I’d just not post. That’s just me a boring 49 year old but worried for you. God Bless.

      2. I’ve gotta agree! Don’t give up on us, but more importantly don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your family who wants you to be happy and enjoy logging! Follow your dreams and don’t let negativity win. I know you are strong than that Jen! Make the right choice, keep vlogging!

      3. Hi Jen,

        I’ve been following your youtube channel and blog for a number years now and have loved all your content. I completely understand how your feeling and hope for the best. Have you by chance given any thought to locking your content and making your blog subscription or membership based? Though this may add more work on your part having to vet membership requests. Perhaps check with the designers of the website and see if there is a way to automate without sacrificing privacy?

          1. Anything to help keep you online! I love your stuff 🙂 Membership or Subscription based would help give you some recourse in case someone should post something inappropriate or even legal recourse should you find someone “stalkerish”. I’d also check with a lawyer (someone specializing in cyberlaw would be good) in Illinois and see what the state laws are with cybercrime.

        1. I was going to suggest something similar. And I don’t know if it would interest you at all, but maybe even creating a forum for your followers (the sincere ones only, of course) that would be members-only. I know it could be a lot of work for you, but perhaps you know of a couple trusted online followers who could moderate it for you …? Just throwing another idea out there for you. If you enjoy sharing but don’t want to be wide open to the general public, that may be one option.

      4. Jen,
        I think your truly loving fans will hold tight and wait for you to get your mojo back. You are a blessing to many. You always brighten my day with your smile and totally honest personality. You uplift and inspire. The haters will always be haters. They are obviously unhappy with their lives and want to put that off onto you. Take your time as your real friends will wait. Have a grand day!

      5. I have two children and often feel that same tug of war. If you would like my opinion–family is first in life. The rest will fall in to place. Charlotte is only a child for a blink of an eye. Relish these moments…without judgement.

      6. Just wanted to say that I love your monthlie share videos and haul videos especially for CC. It great to hear what other mommies are using for there little ones.
        Keep up the good work
        PS love Winnie she’s so cute

      7. Jenn, I have been a follower of your blog’s for quite a few years . I have enjoyed all of your videos sharing your trips , family time, baking g, decorating and tea time with Jenn. I have to say I truly miss terribly not even a weekly video these days, as it has really been such a fun and uplifting part of my YouTube experience. Especially now when I see how happy and engaging you are as a mother now. However, I am completely understanding of the emotions you are experiencing. What ever you decide will be very well thought out and decided by you and your husband. I hope whatever you decide you will be at ease and completely happy with your decision. I am so sorry that you even have to contemplate disconnecting from all social media outlets to make your family and yourself feel safe. Hopefully you will remember that you have way more supporters and friends then those that have malicious intent or just try to annoy or get into your head with their jealousy, or whatever drives then to bother you with their negativity. Always a friend and fan!!! Hope to see content from you soon!!

    2. I agree, I love the party prep and holiday videos are my favorite. I like to go back and watch the Thanksgiving day prep videos.

  3. Jen, first of all, thank you for your transparency here. Just speaking for myself, I understand the need to “protect your pack” because there are some very mean, cruel people out there. You have to do what you feel is best for you and your family. I have been a long-time subscriber and will continue to watch and follow whatever you choose to share. I look up to you and truly enjoy the content that you share. Love from Ohio!

  4. This is truly sad to hear because I am loved following your journey for many years now and especially more than ever I want to see you and your family in all the new experiences of parenthood. However, I do understand the problem of putting yourself out there publicly. I would love for you to keep sharing. I don’t know how to keep the haters or online craziness at bay. But i do know from reading comments that you have touched many lives with your videos and that this is something important you were meant to do in this life.

  5. I have noticed that there hasn’t been any vlogging with baby Charlotte and I completely understand that. Let’s be honest here… for whatever reason, you seem to be a huge target for a lot of negativity online, more so than a lot of other influencers and that makes me sad because I love your content. However, I am a mama as well, my youngest son is just a week or two older than baby Charlotte, and I would completely understand if you left the online world completely, even though I hope you won’t. The world has become a crazy, crazy place. I know your true readers and followers will support whatever decisions you make. You are absolutely right in your post, pleasing others and conforming to other people’s wants does nothing for you, baby Charlotte, or Don, and they are what truly matters in this world.

  6. Jen, I appreciate you letting us know how you are feeling. You have always been honest with us and I feel like honesty is hard to come by. I hope that you find the right path for yourself and your family. I always enjoy everything you share with us. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

  7. Dear Jen,
    I am much more younger than you (22) but whatching you for almost 4years now. I believe that we share the same values and passion in life,family (and packing cubes,lol). Just wanted to let you know,that whatever the content will be in the future,you can count on my support,and pleasepleaseplease only share what you are comfortable and happy with!!
    Lots of love from Austria!!

  8. I will never understand people who are mean simply just to be mean. I do the same thing you do…if I see something I don’t like, I simply move on. No need to be rude.

    Much love to you and your sweet, sweet famil . Do what you feel is right for you 🙂

  9. Bottom line is you have to do what you think is right in your gut and it sounds like you are. Though I am disappointed about not seeing as much of you and your adorable family, I completely understand your reasoning behind it. It is a very scary world out there now a days. Sadly, society as a whole has just gotten so……out of control. Best wishes and blessings to you and your family.

  10. I can understand where your hesistation comes from to continue to share and yet remain private. My husband and are getting ready to try for a family, and i already feel a need to be fiercly private about that and going forward just on my own facebook, and i’m not in the youtube community. I found your channel about a year before you got pregnant, and i’ve loved all your content. I hope you can find something that’s right for *YOU* not for anyone else.

  11. I love your videos, and love hearing how much your daughter has made you feel. I have four kids of my own and you do whatever you have to, to protect them from being hurt. I understand your caution about YouTube. People can be so mean and though maybe not intentionally they do think of what their words can an mean to someone. You do what is best for you and your family. That’s all we can do right!

  12. Jen, you have been such a positive influence on me! I’ve been traveling (by car) a lot for work and your travel posts have really been helpful. I own 2 Henri Bendel cases and have given 2 as gifts thanks to you. Thank you for sharing your organizational tips, cooking and your family!! I look forward to whatever you share in the future.

  13. You do what you need to do for yourself and your family. I have always enjoyed your content and your journey. You are truly blessed with such a little angel and an adoring husband! Thank you for sharing your life and struggles and whatever you choose to post in the future.

  14. I love your videos and glimpses of cc (hope it’s OK I used her nickname. Some ppl don’t care for it being used by outside ppl so just want to make sure) I have noticed people seem to become more negative on most social media outlets lately and it can sometimes be hard to ignore and not comment. But I think you do a great job and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I love your organizational videos and would love to see more . Maybe even a few tips for people out of college or organizing there first house. I guess that’s kind of where I’m at in my life right now with recently graduating and starting my MBA in the fall. Combined with a new place. Eather way I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  15. I know how u feel and understand it. It’s sad that u have to put up with this kind of crap. I honestly don’t understand what possess these people to do the things they do… Jealously I suppose. Do what u think is right for ur family. No baby should have hurtful comments said about them or mothers criticised for the way they do things. I am loving ur snap chat by the way. Loving them!!!!

  16. Jen, I have followed occasionally through your journey of blogging, vlogging, reviews, life updates, and just general sharing these past few years. I’m not usually a commenter, but I just wanted to share my support with you! You wrote so eloquently about this topic, and concluded with such a good message. It is such a shame that there are those dark, malicious people on the internet that in the long run make people like you and other bloggers hesitant to do what makes them happy. I am so happy for you that you and your husband have Charlotte and are overjoyed to be parents. I hope you find the balance with your online journey that works best for you and your family! Sending love!! <3

  17. I don’t normally comment but I just wanted to say how beautifully written this is. I think you are so brave putting your life out-there. I always love your content and the online world but be less without you in it.

  18. I totally understand. When you become a mother – that is literally 90% of your life. You are devoted to their every need. Organization, hobbies, and other interests just fall to the wayside and don’t seem as important as they once did. But then sharing mommy/baby content you are opening yourself up to criticism and exposure. It does stink that the 5% cruel people of the world seem to impact the other 95% of us. In enjoying your content, and in other areas of the world. – Follow your heart. You never want to have regrets. Best of luck to find the best path for you.

  19. I understand your dilemma and I appreciate that you are keeping us in the “loop”. I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos and seeing how motherhood has been such a blessing to you! I too would hate for you to stop posting videos but I would understand if you needed to do that. I will be praying that you find peace with whichever decision you make. May God continue to bless you and your family!

  20. I have to say that I really miss you on Youtube, Jen. I started watching you about 1.5yrs ago and next to never missed a new video of yours. What I’m saddened about most is that almost all of your content now involves the baby. Of course, Charlotte is a doll and at the moment the most important thing in your life, I’m sure we all totally get that. But isn’t your channel called Pretty Neat Living rather than Pretty Neat Mommyhood? My suggestion would be you doing more videos that don’t have a lot to do with your family, maybe some crafts / DIYs or a recipe demonstration of something you really love making for your loved ones atm? 🙂 I feel like these would give you possibilities to still create great content without involving others too much. Your two recent ECLP videos were great and I remember you doing kind of a Plan With Me, maybe that would be something you’d be interested in filming as well?

    All the best, x

  21. What a thoughtful, open letter to us. I appreciate you keeping your readers in the loop. I think often about “seasons” in life; perhaps, this is a season where you need to post less and be more protective of you family. And, maybe, it’s a time when you begin to feel more confident about your blogging/writing (which is great, by the way!). That’s the good thing about seasons- there may come a time when your season ends and you can share more in videos (or in a different way!).

    1. I agree with you about seasons…I think I’ve been frustrated lately because I want there to be a new plan set in place but I need to give it time to unfold naturally.

      1. I so hope you do come back and find a path you’re comfortable with because so many of us, including myself, get so much enjoyment from watching you simply being YOU. I’m a pretty scatter-brained person, and for me personally, I have changed so many things in my own life as far as organization, more family togetherness, and a sense of purpose from watching your videos. You’ve helped me A LOT. I especially have enjoyed your holiday house tours (my favorites!!), your cook-nooks, your EC planning, your tea-times, and of course the man, the myth, the legend–DON (I would love to play Trivial Pursuit with him). However, I understand the need to keep CC and everyone safe and your life within your own control. So hopefully this is just good-bye for now and not good-bye forever…in the meantime we will all miss you!

  22. I am just going to say this. You are now a mother. Your family comes first. As much as I would miss watching your videos, it’s not my decision to make. You have to protect your family and decide what you want to do. You do what you want to do and we will be A-OK!:)

  23. Do what feels right to you, Jen. I’m sure lots of people -including me- miss your daily vlogs, but we ultimately want you to be happy. We’ll stick around. 🙂

    I’ve never missed a single of a video or post yours in three years but I don’t comment much, so I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for helping me in going through a hard time in my life a couple of years ago. I was struggling in my academic career and having frequent anxiety attacks, and I remember I used to sit down every single evening to watch your videos… Your calming voice and your lovely personality helped me so much. A big hug from Italy x

  24. You are loved Jen. I admire you so much. I enjoy your videos or blog post. I love snapping with you too. Thank you for your interaction with your fans, makes me feel like your friend. Do what you feel is most comfortable. I’ll be here no matter what. xoxo!

  25. Hi Jen!
    I’ve been watching your videos since 2012, on and off, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented much on your social media stuff.

    I understand the tough spot you are on. Gossiping websites can be cruel and have an impact. Problem is, no matter what you do, they’ll always find something wrong. They’ll always complain about something. Sharing less does mean having fewer things for them to gnaw on, but they’ll still find ways.

    I think your best bet would be avoid family affairs altogether, and just be careful with more personal stuff. Record to your heart’s content, but when editing, be more ruthless.

    I hope you can find a balance you’re happy with (-:

  26. I really don’t think you owe anyone explanation. I love how caring you are with those of us you don’t even know.
    I love watching your videos when they come on and I personally have 4 children and wouldn’t even have the time to share as much as you do. I’ve learned to say “no” a long time ago.
    I agree, there is too much negativity and for what? This is something that is a hobby and it’s supposed to be fun, a disconnect from this crazy life we live. I’m with you…if you don’t like something, just move on, why do you have to be mean about it?? I can’t understand that either.
    I’m leary of the internet as well, believe me. I say share what you want to share and when you want to share it. The internet will always be there… your family is something to be treasured forever and when you come on, I will be there to watch. Experience has taught me that life is way too short to be an angry person. It doesn’t serve anyone…
    Much love from Florida 🙂

  27. I read/watch everything you post, even every baby one and my kids are in their mid 30’s LOL! I support what ever decision you make and will continue to watch anything you post. Hi from Libertyville, IL

  28. Jen, I discovered your videos a few weeks ago and they have had a huge impact on me, mainly because you reminded me what it is to feel joy about the little things that make up daily life. My husband noticed a change and happily jokes “someone has been watching the home organization videos!” and he now makes grocery lists the “Jen way” after watching your video. You’ve helped bring us together as partners in managing our home life and inspired us to take on some new home projects. So whatever you decide to do, know that your positivity and dedication are having an impact on people, i think the haters just wish they could be like you but have had different life experiences, so they resent your joy and your blessings. Don’t let them dim your glow.

  29. Hi, Jen. I’ve been following you for years now and I just wanted to say that you make me proud. Honestly, seeing you grow, evolve and become your own person has been fascinating and that made your content amazing too! The fact that you yourself is proud of your family and the fact that you have always enjoyed your life made the content interesting and unfortunetly, drew negativity from people not so in love with their own lives. What these people want is for you to stop sharing and to stop showing pride in your family, your life and your journey. It’s sad that they are achieving this goal. Please, don’t let these people push you to stop doing what you love and what fulfills you.
    Also, thank you. Thank you for showing me through the years that we all struggle, but we are capable of being better and feeling happier and, again, being proud.

    P.s.: sorry about my english, I’m from Brazil.

  30. Hi Jen, as much as I love your videos and blogs, I would not blame you at all if you choose to stop posting all together. This is a world full of lost souls who for some reason treat others like garbage to feel better about themselves. I watched Jonathon talk about their experience and immediately thought of you. I hope you don’t struggle too much with the decision, you’ll be missed but it will be great knowing that you are free of all that negitivity. Much love and God bless.

  31. I have loved your channel from the start and really miss you now that you are not as active but I totally understand. I will continue to support you no matter what you do because you were the reason I got a YouTube account lol for real! I hope you find the balance you are looking for in the mean time I love what you post. And wish you the best in your new journey as a mommy.

  32. I have been a LONG TIME fan of yours, I think I pretty much watched all your videos from day one. I also watch the Saccone-Joly’s and see the hate they have for no reason. I can totally understand why you want to protect your family. I miss your vlogs, but I do watch your reviews ect and have been satisfied watching your Snap Chats lateley. Good luck trying to find a happy medium. With much love and support, Amy

  33. Jen, You are so great and your honesty is a big reason why I love your channel and blog. I’m new to blogging and not at all famous but have been slowly but surely getting more “followers”. I have a kid too and in a nutshell all of the same feelings as you. I watched the SacconeJoly video and was equally disgusted but not shocked. Here’s the opinion I’m currently having about all of this: For me, for as long as my “job” is a huge part of what I love in life I will do that. If that’s ever not the case, it frankly is true that the cons outweigh the pros. However because it brings me so much joy, I’ve decided to not let the fear get in the way for I suppose mainly this reason: while worded/ written threats can be so so creepy they are a highly different thing than someone coming to your house in person. For as long as that information is private, for as long as you are taking the proper security measures it is very very very very likely that you will be absolutely ok. I feel sad that I can’t promise you that you’ll be ok but I can say that its likely enough that you shouldn’t stop doing what you love. An example I can think of is how I don’t stop traveling or going to gay bars with my friends. I understand that you want to protect others and that is a bit more complicated. In these instances I remind myself of all of the famous people who, while annoyed and sometimes needing to be more cautious, are ultimately ok. If North West is safe, so are you 🙂 By the way this is totally easier said than done and I made tons of generalizations but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the topic. I support whatever direction you take things in as we have pretty much all of the same interests 🙂

  34. Jen,

    I feel from one mother to another that your feelings and worries are very natural. I believe that you will find the right direction for your channel and blog given time. You have a passion for what you do and now you have a passion for your role as a mummy, those passions were always going to be conflicting but don’t let it put a cloud over either passion just adapt. Your content obviously reflected what was happening in your life when you were pregnant and then again after you had your beautiful daughter but it doesn’t have to continue to with the development of her and your new role it can become about whatever you wish it to be about and there will always be information that your followers will be thankful that you have shared with them.

    However you decide to move forward with your online activity I hope you find yourself in a happy and satisfying position very soon but please enjoy this wonderful time for you, your husband and Charlottes life xx

  35. Jen, thank you for being true and honest to your followers, that my friend is what we really love about you. we want you happy in your personal and public life and we all will be excited to journey down your new path with you!

  36. I feel so bad that others are taking away your joy to post! I have three little ones and I understand the need to protect your family! I enjoy your videos so much I hope that all of this can get worked out for you:) Good luck!

  37. Hi, Jenn!

    Long time social media viewer of yours ( hello form rainy England ) I don’t usually comment, I’m one of those people who can enjoy the content like a lurker *laughs* but with an important topic as this I wanted to send a message which that is just to do what you are happy with, what you are comfortable with. With anything creative I find you are your first ‘fan’ before anyone else, if you are happy sharing it then others will be, too ( I’m speaking of the people who think you are the bees-knees ) My rule of thumb for most things is; just do you, even if it doesn’t agree with others expectations of you. Your being comfortable in what you share is paramount.

    If you never make another video again, know you have helped me a lot with your awesome organisational video content, your cooking recipes which are now part of my own families traditions every holiday, and just overall fun entertainment with your vlogs and hauls, so a big thank you from me 😀

  38. Dear sweet Jen,
    I know being a new mom is number 1 as it should be. I have enjoyed everything you have done from cleaning out a drawer to the story of the birth of your precious baby. I have learned about makeup to packing from you. Hearing your dad sing is a joy and watching Don cook is always fun. So I am just saying…ANYTHING you decide to share will be welcomed and loved. Family always comes first. I am so happy you have shared yours. Blessings to you and your loved ones. Lots of hugs from a Kansas friend.

  39. I may not know you in person but I am a mother as well and my family comes first. You do what you have to do Jen, YouTube and posting blogs will always be there but the time that you spend with yourself, daughter and family can’t be recovered. Big Hug 🙂

  40. I don’t have a YouTube channel or blog but have followed you from beginning mainly for organisation but enjoyed yr vlogs as well. I’m a new mum as well and totally understand the whole protectiveness issue. If I did have a channel I would def have to have the comments off as that stops them in their tracks or consider making my channel private completely to only those that have nothing but the best intentions. It’s a fantastic but screwed up world we live in and safety at these times is paramount. Good luck to you and your family what ever you choose to do xxx

  41. Hugs to you as you navigate though this rough patch. “An arrow can only be released by first pulling it back. When life pulls you back, it simply means you are launching into something amazing.” I can’t wait wait to see where you arrow lands. You are a good, kind soul Jen and we will be here patiently waiting. 🙂

  42. Jen, it is so unfortunate that the creeps in this world ruin our fun and more importantly your fun! I so enjoy all of your videos. I have a new granddaughter the same age as Charlotte so the baby/mommy videos are also interesting to me.

    I hope you can find peace about putting up videos. You have a real talent for it and I know I speak for all, we sure would miss you.

    Blessings to you as you do what is best for your family

  43. I am so with you in your feelings post-becoming a mommy. Before I had my son I had grand plans for my career, and when he arrived I realized the only place where I would find joy is looking after him. It took many difficult conversations and much introspection for me to step down and take care of my baby full time. I know it’s not the same, but when these little people come into our lives, everything shifts. Every relationship changes, so of course your relationship with YouTube, blogging, etc. would change. I never read comments on any YouTube videos because I’m always so depressed afterwards with the hatred, negativity and overall mean-spiritedness. It’s always there, any channel, however mundane or out there the video can be. It’s sad how it’s come to that!

    Film what feels right, when it does. If people care for you and your content, they’ll remain subscribed and be pleasantly surprised when you post something. And it’s not a business or a money-making venture for you, so you don’t have to be worried about losing subscribers for lack of content. It’s really a win-win for you. Post some grocery hauls, or how you’re organizing your laundry post-baby (I’m struggling and I’m a year in!!). Whatever you do, go with your gut, your feelings of protectiveness. Trust your instincts! You’re having them for a reason.

    And creepily enough, I’m in the Chicagoland area, so if you ever decide to do a mom meetup, I would love to!

    Good luck navigating this new territory! I know it will be great!

  44. I have admire you so much Jen, ever since I first found your YouTube channel and blog a few years back. Do be honest I hit a pretty low point in my life and was dealing with some pretty horrible dilemmas in life and watching your videos or reading your post gave me this incredible joy and warmth. Even when you post a little thing on Instagram or Snapchat I never stop smiling. I faced a really dark time in my young life that left me feeling very poorly about myself, the content you bring and the warmth and light that is inside of you kept me going strong and reminded me there is so much greatness in the world. I love what you do. I respect you and your family and the decisions you make. Just remember, for every “hate comment” or negative energy people was post out on the internet, I guarantee there is at least three people feeling the positive energy and happiness you give off. And those people are smiling because of you. Take the time you need to figure out everything, and just remember the wise word from A Cinderella Story, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Love you Jen. Thank you for everything. I will stand by you no matter what <3

  45. Hi Jen,
    I totally relate to your growing sense of confidence that comes with being a Mum. I felt the same way too. I’m sad that we live in a world now where you have to be so guarded but feel that you must do what you feel most comfortable with. I’ve loved sharing your life with all your blogs, vligs & YouTube posts. All best wishes to you as you work through deciding where to take your content, best regards Penny x

  46. You are such a light! I am saddened to hear this, but not at all surprised. Becoming a Mama brings so many more responsibilities for protecting yourself and family. I’m so sorry about all the negativity, my heart breaks for people who think they need to belittle others to feel better about themselves. You are fantastic and I hope that you are able to keep sharing. I love having my morning coffee and catching up on your posts and videos. I will miss it, but you need to protect yourself and family right now. ❤️

  47. Hi Jen,
    Thank you for your honesty, bravery, and persistence in posting. I am always searching for ways to be more my authentic self, and you inspire me to do that every day. You and CC (I follow you on snapchat!) bring me so much joy, and it is truly magical to have a small peak into your new mama life. Keep doing you, mama, we love you! 🙂

    1. I love Snapchat because I feel like I can share little peeks into my personal life in a safer, more supported way.

      1. Snapchat is great! Love your snaps 🙂 Though you seem to truly miss vlogging and to be honest, I really miss your vlogs as well! Make sure you listen to your heart and do what makes you happiest though know that we all hope you’ll chose to re-incorporate vlogging into you life very soon. My best Jen.

      2. My husband, friends and I love your snapchats! I always get excited when I see you have a snap, it makes me smile and laugh! Please keep that up as it really makes us feel like ‘connected’! PS. Your snap about your freezer being a place for ice cream to die made me laugh so hard I cried!

  48. I love how you said you found the ground after becoming a mother. I felt that way too when I first became a mom. It was like I found my confidence in myself as a mother. Good luck in whatever you choose. In my experience I always feel the most at peace when I put my family first 🙂 looks like you’re doing a great job, I’m sure you’ll do what’s best for you. 💜

  49. I’m sorry you have had to deal with such negativity. I think that as a mama it is hard to make the right choices regardless of an online persona – but add in the openness and sharing that we do on blogs and YouTube is something else entirely. My blog is not nearly as big as yours, and perhaps that is why I have never had to deal with the negativity the way others have, but the sharing of my life, and my children, is something that I constantly think of.

    On the one hand, I know that the internet is here to stay. I love to share, I hope that I am an encouragement to others, and my littles absolutely love to be involved. On the other hand, I can be a bit crazed about how much privacy we lose every day, and think that perhaps I should swear off my blog and the internet in general. And then I have something new I want to share, and it starts again.

    I hope that you are able to find peace with what you decide, but know that you are not alone. I think parents today may have the most difficult time ever raising children in this very different world than when we were growing up – or perhaps that is how all generations feel. I truly enjoy your candid honesty, and love reading and watching your journey. But, obviously, do what is best for you and your family 🙂

    1. I think it is a common experience across the generations…because there’s always new things to navigate as people continue to evolve and invent. It’s so tough to know where to draw the line and it’s never the same for everyone.

  50. Oh Jen, posting has been your outlet and love for so many years, you need to continue to do what you truly love and derive meaning from by expressing yourself through your wonderful vlogs. There have been and always will be negative people, but that should in no way shape or diminish your passion for sharing with the world. After all, think of all of the people out there who enjoy and learn so much from your content. Keep doing it for them and for yourself and your family as a supportive family should want you to do what you love to do freely and happily 🙂 Going through motherhood is a transition and it is natural to feel more protective but this shouldn’t keep you from living, capturing and sharing your life the way you have done and wish to continue to. I hope you will power through the negativity by illuminating positivity through your wonderful vlogs!

  51. Dear Jen, You are the only youtuber I watch on a regular basis. I think (to my regret) that you should not share as much or even continue to share anything if you don’t feel safe. You are now at a place in your life were you are happy and 100% YOU! You don’t need YouTube to have a “meaning” you have your family now. I am myself starting to be more present on social media and it scares me! As much as I love sitting and watch you talk about anything and see how gorgeous Charlotte is…. if YOU don’t feel safe…. then you should stop. Don’t put that unnecessary burden in your shoulders… just be happy! I think you have everything you need to be so! Best wishes!

  52. It is so disturbing to me that someone would call CPS on a beautiful family! I have NEVER understood the “haters”. I personally love YouTube, it taught me how to use a curling wand, how to contour, how to refinish hardwood floors, and it’s given me LOTS of inspiration for my home organization as well as my planner!

    In the time I have been watching videos, I have, of course, come across personalities that I dont enjoy watching, people I disagree with, etc. What I don’t understand is this: I just stop watching. And move on. WHY ON EARTH to be people feel the need to talk and gossip and slander with such fervor?! What a waste of time?!

    It’s. Just. Awful.

    I have been around since I was looking for Disney packing videos in 2013! I enjoy watching your videos, and sometimes when I have a big cleaning or organizing project going on, I just leave old videos on in the background…. Sometimes just seeing a chipper personality AND a clean and pretty house is the motivation we all need!

    Since I started watching I have felt confident enough to grow my sticker collection, buy Caroline before she was retired to add her to my AG collection, start running and do a half marathon, and keep my makeup brushes and products much tidier! I have a different life than you, but I really enjoy your perspective, as well as a few other YT personalities.

    I also love to watch your and your extended family through marriage. My sons family is similar to Don’s, and even though his Dad and I arent together anymore, we still all spend holidays and Summer weekends together, and I love to see them! I love relaxing weekends with them, and I am reminded of those joyful times watching things like baby Grace in Utah. It is so troubling to me that people are so file, that you’re uncomfortable to show them anymore… I completely understand that, of course!! What I dont understand is the vile way people act.

    WHY do negative people do these things, that take the joy from all of us?!

    It’s infuriating to me.

    Sorry to make this long and venty, lol, I guess I just want to say that, there are normal people who enjoy watching! Not weird stalkers who are obsessed, just people who enjoy seeing other families be happy, I guess?

    Best of luck to you! I think most of us are rooting for you!

  53. I started watching your channel for all the info you shared in your packing/travel videos. Along the way you intrigued me with your transparency in all things Jen & Don, I was hooked. It is hard for me to understand how open folks can be as I’m not one to “share” so openly. I hope you find the balance your looking for & if not then hopefully you can look back on that season of your life fondly as you proceed to the next. Many blessings to your beautiful family Jenniffer.

  54. I absolutely love your Empties, Book Nook, Organising and Fav videos, the ones that are about just you and what you love. Whilst I get that it isn’t showing every aspect of you life I think we live in a world now where sharing everything is just not possible. You have a beautiful daughter and a hubby who clearly adores you. Those are precious things and I think they should be yours. Friends whether they be real or via this type of media are true when they accept that your life has changed and how you are has changed. I don’t watch you any less because you don’t vlog or share family detail. In fact when you are sat talking about girly, house type things is when I enjoy you best, it’s like listening to an old friend. Don’t search too hard or linger too long on this, try going back to “your” videos, your recent “Make up and Vanity” video was pure Jen and fab! I hope that makes sense and helps a little.

    Take care

  55. I recently found your channel after you were already pregnant with CC and I must say, I really enjoy you! I’ve been watching your new stuff as well as catching up on past videos. You are so funny, sweet and kind and I just really like seeing and hearing about your life. I’m so sorry for all that’s happened to make you step back and reevaluate how much you share with us. BUT at the same time, as a mama myself, I completely understand! Family comes FIRST always. I hope you do continue to share on snapchat, I love following you there….and eventually find an answer and some peace about sharing however much you choose to on youtube and your blog. Best wishes to you from Nebraska!

  56. Have you thought of consulting a professional that is skilled in this area? Maybe they can help guide you in a more knowledgable, experienced way into comfortable safe direction that can help you grow and maintain your truest self into this new age. As a viewer I really don’t know what it’s like…but I definitely have a glimpse after reading your post and watching the SacconeJoly video. I have to tell you though you cannot live in a place of fear and cautiousness even if it’s living on youtube for 13 minutes, so I understand your holding back own postings. Unfortunately, isn’t that life…people ridicule, and judge…only on the internet it’s in print. I can see how the fear and worry can mount in your mind. Not that it makes any of it ok whatsoever.

    I just want to -as a mother of 3 girls (13, 12 and 8)-encourage you to live and be happy in all that you do. Arm your self with the strength and love from your supporters and family (those are the only people that matter). When we as mothers give basically all of ourselves…the outlet to be happy and true in whatever we do, is essential. To feel/be held back, stuck is almost detrimental to a mother’s self. So I encourage you, with supporting fellow mama strength, to find your way…You will..Look how far you have come already! With hope, support, and lots of light…J in Miami, Florida.

  57. Hi Jenn,
    I well start by saying I love your content. I really do enjoy your mommy post as I have a daughter one month younger than your sweet baby. That being said I do understand. I feel like in some of your videos you have been guarded and thought to myself she’s probably protecting herself from the haters out there. Whatever you decide I’ll be a fan til the end!!

  58. Hi Jen,
    I completely understand your feelings. This week is specially tough for all the horror and tragic events that shocked us.
    Some people are selfish and do not show any empathy with others. They spread hate, negativity and evil in the internet and that reflect our sociaty itself… We should me more torelant and empathize with all. This doesnt mean we need to agree or accept everything but to respect that other people think and live different than we do. If you do not like something in the TV, youtube or other media you should skip it and enjoy what your trully like… live is too short to waste time in something that we do not like or being so mean with others.
    I watched Saccony Joly’s video (actually I suscribed to their channel because of you) and really shocked me about how cruel people can be.
    As a person that love social media I know that some people did not get how to use it and neither the power (positive and negative) that has in our world right now.
    This past months I really enjoyed to go back and watch your videos from your 2 older channels. I love them!
    I will not say that you do not need to pay attention to the haters because its something very hard to do these days. Do what you feel is right and what you enjoy sharing freely.
    You have a wonderful family Jen and is really being so awesome to see you grow and blossom from day one to today. I hope we can continue seeing your journey not only as a mum but as a woman.
    I love your channels and blog!!! Your videos really inspired me and they cheer me up during tough days!!
    XOXO from Uruguay!

  59. I love your content, but miss seeing more vlog-style videos. I think your cooking, packing, and party prep videos give the same feel and can be done in a way that doesn’t expose anything too personal.
    I have seen so many Youtubers deal with harassment in different ways, including completely shutting down their channel. None of them seemed to deter people who were hell bent on being mean or over stepping boundaries. If your actions can’t deter it from happening, then you should just do whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable. Looking forward to your next video!

  60. Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate the changes in your life. We all have them from time to time. As a Mom, I totally understand how you are feeling. I must say that I was a huge fan of your content pre-Charlotte. However, the majority of your content now no longer fits things that are relatable to my life. Change happens and I think your target audience has as well. I think you should consider another rebranding that reflects your current situation. Best wishes to you and your sweet family!

  61. Jen you are my favorite youtuber. I appreciate what you share with us and I’m really sad that terrible people have caused you any doubt. Regardless I still think your wonderful for sharing what you have. Big hug

  62. Hi Jen,

    I have been a subscriber for many years now and have loved seeing how your life and family has grown and changed over the years. I would first like to say thank you to you and Don for sharing your life with all of us. I love all of your content but I would have to say my favorite videos are when you and Don are in the kitchen. I can’t tell you how many recipes I have borrowed for you guys; I love your baking recipes and Don’s passion for all things meat. And secondly you take all the time you need I’m not going any where, sending my love from NH. 

  63. Jen,

    Your post made me so sad because everything you said is so true. You love to share and be honest with us and we love and respect you for it. But I totally agree with what your saying the world is such a scary place so we go to the internet to watch fun videos that we enjoy and bring us happiness but when it no longer is fun from nasty people, its heartbreaking. I will truly miss your posts and vlogs and things but I understand. I felt like I have learned a lot from you, and have really really enjoyed watching you change through out the years and now being a mommy (which I knew was the job you were born for the minute I saw your first video) We support you regardless and know whatever decision you make is best for you and your family.

  64. Hi Jen, there are negative people wherever you go and whatever you do. People are going to disagree with you and speak out about it. It can be upsetting, but that is life. It happens to the best of us! Show your strength and power and perservere. By giving up on posting, you are letting the haters/negative nellies win! You are giving up on your passions and your vlogging life which has brought you and all of your viewers so much enjoyment over the years. I know you will find balance and I look forward to seeing how you do so.

  65. I feel for your dilemma. It’s easy for any of us to comment when we aren’t on the receiving end, but I feel that the attitude of the chap in the video you linked to is best. You cannot let these people win. Sadly it means you have more hassle, but there are many, many more of us that enjoy your videos that don’t.

    My family are all grown up now and yet I really enjoy your videos, even the ones about your trials to get pregnant, your pregnancy experience and now your new mother experience. I’ve been there and done that and I enjoy the reminders of how it was and have picked up snippets to pass on to my nieces & nephews who are having children.

    I particularly enjoy (and miss!) your home organisation videos, but hope that when you have your feet again, they will return.

    In the meantime, keep on doing what you do, whatever you do is ok, because it’s right for you. What we want doesn’t really matter!

    Best wishes from the UK x

  66. Honestly Jen you have to do you. I love watching your journey and was over the moon happy to find out your were having a baby. As a mom on a 3 and 2 year old with another on the way I thought, “Yay! Someone else I respect is having a baby and I get to learn from her.” Even though I already have two I still feel like I am constantly learning. I have a blog that was mainly just for close friends and family but public, when my first was a year or so I made it private because I didn’t want the images of her all over the internet open for everyone to see. I also have a private FB group just for family and close friends that I know love to see a million photos which all my other “friends” may not. This is not to say I never post pictures of my children on my profile page (which is still limited to friends only) but I limit them. I hope you continue to make all the content you use to when you find that balance again (and you will!). Being a parent is everything, but it is nothing without finding your own joy beyond that child. We only get our babies for 18 short years before they are off to take on the world. We need to make sure we still know who we are when that happens. Best of luck!

  67. Well my first thoughts would be calm down you are being dramatic I doubt anyone’s going to hunt you all down but then watching this family you are talking about a few days ago I was shocked and stunned at what people were doing to Anna and Jonathon because they are just the sweetest couple and family ever and there is no way in this planet I would put my family at risk like that … Yes I love to watch you and them but family comes first … They are in a different position than you social media is there entire income they are kinda stuck where as Don has a career that can support you all … Only you can decide it would be a shame to lose you all but I know there is no way I would put my son out there but then my son is very vulnerable he has autism xxx

  68. As many people in the comments have already shared, I too have watched your videos for years and particularly loved your vlogs. You were the first YouTube channel I ever followed. I’ve never commented before, but I wanted to share that it has been so fun to follow along with your life journey, and I would be sad to not be able to do that anymore. However, you need to do what is best for your family and whatever feels right to you. You have a lot of people supporting you and cheering you on! Just keep on loving your beautiful family, and I’m sure that the right decision will become clear soon.

  69. I’m a recent follower, but love your monthly updates so much. My husband and I are struggling with fertility and your pregnancy and post-pregnancy videos have given me such joy and hope. I understand everything you posted here and will understand and support whatever journey you choose to take.

  70. Many heartfelt blessings to you Jen and all that you do! I have had such joy in watching your channel on YouTube for the past year. It is refreshing to get a glimpse of the life of someone that you have never met. And while watching you and your family, I have found that we share many of the same things, as well as insecurities. P.S. My husband LOVES to golf as much as Don does! 🙂 I enjoy watching those vlogging videos of what you do day-to-day. I especially love your grocery hauls– and I can’t even explain why it is so interesting to me. I guess some of the simplest things that can spark joy into someone’s busy life…like mine! Your new bundle of joy, Charlotte is so precious. And I completely understand your need to protect her. I don’t understand why those who put out such “hate” even bother. It takes so much effort on their part to do so. So, why bother? I just don’t understand. I hope that you are able to find that good balance that you are looking for. You have given me the ability to escape my busy schedule to watch your content, as well as Don’s Cook Nook’s (Pssst…you should do one on your sweet potato casserole). Give Charlotte and hug and know that you are doing such a great job being a mommy to her and a wife to Don. And for all you do, I am THANKFUL! 🙂

  71. Hi Jen! It’s been a while since I’ve read your blog but must say that I was upset to see this post because I still watch your videos and follow your amazing snapchats 🙂 I am disappointed that you are so affected by the negativity but I understand at the same time. As others have mentioned, it is important that you pave your own path and use the confidence you’ve gained since having Charlotte to follow your dreams and expand your channel. It is obvious how happy capturing life’s moments make you and it would be a real bummer to put an end to it because of some people’s ridiculous negative attitudes. Please don’t give up on yourself! We’re all here supporting you!

  72. I appreciate as always your honesty. You have to do what you feel is best for your family. I will continue to enjoy whatever you choose to post in the future. If you choose not to post just know that you have my support. I am sorry that some people have been so mean.

  73. This post spoke to my heart! Although I’m not a YouTuber or public figure by any means I have an extremely hard time posting about my children online. I love taking pictures of them but I have s hard time sharing them online with friends or family.

    CC is beautiful! But if your mama bear instincts are telling you to keep her away from the public eye and peoples nasty comments, then your true followers will understand.

  74. My channel is a hobby as well as yours and for me personally if I had a new baby I would give up YouTube in a minute. I watch the Sacconejolys too, and could not believe what they have had to put up with, however YouTube is thier livelihood and I am personally hoping they have built a nest egg were they can walk away too. I would never even consider a job that would put my children in harms way and at that first sign of it I would leave so fast and never look back. We are not celebrities, we don’t have bodyguards and publicists, and when a hobby starts to be a worrisome job it is time to move on. Motherhood changes you significantly and although we love your channel it is not about us , it is about you. Take a 3 month no social media break, then see if you are truly missing it, and think about how good you feel that the haters and the trolls are now longer playing with your head and how you really didn’t need any of it at all anyway because CC needs you most.

  75. Jen, why not continue to share DIY type videos and stay away from personal details all together. I have watched you for a couple of years now, and enjoy everything you share, but would be very protective of my family on-line too. Some people aren’t just haters…they act out too. Its a sad world we live in where we have to think like this and protect what we love. I hope you find peace in whatever you decide.

  76. Jen,
    I just wanted to share with you what a difference you’ve made in my life. I’ve been going through a lot right now with a hard struggle against depression. I have found such joy and promise of a better future in your posts and your videos. You are clearly a loving and caring woman and I strive to emulate you. I know I should strive to be my own person, but let me tell you, I have no idea who that is right now. I love the values you share and embody. I love the loving and respectful relationship you and Don have. I would hate for the “bad eggs” out there to force you to curtail your on-line presence; it definitely adds to my life. I am a cheerleader on the sidelines, although I’ve been quiet up until today. I just felt I wanted you to know what a positive influence you have been to my life. I would love to have you (and Don and CC) over for some tea and coffee cake if that were possible. Be well, take good care, and of course you need to do what is best for you and your growing family; but please know, from the bottom of my heart, that you will be missed if you stop posting.
    In good health,

  77. a great to-the-point blog Jen, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I can share that feeling of being grounded for when I had my son 18 years ago I felt that my life had ‘meaning’ and things fell into place quite a bit for me.
    I’m going to suggest you try snapchatting again, patching the different snippets into a quilt of a vlog – it worked very well before and might take the pressure off a long vlog, which you could do once a month perhaps – whatever feels right.
    Yes, the world has its share of people who believe they have a right to interfere in other’s lives and the internet can bring that closer to our doors. Having a solid support from family and close friends can help prevent that hurting us. It’s a fact of online life but we can detach ourselves from trolls and people who mean us angst.
    I look forward to your continued presence online Jen and wish you and yours well x

  78. Sadly, I only discovered you just a few short months ago and since then you have brought light and inspiration into my life. I have two small children who are the light of my life, but when their sweet heads fall to sleep I get to hang out with you! I have watched a ton your MHWL videos from a few years back and I can’t tell you how much you have lifted me up and inspired me. You are such a beautiful person and I feel so fortunate to have found you. I have shared your videos with my husband and I now reference you by first name. I can’t imagine the struggle you’re dealing with, but of course you already know the answer in that family comes first. You have to do what feels right. I will pray that you will find a balance that you are at peace with. Thank you for sharing your beautiful CC with us! Stay true to yourself and you’ll find the way!


  79. Hello Jen, my name is Ana and I’m 25. I watching you for a years now. And I ussualy don’t comment I just enjoy your videos. You are such a posotive and beautyful pearson inside and out. I must say that when I watch your videos I feel like I’m in heaven. Such a positive vibe you give over those videos. Beautiful soul, such amazing mom and wife. I wish you all the best and I love you like my sister, from bottom of my heart! God bless you and your family, CC is incredible cute and just like her father. I send you so much love from over the world, from Bosnia and Herzegovina 🙂 ♡ *sorry my english 🙂

  80. I appreciate the reflective post. Don’t let the haters win! If you quit, they’ll get their way and feel accomplished. You are so strong and have grown so much and I know you can continue to vlog and find happiness through vlogging. Follow your heart, follow your passion, do not give up! Shine a positive light that is brighter than the haters negativity.

  81. I really miss your vlogs and am patiently waiting for the old vlogging Jen to come back. Use the confidence and strength you’ve gained from having CC to power through and continue vlogging. We all know you are strong than the haters. Don’t stop following your dreams because of some negative people. People will always be judgmental but that should impact the happiness you gain through self expression. Keep sharing Jen 🙂 Love, Shari

  82. Like you Jen I was appalled after seeing the video Jonathon posted. It just boggles my mind that this is what our world has come to! Praying for you to be able to make the right decisions that work for you and yours.

  83. First off, thank you for being so real and honest with us about everything. Second, I hope by writing it down and maybe talking with Don, you’ll be able to find your happy – medium. You have such a large fan base her on YT, and while of course we would understand completely if you decided to not share anymore, it would break our hearts too… 🙁 You are such an amazing woman, someone I look up to as a role model. I really really hope you can find some answers for your dilemma, Jen. Hugs!!

    Maybe disabling the comments section from all social medial platforms to avoid negatively??

  84. What about a subscription type service, where you could at least track who is watching/commenting? I’ve seen several blogs do that successfully and save the more personal stuff for their subscribers to control some of the collateral damage, at least. I’m sure that has it’s own pros & cons.

    I miss your vlogs, all your party entertaining videos, and you sharing freely without fear or constraint. I can tell that you do as well.

    I’m sorry, Jen. I hope the solution allows you to continue connecting with those of us who support you just as you are.

  85. I know you have a lot of people commenting and sending you good vibes.. so I’ll make this short and sweet.

    Your SnapChat stories brighten my day so much. I’m a young woman who hasn’t been blessed with a child just yet, but the interaction I get to see between you and CC make me so happy and give me so much to look forward to later on.

    You’re an amazing mother/wife/YouTuber/person all together, I really hope you choose to continue posting, but I know the safety of your family comes first. Either way, your fans will love and support you no mateer what! <3

  86. I have been following your channels for YEARS….since you first started really. I stumbled across your first packing video in 2010. One thing that has always struck me about you is your intelligence and real decency as a person. I have six daughters and most are older than you are. So I guess I look at things in a slightly different light. But I’ve been impressed with you and the way you handle yourself for a very long time. You’re an old soul. I cried with you at times…and I whooped when you announced your pregancy. Whatever you decide to do, I will understand and support. Still, I cant help but admit that I’ll miss you dearly. Hugs and prayers go out to you sweet girl.

  87. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Jen. I’ve been reading your blog and watching your videos for years and after a point it started to feel like we’re friends. So, if I may, as a friend I have to encourage you to do what feels right for you! Your family’s safety and privacy is of the utmost importance! But at the same time, I know what it’s like to love sharing in videos and blog posts, that sense of community is so special. I believe you will find your balance soon enough. Enjoy your precious time with baby CC. Much, much love!

  88. Hello Jen ,

    My friend, keep vlogging on! You can’t let the negative individuals win. It would be a shame to put an end to something that has brought you such joy, happiness and confidence throughout the years. Block out the negativity, the haters have nothing on you. You’re doing great, keep up the good work! Looking forward to many more blogs.

  89. Just wanted to send more support as you navigate your online presence. I cannot imagine how challenging it can be, and while I’m a fan and love all your content, completely understand the need to reevaluate what makes sense for you and your family! Thank you for always being so authentic and open. I hope you find whatever works for you! And I just have to say, you are a true inspiration. You motivated me to find more peace in my home through organization, and I love how sweet and genuine you are through your videos and writing. Thank you for that!

  90. Hi Jennifer!

    I completely understand and agree with your concerns. It’s unfortunate how Social Media is getting worse and worse with bullying/negativity. It seems like so much bad is going around in every direction of life. But what I love is that Good will always win! I actually was looking you up on YouTube the other day and clicked on a video that I thought was you and it wasn’t. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing (clicked off quick, didn’t give it my time or energy)! So I completely understand your concern with your new precious little one and protecting your personal life. I would feel the same about protecting my family as well.

    I truly enjoy your YouTube channel, blog, Instagram, but you have to do what is best for you and your family now. This is why I agree with how you feel. You have a baby now, this is different from when the attacks were on you, different story now that baby is here. You don’t need that added stress in your life. Girl, I think you have handled it like a CHAMP thus far!

    Ultimately, the question is here, what is best for you and your family, no matter what? How would social media help or affect your family in the long run? This question is more for Youtube. I say this because, at some point, negativity will affect you, especially when children are involved/attack by people’s unkind comments. That’s a button that can’t be ignored.

    So whatever you choose, I’m a loyal fan either way. You do what’s best for you and your family. You have put enough POSITIVE content/energy out for the world to see and enjoy as long as YouTube exist. You have been gifted by God to have been blessed with a very kind, loving Spirit. This is what draws people to you! You’re a natural nurturer, the way you care for people/family and Winnie. People need that, especially what’s going on in the world today. You’re an encourager for peace, love and kindness, I appreciate that about you!

    I can honestly say that I have noticed you stronger, especially since CC has been born. You are wearing Motherhood very well! Continue growing stronger, Jenn! When I’m going through something or trying to figure things out, I always turn to prayer and then I keep the faith. I believe that we go through different Seasons in our life and sometimes we have to move on, even if it feels strange. But God always has a new Season for us to step into. My prayer for you is that God shows you what’s best for you and your family and you listen. Whatever you choose, I wish you all the best! God Bless! 🙂

  91. I understand, I really do. The world is scary! I sure miss your old vlogs, i’ve been watching some videos from myhousewifelife here lately. I really miss it. I do understand where you are coming from. It’s sad the rude people have ruined it for the people who genuinely love you!

  92. Trust what your heart and do what is best for you and your family. The people who love you will understand. Best of luck! 💜

  93. Perhaps a return to some of your original content? You are an amazing planner and organizer- I’m still so envious of your thanksgiving dinner party. I think showing us videos of what you’re doing for CC (I can’t wait to see her first Halloween, Christmas, birthday party!) and then showing photos or brief glimpses (or nothing at all) of how it came together. Perhaps for now, instead of vlogging, use Periscope as a chance to sit down and talk about your day or show brief glimpses of what you’re up to. It’s a more intimate medium and while you’ll probably get some trolls, you can simply dismiss them instead of having to scroll through comments and unwanted opinions.

  94. Hi Jen! I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I were you. I turned mama bear when my son was born, even toward my MIL, for no apparent reason. Plus, part of me is sooo glad social media wasn’t around when my mom was young. I don’t want to know what she would have posted about me! Not bad stuff probably, but just ME stuff that everyone didn’t need to know. I try to consider that with my kids. My son always tells me to post it on THE Facebook so I’m not worried about him.

    Also, I want to say how odd it was when at Geaux Wild, I saw you at the airport and waved like you knew me. Then I was like, “wait, she doesn’t know me. stop it.” So I left, even though you were at my gate. I’m sorry if I made you feel odd! I didn’t want to invade your privacy. The Internet has created this odd space of relating and there’s no correct etiquette. We need the Emily Post of 2016 to tell us what to do!

  95. Hi Jen,
    I have been a long time subscriber of yours. I always knew when baby came along that it was going to make you reconsider/possibly end doing this. I have recently been enjoying going back through your vlogs and have them on in the background as I do similar tasks/projects around my house. I really hope you will do some more in the near future but you have to trust your gut instinct. Maybe just stick with snapchat for your video content for now?!
    Sending you lots of support from here in the UK

  96. I understand and respect your feelings as a mama, but I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know you as I’ve entered into motherhood myself. Before Charlotte, I had caught a few of your Erin Condren videos, but was never a true “subscriber” until I was expecting myself. Since your pregnancy announcement, I’ve followed each and every mommy vlog you’ve posted, and you’ve really helped me choose products along the way. I truly respect your opinion and reviews…I think you’re awesome! Don’t understand how a person could throw negativity your way especially since you’re such a positive person yourself! With that, I understand your desire to protect your family. Just know that so many of us love you. I hope you find the balance and answers you’re looking for.

  97. It’s clearly a catch 22. When anyone does something available in public, the potential for stalker/negative action increases. The situation on social media is evolving- with virtually no rules. My experience is that in life it is better to follow what your gut is telling you. It may not be possible to articulate all the cautionary reasons, it doesn’t really matter. Also, decisions don’t need to be forever. I have had some challenging situations that I am impacted by, but aspects that are not under my control. With my mother who is in memory care, I make my life plans on a 6 month- 1 year basis. And then at the end of those times, I revaluate what is working or not for future commitments. Perhaps a 6 month break from filming would help? Or shutting off comments? Or cut out what isn’t fun any longer.

    Bottom line is that it may be that there are just so many hours in the day and motherhood is primary right now for you. And that’s ok. Doesn’t mean that at some point in the future you can’t come back to filming/social media.

    If you’re having fun with something it shows. I support whatever you decide to do next week, in 6 months, in a year.😃😃😃

  98. Hi Jen,
    I adore the posts about your family and the home life you share in blog posts and on YouTube, but maybe its time to go back to your roots of organization. While still being able to share pieces of home life with out the invasiveness it sometimes brings, you could share content on what the foundation of your brand started on and why some many of your viewers became fans to begin with, myself included. From the simplest organization project to total closet makeovers are your bread and butter! Being a mom is hard to find time to do ANYTHING it seems but if its your passion you’ll find what’s fits best for you and your growing family.

    1. That is a definite possibility….now that C is starting to nap a bit longer it might just be doable! I’d love to organize something again…like my desk which is in absolute chaos 😉

  99. I wish I some real words of wisdom. I rarely watch YouTube anymore, sadly, I just cannot get past the terrible hurtful things people say. I have taken almost everyone of my Facebook. We are a nation divided, and we are tearing each other apart on social media. I love seeing glimpses of your life, I love to see how others live their lives. I cannot understand the need to really be cruel. When I saw people blaming the parents of the child in Orlando, I took off all news and anyone who I saw posting such negativity. I just don’t know what the answer is, there needs to be a shift in society, and we ALL keep standing up to the bullies, i hope you find your way. Whatever you decide,wherever your amazing life leads, I will always be thankful to you for letting me in on the journey.

  100. I am nervous about becoming pregnant and having a baby, due to anxiety and medication I take for it. I have been a long time fan and your pregnancy and baby videos have really helped me a lot. I love seeing adorable Charolette too! She is the cutest thing ever. I hope you find a way to continue making content that feels right for you. There is nothing better than seeing that you have a new video up! 💓

  101. I’ve been following for at least 4 years. Thank you for sharing your life with us! I have been loving snapchats! I hope you don’t go completely off the grid but I understand. Family first. I think social media has created a lot of hate it seems to be escalating. I hope you keep going and find a solution that your at peace with! CC is precious and you look happier than ever! Thanks for all you do!

  102. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing and being honest. I found your videos while searching for ECLP content and really enjoyed hearing you speak at Geaux Wild. The hate and negativity on the Internet is horrible.

  103. Jen, I will be honest with you I kind of was not a fan of yours and may be could be considered a hater. Not severe, but you were a little bit oddly annoying. I never took it as far as you describe, but I also wasn’t overly positive. I know why – because you seemed truly lost to me and when people who left comments actually were delivering some valuable feedback you seemed to read it as hate. It seemed like you were selling us this life of yours, but it wast actually yours, which I found bizarre and odd. Since CC’s arrival you seem like a completely different person. I am not into kids – BUT I still watch because you all of a sudden seem happy, genuine and content and it reads. Again your content now is not my cup of tea but YOU personally I really enjoy. Bottom line – give it a shot – may be now that you found your true self, you wont get as much hate. Although you never know so I do get your point as well 🙂

  104. Hi Jen

    I think it is only natural for you to have these feelings, especially after becoming a Mum. It changes you and your life, I know it has for me massively. Things you had never thought of before come to light and you reflect and re-evaluate life. It’s horrible how people feel they can say such horrible things and I had watched the sacconejoly’s and felt the same. What they had to endure was terrible and not fair. I absolutely love all of your videos and blog posts and have been a fan for years but maybe it is just time to take a break and decide what you’d like to do? You, Don, Charlotte and Winnie of course, are the most important people and you need to decide what you want to do together. My little girl is now nearly 2 and a half and I’m still changing, adapting my life and working at things….your feelings may change as Charlotte gets older. We will be here when you return or support any other decisions you make. Life is too short like you said, so what is right for you, what does your heart say and what will make you happy is so important. Maybe start with some blog posts but when you feel a video would be good then go for it but go with how you are feeling. Don’t worry about expectations of others, focus on what you think. Hope that makes sense xx

  105. I love your videos and would definitely miss your online presence. I am confident you will figure this out and make the best decision for you and your family.
    This picture of you and Charlotte is beautiful. Enjoy this season of your life!

  106. Totally understandable, there are some miserable people out there who just love trying to bring others down. I’ve watched your vlogs from almost the start and absolutely love all your content. Seeing Charlotte grow and thrive has made me so happy, you and Don are fantastic parents. I’m especially loving your snaps now days, so fun. Love you girl 💕💕

  107. Hi Jen! I am writing this to support you and let you know I’ll be praying for you. You deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and kindness because that is how you show yourself to others. As others have said, I DO feel that you show an honest portrayal of your life! I always enjoy your content, whether it’s about planners or CC. (I don’t have children yet, but I hope to one day!) Please know that you have supporters out here –perhaps we need to be more vocal more often. It does seem like “haters” are often the ones who speak the loudest, but I pray positivity, light, and love drowns out their words and sounds. Listen to your soul and to your family–if you don’t want to share certain things, please don’t stress over it! While I love all your content, it is up to you to decide what to share with us. Know that so many of us will support you either way. Keep up the great work you do–thank you for living your life in a way that is positive, uplifting, and motivational. Blessings to you, and to Don and CC as well! ~~Rebecca 🙂

  108. Jen,
    It breaks my heart to to hear all that you have to go through to share with us. Over these years, you have become a friend to us. We completely understand your need to protect your family. I know whatever decision you make will be the right one. Be true to yourself and your family, as you know that is most important. If you decide to back away from sharing, I hope you will resurface in the future with a what’s in my Kindergartner’s bag, how to plan play dates, or an off to school haul video. Thank you so much for all that you have shared with us and inspired us to do. We are grateful that we have had the opportunity to be a part of your life and we hope to keep you around for a long time.

  109. I’m a 30 ‘ s something stay at home mum to my dog and 6 year old son. No matter what you decide to do, you should know that you have had at direct impact on my life. I’ve never met you yet feel like we are long time friends. My husband always knew when I’d watched one of your posts, because I had the sudden need to organise something, or redecorate.
    Thank you for years of “friendship”!

  110. Jen, these feelings are more than expected and I think you are totally right. I would do the same and I´d feel the very same way.
    As you said, world became a very dangereous place. You´re a public person and you have a child to protect. I am sure you´ll find a path in the middle, where you can post your stuffs being protective.

  111. Jen, I completely understand your hesitation about sharing online. I have enjoyed all of the content you have shared.

    I want you to know you have had a positive impact on my life as a woman, wife, and mother. I pray you find an innovative way to be at peace with what is obviously a gift and true passion.

    My suggestion, if I may, would be to build relationships with other YouTuber’s. Communicating with others may be the answer.

    Best Wishes,


  112. Thank you for all that you have shared, Jen. It has been a joy to watch you become a mother, it is obvious that you are exactly where you were meant to be and that energy is such a gift.
    The negativity is such an unfortunate part of the internet. I have had to take time off from even reading comments directed toward others, particularly in recent weeks. I can’t imagine having that energy directed toward myself and/or family. I will continue to gladly watch any content you provide and be happy with that (enjoying the snaps too)
    Take care 🙂

  113. Jen, you were the 1st YouTuber I subscribed to and still remain my all-time favorite among my selective list I am subscribed to. I LOVE everything you produce and I, a 39yr. old, have learned SO much from YOU! Thank you for this post and your transparency. I pray that you will find a healthy and happy balance as you navigate this new path. Sending you hugs =)

  114. Whatever the content is the people who genuinely have developed a ‘care’ for you over all these years, and truly enjoy when you share, will be there for you. I know personally I would never judge you based on the content you choose to post. I do miss when you were able to be more open, it was a bit of light in a dark place I was at with life. However, I completely understand and respect what you need to do to keep your family safe and feeling secure. Just know we (or at least I, speaking for myself) will be here for you no matter what! You’re doing a great job, and are a wonderful mama. My son is 9 months old and watching you with Charlotte has inspired me on many ocassions!

  115. Thanks for sharing.I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I don’t miss more of your daily vlogs and what not, because I do miss them. I totally understand your apprehensiveness about sharing not only your life, your family and friends life, but that of your young child. While I am grateful that you share with us what you will. I’m going to tell you something now that is very personal to me. I’m come to the conclusion (with the my doctors experience as well) that I cannot have children. this beyond saddened me because all my life, since I was a little girl, the only thing I truly wanted out of life was to be a mom. So when I watched you as you found out you were expecting, the parties the planning and even now the glimpses I get of you and your stunning CC I’m able to live through you. For a moment I don’t think about why cant that be me and I enjoy watching someone else’s happiness and mother hood. I will miss the content but I cannot say I wouldn’t feel the same way as you if it was me. I will suggest that maybe you post your content purely on your blog, add video elements not associated with youtube that way the majority of creepers and random people who stumble upon your life, may not find it so easily. I would love to see more content but I understand. I joined snapchat purely to see more from you, your upbeat personality and your gorgeous smiling CC. And of course Winnie and Don. I wish people weren’t cruel to be just that, cruel. But that’s not how the world is so I respect your decisions and I hope you find a way to make yourself truly happy with whatever way you decide to share. Have a wonderful day!

  116. I saw the S-J video too, and it was eye-opening as well. I say… focus on some of the things that we love the most from you, that also make you feel comfortable. Like your monthly popsugar unboxings (so fun!) And your monthly favorites (as a mom and just as you… which I’ve loved your past ideas). Also, maybe more cooking videos w/Don, entertaining, travel essentials, etc. I truly love your new branding, but I understand your need to pull back. And we’ll still love you and watch you. We don’t have to have your whole life on display to feel connected. Much love and good luck with it all.

    1. Oh, and I just thought of something else. I spent SO many years blogging (food) and being in the public eye and “on.” And one day, I decided to just focus on my family and quit it all (I don’t even have a facebook account… extreme, maybe, but it’s sure made life more real). It’s been over a year, and I haven’t looked back, nor have regretted it. Just wanted to pass on another perspective as well. I’m much happier now, but my situation is very different, so take what you will 🙂

  117. You do what’s best for you and your family I love your channel and I will be here to support whatever you decide.

  118. I have been a follower of yours for quite a while now. I do enjoy watching your videos on organizing, party prep (I enjoy seeing what other people eat), your hauls etc. (Actually, I don’t think, you have made a video yet that I haven’t enjoyed) You must do what you need to do to feel safe and secure. I would love to see you continue You Tube, when you feel the time is right. You are a great Mom to Charlotte. She is a sweet little lady!

  119. Hi, let me start by saying that i’m not native English speaking… I try to write my opinion or feeling in English but are never sure it’s exactly what i’m meaning to say.

    My words are to be positive and polite…

    For many years i’m watching and reading your content. Send you a Christmas card or two, just because i wanted to…
    It feels like you’re my friend an of course i know that’s not the case i just love the feeling… You also gave me many great organizing idea’s… Thank you for that!

    I’m sad to read about your dilemma’s. We all these day’s have to be strong and enjoy our lives without fear. Easy to write…. i know… so i hope you will continue to post, so i can ‘see my friend’…
    But i support you in every division you make. It your live, not mine!

    I few months ago i read some awful content about you and you’re family… I couldn’t believe it! ‘Is this really about Jennifer Ross?’ ‘No way!’
    It’s so sad that there are people who use their prescious live for that!

    Take care sweet Jen

    Judith (from the Netherlands)

  120. Hi, Jen, I normally do not comment on many things but this blog post is so sincere and valid. In the world we live in right now, full of hate and general meanness, I do not blame you one bit for reconsidering your social media life. I could not imagine being in your position, having so many positive supporters but it only takes one negative comment to negate the positive, unfortunately that’s just how it works sometimes.

    I have a daughter just a few weeks younger than CC and I have truly enjoyed your mommy and baby updates and have even taken some of your suggestions (read erin condren planner, baby clothes and toys 🙂 ). You are a true joy to watch/read and I would hate to see you stop posting but I do understand the desire. You have to do what’s right for you, your mental health, and most importantly your family. The only thing that we can all hope for is that one day we can ALL take Ellen’s advice to heart- “Be kind to one another”.

  121. Thank you for sharing! I have recently lost my desire to blog, I just don’t feel the need to expose my family and life to the negativity online. Keep being an awesome wife to Don, and mother to sweet Charolotte and puppy momma to Winnie! ❤️

  122. Jen, I stumbled across you years and years ago when I was looking up reviews on teas. I found what I think, was one of your earliest videos on the types of teas you have on hand in your home and how organized they were! It may have have been your first ever video about tea. I can proudly say that I immediately got to work making my own drawer dedicated to just teas! I have been hooked ever since. I have only commented a couple of times, but I have loved learning from you, and watching you try new things and bringing us along on your new adventures. I started following you for home organization and travel packing tips, but I still love to watch you for one main reason: your positive outlook on life.

    Countless times, if I’m feeling kinda down, watching a couple of your videos puts me in a much better mood. It’s like you are able to remind me about what is important in life, and to focus on love and happiness and finding joy in the little things.

    You have covered a slew of topics over the years, but my favorite videos are ones where you are happy and excited to tell us about things in your day or life that you want to share. It’s as simple as that. I think this is a great time to take some time to yourself and your family and find the joys in your day that add up in your heart. When your heart is full again, we will be here ready to listen and watch along with you, smiling because your light is shining through to us.

  123. Jen –
    I completely understand. Do what you feel is important for you and your family. I don’t understand “hate” and how it seems to win sometimes. Just know this – you have brought a lot of joy to many lives and you bring such positive light to social media. To be honest, you are one of the few YouTubers I still watch. I’m much older than you and I find you inspiring. So, whatever you choose, just remember, you still made a positive impact on someone’s life. Just be you – and know that you are loved.

  124. Jen, I’ve enjoyed your content for many years! However, your channel has changed drastically since your beautiful daughter was born, which is understandable. Perhaps it’s time to consider backing away from Youtube & just enjoy your time as a sahm. I wish you all the best.

  125. Hi Jen! I am a big fan of yours — and I’m a lot older than you :). I think you’ll find your way with all of this — what I’ve enjoyed most are your planning videos and reviews (and your great giveaways!), and also your travel tips and product reviews. I hope you can keep those in the forefront and your personal life safely in the background, because you do have such talent and a positive impact!

  126. ((Hugs)). Would you ever consider going back to the beginning? Like organized Jen? I am sure you could find a plethora of organization ideas now that you have Charlotte. You could go back to sharing packing and party prep….your cooking vlogs were always fun. Baby food making perhaps? I am sure it’s hard to find the line in the sand for sharing.

  127. I love your content and every time you post I am excited to watch! I don’t envy your job of being an online content creator, and I do appreciate your work. I’ll be here to watch and cheer from afar whenever you share! Thanks Jen 🐝

  128. Hi Jen,

    You and your family are well loved here on YouTube and you will be terribly missed. I’ve followed you from the beginning and certainly wanted to continue to watch whatever you were willing to share with us. You need to do what feels right for you at this stage in your life kiddo. Perhaps when your kids are all in school you may want to come back to it in one form or another. I will miss you!

  129. Thank you for sharing your feelings, Jen. I can understand your concerns. Being a mother of four I can truly relate with putting your children and family first. I will fully support whatever your decision is. I hope you never leave us but whatever you decide, I feel happy and grateful for the years we have gotten to know you a bit. I cherish all you’ve shared and the motivation you’ve instilled, from organizing, party prep, cooking/baking, DECOR and your pleasant personality. I just wish there were a place for all of us who appreciate and love what you post with no negative influences interfering, because to a lot of us here you’re more than just a YouTuber. I can tell you how much you’ve motivated in times when there was absolutely no motivation. Thank you again and may all turn out great in this decision making process.🙂 Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  130. I agree with you 100%. You need to do what is BEST for your family. I have been watching you for years and noticed the cruelty of some of the people making comments. You provided me with a little sunshine every time you posted a video or blog post. You will never know how much you help me, so Thank you!

    I was truly shocked when I saw the video Saccone-Joly’s talked about everything that these trolls had done to their family. Unbelievable! The audacity that these people have is unforgivable. You have always handled your self the most amazing way. You have always been so giving when you didn’t have to be. Don’t ever change who you are for anyone. Go with your intuition, it is always right. Whatever you decide I will support you 100%, but know this you will be missed. I will miss very much. God Bless you Jen and your wonderful family. Thank you so much for sharing a part of your life with us.

  131. Here’s part 2 of my comment….I would turn of comments on YouTube–on all videos. Let the people who want to comment seek you out here. More often than not, you do a blog post as well. I hope you go back to sharing. I forgot my most favorite of all (second to vlogs) HAULS!!

  132. I am a big fan too! You brought peace, organization, simplified beauty and fun to YouTube. I have watched you since you started and think you are a wonderful person who is extremely blessed. I wish I had the answers, but always follow your heart and know it won’t let you down. From one SAHM to another, wishing you all the joys of motherhood. It’s just starting and it gets even better every month! much love .
    I agree with the other posts, don’t leave us! I miss your blogging, your organization posts, your every day little snippets of life. I am addicted to teavana, container store and planners thanks to you! Hahaha.

  133. I am so sad to hear that you are conflicted as your Charlotte posts are my absolute favorite! My little one is 2 months behind her and I absolutely love all of your suggestions and being able to compare progress. He’s in the 98% for height too! I actually discovered your blog and videos on my hunt for momma content to follow. Thank you for all of your posts so far! I certainly understand your privacy concerns though and can just say maybe the best advice I’ve ever been given is to make decisions for yourself and loved ones and go with your gut. I hope you’ll still post your mommy favorites though!

    On a side note I just attended an online Facebook party for Usborne books and found so many that my immediate thought was that I needed them and the you and Charlotte would love them too! So many are education and development related.

    But back on topic, I do hope you find peace with your posts and being a momma. I chose to stay home from work as it was best for our family. Thinking of you!

  134. I understand your dilemma, and unfortunately I have no ideas on how to help. I’ve been watching your content for years, from back in early 2011 when you were organizing your kitchen and dealing with social anxiety. I’ve come to view you as a “friend”, if that’s not too strange to say. Your videos have meant a lot to me, and helped me through some difficult depressive times, when I had you to relate or look up to.

    I’ve also felt something imbalanced lately. I just commented to my mother a couple weeks ago that I missed watching you. I enjoy what you post when you do, but I still felt like something was missing too. We only see a small fraction of your life anymore. How to find a way to chat and spend time with us while feeling comfortable I don’t know. I hope you figure it out, and I’ll be here, glad for whatever you share.

  135. Hi. As a former foster parent and a owner of my licensed home daycare it’s pretty scary to think that CPS is at your door, but I’m fearless when it comes to protecting my children. I never had nothing to hide so a knock at the door will never scare me. Doesn’t mean you have to open the door till you verify who is knocking. If you think about it it’s a great service to protect children. I have so many ideas on how they can improve the system. I believe in every child going back home. Some kids can’t due to parent passing away, incarcerated, drugs, neglect, sexual or physical abuse, a child sex offender living at the home with minors and a few more individual isolated cases. Social workers are like your haters ( lol ) they are human and make mistakes too in pre-judging a family. I want to say more, but i have to go. Don’t fear CPS. You are a great mommy and will never meet a social worker ( lol) trust me. They homes they go to have dirty, no food, no running water, and so on.
    Keep on doing you, because you do help so many.

  136. I have followed you for a while now. Love your videos!! What brought me to you initially was your organizing videos. I LOVE those!! And hope you can still share some of those types of videos (as they don’t have to include family at all). I assume you still re-organize areas of the house as needed (as we all know that is a neverending process!!). Love you Jen!! Good luck in your decisions and I will forever be a lurker. 🙂

  137. Wow! So many comments already that I’m not sure you’ll get to mine. But I wanted to comment none-the-less. It’s a strange this, youtube, in that we feel like we are friends with you. While only a one sided friendship (mostly), it would be sad to never “see” you again. While I understand if you were to back away, it would break my heart a bit. But I know, after watching Jonathan’s video you mentioned, I would be super trepedatious to continue at all if I were them. However, I think your content is very very different. I think you offer very concise and thoughtful content. I know that I learn so much in the way of communication from you. You can tell that you really think about your words and your actions and consider your audience all the time. I think the SacconeJolys are very loose with their content at times and it can get them into trouble. I LOVE them and watch them regularly. I hate what they have had to deal with. I wouldn’t put your channel in the same field with theirs. They are 2 different “animals” if you will. I think the way you have structured your online presence is really good at the moment. But again, I’m not in your shoes, so don’t know the exact ins and outs of the horrible people you may encounter. Anyway, all my respect and love to you and your family. 😉

  138. I feel you. As my boys get older I struggle with what to share online involving them. Cause once it is out there it is out there. Thank you so much, I understand how you feel.

  139. Jenn, you are a wonderful person and I admire your protectiveness of your daughter greatly. It scares me sometimes what I see happen to some YT families when their accounts get hacked, mirrored or harassed. I cannot imagine the fear of having children and being a public figure. It is hard enough raising a child without a spotlight. Just breathe and be yourself. There are enough mommy-bloggers out there so you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.

  140. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments you’ve expressed in this post. In a way, the Internet has made it possible to share and exchange ideas so much more freely but the negativity and general irritable climate these days seems to out a real muzzle on the ability to express oneself freely. And that is really unfortunate. We need to know we are not alone and that others feel the same way we do or have struggled with the same problems and maybe have found a solution we could learn from.

    I agree that if I see something I disagree with I keep scrolling. I don’t need to correct anyone but myself and occasionally my son. I want to protect my heart and the hearts of others by keeping my mouth shut and not engaging in such meanness, but it seems so many are infected by it, it’s hard to get away from.

    I support your intuition to keep your family protected and wish you well in sorting out your feelings about it.

  141. I haven’t taken the time to read all the previous comments because I so strongly wanted to reply right now. I will go back and read them later though. First of all, I’m 76 years old so I lived most of my life before social media…a few years even before old time television. LOL I do follow many blogs…mostly for women over 50 and/or fashion blogs. I met you through your first organizing blogs and vlogs. The content was useful for me and you were engaging, adorable and interesting. Every single blogger/vlogger says the same thing about all the negativity invading their comment sections. The more sensitive of them (like I would be) find the negativity creeping into their psyches and onto their loved ones. This is all separate from the very important aspect of privacy that concerns you. You and your family are the most precious beings in your life and I think it’s perhaps time for you to take even more steps back and move on to what will be your next outside passion. It may have nothing to do with social media. Who knows, you might even write a book. Your channels filled a real need in your life and lots of us benefited as well. From what I’ve gathered, your success at this form of communication also helped you move from a place of anxiousness to a real confidence. We all loved your story and I’m sure, like me, many identified. I had social anxiety for a long time and was a total people pleaser…probably due to childhood issues…no one knew because I was able to lose myself in the teaching of young children. Through that process, I became less anxious (well… therapy helped too) and more confident about who I am, what I want to say and the directions I want to take. I hope, after some reflection, and when you’re ready, you’ll take your abundant energy and go outward in face to face groups…mommy groups, scrap booking groups, knitting groups, baking groups etc. You have a myriad of interests and lots of talent in many areas. I’ll miss you and I’m sure others will too but our lives will go on and, in my opinion, your life needs to go on in a more private way. It’s time for a new path on your journey and believe me when I say that the life journey goes FAST. I’m thrilled to hear your new confidence and the changes that motherhood have wrought. XXOO

  142. Hi Jen,

    I have been following you for about 6 months now and love your videos and blog. I also have a YouTube channel-dealing with books mostly. Like you I am very careful with what I post of my family life and in many ways with what I say about myself and my life. I am a very private person and have had to deal with a lot of hate and such during my early life and do not want a repeat, so I understand where you are coming from.
    I would say do what makes you feel comfortable and go with your gut. I hope that you will continue to blog, make videos as you give such great advice, are so friendly and lovely that it is a joy to see and experience.
    Take care and do what you feel is the right thing for you and your family.

  143. I have been following you for years and have loved your blogs and vlogs. It’s been great that you have shared your biggest life change.. sweet Charlotte with us. It is a hard career on the internet – I’ll never understand the kind of horrid people that seem to proliferate that venue and ruin the beautiful work put forth. Best wishes for the future. 🙂

  144. I adore your videos and blogs. I even go back and watch your old vlogs often and miss them. However, I 100% understand no matter what you choose to do. It sucks that the bad people in the world can take away some of the fun things in life but sadly that’s how it is. You have to do what is right for you and your family first.

    I wish I had some magical answer for how you can have both but I do. All I can say is you have my support. Thank you for always being open and not being one of those YouTubers that just disappears.

  145. Hi Jen,
    I completely understand how you must feel. I have been with you since the beginning and have never understood the negativity you have received. You are the most genuine and kind person. I have truly enjoyed watching you over the years and especially these last few months seeing you glow as a new mommy. I think it would be best if you just took a break completely and enjoyed your time with your family. We will be here when you get back, maybe when CC starts Pre-K and you have some free time. You will never get this precious time back and worrying about silly people who leave nonsense comments on videos is not worth anyone’s time.
    Lots of Love <3
    "put the gravy down"

  146. Jen I completely understand. I am hesitant posting my grandchildren. It isn’t that I’m not proud of them. I am afraid of what the world may bring into situation. You are so right about hate filled comments. I am a member of a large group on Facebook and contemplating leaving for this reason. It seems like so many people get such joy out of being mean and doing it over and over to others. I wish you well and peace with your decision, but your family is the most important. I enjoy all of your videos and go back to the beginning from time to time because I enjoy watching them.

  147. Jen – I agree with what so many others have said…that you need to do what you feel best for you and your family. But please know that I will be eagerly anticipating WHATEVER you decide to share. I first discovered you about a year ago when I was doing some Youtube searches on the Kon Mari method. What I think makes your content so special is the obvious care you take to thoughtfully share whatever you happen to be talking about, but even more than that, how genuine you are in doing so. You are a smart, sweet, caring woman, and it shines through in your videos and online content. Wishing you the best as you find the right path here.

  148. I have followed your channel for several years. I especially like your gift giving ideas during the holidays. I hope that you will remain on YouTube and other social media platforms, sharing only according to your comfort level.

  149. I have always enjoyed your posts and videos. I don’t have time to always watch but I do always read. I’ve been with you since OLJ and really love reading your posts. I’ve noticed frequency has tapered off since CC but so what! You have an adorable babe to occupy your time. Never apologize for doing what is best for you and your family. If you sign off, I will miss you and your updates, but if you continue even on a lesser basis, you will still have your true followers right there ready to read and watch when you post.
    I don’t have a blog but am shocked daily on what people have the audacity to say. Anytime I read something like that I want to say would you actually say that to someone’s face? I usually choose to ignore it though because it just fuels the fire.
    It is scary to think of the world our children will inherit from us concerning the internet and safety seeing how things have gotten so hard to keep private today.
    Be safe, cautious and do what is best for you!

  150. I think you are fabulous Jen. I’ve loved all of your content since discovering you about 3 years ago.
    I understand your dilemma and I hope you are able to navigate your way through everything.
    I must say I hope you continue posting & I hope all these mean people will find another way to work through whatever misery they have in their life.
    I wish you & your sweet family all the best & I hope to keep seeing you in your videos.
    Much love,
    LeAnn R 🙂

  151. I understand where you’re coming from. It is a crazy world and people see the Internet as a place to say awful and hurtful things. I like the way rachhloves does her channel on YouTube – she introduced her children once and hasn’t shown them again. She talks about them and such – but they are totally off all her social media. I’m not a YouTuber or a blogger and I don’t post pictures or videos of my kids to any social media accounts to try and respect their privacy. Maybe that might be a way for you to share information but also keep cc out of the spotlight a bit? I think if you follow your gut you can’t go wrong. I love your channel and blog!

  152. Jen, I appreciate your honesty about this topic, and I like how your posts on such topics are always so well-spoken. It’s evident that you choose your words carefully, which I admire.
    I started watching your videos about three years ago, but watched them religiously (especially those regarding organisation and cooking!) in the weeks before I moved into my first apartment over a year ago. I am much younger than you (20), but somehow I can relate to what you have to say. Especially regarding your struggle/journey of finding yourself. I can see a lot of the things you say you felt in your twenties in myself, and the fact that you share how you got past them can be extremely helpful. It just feels like we have similar personality types, and it’s great to see how you handle life. I was ecstatic when I found out that you were pregnant, there was not a person in this world I would’ve been more excited for (except maybe my aunt, and she got pregnant shortly after! she had a beautiful baby boy last month!). I love how self-aware and straightforward you are, especially regarding the situation with those online haters. What is happening to Anna and Jonathan is disgusting, I will never understand how systematic harassment can be some people’s hobby.
    Please share whatever you’re comfortable with, and don’t let any of us, and especially not any of the haters, influence you in your decision of what that should be. And have a wonderful day! 🙂

  153. Jen you are such a courageous women! You can even begin to you how you have blessed me and taught me so much about being a wife and lady! I pray for you and your entire family often. I have watched your channels since almost the beginning and I avoided reading the comments until recently when you pulled away from Instagram. I am just sadden by the hate that people will spread! I have since prayed for the cyber bullies because their hearts are harden and cold. We need lots more Jennifer Ross in the world to spread love and share joy! Please don’t let the hate win! Spread even more joy!

  154. Hi Jen. So I guess you could title me a “super fan”. One of those people who really feel like one of your friends because of how open you have been and how much you have shared. And truly, I would be sad if you stopped sharing, simply because I enjoy you. But as a mama I can understand the need for protecting and standing strong for your child!

    As a mother to four, I often get upset for you when I read some of the things that are said and then I realize why, over the years and more so now, you’ve taken a step back. I never comment back because you asked that of us a long time ago. But it’s saddening to see such hate and hurt people think it’s funny to cause.

    You have something so precious and special to protect and love, your daughter. A strong husband who loves you something so fierce and a family unit that adores you.

    While you’ve been an inspiration and trusted word to us in someway, shape or form,sharing has to be something you enjoy from the start of filming to being able to read the comments once posted.

    I am happy for you! Being someone who has battled with depression, anxiety and self doubt, watching you grow through yours has been my inspiration to an extent for me.

    Stand in this limelight of motherhood and enjoy your moments and your daughters growth. Enjoy your family gatherings and your friendships. Enjoy the man who stands beside you. I can promise you, your fans and online friends will be here when posting is something that plays into your current life again.

    Your battle isn’t one I can totally be able to empathize with but it is one I can be sympathetic to and wish well over.

    Many blessings to you!


  155. I just wanted to say something short and simple. I had a lot of problems with self confidence and anxiety and growing up and still now. I’m and original and have been watching u since middle school and now college. Throught parents divorce and a lot of other not so great stuff. I love seeing how you grew as a person the changes of seeing u open up and hold back certain things. I’m inspired by you and am going to school to get my Ph.D. In psychology because of you. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do and I pray that you find clarity with what you want to do. I also pray your family and sweet little girl prosper in life and in your love. Your in my prayers and I’m positive many others!

  156. Thank you Jen, you and Don are entering a new phase in your lives as a family.

    Please don’t feel under any pressure that you have to do anything to please your audience. Only do what you are comfortable doing.

    If the mood takes you there I’m sure there are plenty of topics you can write/video about whilst maintaining that balance in your life between the public and private life.

    Take care and continue to enjoy life to the full.

  157. You have to do what feels right for you and your family. I have watched your videos for the past two years. I discovered them as I was studying for my finals. I enjoy how genuine you come off. Despite me having absolutely nothing in common with you. When you announced you were expecting I was so happy for your family as you seem like such a nice person. People are going to say mean things. That is the world we live in. But I understand wanting to protect your family, especially your child from such negativity.

  158. You can share as much or as little as you would like about your life and you will still always have support. Your supporters from day one (including me) started watching back when you home organising and made videos about time management so even if all you did was that I would still love to watch 🙂 Your Mommy updates are so nice, along with your Q&A’s and updates on you life and of course I love your vlogs too but it’s your life and your family and you share whatever you want 🙂 Love your videos, been a fan since day one 🙂 <3

  159. Hi there, this Franziska from Switzerland.

    Man, why do people have to be so mean?! I think there are a lot of dissatisfied people out there who feel especially threatened by your sunny, positive disposition. You have a huge gift of being so open and so “you” on video (unlike many other youtubers that seem a looooot more guarded in their videos). I guess some people are envious of your lightheartedness, your loving marriage, your good life… you know how there are people who can’t share your joy if they themselves are not happy? These are the people being jerks in your comments.

    So, what could you do to corral those people in a safe place… well, why not close the comments everywhere but here and then block people who act out? Or make some platform profiles private and only allow people in who share your joy? The great thing is that you don’t need to make a lot of money with your videos and blogposts so you have the freedom to have a closed community if you decide so :). Whatever you decide to do I really hope you continue to share. You are one of my “youtube girlfriends” and I so enjoy seeing you share whatever fuels your passion.

    Best wishes,

  160. Jen I understand your dilemma. I actually just started going back to watch your vlogidays from 2012. In some of those videos you had some hate comments and some of those people actually went back to apologize for there rude comments. What I would tell you is to “kill these people with kindness” move forward, promote prosperity, and show these people to love. Honestly that’s all you can do. Maybe you can change one persons mind to stop posting rude comments. I hope you find this comforting. I love your channel and will keep watching.

  161. I think it’s pretty much all been said so about all I can say is “ditto”.
    Please, do what your heart tells you to do. I enjoy seeing Charlotte but honestly, I do feel it might be best to limit her exposure to the occasional Snap. We can enjoy the kinds of things you used to post that are less personal but I realize time for those things will be limited. To All good things, there comes a time to end or change only YOU and your family can determine what’s right and best regardless of how much the rest of us enjoy your postings.
    I know I will always think of you and your holiday postings when I use my cookie press since you are the one who showed me how to use it.
    Blessings to you as you sort things out.

  162. I’ve been watching your channel(s) for at least 5 years, probably more, lol. As a fierce protective mama (and now Grammy), I understand and support your need to increase the privacy of your content. Your organizing, decorating, holiday and cooking videos are always my favorites. You have no idea how many purchases I have made based on your recommendations and experiences. I hope you’ll keep doing those! …and Jen, you have always been a gifted writer. I can’t wait to buy your first book!

  163. It’s definitely hard to find that separation! As a mommy blogger myself I tend to over share at times and then not share at all. I want to keep my littles safe and avoid the ‘hate’ too. Hang in there. I do enjoy your post, however, I fully respect you take the time to love on your beautiful CC. Time is precious and as my miracle baby that we tried so long for turned 3 this year I see time slipping away from me! You do you, Jen! ❤️

  164. I just love seeing ur face in my youtube feed. i love all ur videos, i don’t have small children but i still find myself watching ur mommy favorites, lol. i stand behind you no matter what u choose to share. i hope u find a happy medium in posting what you love and not over exposing your family. take time – it will come. xoxo toni

  165. Hi Jen! I absolutely love your channel and blog. I haven’t been following you since the beginning but I have long enough. I’m sending you positive vibes and a hug! 😍😍

  166. I don’t watch you all the time but came across your last update video of your daughter. It’s funny I am older my son just graduated college, but I was thinking how scary putting your daughter in a video, sharing her length, weight all that info with no telling what kind of pedophiles that could be watching. People know your first name, last name, husbands name the city and state you live in. There are so many sickos out there I just couldn’t do it. I think you are very wise to get your daughter off all social media.

  167. Thank you Jen for being honest and real. This is an eye opener for me as I have never posted a video and have had some amazing ideas and video content to post. But with fear of being belittled and scrutinized, it has kept me from posting videos. Not good, but with teenagers and a business to run, I find there is more than just my life at stake. You are the first you tuber I subscribed to. Just wanted to let you know. But I also understand with precious CC now in your life it changes how you view the world and definitely makes you protective of outsiders. Thank you again Jen. Whatever your decision it is respected. Best wishes.

  168. Hi Jen,
    As a long time subscriber, I would like to see you continue on in any capacity that feels comfortable. While ideally you would love to be super open and unrestricted in sharing your life, it is probably not the best practice. I would certainly just limit what you share as you see fit. As an example, I limit what I share about my life even with people I have worked with for years, who I consider friends. I give snippets about my life past and present, as I am comfortable with, as people are curious, but the areas I do not want to share, I do not, as I am guarded and private. I cannot imagine being on the internet, but that same philosophy would certain carry over if I had a channel. So, keep on, as your channel and content fulfill another aspect of your life, I assume, as work etc… Also, don’t feel guilty for not being 100% open, as nobody, or very few, are like that in person, let alone on You Tube. You have made a positive difference in my life, as you inspired me greatly with your organizational videos and got me in gear. Hope you are happy with continuing on, even if it is a censored format, that is just reality. Thanks!:)

  169. Hi Jen!
    You absolutely need to follow your heart & need to do what you feel is right/appropriate for your family at this time. There is so much animosity, hatred, jealousy, etc, in this world..and it’s so very sad to me. I love to blog (I have a very small blog on juvenile diabetes – more like ‘cheap therapy’ for me), and it’s insane at some of the harsh criticisms and words from strangers.
    I have only been a watcher/subscriber of your Youtube video’s and blog for a short time, but I received so much great information (on the EC planners, etc), and it quickly grew into a love of all your video content – as you were so detailed and gave such in-depth reviews, etc. Infact, you are the reason I now own a few EC planners … LOL.. and I’m trying to save for the new Teal Luxe vertical neutral !! LOL… see… I’m learning !!
    Please know that there are those of us that want to uplift, edify, encourage, etc, and I apologize for all those that have a negative approach. Unfortunately, this world has so much bottled up inside, and it seems as though the easiest targets are the ones that are the sweetest, nicest, and happiest in their own lives/their own skin.

    I hope to see/hear more from you in the future, but if you decide to ‘take a break’, there are those of us who will be anticipating your return !!

    God Bless!

  170. Jen I absolutely adore your posts and look forward to reading or watching your newest ones! I thank you so much for brightening my day from time to time when I needed it most. Your posts always bring me so much joy. I hope that we can help you in some way on this journey and through this process! Take care Jen and do what you feel is right for you! We will support you 100%!

  171. Jen, I have watched you from the very begginning of your u-tube career. I have watched you grow as a person and your content has always been high quality and giving to others. You have become exceptionally good and proficient at creating and sharing content which enriches the lives of others, especially your videos. As in any career, there are crossroads where you have to decide which way to go and what is right for you at this juncture. I think that it is normal to experience these times where you decide to either make a lateral move, remain on the given path, or even hang it up for awhile. Whatever you decide to do will be the right thing for you at this stage in your life. Many people have grown to love you and your content, I just wanted to tell you that I for one will appreciate whatever you decide to do after you figure it out…been there too.

  172. I hear ya! My husband and I have talked about starting a Disney-based Youtube channel because of our extensive knowledge, but have decided against it many times due to the privacy issue. Hope it all works out! For now, I’m enjoying following along on Snapchat!

  173. I know that “ignoring the haters” is easier said than done, but I really hope you can get to a place where you can share how you want to again and still feel safe. I still go back and watch your old daily vlogs sometimes. Now, when it seems like everyone is trying to be more cinematic in the style of Casey Neistat, I look at those simple daily vlogs and think – that’s the kind of content that I will sit and binge watch.

    I know you’re a fan of Tiffany D and I think she has one of the best relationships with YouTube. I’ve seen some of the stuff that is said about her online and it’s vicious. But she rarely addresses it and seems to truly let it roll off her back. On a larger scale, The Pioneer Woman had a lot of hate even early on when she was “just” a blogger and as far as I know she has never even hinted at it.

    I really think not addressing it publicly is the best course of action, because even the hint that you are aware of what people have said or done whips them into a frenzy.

    Best wishes.

  174. Wishing you happiness and wellness always. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing and your supporters will always be here for you.

  175. Hi Jen, Thank you for your opinions, sine having your gorgeous daughter, I have noticed a more happier calmer Jen, which is most noticeable, I hope you do continue to make You Tube video’s but like others have said maybe make it a paid membership / subscription, I would gladly pay, I love your organization video’s I in fact need help at the moment as I am purging my belongings, which your video’s have helped lots, I will always watch your video’s, but as someone else has said your content is very different to the Sacconejolys, you are more thoughtful in what you decide to show, which I think is a better way, Shannon 🙂 xx

  176. Jen,
    Thank you for once again pouring your heart out to us. Those of us followers who love and support you will always be here. It is a very sad world that we live in these days. You have every right to feel over protective of your family and we don’t blame you for that. I would like to think that I have a thick skin, but when I thought about journaling my weight loss journey and began to see the “haters” on other bloggers, I just could not do it.

    I have followed you for a long time and have cried along with you when you’ve had to defend your actions or decisions.

    Your family is the most important part of your life and we understand what you are going through.

    Be yourself, take your time and make whatever decisions are right for you.

    Much love,

  177. Jen, I’ve watched your channel for a while now and I can honestly say I strongly believe that you will work out what’s best in a way that satisfies your genuine viewers. From what I can gather your strength is in researching and reflecting and – in your own time – arriving at a successful solution. It’s an admiral trait you have. You’ll get there. And in the meantime, we’re here. X

  178. “The audacity of some people is astonishing”. I so agree with you here, and I don’t blame you one bit for being protective of your family. You have gracefully dealt with ridiculous people for years, and I admire that. I have been a viewer for over five years (which is crazy!) and love keeping up with your family. Good luck with your decision, I am sure you are torn. As for my hopes, I would love to continue following you on snapchat and Instagram. You feel like a friend, and for that I am grateful to you! Thanks for the years, Jen. 😘

  179. Jen. I hope you don’t stop sharing with us for good. I love you channel, but also understand your fears a a mother. You are the reason I have lost wight because I listen to you while walking on my treadmill. Best wishes for you in the future.

  180. Jen,
    Take your time and do what feels right to you. Trust your instincts. If you decide not to post for now, I will miss you but I will respect your decision. Even if you stop for a while you can always come back and your fans will be here. I have watched you grow and mature and overcome many obstacles. Maybe it’s just time for you now to put all of your attention into your family. Whatever you decide I want you to know that I got so much enjoyment from watching you and I thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Much Love,,,,,,,,

  181. Jen,
    When I read the negative comments (and not all of them-cause who has time for that) I think to myself that these people have got to be just hitting puberty, they can’t be more than 12, 13. That being said, I would not let someone(s) of this maturity level determine what I should and should not post. Now, I am a mommy and would agree that I would be very protective of what I show of my little one (if anything at all), not so much of the “hateful” comments but really because of the crazies out there! But I would show hauls, food, planners, decor, etc…plus I enjoy these the most from you!

    Hope you find what you’re looking for.

  182. Hi Jen,

    I have been watching your videos for the last two years ever since I’ve discovered Erin Condren and brought organization into my life. You have inspired me to do so many projects around my house and get my life organized. Your honesty and happy outlook on life always brighten my day. Whatever you decide to do with your YouTube channel in the future is up to you, but I think you should do what will make you happy in the end. It might be taking a long break and coming back when your daughter is older, or leaving YouTube all together. I think your viewers (myself included) will understand. We sometimes can be selfish too, wanting you to do this or that for our own selfish reasons. Your family comes first, and especially safely of your family. It’s unfortunate that the Internet can be this way, but you have to be realistic and protect your family first.

    P.S. If you decide to leave, can we at least get an Erin Condren planner review every year? Your reviews are always the most special to me. You don’t have to, I’m just being selfish again 🙂

  183. Hi Jen! I just want to add that I totally understand your conflicted feelings as well as your concerns re: the negativity and risks of internet exposure. I have been a subscriber for years. You are the age of my own children….and I am so impressed with the way you and Don handle and share your life. I now feel as if I am checking in with my of my own kids. The similarities of our families astound me. As a grandma, I say….follow your heart. Not always easy to do when you”re not quite sure what exactly your heart is telling you to do. I get that. As a second grade teacher and mom- mom to 12 (under the age of 10) I agree it is important to keep all of our babies safe. I think you have been doing an amazing job balancing the sharing with protecting your family. As far as content….to be honest, although your content interests me, I don’t tune in for content. I love to check in and see how you are all doing..what you have been up too….hopefully not being nosey, as just wanting to see how my friend is doing. I check in with my three children on a regular basis….then check to see how you are. You are a pleasure to share time with. Such a sweet family…kind, encouraging etc….Whatever you choose to do, I support you 110%. (although if you left I would be very sad) Let me now take this time to thank YOU…..for being such a bright spot in my days!

  184. Hi Jen, I was sad to read your post but not surprised. I too watch Sacconne Jolys & I can only think the haters zone in on the likes of you & SJ’s because you are happy & successful which is clearly something they are not! Anyone who relishes being so vile has a huge problem & certainly can’t feel a happy person inside. I would have thought there was a way of identifying these people & dealing with them, maybe you do need to investigate cyber crime as someone else has suggested. I LOVED your vlogs & really miss them, here’s hoping you will find a way to continue without the bullying etc. You must do what feels right for you.

  185. ….and I just realized I didn’t offer any solutions to your dilemma. Yikes!! I will chew on it a bit and if I have any suggestions I will let you know!

  186. Hi Jen,
    I’ve been watching you for years now and I wanted to thank you for putting the content you have out. I get so excited everytime I see a new video pop up no matter what the subject matter is, I feel like we’re sitting down having a cup of tea together, lol. You have been an inspiration to me and I would miss your face but I totally understand, people can be cruel and mean and down right crazy and ruin things for the rest of us because they don’t know how to get what they want on there own so they punish those who can and do.
    Stay strong and beautiful, Jen, you are an amazing mother and wife and I feel lucky and proud to have gotten the privilege spend the time with you that you’ve allowed. Thanks for sharing!

  187. This is so personal, but I started watching back in 2012 when my oldest was an infant. I work full-time, and I would always watch your YouTube videos while I pumped in my office. It was such a comfort! You were just so warm and sweet; it felt like I was catching up with an old friend. I don’t have as much time these days to stay on top of YouTube, but I do check in with Snapchat every day. And I always save your snaps for last! Sending lots of love as your figure out your footing.

  188. Jen I just love you! I’ve been watching you for ever! I loved your Disney trips and vlogidays and the Utah adventures! Because of you I know about Pop Sugar boxes and Fortune Cookie Soap! You do what feels comfortable…I totally understand. I love you on Snapchat! Motherhood is something you really can’t prepare for. It’s so special a time when your baby is small. You may be ready later when she gets older. There are so many changes and so many to come. You have to do what feels right. Loves!!❤️

  189. Hello friend!!
    I’ve been pondering my response to your thoughtful post… I hope I can be half as eloquent…
    I’ve been a loyal fan and I hope “friend” since 2011 and have to say I completely trust your judgment on however you decide to move forward. Of course your family, and most especially your precious daughter, are your hands-down first and most critical priority.
    I was also shocked and appalled to hear what Jonathan and Anna have been forced to endure. I admire their strength and was happy to hear they’ve got a strong local community of support around them.
    I hope you never, ever face anything remotely like the psychotic harrassment they’ve endured. I believe most of it has been at the hand of one very wounded and damaged individual who, like you insightfully said, is mostly bringing pain upon herself.

    All that said, I miss your more regular sharing, and so look forward to your snaps and baby and mama updates (even though my babies are teenagers now!) and I especially really miss your vlogs, travel vlogs, cook nooks, hauls, organizaton inspiration and beauty buzzings. I’m gutted at the thought of not “traveling” to Utah with your pack for CC’s very first trip to her family mountain home… but again, I trust you and your decisions. Just the fact that you’re conflicted and willing to share this post is a great sign… You will know what to do and how to move forward when you “know” and I’ll look forward to whatever that is… I hope it includes more sharing… and I’ll always be here with bells on!!
    Love you… thank you for your thoughtfulness and openess!! <3 times a million!!

  190. Jen: I have been watching your YouTube channel for years and it is honestly one of my favorite channels. I really miss your vlogs and all the cute little parts of life that you used to share. That being said I totally understand where you are coming from. Is there a way you could post privately and control which viewers see your posts? That way if someone is negative you can just restrict their access? Like thru a private Facebook page or something? I don’t know much about posting but that might be something to look into or try.

  191. Hi, Jen. I’ve been watching you for a couple of years but this is my first comment. 🙂 I have so enjoyed following you, and I want to tell you how happy I was for you (a stranger, I know, but still) when you became pregnant! I have struggled with some of the same issues you have, and you should know that many of us feel you are providing a wonderful service! It’s so nice to have other women to check-in with, even if we don’t actually know each other. However, posting so much about your life is a very brave venture, for sure, and it’s so understandable that you would want to take a step back. Remember that most of us feel like your friend, and we want the best for you! Just know your ladies are here if/when you are ready to keep sharing. All the best to you, Don and sweet Charlotte.

  192. Hi Jennifer,

    I have followed you for a few years now and I have always looked forward to your posts. I am sorry for what you are going through right now. Just please know that people who support you will always be there, whether you need to take a break or go a different direction with your posts. I think you need to do what makes you happy. If you don’t feel comfortable or excited about it, take the time to do what you feel is right and brings that joy you are talking about. We will always be here and supportive through the whole process. Good luck with everything!

  193. Dear Jen,
    I found your website over the holidays when I was looking for a review of the Passion Planner. I am so happy to have found all of the other content that you create! Like your husband, I attended Northwestern, and am so happy to be taken back to “Chicagoland” from your posts. Your organizational videos have been very helpful for me- you have such great ideas!!!!! Certainly very inspirational. Even though everyone is different, I think that anyone could find “takeaways” from your ideas, lifestyle, projects, etc. I have continued to love your new content, while going back to things I had never seen before (although some does not apply to me, it is enjoyable), you do such a thorough job, and are a great teacher. I also cannot say enough about your branding- just gorgeous, and so spot on it seems! I have never really read the comments or commented myself, but I am not surprised so many enjoy your work as much as I! I would certainly participate in a subscription service- you are well worth it. You are certainly a skilled, professional content-creator. Thank you so much for all of your incredible work!!!!

  194. Hi Jen,

    By all means, do what feels comfortable to you regarding your future in social media. I have so enjoyed your videos and updates on your life and will continue to do so only if you feel comfortable sharing. It’s been wonderful watching you blossom into motherhood with your beautiful daughter! I would gladly pay for a subscription/membership, as someone else mentioned, if you feel that would be an option. By the way, you have followers of all ages…I’m old enough to be your Mom! Take care!

  195. Jen, I have enjoyed your videos since I subscribed just before you announced your pregnancy. Enjoy your baby as she is only little one time. Your loyal subscribers will be here when you return. And if you choose not to, that is fine as well. Be happy. Happy Momma, Happy Baby, Happy Life. My one and only child just turned 20 and I value and have protected him every single day of his life. With only one child I tell people, every moment is my first, my last and my only. So, cherish these moments with CC. No one faults you for doing the same – in fact, I think you are doing exactly the right thing by CC. Take Care and know many of your subscribers are standing in support of all you choose to do for your family. Blessings to You, Don and CC.

  196. Dear Jen, I wish I had a solution for you as I love your video’s so much and I have missed all the sharing. Don,Winnie,vlogtober and vlogust).I do have to say that your vlogs can have a positive effect, mostly to the younger viewers,many may not know what a healthy family and home are all about.I do know that you do inspire many young and even older women and I do hope you continue to do that. God bless you and your family.

  197. Jen, I’m one of your cheerleaders from day 1, when I started watching your YouTube videos about organizing. I’m so happy for you becoming a mother. How lucky Charlotte is to have a devoted mother.

  198. I didn’t offer a solution or suggestion to help you with your dilemma. I will think about it, and talk to my husband. I wanted to offer you my support and comfort. I’m sorry that you are going through this conflict.

  199. You write so beautifully and from the heart, Jen. I am a long time fan of your youtube videos and have always looked forward to them. Selfishly I really hope you decide to continue on. Why is it that a handful of unhappy people need to bring others down.

  200. I watch and enjoy every video you post, but I do miss so much of your old content with you baking, organizing, filling Christmas stockings, party prepping, etc. It seems that the trolls have relegated you to whatever you can film sitting alone in your bedroom, (aka favorites), and that’s such a shame 🙁 I hope you’ll try to find a way to bring back some of what drew us all to you in the first place – your lifestyle. Best to you, Don, and CC!

  201. Dear Jen,
    I am a 30 year old mother of three and I totally empathize and understand completely your fears. Often times I sit and think about the direction the world is going and I am scared by the thought of what can be done through the internet. I post lots of pics of my kids on my private facebook but even sometimes think of deleting them all when I hear of the cruel things happening to families when they are targeted online. You are a mother first and foremost and you MUST do what you think is right without any thought of how it may effect your online followers. We do not matter, we are one small portion of your life, CC is your only concern. Please, if you feel like your safety and the safety of your family is at stake, take a step back. Re-evaluate in a few months. We all really like you and wish you the best. God bless you and good luck.

  202. My suggestion is to keep the blog, make videos to go with your post but keep the videos unlisted and comments disabled so people are only able to comment on your blog while still enjoying your videos.

  203. You have the most beautiful family and all of your fans totally understand the difficulties of putting your life on social media. Take whatever steps are necessary and don’t worry about work, enjoy the time with your beautiful baby girl. PS, I am loving your snapchats and think that is an excellent way to share without the scariness. Thanks for everything. Sending love.

  204. Yes comment #3. I keep thinking of more to say.
    I’m one of your biggest fans. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for many years now. I found you when you were Organized Jen. After I watched you and your mother-in-law organize your pantry in Utah, I was inspired to organize my pantry. I have enjoyed watching you grow and become a mother. You are an inspiration to many and bring sunshine to myself and many more. The first step is to identify the problem, which you have done. After reading this blog for a second time, I understand your concerns for privacy and safety. Play it safe and listen to your conscious.

  205. I really don’t understand the constant (like every six months or so) handwringing over this…..NO ONE is forcing you to blog/vlog/SnapChat…ANY of this social media stuff. You do it because you love it…it fills some sort of void in your life and that’s OK, but just OWN it for once and stop this nonsense. You do it for your own personal cheerleading squad telling you how amazing you are and how you’re such an inspiration, blah blah blah. You need that, you crave the adoration and to be envied. You love hearing how awesome you are…..and there’s nothing wrong with that until you realize that these people don’t truly KNOW you – they’re complete strangers who think they know you based off of your online persona.

    Find the admiration and acceptance you desire within yourself. I promise you’ll feel so much better when you do.

  206. I really strongly disagree with your take on negative comments. Some people are just more blunt than others and quicker to speak their mind (and appreciate that candor from others). That’s life -online, at work, in social settings, in the world. Not everyone believes they should only comment if they have something lovely to say. I think those kind of blunt comments, although not so nice to deal with, are far from hate nor a reflection of a woefully unhappy person. In fact a little dose of honesty often encourages growth.

    I do acknowledge you have received some nasty, ugly comments over the years – I just hate to see that clumped with someone disagreeing with you or disliking something. I enjoy some of your content, some I don’t love – I think that should be totally acceptable to say, unless I’m speaking to a child in which case I would be more gentle.

    When I send a journal article in to a peer reviewed journal and it is ripped to shreds the last thing I think is that it is a reflection of the reviewers. I take an honest look at the work I did and assess what I need to change and dismiss some of the comments I can’t agree with. My greatest hope is that I grow and learn in the process. And reading years worth of work cut down in one sentence feels like a knife through my heart in the moment but that is their job and it’s not about me or them, it’s about what I put out there. I just can’t get on board with the mentality that every person who has something horribly wrong in their life simply because they criticized my work harshly. It’s because they disagree and have a strong opinion about it.

    I would agree the incident with Anna is the action of a very troubled person along with comments that are just blatantly vile but most non-positive comments are not haters nor are they lost souls with black hearts.

    Sometimes a negative comment is simply just an honest reflection of how someone feels about you or something you do and they feel they’d like to express it. Sometimes that feeling is just as strong as the one of the person saying, ‘this was the best video ever!’

    Anyway, although I disagree with your perception of ‘hate’ (as you don’t acknowledge the validity of criticism), I wish you well in choosing what the future holds for you online. Sometimes when one feels conflicted, it is a great time to step away, enjoy life and let some clarity settle in.

  207. Jen I think you have gone above and beyond when it comes to sharing sweet Charlotte. If I were a young Moma these days I’m not sure I’d ever show my child. Just perusing your commenters, it seems your organizational content is very popular…I enjoy it too 😊 Maybe you can share content along those lines for your vlogs, organizing, packing, etc. You could make vlogs a family free zone. You have such a passion for sharing, you’ll figure it out. No matter what stage we are in life, there’s always something to figure out.

  208. Hi Jen, I’ve been a fan for years and completely support whatever you need to do especially for your protection. However, I think you have so many more friends that truly love and care about you than those awful haters. I miss watching your vlogs, you truly have given me so much advice and info that I can only say thank you,thank you. I miss seeing the Utah home and have wondered for so long if you guys still get those delicious ice cream cups(sorry don’t know what they’re called). Stay well my friend, Danette

  209. Hi there! First off I want to say that I have been a big fan and supporter of yours for a few years now and think I can honestly say I have watched just about all of your videos and loved them! I am not a mama yet but want you to know that we get it. You have every right to protect your darling family and keep them safe. People are seriously crazy and you being selective about what you share is absolutely what you should be doing. I would do the same… That being said maybe you could sort of go back to some of the things you were doing on your channel before little CC came along. I’m not talking vlogs or house/family exposure but things like baking, beauty, organization, favorites, and planners (my personal favorite!). I know the organization you mention not wanting to do just for the sake of doing it but maybe showing how your systems work well for you or suggestions you can make for tackling problem spaces. The same with planners. I love your plan with me’s! What about special baking or meals ideas? I don’t want you go go back to the same things feeling like it is a repeat… but maybe a refresh?! You are such a kind person and I understand completely where you are coming from, but I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said I’d be fine about no more Pretty Neat Living in my life so I’ll take whatever you choose to give, lol : ) I always leave your videos feeling happy, inspired and like I just got to chat with a dear friend. Thank you for opening up yourself for suggestions from your followers, we care about you and wish nothing best for you and your family! Have a wonderful weekend!

  210. Jen,

    Your courage to follow your heart so openly is just as inspiring as your content. It is unfortunate that as amazing the Internet is it opens one up to the scrutiny of haters who are likely projecting. It’s wrong, hurtful and has to stop.
    I agree with the above suggestion to move to subscription based content. This way you can keep tabs on your internet pack 🙂

    Follow your heart and it’s going to lead you to the balance you are seeking 💖🎀💖

    I love your content and have reaped the reward of trying your recipes and product suggestions. Were it not for you I would not have an obsession with life factory water bottles 💜💖💜

  211. Hi Jen! I have been watching and following along with you through your vlogs and blogs, well, for a very long time, pretty much from the beginning. You are an inspiration to me. A friend whom I have never met in person, but still feel like I know. I just want to tell you that I support you with everything you are feeling about this dilemma you are in, and as a mom of 2 myself, I really do get it. In watching your vlogs for as long as I have, I have always felt that we have a lot in common and are a lot alike. I relate to you so much. I can’t tell you how many times I would be watching one of your videos and think “omg…me too” or “I love that”, or “yes, exactly”. I am just one of many though who want you to know that whatever you decide and wherever your online journey takes you, I will always be here. When you feel like sharing, I will be right there watching and loving it, and when you don’t feel like sharing, I will miss you, but I will always understand why. The world is certainly a scary place, and you see that world a whole lot different when you are a mom. You have to do what feels right and safe for you and your family. It is easy to say to ignore the haters, the creepers, and those mean, miserable people who have nothing better to do than spread their negativity and evil, but I know it has to be scary, and just emotionally draining after a while. I honestly don’t know how all of you YouTubers do it! I don’t think I could ever deal with all of that. It takes a strong person for sure! I love the SacconeJolys too, and I also love the Shaytards as well. I also love to watch SeeYaReelSoon, they are my favorite Disney vloggers.:) To wrap all this up, I feel like there is no greater joy, blessing, or journey than motherhood, and it looks great on you Jen! When I watch your videos now, know that the peaceful, grounded, happiest you have ever been feelings you speak of, do shine through in those videos. I am truly so happy for you and Don! Charlotte is absolutely beautiful, and is a very lucky little girl to have such amazing parents! 😉 Sending you much love and all the best from over here in Ohio, as you find your way through this part of your journey!

  212. So many people have commented already! But I do understand your dilemma…you just want to protect your daughter. I feel that you should do whatever you’re comfortable with! What matters is that you go with your gut. I love your posts, but we’ll be here whenever you’re ready to share…whatever you’re ready to share! It’s ok to set boundaries for what you reveal online; you can still be “real” without sharing everything! <3

  213. I can sense how uncomfortable you are after reading this post. If you ask me it’s not worth it. Most bloggers and youtubers learn to tolerate the negativity because it’s their bread and butter so to speak. But that’s not the case for you so why push it? Is it worth feeling anxious or stressed? Take a break for a while. Enjoy this time as a mommy without this unnecessary burden. Maybe down the line you may feel different. I watched the schuermans go thru this and they stopped vlogging for a while because of the drama the haters were causing. They came back to it when they were in a better place. You can too! Your followers will still be there because you make excellent videos.

  214. Hi Jen. I totally understand about your want/need for privacy. My kids grew up before this ongoing and relentless intrusion of ” social media” took hold of our lives. I wonder about people that post so much personal info about their children and family. I’m sure I could not be so forthcoming in this day and age. Ultimately you have to do what is best for you and yours. I’m sure someone has mentioned this but it would be great if you could have a private group where you have control of who gets on and stays on. If there should be an issue then you could remove them but I would still be leery of putting CC or anyone online that cannot make the choice for themselves. I truly love your posts. You have such a calm peaceful spirit that we need more of in the world. Good luck in whatever direction you choose to go.

  215. It is wonderful that you are so happy. Motherhood is truly a fantastic thing. It goes fast. Motherhood and your husband should be one of your top priorities. YouTube is not that important. Don’t agonize over the small stuff – put the golf balls in the jar first (I hope you get this reference).

    I would like to offer a different perspective. You are on YouTube and making your life public. You will never eliminate criticism, especially in a public forum. It is also a risk – but things like what happened to the YouTubers you reference that had DCFS called, happens in private do. People do, do horrible things out of revenge and jealousy with no justification. All the time. Many people who talk about you in the comments or gossip site do like you. Many are just fascinated by what a privileged life you lead. A few are backbiting just to back bite. But you were in your 20’s with still a lot of growing up to do. But these sites, I believe do help some people, get over shopping addictions or whatever. So there’s good happening there. But don’t read them. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s impossible to read that stuff and not be affected.

    Most people like the Kardasians, but they love to snark on them. It’s a package deal. That said, this is why I could never do anything but a completely professional – no personal stuff – channel. And I don’t even think I could do that. You have to decide if you can take the good with the bad. You could disable comments.

    Anyway, I think you should just have tons of babies and screw YouTube 😂.

  216. What an amazing post. I agree with everything you said, especially your words about hate on the internet.
    Jen, you were the first person I ever watched on YouTube and I have always adored your videos. So I will never say no to more videos! 🙂 That being said I have three children of my own and I completely understand the protectiveness that comes with being a mom. And you are an amazing mom! I’ve seen the change in you since having Charlotte, you radiate peace and happiness. I would never want you to lose that! And if putting out more content puts that at risk – I wouldn’t want you to do it. I know you will find a solution that works for you and your beautiful family and I will still be watching (from Australia) and supporting in whichever way you decide to go. In the meantime, your snap chats are awesome and loving seeing glimpses of your days! xox

  217. I have to be honest, since CC was born, I have not watched a single video and I can’t remember the last time I clicked on a blog post. I couldn’t care less about planners and my youngest is 4 so I don’t care to hear about baby stuff. I started tuning out when the content shifted to basically constantly pregnancy focused. I watched for the vlogs and they are gone now.

    I have read a couple of blog posts and I feel like I know more about CC than I did/do about any of my own kids. Trying to say this gently, but we don’t need to know what size clothes CC is in from month to month or every step of her development in the great detail that you put out on the internet. Especially if you’re concerned about safety, I think that info needs to be the first to go.

    You’re in a unique situation as opposed to many other YouTubers/bloggers: you don’t rely on these things for income. You did this big rebrand that confused many of us. It’s become all baby all the time, which isn’t surprising since you’re a first time mom.

    So if it’s not the income, maybe it’s time to reevaluate why you feel the need to share information about yourself and your family to strangers on the Internet. You worry about security but then you traveled to a planner conference and took pictures with your child and complete strangers. On the flip side, you don’t seem to interact with anyone in person outside your family, and since the baby came, it seems like you don’t interact much with your family anymore. If it’s human interaction that you are craving, may I gently suggest joining a new mom’s club or a knitting club or something of that nature? So you can get out of the house and make true connections with people in real life rather than with us strangers.

    The best way to avoid criticism from internet “haters” is to take yourself off the internet. Harsh, but true. As much as we’d love to see the old Jen back, you don’t need us and we’d all continue with our lives if you decided to stop entirely. The most important thing to ponder is how this sharing is benefiting YOU and your growing family. What are the three of you getting out of it?

    I’d be sorry to see you go, but I’m even sorrier to see you wrestling with yourself about what to share with complete strangers (no matter how much we’re used to hearing hello friends, let’s be for real, we’re not your friends because there are no individual meaningful relationships) when you could be spending that energy creating true relationships with people in real life. When you look back on your life, are you going to cherish all the strangers on the internet who you talked to about your favorite lotion, or are you going to cherish your true relationships and truly experiencing life for yourself? Because when us strangers look back on our lives, I think I can guarantee that none of us are going to cherish getting to watch a stranger’s child’s every move or favorite planner or whatever. Like it or not, you are entertainment. You’re not our friend, you’re entertainment. I’m not being a hater, I’m just calling a spade a spade because I think blowing smoke up someone’s skirt isn’t productive. It’s up to you if you continue to be entertainment and if you want your child to be entertainment.

  218. I love reading your posts and watching the YouTube videos but putting your family first is more important than anything.
    It is so sad that people have to make those hateful and negative statements.
    If you choose to stop for a time or completely, I just want to say thank you for all of the wonderful ideas I have gotten from you.
    Follow your heart.

  219. I just wanted to add my two cents. First, I LOVE watching you. You are one of the few people who I watch every time a new video comes out and I’m slowing catching up on some of your older stuff. The funny thing is, I remember catching one of your earlier videos back when I was researching organizing my craft room. But that was it, just a video and then I moved on. Then in the last year I’ve gotten back into watching YouTube more often and loved finding you and actually subscribing and following your post partum updates and others. I also enjoy following you on SnapChat. I’m sorry that you’re feeling conflicted and I only wish you the best as you decide how to move forward. Just know that this season of your life is obviously new and it will take time to figure out your balance. I’m a mom of 3 year old and 7 month old and still feel like I’m figuring out that balance. I love your videos and I love the current format. I know others love the vlogging style and I’m not sure what you would rather do. But I really enjoy the how to, or here’s what I’m liking lately and why type videos. Hang in there and I hope you’ll keep us updated. PS – I have becoming an EC lover thanks to you! Haha. Got my first order this past launch. Just waiting for July to come around so I can use it!

  220. I have watched you for as long as you have been on you tube. Loved every moment of it. But I must say that when you put yourself out there you have to expect what comes with it. Now being a parent if you do not need the income from you tube as I’m sure you do not , I would let these be more of your private years. I love how Princess Kate control’s all that is printed of her two children. It is a new era in The Royal Household too. Maybe it is time to close the blinds on The Ross household too. Childhood should be a private time until a child is old enough to say if he or she would like to be in the public eye. Hugs to all of you. The Best is yet to come with the new Joy of raising CC.

  221. Dearest Jen,
    After all that’s been said in these many, many, many comments, there’s nothing left to say…except DITTO to all the sweet and kinds words! You have many more
    “lovers” than haters…and we all wish you and your family nothing but the very best. Follow your heart and Gods will be done. Always the best, no matter what you decide.

  222. Hi Jen,

    I have been with you from the start 🙂 The very first video I watched was your PD video. Have loved them all and really enjoying sharing in your experiences. I dont think your every going to get away form mean and nasty people. You have to do whats right for you at this time in your life, as everyone else has said but I also feel like this is the 2 or 3 time you have made a post/video about this and it feels like you have reached an ‘in or out’ crossroads. If you decide to stay awesome, if not I think we understand 🙂 xx

  223. Hi Jen, Kiki here. I commiserate with the concern here. First and foremost we (plural we) should always gauge our intention. There are some YouTubers who film their children just for financial/popularity reasons and in those instances, there may be genuine cause for concern. However, the truth about MOST “trolls” is that they are essentially jealous. Youtube is a BIG trigger to those who aren’t “where they would like to be yet”. Perhaps the insulter can’t have children or perhaps they work a 9-5 and are single, working paycheck to paycheck only to see some 21 year old going to Costa Rica every week on someone else’s dime. So …. I would consider those things whilst editing my content. As for Saccone-Jolyesque situations, we all have to be smart about our editing. The medium of YT is one where we control our content, therefore, I def. wouldn’t show anything that would even be considered child oversharing or endangerment. YT is lucrative and exciting but sometimes we have to step back for a minute and look at the bigger picture and make decisions from that vantage point. As always, thank you for being a bright spot in my day. I enjoy your content and feel you are one of few who “get it right”.

  224. I totally understand how you feel, my blog ended for the same reasons.

    You have to do what feels right for you.

  225. Jen,

    Thank you for all the vlogs and for sharing so openly about your life. I think many of us can relate to your feelings of wanting to protect their family. Do what you need to do and don’t feel bad about it. Maybe you could work as a consultant for others starting vlogs or offer internet classes in organizing and/or vlogging.
    There is so much going on in the world that is just so scary. While we don’t need to let being scared control us, we want to give our families protection from mean crazy people. Best wishes to you and all your lovely family.

  226. Hi Jen
    I have a reasonably high profile job. People like to comment all the time sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Sometimes I hear it and other times I don’t. I try to ignore much of this as noise but it is hard.

    I love your videos and all you stand for. The way you have taken to motherhood is beautiful and you should be proud of yourself.

    Middle of England

  227. Jen, you are such a class act!! You are devoted to family and a blessing to all. We understand completely your delimma and will patiently wait to see what you decide. I have learned so much from you. You have taught me how to pack for a trip, What beauty products to try, and how to organize my home. I have the best stocking stuffers and party ideas….all because of you. You have given us so much more than you know. Unfortunately in today’s setting, we all have to be cautious and more careful of our surroundings. I’m praying for you and your family. I know that you will do whatever is best for your family. You are such a lovely young lady. I am wishing you and your family the best. Thank you for all the wonderful content you have shared over the years. I hope it continues!!

  228. Dear Jen, just a few days ago i was surfing your blog, trying to find something. And then I thought to myself how lovely and exciting it is to have those glimpses of joy into the life of such a positive happy generous human being that you are!
    I think having you around gives a taste of rightness and hope, and I really appreciate your journey, you sharing and your lovely smiling truthful eyes.
    I wanted to write that to you, but didn’t know where so I just sent some love and smiles towards you guys.
    Having said that I have to add that I so understand what you wrote, and I suggest you do what you are becoming so good at- be you and follow your heart. Know that I believe you do touch the world and change it just by being.
    Wishing you all the best.

  229. Hi Jen,

    I loved your packing and organizational videos– they taught me a lot. I don’t watch your mommy favorites or postpartum updates at all because they don’t apply to my lifestyle now- my boys are 12 and 14. I think people watch to gain your expertise– in packing and organizing and party prep. I think you should enjoy your beautiful daughter and figure it out as you go. Be true to yourself and your family. To be honest, it would be fun to see how (or if) your organization has taken a back seat or become more streamlined since being a parent. I always thought ‘wait until she has kids’ when I watched some of your videos — so it would be fun to see if things have changed (for better or worse), if you cared to share. Enjoy your journey… Whatever that is.

  230. Dear Jen, I am so happy I found you just recently, only about a month ago when searching for some planner ideas. To my delight I discovered all your content on Erin Condern which I love, then the KonMarie method which I had also recently read and started working on my house in a similar fashion. As I worked on each room in my house – I watched your videos and found inspiration. Once I finished those, I started watching some of the weeks in review and just found your personality so endearing and inspiring. Like others that have posted, I have found your light to help inspire my life in many ways – including your love for your family and prioritizing that so clearly. My kids are now 10 and 13 but I remember those early baby days and they are so precious. I haven’t ever posted and I agree with some of the other posts, I don’t tend to read comments because I don’t like hearing negativity when clearly your intentions are so pure. I’m not one to post, but thought I’d share that you do inspire me and obviously so many. Since this is the first time for me commenting and it looks like many others too, I wanted to add to the positive comments column to show you probably have more lovers than haters!! Personally I am looking forward to seeing how you manage to stay organized as a mom. I am still learning how to manage time, work, and family and appreciate all the tips I can get with time management as a mom. As you will see, your priorities shift and you will let go of many things. I am looking forward to seeing that content if you’re willing to share. I hope you do!!

  231. We love you Jen AND you do not owe us anything. Your family is more important than any of us who have been blessed to find you on line. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family. We will adjust to living with less of you just knowing you are taking important steps to take care of what matters most to you!

  232. I think these days most people like to sit behind their computers and pick on people. Look at what happened to lady at Disney a few days ago who lost her child when he was at the resort with his family and the alligator took him. So many people said so many bad things about her which was extremely unnecessary. Someone I know posted this article and it’s so true.

    It seems like with the age of computers and social media, people feel like they can hide behind their computers and be very mean for no reason, but to be mean. I watched the video you linked by the Saccone-Jolys. That was a just very scary and to think people are out there that want to take time out of their lives to do these things. Don’t they have better things to do?

    I think for you, you need to find a balance that you’re comfortable with. It’s easy for us to tell you to ignore the commenters or to turn them off, but we aren’t the ones living in you’re shoes. I know most of us miss your videos and content, but you need to be comfortable posting.

    I wish you luck and I wish the haters would learn to love 🙂

  233. Hi Jen! Do you think you will get a real 9-5 job once CC gets a bit older? I’d love it if you kept vlogging but it seems like you need something more fulfilling. Maybe try giving working a try? It will be nice to get out of the house and interact with people your own age! You’re great at organizing so maybe an officer manager position would suit you? It would also give CC the opportunity to meet other kids her age at daycare/preschool.

  234. I’ve never commented before but I’ve been following you for years. We share a love of planning. 🙂 I also enjoyed following your pregnancy, as we were both pregnant at the same time (my son was born two days after your daughter!) your snaps are my favorite! I will continue to follow you in whatever form you deem best for you and your family.

  235. Hi Jen! I’ve enjoyed your YouTube channel for 3 years. It’s been. such an oasis of comfort and positivity, So firstly, Thank You!
    I have 2 children, 20 and 16 and I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the entire time.
    It is so easy to become all consumed with motherhood and Charlotte is so young that she definitely requires your full attention❤️
    But I’m going to tell you a little secret from the other side of this parenting experience, I wished that I saved a little something for myself.
    If you truly enjoy vlogging, you should continue, just modify. Maybe just one day a week or month. a momma/baby day out series-That would certainly be less intrusive. Or maybe start planning a party planning or organizing series. You are so wonderful at this kind of sharing. You have a real talent for it.
    So keep a toe in the water and it will keep your mind and spirit sparkling and productive.
    Much love from the Texas suburbs.

  236. I’ve always been an extrovert and had a problem of sharing too much, but after becoming a mom, I pulled the reigns big time. My job as a mother, is to protect my children. Don’t share anything that a stranger doesn’t need to know. You can treat your you tube channel as a job and your family as “employees”. I’m sure there is a way to share but not over share. Only you can decide what to share with the world and that may change as time goes.
    People like You Tubers because they share their personal information. People love to see what others buy, wear, eat, where they live, status, and their opinions on x,y, and z. That’s personal! It’s basically inviting EVERYONE into your home and of course, whether you are a welcomed guest or not they will let you know what they think!
    I like you as a person, and I will continue to watch you even if you don’t say a word about your family. I’m there to watch you organize, listen to reviews, and perhaps learn a few things and although I enjoy seeing CC, I will applause you if leave her out. Not because I don’t want to see her, but I want her to be safe and protected from this dark world. As someone who is private, I think you shared A Lot. People know where you live, what Don does for a living, where you go on vacation and when you are away! That’s scary!
    My husband and I are not on any sort of social media. Never felt right sharing a photo of those who I love dearly to the entire world. Why continue doing something that brings you unrest? Jeopardizes your family’s safety?
    I hope you take this like it’s coming from a friend who cares. I want you and your family safe. I don’t want to discourage you from doing something you enjoy, but I would encourage you to make drastic changes for the sake of safety and privacy. Best wishes

  237. I can totally appreciate your realization of what is really important to you. I too have been caught in the trap of being a “people pleasure”, to my friends, family, and coworkers. You have opened my eyes and helped me realize what is important to me. It’s just so easy to get lost on our journey and then realize we are traveling down someone else’s path. We all need to find what our own personal path is and not what someone else wants it to be. Enjoy your journey!

  238. I haven’t read your entire message, I like to watch videos instead. But I love your YouTube videos on organizing through the years for inspiration, to organize my house and it worked. When I was working part-time and staying home with my children when they grew up you helped me so many ways. But now that I went to fulltime and my kids are grown up I don’t have so much time. Which I am going into deep depression wondering where the last 10 years went by so fast, and turning 38 soon. I don’t focus on your videos and lost touch. But check your age for organizing stuff occasionally. But to keep this short, you introduced me to TONE IT UP, if it wasn’t for your video on showing me the workout you do, inspiring me and introduced me to other great you tubers making a living that I envy. HUGE THANK YOU. you have a wonderful life and you live it up with your dreams. Enjoy your child because they grow up so fast, so fast and in 10 years you will miss these days. Julie from Wisconsin

  239. You’re being SMART! Protect your gorgeous, adorable, precious baby! You don’t need to post about personal stuff, I have always wondered why you were ok with being so exposed anyway. You have such a nice life and a beautiful family – why expose them like this? Nothing wrong with blogging and videotaping reviews of products. I’m giving you excellent advice, I hope you take it. Best wishes

  240. Jen, you struggled with this before the baby was born and I think you should go with what your heart told you before. I know there has been pressure to share CC but you have for these few months and now you have the right to not share her anymore. You also have the option to turn off comments. I liked the focus on your pre-baby brand. I suggest you stick with your old content and keep your family life private the same as if you worked a regular 9-5. Everyone doesn’t need to know everything.

  241. Hi Jen,
    I have been watching for a while and I love your vlogs, but I have to say I do agree about the safety issue facing you and your precious family. So many people today are just so mean. I dont understand it but it is the world we live in. I would miss you terribly but I would not blame you for leaving youtube.
    Your subbie

  242. Jen, Thnks for sharing this, especially, since I started following and watching you on your YouTube Channel, and I have been following your blog for about 6 months. I am struggling with this as well, since I have a couple of blogs, and trying to restart my YT channel. I know what I want, and I do want to share openly and freely, but I can’t.
    I had an incident with my sister when her kids were 11 mos. and almost 2. They are now 7 and 9. The kids were doing something cute, and I thought that I would share this on my YT channel (I was not serious about it at that time). She practically screamed and yelled at me for doing so, and ordered me to take it down. I reluctantly did so, with a disclaimer to her that if I tape it, the footage is going up. I did not know about asking permission. I thought since it was my camera, I had the right. I was in the wrong.
    I now ask permission if I do not know. I say this because I need to do what is best for you and your family. We all want viewers, but family safety comes first. We, as your true viewers will understand, if decide to not share when Charlotte starts to crawl. That is a moment only fitting for you and your husband.

  243. I just want to say you were the first youtuber I followed and you are still my favorite. I love your ideas and your attitude and outlook on life. I’m sorry for the people who feel the need to be negative and have made you feel uncomfortable sharing. I wish you only the best and that you can find peace with how you share. You are a beautiful person inside and out and have a lovely family.

  244. Hi Jen,
    I want to encourage you to enjoy the new chapter of your life- the motherhood. Seeing a happy family life is always inspirational. Both to your family, and your followers.
    Most of us- your followers- bonded when watching organizational blogs. A lot still imagine you like that “organized jen”. But if only people would watch your old vlogs… the coments would be different. we allready saw changing content: crafting, cooking, organizing, travel, beauty, decorating… the variety is mindblowing. In a very good way. we like that.
    In your tea time videos you often talked about finding new hobies, changing priorities. That natural and you should enjoy it. Every change is for the better. And now you added a new category- everything baby. An I realy enjoy that part too.

    Just know that we support you. Best wishes 🙂

  245. Dearest Jen… thank you for your honesty. You are such an inspiration to me & I can’t express enough how you have helped me to grow as a person. This new chapter might take some time to settle into. Of course I would wish that you continued to share as much as comfortable & in turn being true to yourself. I don’t have the answer, but I’ll be a supporter & fan either way. Sending heaps of love & good decision making vibes. 🙂 ~Nadia x

  246. I’m sure I’m just reiterating what everyone else has said. I have loved your youtube videos, they bring such joy. You’re a remarkable person and family comes first. I’ve seen the strange jealousy and hate for many youtubers. It’s so scary. I’m terminally ill and could probably help many with youtube but I’m too afraid. The Internet has brought out people who aren’t afraid of consequences because they hide behind a keyboard. I don’t want to be a target. Keep you and your family safe. We all love you and will be here patiently waiting.

  247. Dear Jen,

    I have watched you since 2012 and thoroughly enjoy your videos and blog. I agree with the comments made by other viewers in that you should do what you want and not what we the viewers want, although I think that we do not expect you to post the extent of content that you have in the past. When we have children we protect them and your decision is something all of us mums understand maybe more than you think we do. We also understand that looking after a baby/children is time consuming and energy zapping and I certainly do not expect you to be putting out content day after day. I love watching you, Dom, Charlotte and Winnie on snapchat and this maybe a better way to share and not as time consuming as editing weekly vlogs. Please enjoy your time with Charlotte we know she was much longed for and she will grow in no time, do what your heart tells you and not what people expect of you! Love & best wishes

  248. I am so sad that this is happening to you. It seems like people are the cruelest to the nicest people! Like you and many others, if I don’t like something online, I just move on. There are so many choices for viewing on Youtube.

    When I started watching your channel a year or so ago, I was prompted to go back and watch from the beginning. I watched them all! Your videos were so content-rich, and I so loved the variety. Most of your content now is mommy related, which of course is your right, but isn’t that what is causing your angst? I’m wondering therefore, why you don’t go back to filming the type of content you used to, since that is what many of us were drawn to in watching your channel. But perhaps that just doesn’t interest YOU any longer.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you and your sweet family all the very best.

  249. Hi Jen! I just wanted to say that i enjoy all your posts no matter what the content and i hate to see anyone steal your joy. I too follow the Saccone-Joly’s and was disgusted by the thought someone doing that to them. As for advise i’m a nurse not a artist so i wouldn’t be very helpful! I think you should do what you think is good for yourself and your family. What ever you decide i wish you the best of luck and remember don’t let anyone steal your joy those kind of people we can all do without. Michelle

  250. I Couldn’t agree more that mommyhood fits you so very well. I love all the content you share and it to saddens me to see people feel the need to spread hate just because it is online.

    I hope that you can find a happy medium between safety for yourself and your wonderful family and the content you love sharing.

    I would love to see more haul and subscription box video. I even love watching all your baby updates even though I don’t plan on having children. You really do shine in your video content.

    I do really enjoy you using snapchat as well.

    Thank you for all the content that you have made and will make.

  251. Once again you are at this unfortunate crossroads, looking back on your vlogs, etc you have been in this place a lot in the past few years! Maybe it is time to let ‘social media’ just simmer, it doesn’t define you and certainly isn’t a necessity, so why stress or make it something to consider vs. not consider? Let it go for ‘awhile’ (or forever) and enjoy your life as a Mother and be free from the ‘fear’ you speak about and all the haters, that wouldn’t even be an option in my life at this point. Just let it go this type of platform isn’t for everybody and has come across in all your content as such a burden to you for a few years now, which is very, very sad! Best of Luck to you and your family Jen.

  252. Jen,
    If you need to stop for however long just do so; ‘Those who matter won’t mind; And those who mind won’t matter.’

  253. You are a sweet and precious person, Jen. I’ve always enjoyed your content. That being said, this Nana says trust your instincts if they are telling you to pull back from public sharing to protect your baby. The online microcosm, not so micro any longer really, is not destined to become more civil or kind anytime soon. I hate saying this as I have a young grandchild and I ache that the world is becoming a more hostile place.

    Strengthening our family, friend, and church connections is really the only way to provide a haven where children can grow up with traditional values that will serve them well. You so eloquently wrote that you have finally found the “ground you were searching for”. Embrace this, run headlong into it, and make it your raison d’etre. You will never regret a decision to put your child’s welfare above all else. I felt exactly the same way when my first child was born.

    You will find other creative outlets if you do decide to stop putting up public content. I can see you having success as an author of children’s books.

    I can’t tell you how delighted I am to hear that motherhood has given you such joy. Even when the days are difficult, there is no better job. God bless you in your decision making. XOXO

  254. Jen-
    I totally get the “protect your pack” feeling. I’m in the same position myself, but for different reasons. Circle of trust is what I’m going with these days. It can be overwhelming looking outside of that circle, wanting to trust, and wanting to share, but not knowing if it’s safe to “step out”. Online stuff can be downright scary. Rumors start, they pick up steam, and more and more lies spread. People feel like they know you, and they cross a line. It’s definitely a different experience. All I can say is take your time. Trust yourself and your judgement. You have a good head on your shoulders and a good husband and a strong family unit. I wish you all the best!!

    *I don’t know anything about YouTube or blogs, but is it possible if your blog was membership only, you could embed videos in it and have them viewable only to members? Is that even possible with YouTube? Sorry if that was mentioned in other comments. I didn’t read them all.

  255. Hi Jen! I’ve been a follower since the beginning, my son has grown up watching me watch your videos. He would watch your vlogs with me! He would say, “Hey Mom…who are you watching, Jen?!” lol I support and encourage you to follow your heart and what fits for this new chapter in your life.
    My favorite videos are your party prep, gift guides, organizational project & of course the vlogs! The videos I love that you are doing now are the ones that go with motherhood, maybe you can expand on that topic?!

  256. Jen,
    You do what is right for you and your family. So many people love you and your family, they will support you with whatever decision you make.

  257. This is such a dilemma, Jen. On one hand, I absolutely LOVE your website and videos. I have completely adored following your baby journey because I was pregnant (with my little girl) at the same exact time. My daughter was born on 12/9/15 and your baby updates have been so much fun and so interesting. I would HATE to see you stop posting. But then I completely understand not wanting to open your life to some very angry, confused people. For purely selfish reasons, I hope you keep doing the videos and website. Maybe make it subscription based? Just a suggestion.

    Keep up the great work!


  258. Wish you the best and understand !!! Please check out the I heart organizing blog there are plenty of people who find a balance and only mention “family” “spouse” etc…. And the vague(ness) will be understood and could help you find balance

  259. Hi Jen, have been catching up on your blog posts and video’s, I cant believe how old little Charlotte is now, the time goes by so fast doesn’t it and she is such a little sweetie.
    I understand what you said in your post about finding your purpose once you became a mum, I was the same, I had a job/career before I had my children which was fine but it always felt like something was missing and it might sound a bit corny but when my first child was born I felt complete like I was where I was meant to be and I have been a stay at home mum ever since and loved every bit of it (even though I was constantly looked down upon by others for “not working”, but I have realized over time and with age that these are other people’s issues and not mine.

    As for your posting dilemma I can understand perfectly why you are concerned about protecting your family, the internet can be such a creepy place at times which is a shame because it can also be a great place for people to interact with others with similar interests etc.
    .Unfortunately I can no longer watch your snapchats because my daughter had your account on her phone(mine is an old flip phone) and she kept getting creepy messages sent to her (nothing to do with your site)and even when she blocked them they somehow managed to get back in or would use a different account so I encouraged her that the best thing to do was to just delete her account.
    I will miss watching your snatchats but that’s my mama bear instincts kicking in, and my daughter is almost 20 years old.

    The only thing I can think of as far as your blog and video’s is concerned is to have a membership only site and have your video’s on your blog instead of you tube (especially if your not concerned about your channel getting more people). I have a crafting hobby of making cards and I have done some online card classes, where you have to have a password and valid email address to be able to access content and video’s etc, maybe something like that? It’s not going to completely stop the trolls from also signing up, but if you have people’s details and valid email address etc, it may be a little bit easier to control and block people etc…I don’t know how much work that would be I don’t know a lot about computers, but its just a thought..
    Sorry for my long rambling (its late here I should really get to bed)lol whatever you decide to do I like many others wish you and your family all the very best, take care 🙂
    ((((HUGS))))) from Oz

  260. Jen,
    I completely understand where you are coming from. I watched the SacconeJolys vlog & was completely baffled that people field the need to interfere like that, it’s absolutely absurd. I have been following you for years. I always loved your organizational videos & your Disney vlogs! I was actually a cast member for about 2 years! You also inspired me to run my first RunDisney race! You consistently inspire me and many others as well! I’ve even started my own blog,, so I can understand the struggle. Stay true to yourself and follow your first instinct! We all love you!! ❤️

  261. Hi Jen,

    A difficult decision indeed. It might be a good idea to take it in baby steps, you don’t need to rush any decision.

    Perhaps you could try to focus solely on organisational/planner/baking content, without showing your personal life at all for a while, like you used to do in your early vids, and see how you feel with that. After that you could decide to completely drop it and forget about it, or you may feel you want to do more.

    You could ask yourself: what do I want for my daughter/future children in the future, in regards to my vlogging? Do I want her/them to be able to see all my content online, see Mom’s career, even if this may have a slight risk? Or do I want her/them to be completely away from the vlogging scene, and just see the clips as family videos and nothing else like most children do? I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, it’s mainly what you want for you and your family. Also bear in mind that your baby is very small and you are only adapting to a huge change in your life – it is normal to rethink your priorities at this time in your life.

    Another thing. I would like to defend people like me who chose to be ANONYMOUS online. I decided many years ago to maintain anonymity online for professional reasons, but that doesn’t make me a bad person, nor means that I go around wasting my time (and other people’s time) posting mean stuff. So I’d like to ask people please not to generalise, there are plenty of kind anonymous people on the internet 🙂

    I have commented on your blog a few times already, and I have watched most of your videos since I discovered your channel a year and a half ago. You have provided me with many hours of happiness, inspiration and cosy times during a very demanding period in my work life, and for this I will always be grateful. Because of this, I don’t feel I can ask you to create any more content.

    Thanks so much Jen 🙂


  262. Jen, I believe you will make the decision that is in the best interest of family and yourself. You are wiser than most on Youtube and other social media. I saw the same video of SacconeJolys and I was not shocked. So many are going through the same things. I can’t imagine what the children are going to go through when they begin grade school. I don’t understand…

  263. why there’s no protection from the creators of social media? Blocking haters or reporting them is not cutting it anymore. When they’re reporting false allegations against your family is darn scary and extreme. Sooner or later you’ll be afraid to step out of your home. I think Anna even said that on one of her videos. Sad. Please be careful Jen. You’re loved. Times have changed and we need to do the same. I definitely support any decision you’ll make. God bless your family. 🙂 xo

  264. Forgot to mention…I love your writing and the way you express yourself. Very articulate!! You should writing books possibly your experience on social media, creative side or children’s books. I will the first to buy 😀

  265. Just wanted to say that I love watching your youtube vids. I totally understand your dilemma and understand why you would want to post less. So do whatever you have to do, your family is priority. 🙂 There are terrible people out there that just spend their time being negative and thrive on being rude. It sucks that youtube can’t be a more positive environment. I think thats what makes snapchat so great because you can post whatever and there isn’t someone out there replying to it w/ their snarky comments. If you do decide to post less on youtube, please continue to share on snapchat. I need to know Winnie’s #BOTD. lol.

  266. Jen,
    I have only recently become acquainted with you, the precious Winnie, Charlotte, and your uncanny organizational abilities. I envy how you just DID IT! You decided to do a video, have a couple of websites, blogs, etc. Incredible!

    I am at a kind of “stuck” place myself. Although I am old enough to be your grandmother, I can relate. I have been an artist for 50 years, but my “day job” was leading the business and marketing for large engineering firms. It was a good ride and I enjoyed it and now do the same as I did for big companies but for typically smaller architects and engineers. I’ve been doing that for about 5 years.

    But the conundrum comes now. My Fine Arts degree is in jewelry and metalsmithing and I want to design and make jewelry now. I am also making very fancy pillows. I have been trying to build a website (which should not be difficult(I’ve built several). However, I just can’t seem to get it together.I even started a site on Etsy and can’t seem to get that to work out either.

    So now that I have told you all of this, what I should have said is . . . I am in a similar “stuck” place – not knowing exactly what I need to do? I know this is not much help, but I know as a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, the Mama Bear instincts should not be dismissed. I have found that throughout my life (I am 76), I would fret and try to figure something out, but to not avail. When I stopped worrying about it, I would get some kind of direction or idea of what I should do. Sometimes I call those moments a “God Thing”.

    Maybe the fact that you have a precious little girl who takes a considerable amount of time as I recall my own, you could just keep on telling us how you feel and it will come. The other issue is the privacy for your child and family. Don’t hide the “Mama Bear”. You have those instincts for good reason.

    Keep doing the wonderful things you do and tell us about it when it seems right.

    Your fan,

    P.S. I LOVE Winnie and want one. Could you tell me where you got her?

  267. Dear Jen: I have really enjoyed your content from the beginning and I certainly hope you’ll find that sweet spot and continue to share because I feel like I would miss you in the same way I would miss a friend who moves away. As a mother, however, I understand completely where you are coming from. I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for many years myself — not to make money or gain popularity, but just to share/exchange stories about experiences with other moms/women. I don’t feel it is safe to do so, however, so I have not taken any steps in that direction. All that to say, I really understand your feelings and wish you well. I’ll miss your videos in the meantime (I agree that your blog posts are great but that videos are where you shine)!

    All my best!


  268. Hi Jen,

    I’ve been following you for several years now. I’ve always loved your content, especially your vlogs. You are such a positive force in this world. I admire your positivity and grace so much, and I think that watching you has made me a better person – corny I know!

    Despite not having a child or a YouTube channel, I can sort of relate. I recently started a blog, and it’s hard to know how much to share. It’s a really hard line to walk. On one hand you want to be open and honest, but on the other hand, your safety and security must come first.

    I agree with some of the other posters. Have you considered making your content private? I hope that you will continue in some shape or form, but I understand that you and your family MUST take first priority.

    Stay true to yourself, and trust your instincts 🙂

    Erica xx

  269. There is word for people that post derogatory content and that is BULLY. In this day and age we can’t seem to find an answer to this horrible problem, so the vulnerable and innocent are always affected. Unfortunately too many truly wonderful people are hurt by these insecure, jealous individuals and it’s truly sad because it takes you and the joy that you bring to us away from us. I hope you can come to a good answer for you and your family Jen, as I feel like you bring happiness to so many people and they truly feel as if they have gone through so many phases of life with you; it’s like you are a part of the family. Love and Blessings, take care

  270. I always leave very positive comments and they are never posted. I can’t understand why. I will wish Jen the best and not comment in the future.

    1. I’ve been traveling and it’s taken me some time to approve all of the comments. Thanks for your patience!

  271. So well written!!! I have never written to you but I feel I should . Be true to yourself. You are a amazing woman, wife and mother. Good luck in your journey moving forward. Please don’t stop. I will miss you .

  272. Hi Jen,

    Like so many others here I have been watching and enjoying your vlogs since pretty much the beginning. I agree that the online world has changed and there is a real lack of privacy. What I hear you saying is that on the one hand you feel more inspired than ever to share but on the other hand you are more hesitant than ever before as well. It then becomes impossible to really be at ease and go on being a public person. I understand you very well because after the birth of my children my instinct to protect them was and remains very strong. That is a normal feeling and given to us from our higher power for a good reason. Since I watched you from before your days of being a mommy I felt that you would arrive at this juncture once your child was born. You are intelligent and blessed with an awareness and intuition. I agree with others who have suggested that if you choose to share that you go back to content that does not involve family life so that the focus in only on you. Maybe there’s something there for you to consider. I want to also thank you for the honesty of your post. You have actually helped me a great deal. I have been tempted to begin a YT channel of my own featuring just myself/interests. The problem has been that I have this overriding feeling that something just doesn’t feel right about it and I have continued to ask myself why that is since I’m an adult and it would just “be me”. I realized that as a wife and mom I don’t feel that way about myself anymore. I’m not just “me”. I’m a wife, a mom-and I don’t want to share myself with the world-only my family. I have disliked this feeling because I want to own more of my identity but because of the way I see my commitment to my family I feel that way. Reading your post has helped me see that maybe having a YT channel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe I’m not the only wife and mom to feel this way. Thanks for sharing Jen. I wish you the best.

  273. Love all of your videos, but sadly I can see your point about security. Best wishes on sorting things out, so sad that you should even have to be put in such a position.

  274. Hi Jen!
    Thank you for taking the time to write this. Just wanted to say I support you along with your other longtime faithful subscribers! 🙂 So sad there are those out there who feel the need to spread negativity. You’ve been such a source of postitivity during the last several years. It’s been a joy watching your channels and now with your addition of precious little Charlotte has been amazing to see! I wish you the absolute best and know we all support you and your decisions to do what’s best for your family! I too am a mama bear and totally get it lol! Take care and hugs!

  275. Hi Jen, I have watched your videos for a few years and enjoyed everyone of them. You need to do what is right for you and your lovely family. I am shocked at how much negativity there is out there.

  276. Hey, Jen! I am working through something similiar myself, even through different channels like Instagram and Facebook. Totally get it. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know what a great help and inspiration you have been to me ever since I found you on YouTube as OrganisedJen. I’m pregnant with baby due in September and so much of what you’ve shared is so helpful.

    PS: CC is loveee!

  277. Hi Jen,
    I have been watching you for years. I started to watch you when you talked about having anxiety. I too suffer from anxiety and I don’t tend to be very social. You have kept me company so many times. I love watching your videos. There are times I have watched them more than once, especially for the cooking and prepping for party ones. I use to live in Chicago, so it’s neat watching your outing videos. I love your videos with your family and in-laws but I understand your concern for privacy. Maybe you can do other videos. Cooking, Decorating, Organizing, Preparing for parties, Outings..etc. I enjoy your company and your videos have been a big help with different areas in my life. Thanks for sharing your life. You are an inspiration to alot of us. Keep Inspiring:) Much Love.

  278. I think you would really enjoy reading this: She is a wonderful mom blogger who truly has shared in such an inspiring and personal way thru the years…and she changed to password protected content earlier this year. I am grateful to be able to interact on a more personal level now and she shares much more personally in a safe environment. I think you would really enjoy a similar set up, where you feel safe 🙂

    I have appreciated your sharing and see it as such a valuable contribution to the world, especially now as you navigate motherhood with such calmness and compassion.


  279. The time we have with our children is so precious. The mama bear instinct we have is very real, and I’m glad you are listening to yours, and doing what you feel is in the best interest of little CC, and the rest of your family. Those of us who have always felt nothing but respect and support for you, will always remain loyal to you. If posting less frequently, we will understand and respect that. If sharing only parts of your life that feel comfortable to you..we will simply enjoy and treasure those parts. It’s sad that anyone would decide to spread negativity towards someone like you, who has the kindest, sweetest soul ever. I suppose if you were making your living, paying your bills from youtube/social media, you would probably have to give up more of your personal life. However, it seems that this isn’t your current situation, so simply posting when you feel comfortable doing so, about things you feel safe sharing seems like a good fit for you at the moment. You can always choose to share more when/if it feels right. I just hate for you to feel like you are in anyway letting your viewers/supporterdown. You are a great mom..just stick with your gut and everything will work out as it should 🙂

  280. No matter what one does, there will be criticism. Some people seem to find joy in tormenting others. So my opinion is that you should just do whatever makes you happy and whatever you are comfortable with because some people will always have something negative to say.

    And if you get a lot of mean comments, do not allow people to comment. Unfortunately that seems to be the only way to stop bullies.

    You could also make your videos only accessible to subscribers and only allow those subscribers to comment and block any subscriber that gives you trouble. That’s more work for you, but would still allow people to give you feedback and allow you to interact with your viewers. I don’t know if that’s an option Youtube offers. I personally report users whenever I see anything inappropriate on any video I watch. Not sure if it helps, but Youtube should be interested in getting rid of the accounts that exist for the sole purpose of bullying others and causing trouble. They should figure out how to stop those people from making new accounts.

    I understand all of your concerns and they are the reason I have not started anything on Youtube yet, despite wanting to. You need to have really thick skin and I’m not sure I do. Not to mention the fact that I’m really paranoid about people knowing where I live or any other details about me or my family.

    I really enjoy your videos and I hope you will continue making them, but can totally understand why you are considering stopping. I started watching you a long time ago and I don’t even know how I came across your videos or why I kept watching. When I learned about your pregnancy and your struggles to get to that point I was very surprised because I was also struggling and had no idea you were as all. Knowing that you were able to have your sweet baby girl in the end gave me hope. Unfortunately I am still waiting for a sweet baby of my own, but every time I see your videos I am reminded to have hope and that it will happen and it will be worth all the wait and trouble when it does. And since you do not have a good experience with anonymous comments, I feel the need to clarify that I’m not using my name on the comment for privacy reasons since I haven’t shared my struggle with almost anyone I know, but the e-mail I provided is my real e-mail 🙂

  281. I am a loyal watcher of your channel and am so sad you have become a target. You don’t deserve that. Thank you for showing me that joy comes in the little things. I just wanted you to know you have impacted my life and I appreciate all you have shared. Whatever you need to do to feel safe and comfortable, I completely understand. Keep being you,Jen, because you are a special lady. Sorry so late to comment here but wanted to support you.

  282. Hi Jen, I will say that when you first posted this there was information being posted every where that you got upset that someone said something negative about your daughter. So of course I had to find out myself. I was not surprised to find that, what you said and what others reported were not exactly the same. You have dealt with people being “mean” to you but it’s different when it’s directed at someone you love and defend. Being a mom has provided you with that “instinct” to protect your family from the “haters” of the world. I learned something the other day watching another program. If you do you, and raise your daughter to know what values are important in your family it won’t matter if someone says something about you or anyone else. I am a mom and I get the feelings you are having, but if you don’t go forward, the “haters” win. I am not saying that you shouldn’t post about your life, but maybe in order to protect your family you use nick names rather than their names. Maybe you post about what you find successful in your life knowing that not everyone thinks like you do. I would love to see a world where we all got along but, we both know that isn’t going to happen in this life. So spread your kind of joy, embrace your “lovers” and do what you do for them and for you. If someone is negative do what you do and don’t read it. Move on. You’re “famous”, you have a following and on the flip side of the coin you have those that would try to take that joy from you. I was always told if people really knew me they wouldn’t make comments like that, so since they don’t really know you don’t pay attention to their attempts to bring you down. I hope you know I am not a loyal follower and to some degree only know about you because of the planner world. Let me tell you some of them can get pretty darn mean. So I guess what I am saying is post your content and let those that “bag” on it do what they are going to do. You can’t make them all stop.

  283. Do what you have to do to protect and keep your family safe. Hearing about and watching babies grow is wonderful. I on the other hand have been missing Winnie updates. I’d love to hear more about how she is doing with the new baby, how the new baby relates to her, routine changes, anything. We did things the other way around. Babies then the puppy baby. I actually tell everyone the puppy was harder– my newborns stayed where I put them and I had to get up more often during the night.

    1. I remember setting an alarm to take Winnie out every 2 hours when she was a baby. The effort paid off with successful potty training tho!

  284. Hi Jen,

    I understand you perfectly. I am outraged when I read comments treacherous, malicious towards people who share via Instagram, Youtube, etc. I’m already sick to those who are victims. I will like to share many things as you did for many years but I know that in France, criticism is easy … People unfortunately their frustrations, their desires, their jealousy of others who have requested it.
    Do as you feel but know that you have many healthy people who follow you and love what you do.
    I wish you and your family every happiness.

    Good continuation,

  285. When are you going to post the update you promised? We’ve been waiting to hear where your channel is headed for 3 weeks now 🙁

  286. I am a log time fan. As I aw you pulling away from Vlogging and some of your content it was a huge adjustment for me. I’m not sure how to explain, but your organizing, hauls and Vlogging motivated me and helped me. It became part of my routine to watch you, a part I thouroughly enjoyed. You were the first YTer I followed now I follow many but don’t watch often. I came for you. This all being said, I totally get it. I see what is holding you back. I have no advice, you need to love your life how it is best for you and your family. I can’t impose my wants onto you. You are a very talented content creator and social media presence. But only you can know what works for you. I wish you, Don, Winnie, Charlotte, and your extended families nothing but the best. For the record, I’d be happy to pay a subscription to a site where I could access your content if it worked for you.

  287. Sweet Jenn…..I love your posts. I cried when you said you were pregnant. We struggled with infertility for years and I find such joy to see others beat it as well! (After 2 rounds of IVF we have 2 year old boy/girl twins now!) Your planner posts have helped me become so much more organized and I really appreciate them. You seem to have such a calm soul and it’s really refreshing to escape to that calm in this crazy hurtful world. Basically I just wanted to say thank you for sharing and do what you feel is right for you. Take care and God Bless.

  288. Hi Jen!
    It is very sad that there is so much negativity in the world. You have to do whats best for you and your Family.
    Family comes always first.
    I wish you all the best and will continue to watch everything you put up.
    Good luck!

  289. Hello, Jane. I’m from Russia, a few years ago was fortunate to discover your blog, lifestyle, principles of organization, planning and many other things.. Much of your I learned. Learning that you’re pregnant, you have no idea how your joy has become personal for me. I’m genuinely happy for you and your Don (CC is incredibly like her father!)). I understand your concerns and feelings about evil and sharp languages that allow critical and unkind remarks about you, your beloved husband and daughter. Having children, we become stronger and more vulnerable at the same time… Your love and personal life should be protected, of course.. I understand and respect your decision to limit the number of videos, but…. I will miss them. Know that I love you. Jane, I still hope to see your video, though rare, without the rest of your video blogs is completely different.From Russia with love. Anna

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