My Fitness Routine: Winter 2014

I am often asked to share my fitness routine and what kinds of exercise I like to do.  While I am a creature of habit and love to follow routines, I do switch up my fitness regimen every few months or so.  I cut back on the frequency with which I exercised from 6 days a week to every other day after I completed the Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Disney World in early November 2013, because I was looking for something a little more lax for awhile.  After the new year I started to crave a bit more activity and have been following this new fitness regimen for the past month now with great results (i.e. no injuries):


Right now I’m following a 5-day weekday only workout plan that combines running with toning and yoga.  I love waking up on a weekday and hopping right on the treadmill!  I lay my workout clothes out the night before, so I don’t even have to think about anything other than brushing my teeth and heading downstairs to our in-home gym after I get up in the morning.  As much as I truly prefer running outside, the winter weather this year has kept me on the treadmill as I do not want to risk injury with all of the snow and ice out there.  As soon as it’s safe, I’ll head out for fresh air runs once again.  In the meantime, however, the treadmill is treating me well and I’m enjoying listening to music during my indoor runs, which is not something I ever do when I run outside (for safety reasons).  Since I am not training for anything right now, I’m keeping my runs low and slow, with my mileage alternating between 2 and 3 miles at a 10 minute/mile pace.  It’s just enough to make me feel good without risking injury, which I seem to be especially prone to when it comes to running!  I just love it too much to let it go, so I’ve found ways to compromise that work for me and my body.


Right now I’m focusing on targeted toning three days a week with my current favorite workout DVDs by Tone It Up.  The Beach Babe 1 DVD Set includes seven workouts.  I follow the Summer Arms routine on Mondays, the Bikini Booty workout on Wednesdays, and Bikini Abs on Fridays.  I alternate the Beach Babe 1 set with the Beach Babe 2 DVD Set every other week, where I follow Bikini Arms on Mondays, Hula Booty on Wednesdays, and Sunkissed Abs on Fridays.  I’ve been pretty much exclusively using these DVD sets for months now as my toning workouts of choice and have yet to grow bored with them.  I love the TIU girls with their kick-booty workouts and their California sunshine hearts and positivity!  I always end my Monday/Wednesday/Friday workouts with a 10 minute full body stretch, which is important for me to stay loose and prevent injury.


I go in and out of phases with not only my cardio and toning workouts of choice, but also my yoga practice.  Over the last couple of years as I’ve focused more on running and training for half marathons, I’ve drifted away from yoga.  As much as I love the weekly Yin Yoga class I attend, which is a restorative practice that is basically a deep stretch for both your body and mind, I’ve been craving getting back into a more active, regular practice.  Enter Tara Stiles and her amazing DVDs!  I’ve been a fan of her Jane Fonda’s Workout: Daily Yoga DVD, which is a 60 minute easy flow practice, for a few years now.  My sister-in-law gave me her This Is Yoga DVD set for Christmas in 2012 and although I only sporadically used it for awhile, I’ve really been enjoying it as a means to ease back into a regular practice over the past month.  This 4-disc set includes 10 practices as well as a comprehensive pose guide, which is an especially helpful place for a beginner to start.  While I am certainly not a yoga newbie, I find Tara’s style (pun intended!) to be both grounding and invigorating.  I also find her voice particularly soothing, which is always a nice bonus with a yoga instructor.  The practices I’ve been following on Tuesdays and Thursdays after a 2 mile run range from 15 to 30 minutes and satisfy my yoga itch (at least for now).  I might someday want to return once again to the world of intermediate and advanced yoga classes that have me really working up a sweat and expanding my boundaries with new poses, but for now I am content with the ease of my at-home practice.

If you’d like to learn more about my current fitness routine, check out the video below:

If you’re interested in trying out my current favorite toning trainers and yoga instructor, you can without spending a penny as both Tone It Up and Tara Stiles offer free routines and practices through YouTube.  There is an excellent resource of Tone It Up’s free workouts available on their website.  Tara Stiles offers a wide variety of yoga videos on her YouTube channel.

I’d love to know what your current fitness regimen is and/or your favorite workouts if you care to share!


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  1. I wish I had your motivation. I need to lose about 130lbs and it’s a STRUGGLE!!! I’ve found myself with arthritis in my knees and bad fee and backt. I know I’ve done damage and that can’t be repaired, but if I could just get off my butt and move I know I would feel better. Yet…here I sit…lol! I’ve gone so far as to start planning a youtube channel to try to make myself accountable, but again…here I sit. I get so mad at myself that I let my body get to this point. Why do we do that to ourselves?!

    1. Honestly, I think the biggest dent one can make in weight-loss is with a diet overhaul. Exercise is important, for sure, but diet changes will show the biggest differences. Just walking a bit every day can help get your body moving in a low impact and healthy way.

        1. Hi Cathy.
          Getting out the door can be a huge challenge. Try setting a bell/timer to 30 minutes from now. Get dressed in your walking clothes/shoes. Sit down, rest. Look at your walking shoes. They look great don’t they? Just the feeling of being dressed for a walk is nice, maybe a little scary. In your mind think about walking 1/2 a block or 4-5 houses down the street. Sit back and relax. When the timer goes off, you will be ready to start. Just relax. Get up and drink a glass of water, use the restroom if needed. Sit down, just breathe. 30 minutes is up, the timer is going off, stand up and smile. Grab your phone and go for your walk. Remember, walk a short distance your first time. Come home, sit down. Now think back…you were just outside walking, happy, muscles moving, blood circulating, lungs full of air. Much better than siting, wasn’t it? Set a time for yourself every day. Set the timer. Get dressed. Timer goes off, you walk. It doesn’t matter how fast, or how far for now, just get out the door. You can do this once, twice or three times a day as you begin to get stronger. Enjoy! The timer is Jen…be accountable to her.

    2. I lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers with very little exercise. It is most helpful if you go to meetings, in fact you will lose 3x more. I found it very educational in what foods are better for you.

  2. Hi Jen! Thank you!! Thank you so much for posting this video! You are such an inspiration to me. I have learned so much from you and I am so grateful you share with us! Just want you to know I am thankful for you. 🙂

  3. I didn’t post a comment when you said you were changing this channel because I wanted to see what you would do. I personally liked the week in review videos. I have NO interest in hearing about your workouts. I really don’t like the videos where you sit and talk the whole time. I would much rather see you doing something. I’m not sure why you let a few nasty people ruin this channel for the rest of us! I would have just turned off the comments for good and carried on with the week in review post. Is this going to be the only post for the entire week?

    1. I’m sorry to hear you do not care for my chit chat style videos, but of course not everyone will love every single thing I post and I certainly don’t expect that. I’m taking a bit of a breather from vlogging as it just stopped being enjoyable for me and just posting naturally what I want to share when I want to. There are so many wonderful vloggers on YouTube I am certain there is someone out there who can provide you with your vlogging fix 🙂

      1. I’ve noticed that lots of people – or at least ones I’m aware of – have stopped their frequent vlogs. I can’t IMAGINE doing that every day & don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to do it. As much as I enjoyed watching, I personally understand. Plus…it’s your life and channel. I think it’s nice to ask for opinions, but ultimately it’s your decision how you run it. (steps off soapbox)

        1. I think as vlogging has become more popular in the YT community so has the negative backlash and it’s really hard to deal with. Perhaps that is why other’s have pulled back, as well. I can only speak for myself, though, and honestly I just needed a bit of a breather.

  4. I like the idea of having a workout DVD at home. If you were going to get one of the Beach Babe DVDs, which one would you recommend? Is #2 a harder more advanced level than 1?? thanks! marcy

  5. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for the inspiration! I live in the Oakland Hills out in CA…..and I have two 2mile hilly runs which I alternate between during the week. I have added a toning component….I discovered Fitness Blender on youtube–hundreds!! of routines for FREE. Awesome trainers with excellent info…the real deal.

    I used to be really into yoga….I guess I got lazy. I really like Iyegar—if you’re Typa A, this is the yoga for you….I love how precise all the poses are!

    I have a question:

    Do you do your toning right after your run? Or later in the day? My problem is scheduling my workouts!


    You’re awesome!

    Best wishes,


  6. Hmmm, what about Busy Bee Fit, Jen Bee FIt, Fit Like Jen, My Fit Life…

    I love health/fitness vlogs so I’ll defiantly be following this series 🙂

    1. Hi Jen, thanks so much for posting this! I have been waiting for this series!! I loved your vlogging because it was so inspiring to see you get up and get right to working out….then showing all your healthy food choices during the day – and commenting (and then really living out) the fact that you only have a treat 1-2 times/week – – – but then also ‘going all out’ on vacations! That just seemed sooooooooo healthy (body & mind) and motivated me so much to follow suit! I have just recently lost 40 pounds and going strong. The timing is great. Thank you for sharing! Blessings gracious & classy Jen!

  7. Hi Jen! I enjoyed hearing about your fitness routine. I was thinking of starting a circuit training type of exercise routine.. So, I was wondering if you’ve ever done any circuit training or knew of any good ones I could try. Love the sweatshirt, btw!

  8. Hey Jen! Long time subscriber of yours.
    I enjoyed your video on your fitness routine and I found when you did your daily vlogs including workouts and food, very inspiring and motivating. I miss those! Have you considered doing another video to go along with your fitness routine, maybe covering a typical food routine? I know that may be personal, but it really helps to get an idea of what kind of things you enjoy and that are healthy. Just an idea 🙂 take are Jen!

  9. Hey Jen! You should check out Yaktrax to put on your shoes for snow and ice. They’re the best things ever. My dad runs marathons and refuses to let weather get in the way of his training. He runs in the ones that have the strap over the top of your shoes. Just be careful wearing them in doors they can be slick – I just take mine off.

  10. Great vlog! I’ve always been a fan of your fitness and Disney vlogs; it is how I found you on youtube :). Just a thought: have you every thought of adding swimming to your sched. for your total body workouts instead of zumba or any other hard cardio/ stress inducing workout? I’ve been saddled with a major injury for a bit now and swimming a few days a week has helped me to maintain full body strength and my cardio levels with very minimum stress. I hope you and your family are well. Any plans for another half marathon or road race? Will you take us along with you if so? Thanks!

    1. I, too, turn to swimming when I’m sidled with an injury. I’d do it more often but I’m really weird about crowded public pools. It’s hard to find a time when the lanes aren’t all taken at my local spot! No half marathon plans for 2014. Hope to return to them someday tho!

  11. Hi Jen,
    Thank you so much for sharing!. I really enjoyed the video. I personally have never done workout videos, and I think I’ll try it out! I really appreciate your inspiration towards that!! I hope you have a great day!

  12. I’ve been trying to keep up with Karena and Katrina’s Weekly Schedule. There are just some days where I do not feel like doing the prescribed workout and will find another video that I like or just take a rest day! We all need those from time to time. I also really like some of the older Jillian Michaels DVD’s. Completely opposite of the fun/happy vibe that Karena and Katrina give off! 🙂

    1. Love my JM DVDs, too! I find her really funny. I’m sure I’ll return to them when I phase out to a new routine in the future 🙂

  13. Hi Jen! I wanted to say, good for you for turning off the comments. Hopefully after a while, you can turn them back on upon approval. Any way, I just started a weight loss program on 1/2/14. So far, I have lost 16 lbs! I started first with getting my eating under control using the Lose It app. Now, for March, I am beginning a work out program. I’m just doing light cardio with a little resistance training. I have always found running so physically demanding and hard on the body. But hopefully, once the weather turns, I can start with walking the dogs. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi jen! I am a HUGE fan of your OLJ channel. And although I don’t subscribe to the HWL channel I am also a runner and love these kind of videos. I just have one question though. Do you workout on a completely empty stomach?

    1. Yes…I think it varies for everyone what works for you. Some people must eat before they exercise and some can’t. I’m one of the latter. I feel queasy if I eat within 2 hours of the start of a workout.

  15. We saw an ad for Toned Up and my daughter DVR’d the series to watch. I told her that I knew her they were & that I found them through YOU! I’m considering buying one of their DVDs but not sure which one.

  16. Hi, Jen. I just discovered your YouTube channel not too long ago. I LOVE it. I love your chit chat and think you’re just adorable. What makes it so enjoyable and you so cute is how genuine you are. This is for you right? Keep doing your thing and stay true to yourself.

  17. I am an elliptical and Pilates Junkie. I do an hour on the elliptical three days a week and do Advanced Pilates 2 – 3 days a week.

    1. I walk every day with my dog Winnie. I’ve always loved taking walks, though. When I was just a kid I would walk everywhere. One of my favorites was a 2-mile trek each way to my favorite stationary store (some things never change) when I lived in Northern California as a middle-schooler. We lived on top of a huge hill, too! I just looked up the mileage on Google Maps because I wondered if my estimate was right. 🙂

  18. Hi Jen,
    I’m sitting here in good old Geramny and really enjoy your Blog/ Posts/ Videos…;-))
    I’m a running-girl too! I love running in the early morning-hours, I love listening the birds and the trees and my breath.
    I run for four or five times a week (round about 8-10 k) and after that I’m doing some exercises or a yoga-lesson.
    Perhaps I can make a youtube-video about my fitness-routine, it would be my very first video….and for sure it would be very funny!
    I hope you can understand my “old-school-english” – sorry for mistakes;-))
    Hughs and kisses,

  19. I was so happy to see you made a video with this theme, thank you. You help me stay motivated for lots of things, including running. I would love to see more videos with health inspiration and your everyday life, and also your dog and planner inspiration. You are a big inspiration for me.

  20. Thanks for this exercise post. I’ve been hoping for it for a long time! I have already ordered a Tara Stiles yoga video to give it a try. I have the Namaste videos and do love those! ~ xoj

  21. Hi Jen! I enjoyed this video and found it motivating. I used to work out in the morning for many years and then I went from a back injury, to a knee injury, to a brand new puppy to plantar fascitis and haven’t worked out much for the past 18 months. Gained 20lbs. Your video has given me a new way to look at it and to be easier on myself. I’ve felt like if I couldn’t go gang busters why bother. Maybe I just need to be gentle with myself and do what I can and be thankful. I’m going to hop on my treadmill tomorrow morning! Thanks for the inspiration.

    I hope you realize how many people you reach and touch and that you ignore the small minority that aren’t supportive. One last note, your makeup always looks so pretty. You can tell you’re wearing makeup but it looks so light and natural. 🙂

  22. Your fitness vlog was great! You seem so comfortable and happy in this video. I am also a member of TIU. They are great!! I just got back into running after having my third baby, and you gave me a direction to go in with my running and I thank you. It’s funny I wanted to order the same sweatshirt, but I wasn’t sure if they ran on the small or large side. What do you think, we have the same body type. Also, what color is your office, if you don’t mind sharing it. I love that color blue.

    1. They run pretty small, FYI. The one I have on is a medium but fits like an XS or S in other similar tops I have. I wish I had ordered a large, but oh well.

  23. Hey Jen,

    I live in a wintery, slippery place, too, and love to walk. Have you ever heard of Yak Trax? They are like tire chains for your shoes. You can pull them on over tennies or boots, whatever. They are light weight and I can walk on miles of ice without slipping. I love ’em! Thought you might like to try.


  24. Thanks Jen for the video. You have no idea how many people that you motivate each day. I know that exercise helps with moods and anxiety and weight control. But watching you has helped me because I see the type of food you eat and you always are drinking water or a great tea. You also are happy and cheerful and you can laugh at your self. You treat yourself “Good” and it shows. I now take time for myself and treat myself better. Thank you for your time.

  25. hey Jen! I loved the video and that you put it all in a chart lol. I was wondering what you did to get into yoga? Im very interested but am about as flexible as a rock and am not able to take classes. any suggestions?

    1. I started practicing on my own using DVDs when I was in college. Once I graduated I started going to a local studio with my MIL. My love for it blossomed in the studio 🙂

  26. It was nice to see a video from you MHWL 🙂 I’m currently working out 5 days a week. I do a 3 mile walk Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 2 mile walk Tuesday and Thursday. Eventually I would like to start a Couch to 5K running program when the weather gets warmer here in Michigan. I like that you incorporate toning with your cardio. I will try to incorporate that into my winter routine! Have a great rest of the week 🙂

  27. Really enjoyed this video. I’ve looked at the TIU videos available on youtube and have done a few in the past. I’m trying to get back into an exercise routine so this was good inspiration! Sometimes we just need to hear/see someone else’s routine and it helps move us in the right direction for our own selves. Look forward to more fitness and food videos!

  28. I personally love all of Lauren Brook’s kettlebell/body weight exercises. Even though she’s so tiny she’s very strong. I’m impressed she can lift 70 lb. kettlebells. Thus far my comfort level is the 26 lb. one (starting weight for strong women and for average women who mastered the 18 lb. one) and attempting to master the 35 lb. one which is the last size Dragon Door has an option of a thinner handle for those with smaller hands. I got in the best shape of my life and practical strength (like for opening tight lids and carrying heavy things) prior to becoming pregnant with my deceased son Thomas. At first it was the grief overwhelming me but even though that’s still the case now it’s more due to the fact high impact sports bras aren’t made in a 34KK or 32LL. The actual kettlebell parts are no problem since she encourages you to move at your own pace. Some of the body weight exercises that require jumping or speed such as squat thrusts and mountain climbers are far too painful without a good sports bra. Anyway Lauren has some free workouts on here. She also posts some on her blog. Her website is Over the Edge Fitness. She believes women should eat like a woman and train like a man. She also sells kettlebells although Dragon Door has the best ones.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. It is so inspirational how you managed your grief in a positive way with a healthy lifestyle. ((HUGS))

      1. Thank you. Hugs are always appreciated. It’s the most painful thing that’s ever happened to me. I have to be healthy. I still have to take care of and keep up with my older and slightly autistic son Daniel. I still think about and miss Thomas all the time as the bond I have with him is the strongest I’ve ever had with anyone. Swinging kettlebells is my longest lasting mood boosting activity. Other than that my lifelong hobbies of reading and playing video games keep me from over thinking about my loss. I do enjoy taking care and playing with Daniel but it isn’t the same. I was ridiculously happy when I breastfed and held Thomas. I was cheated out of those things with Daniel as he was preterm and in the NICU for the first two months of his life. I guess I’m glad I could carry Thomas full term and that I got to bond with him for the 7 weeks he lived after his birth. I just wish I had more time with him.

  29. I second the Yaktrax recommendation. I’ve been running outside all winter in Boston and I have just used the plain old original yaktrax that I had lying around but they do have a specific design for running – I’m lucky that they actually plow the sidewalks in my town, still icy but at least not 5 feet of snow! There is actually a swedish company that makes running shoes that grip on ice but run well on pavement as well (which yaktrax do not imo), my husband read an article in the NYT about them. Definitely getting some for next winter –

  30. Hi Jen, Love all your videos, this one was motivating I forgot I ordered my beach babe videos lol so.i pulled them out and going to start using/doing them 🙂 I’m thinking of purchasing an exercise machine any tips for a beginner? I live in an apartment so space is a bit limited, any suggestions/advice would be great.


    P.S. My Shih Tzu’s Armani and Chanel send their love to Winnie 🙂

    1. If you’re really short on space, maybe there’s a gym nearby that you would consider joining? I know some gyms can be really pricey, but local park centers and Y’s can offer less expensive alternatives and provide you with a wide variety of exercise machine and class choices.

  31. Hi Jen! I am a TIU girl too. Do you post on Instagram or Twitter for TIU? I just love K & K too! Totally agree with you on the morning workouts. They are such a great start to the day. Getting out if bed is tough but once I’m up it’s awesome!

    Love your channels BTW:)

  32. Jen-

    I actually love every single thing you vlog and post. I am a fan period, so keep doing whatever motivates and inspires you with all your channels.

    Love the fitness posts too. Thank you so much for introducing me to TIU. I run every day, but wanted an easy and free way to supplement my running with strength and core training. This has been a great tool for me, especially with this fridged nyc winter. It has really livened up my winter treadmill lull.

    One other way I stay active is by taking the stairs as much as possible. I think standing in an elevator is a waste of time…why not squeeze in a little cardio!

    A question for seem to accomplish a lot in the time span before going to bed. I know you plan out your day, lay out work out clothes, read, journal, etc. Silly question, but what time do you start doing this, and what time do you turn lights out and go to bed? I have problems sleeping and am looking for tips on a good sleep hygiene ritual. Yours seems to work. Maybe a subject of a future Vlog for those of us with a basal anxiety level that can get in the way of a good night sleep.

    Happy rest of your week. I look forward to everything you have to share!

    🙂 Andrea

    1. My bedtime ritual is a bit on the long side, I suppose, but it’s an important part of my day. I try to be out of the bath by 9 PM and then I will go through my dental & skincare routines. After that I usually unmake the bed, pick up a bit, then brush Winnie’s teeth & do any last minute things in my office. I go downstairs at this point, take Winnie out, take my vitamins, and make sure the kitchen is clean (I always clean up right after dinner). I try to get in bed by 10 and leave myself anywhere from 30-60 minutes to plan, journal, and knit. It doesn’t always go like this every day but that’s my general routine.

  33. Thanks for the post! I just discovered your blog and youtube channel and am loving it!!! I love to organize things, so your videos have inspired me to do different projects. 🙂 I love running and yoga, too! I take a hatha yoga and a power yoga class every week. I needed a little motivation with my running, so my New Year’s resolution was to run/walk at least one mile a day. So far, so good. Some days I run 3+ miles. I’ve signed up for a charity 5-K and a Color Run to keep me motivated. 🙂
    Keep doing what you love! Let go of other people’s fears and anger. Do whatever makes you smile today! 🙂

  34. Hi Jen. I have started waking up and having breakfast first. I used to workout before breakfast and would like to start doing that again because I have to wait till food digests. And i watch utube while i wait! Bad habit. Im going to try to change that.

    Read the book Spark by john ratey. It will explain why exercise makes you all around feeling better. Awesome book. Inspiring.

  35. that’s great work out schedule! I agree with you. I hate running on the treadmill. I prefer running outside. As i live in Canada, i understand what you mean…i only been able to run outside only one once 🙁 The ice is scary….especially the black ice…

    currently at the gym i do 4 day a week wheigh training upper body twice a week, lower body twice a week called sexy Scult 1 lifting heavy heights made by Krissy Mae Cags (google her, she has many depending what you many needs, and her nutrition program have been an eye opener has well- at least for me it has) and doing 15-20 min Hills routine on step-mill machine literally kills me I like you space you cardio with toning but i like to do all in one shot and it work out for me…as finisher and since there a lot of supersets in her programming you get your cardio that way has well..

  36. I started running this January. The last time I ran was in middle school about 20 years ago. I have been using a coaching app on my phone that keeps me motivated. I love watching YouTube videos for tips on running. I know you have talked about your workout clothes in the past here and there, but I would love a dedicated video. Thanks for the recommendation on the yoga videos, I will check that out.
    My goal is a 10k at the end of May, the Bolder Boulder. Yea!!

    1. I’ve thought about it for awhile, but the things is my workout clothes are several years old at least and no longer available…and I didn’t think people would like that they couldn’t get them too.

  37. How about calling it “Healthy Living 2014” since it will be about healthy food and healthy exercise. You could also include other healthy living things like why therapy benefits you (if you want to share) and other things that relate to overall health of your body and mind in addition to fitness stuff. Love all your videos!

  38. Does anyone know how she worked up to running 2-3 miles/half-marathons/marathons? Like how did she work up to that fitness level?

    1. Here is a video I posted a couple of years ago before my first half marathon on the training program I followed – httpvh://

  39. As usual, such wonderful inspiration Jen, thank you so much for sharing this! I love hearing about your fitness and health routines and choices, and I really like the idea of incorporating a wide variety of wellness and healthy living content into MHWL.. in keeping with the theme., maybe call it Jen’s Health Nook? Fit Nook? Not sure I love either, but I would love more posts around workout routines, fitness planning, yoga, recipes (more Cook Nooks from Don please! I love them so!) even hauls centered on workout gear, tech (apps reviews?) and such.
    I re-watched your vlog about your food and fitness journal last night, it was a great match for this post and I’d love to hear about any journaling or tracking updates too.
    Like you I’m an unabashed homebody, and even though I love to run and walk outside whenever possible, I really enjoy home fitness routines… and I recently fell in LOVE with something I think you may enjoy too, given your dance background. I’m rediscovering my inner ballerina self with Barre3 workouts. They offer (reasonably priced) online workout options and have several free routines onine too:
    Don’t miss the free 40-minute “ballet fit”… LOVE!

  40. Hey Jen! I love this video! Thanks for all you do for your whole community here. Quick question – what color nail polish are you wearing in this video? I’ve been looking for this exact color!!

  41. The winter has been brutal this year!! I needed some motivation to get back in gear and this was it! I love this idea Jen! I do not have any suggestions on a title, but thank you just the same for the inspiration! 🙂

  42. Hi Jen!
    I hope all is well with you and your bunch!
    Sending my love your way!

    I have recently found myself dubbing your vlogs and such videos “Housewife Hoot.” Just a suggestion I thought I could throw your way!

    Take care, and keep bee-ing you!

    -Rachel G.

  43. Hey Jen! So, I’m in the market for a treadmill and noticed you have Nordic Track. Can you tell me which one you have? And any issues, if any, you’ve had? I’m willing to fork out the dough, but this has to be the hardest thing to buy! I know you’ve had yours for several years and just wanted to get your thoughts! <3 ya!

    1. I am not home right now so I unfortunately cannot look for you. I’ve had it for over 6 years now and it seems to work just fine, although I honestly only use it in the winter and I never try out the built-in programs. I suggest going to a store where you can try out different makes and models. Most stores have at least a 14 day return/exchange policy, too, so you can use it at home for a couple of weeks before deciding whether or not to keep it. Just make sure you’re clear on their policy before you take the plunge!

  44. Jen you are an inspiration to me! I’ve been watching you since 2012 and I’ve enjoyed every style video you have uploaded on all channels. Keep doing what you are doing, your fans love you! So many women enjoy watching you! I’m 18 years old and enjoy watching what you’re sharing as much as a the married women with children or other housewives! Thank you for still sharing content with us after receiving much negativity, it must be hard. I wish I would have voiced my opinion more during those times so you would have known how much we care for you. You have even inspired me to do a runDisney race one day! My family has visited Disney World yearly since I was born, but I had never thought about doing a race! Hopefully someday soon, and maybe I could even see you there! I would love to meet you one day! Can’t wait to see what you post next Jen!

    Love your forever follower,


  45. Thanks for the post, Jen! I do the elliptical 4-5x/week plus I try to do yoga 1-2x/week. It feels sooo good! I have a quick question
    – what does your 10 min. full body stretch entail? I definitely need to add this to my routine! Appreciate this series as it is definitely an encouragement.

    1. It’s a combination of things I’ve picked up through physical therapy and workouts over the years. Nothing special, just what works for me 🙂

  46. Jen, do you know Blogilates? She has a website and a youtube channel with a ton of free workouts, meal plans, and recipes. Every month, she gives a calendar with exercises to follow, it’s really great! Her workouts are so much fun, but very challenging at the same time. And she sells a lot of cute clothes too.

  47. Hey Jen,
    Could you talk about what you eat to stay healthy and any healthy eating/fitness tips. Thanks loved the video .

  48. Hi Jen! I recently started running and I’m up to 2-2.5 miles about 3 times a week. I’m hoping to have enough stamina to do an 8K in May (mind you I’ve never run before). I feel so good after and I can see why people get addicted to running. To help me prevent injury, can you do a video on your stretching routine? I think that would really help me post run.

    1. I think I’d feel a little self-conscious doing a stretching routine video as I am not a health professional…I don’t know, , I will think about it.

  49. Forgive me if this has been asked before (I’m sure it probably has)… have your go-to breakfasts and lunches changed? If so, could you possibly do an updated video? Or maybe throw some ideas out there? I loved your breakfast/lunch/etc videos from a couple years ago. I just started TIU this week and I’m really struggling with the eating part (I don’t always like what they recommend to eat/their recipes). I KNOW I’m not getting the calories I need. I went out and ate a slice of pepperoni pizza last night and I was STILL under 1000 calories for the day (mostly veggies, lean meat and a fruit the rest of the day). Any advice for a TIU newbie? 🙂

    Watching your videos has inspired me to finally take care of myself! Thank you!

    Last.. how about “The Healthy Bee” for the title?

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Thanks for the title suggestion. 1000 calories a day sounds way too low to me but I am by no means a health expert. Have you thought about adding some healthy fats like nuts, eggs, and avocados to bulk up your diet a bit? We actually need a little fat to process all of the healthy things in our food. Those kinds of foods will also help you feel more satisfied.

      I might do a “What I Ate Wednesday” kind of video like Anna from TheStyleDiet soon and share a typical day of meals for me.

  50. Yay! I LOVED your fitness youtube and it was very timely! After a seemingly NEVER-ENDING winter, I am bored with my fitness routine! Time to switch it up!!

    I am 100% on-board with a fitness series! Can’t wait!

  51. Hi Jen,
    I came to this post / website through your Winnie YT channel, then exploring your blogs. I work out regularly so I was checking out your fitness routine, and it’s motivated me! Lately I’ve been inconsistent with my workouts. Anyway, I have a 7.5 year old male Shih-Tzu, and of course I think he is the cutest, and best dog in the world! I was looking for a video of how to wash the face of a Shih-Tzu. He gets groomed regularly. We keep him short, but his tail is big, fluffy & long, just the way he likes it. Anyway, in between grooming, we need to wash his face, but just wiping it hasn’t been very effective. My husband & I have been reticent to wash his face, because we are terrified of getting water near his nose! He’s my child, and I want to wash his face in a way that will be least traumatizing! Your video clip of bathing Winnie was super helpful. By the way, she’s too cute!! Absolutely adorable!

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