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In addition to my monthly lifestyle favorites I thought it would be fun to also share my current top picks as a new Mommy.  I’m going to talk a bit about my favorite products from the past month as well as hopefully also other things such as activities and venues as my daughter, CC, grows into enjoying those sorts of things later on.  These posts will reflect my favorites based on her age.

All image sources that are not originally my own photos are from the links provided below.  Please be advised that some of the links provided are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links.  This does not cost you any extra when you make a purchase.  I very much appreciate your support of this blog in doing so!

mommy favorites two month old 2016

❊ Carter’s Swaddle Blankets – I battled with the traditional muslin blankets for awhile before I was given a set of these as a gift and finally found swaddle peace.  They’re much smaller and easier to manage in my experience.  I like that they have a bit of stretch to them as well which helps provide a secure yet flexible hold.  CC is growing out of them now but they worked great for the first two and a half months.

❊ Carter’s Burp Cloths – We dealt with quite a bit of spit ups in the second month and these burp cloths got a lot of use.  They’re a great size that stay on my shoulder well.  I like the cotton jersey and terry cloth materials.  Plus they’re not too pricey, which made me feel more justified in buying a couple packs as it’s nice to have a whole bunch of clean ones on hand.

mommy favorites baby wraps 2016

❊ Solly Baby Wrap – I’ve become a baby-wearing Mama!  I started out with the Solly Baby Wrap at about 3 weeks postpartum when I felt strong enough after my c-section to support CC in this way.  In the beginning I always wore the wrap with a Belly Bandit (this one fit my short torso the best) underneath for extra support.  I love the Solly wrap for how secure it feels on.  Plus, you can’t beat the fabric!

❊ Baby K’tan – As I started to wear CC more and more each day I decided I wanted to try another kind of wrap that was a bit easier to get on and off (CC didn’t care for the ring sling, which is another easy on and off design).  The Solly is super long and requires a specific wrapping technique that can take a few minutes to do properly.  The Baby K-tan takes the wrapping out of the wrap.  It’s the same baby-wearing concept but with a user friendly design that’s easy to pop on and off.  I use it every day and highly recommend it to the baby-wearing newbie!

Pacidose – We needed a way to administer medication and other liquid remedies to CC and the typical syringe style applicator did not work.  It’s difficult to control how abruptly liquid comes out of the syringe, which would sometimes make CC gag.  She’d almost always spit out some or all of the liquid.  The pacidose is an ingenious tool that makes it easy to give liquid doses without any choking, gagging, or spitting out.  Once CC got used to it she started sucking the liquid out on her own.

❊ 4Moms Infant Tub – CC loves bath time and I love this tub that makes me feel confident bathing her.  It fits perfectly in our double sink in the kitchen, which helps save my back while she is this small and needs constant monitoring and support.  I really like the design which features a clean reservoir that flows into the main area with an outflow drain for dirty water.  The built-in temperature gauge is handy as well.

❊ Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge – As much as I love the 4Moms tub it doesn’t come with the most supportive cushion for a newborn.  I paid less than $6 for this contoured sponge which fits perfectly in the tub and provides much more support and comfort for CC during bath time.

❊ Shea Moisture Baby Extra Mild Wash & Shampoo – I use this extra mild wash on CC’s hair and body during bath time.  I like that it is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.  We have yet to have any issues with baby acne or cradle cap and I think it’s because we use this super gentle wash.

❊ – I spent quite a bit of time in my glider nursing CC during her second month as we forged through growth spurts, developmental leaps, and reflux issues.  There were many times when I felt a bit lost as a new Mama with no past experience to draw upon.  I did a lot of one-handed web surfing while I nursed to try to find answers to my many questions.  During one particularly rough period when CC was almost 6 weeks old I stumbled across this post about the 6 week growth spurt.  Reading about this woman’s experience was a turning point for me during a time when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed.  It confirmed that what CC and I were experiencing was not only normal but a necessary part of our breastfeeding journey and bonding experience.  I ended up reading almost every blog post over the course of the month and found answers to many of those nagging question marks hanging over my head.  I haven’t “found my tribe” yet (fancy lingo for spending time with like-minded mamas), but this blog was a start in helping me feel less alone in my journey.

I talk about each item in more detail in this video:

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of my top picks for my two month old.  I would love to know what some of your Mommy favorites are if you care to share!


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30 thoughts on “Mommy Favorites | Two Month Old”

  1. Jen, I feel like I am starting my journey at the same time as you. My little Hugo is 9 weeks old and thriving. I too as a new mummy feel a little overwhelmed and have questions constantly. In order to remain a little less anxious about things I have avoided baby books and my midwife and Heath visitors agreed this was a good option. I’m the sort of person that would take everything in an freak out if things didn’t happen ‘by the book’, so learning all about the little one I was blessed with has been my way. Products I have loved – the Bugaboo Buffalo Escape. I absolutely love pushing this pram. The Pacapod Firenze changing bag is the most beautifully designed leather bag with a handy mummy friendly function, certainly worth checking out. My favourite toy products have got to be the ones by Lamaze. They just grab his attention like no other. They are so colourful and have so many different textures and noises. Our favourite is Sir Prance a-lot! Perfect for our little Prince.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us! I look forward to your updates!

    Charlotte x

    1. I know what you mean about information overload…I have found some of the best help from personal blogs and forums in my online searches. Thanks for sharing your faves, too!

      1. I agree! Real people finding their way through an sharing best practice! It feels a little more ‘human’ and ‘real’ from blogging mums! Xx

  2. Hey Jen! It is so nice as a longtime viewer to see how happy motherhood has made you. I always felt in my heart that you were having trouble conceiving a baby. I could also see how great of an aunt you were to Gracie. Charlotte was a gift from God and I am so happy for you and Don. She has no idea how blessed she is to have you and Don as her parents! I have one quick question and I understand if you can’t share, but are you and Auntie again to a little boy yet!?!?. Congrats again and can not wait to see where this journey if motherhood takes you.

  3. Hello Jen,

    Fantastic products. Only wish the “information super highway” was buzzing when I had my “little squirrels” 20 years ago. Probably no time, or head space, but us older viewers would still like to see if/how you decorated for the seasons this year. No problem though either way. Keep up the great Mummy work.

  4. Even though it has been 36 years since my first son was born, I totally was able to re-live those feelings of being a new mom! You and Don are awesome parents, all children should be so lucky!!! Charlotte is adorable!

  5. Its amazing how much has changed in the last 20 years in terms of baby gadgets (still cant comprehend the snot sucker ha ha ,I’d never heard of that before but hey if it works, fantastic, love the snazzy bath tub too! Hope things are going well for you and don’t worry Jen its perfectly natural for you to feel anxious and overwhelmed at times, every single new mum on the planet goes through the same thing (having a new bub is a huge adjustment and sometimes you wonder how someone so small (and adorable) can cause so much trouble lol, but you will adjust, CC is looking so sweet and healthy so you are doing a great job Mumma! 🙂
    take care

    1. Thanks for your encouragement! It’s nice to know that others experience the same feelings from time to time ☺️

  6. Jen I highly recommend the Wonder Weeks Ap. It helps you know when they are going through developmental spurts and what to expect and what’s happening. It also helps explain some fussiness and neediness etc as they grow. I loved this ap!

  7. How I miss wearing my little guy. Love that you’ve become a fan. The last wrap you showed looks like heaven. I remember those moments when he just couldn’t wait for me to get that thing on fast enough!

    Also glad to hear that you weren’t battling anything more serious. (PPD) I was a little worried when you didn’t update for a bit. Things must have been a bit overwhelming, especially navigating through her reflux issues. While better now, that feeling is something you’ll face from time to time as a mommy. It’s definitely worse when you’re just learning to be a new mom, but this tends to be part of the territory. You just learn how to handle it a bit better.

    Have you looked into any mom & baby groups in your area? One regret I admit I had with mine was waiting to join something. I wanted him to be a little older to use this for HIS socialization, but bonding with other moms is priceless for you, too. There is a great wealth of info online, but nothing compares to someone you can really talk to. Having another woman, a new friend, going through those same stages might be just what you need along this new journey of your life.

    1. It’s funny you should mention it because I just started looking online for local groups yesterday! It’s a bit nerve wracking as I’m not really comfortable in new social situations but I want to give it a go for sure.

      1. Jen, I am exactly the same. Don’t give up though. The first group I tried was definitely not for me at all. Stomach in knots and completely uncomfortable with those ladies. I couldn’t leave fast enough! But I tried another in time. It was a much better fit and worked out great. I believe you live in a bigger area, too. You should have lots of options. It did wonders for my social anxiety and definitely helped as he got older. A new world of adventure and stressful situations await when they start school. Good luck in your search for what works out for you!

  8. In most parts of Africa and many parts of Asia…..babies are carried on the backs with cloth, while the mother gets all her work done around the house and very very efficient….I loved carrying my children this way 🙂

  9. Check out I think as Cece gets older you’ll love it! There’s also a great community of Tula wearers, on facebook Tula Love. Anyway, I have been watching your videos for a really long time and always been a huge fan! I am an even bigger fan now that Cece is around, I mean who wouldn’t be? She is just so precious! I also love your parenting philosophy! You cannot spoil a newborn. You are a breastfeeding, baby wearing mama like myself. It all goes wayy to fast, my babe is 13 months now and it feels like yesterday that she was just 2 months old. Anyway, snuggle that little beauty, and happy babywearing! You are doing amazing 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip & encouragement! I’ve looked at Tula but I want to see if CC like the Ergo 360 we already have before I purchase something else.

  10. Hi Jen. I was interested to find out if CC is still sleeping in her Halo bassinest, especially with the reflux issues or if you’ve moved on to something else? I’m currently looking at sleepers for baby #2 and many mamas review that their LO didn’t enjoy the Halo for long but favored the Rock N’Play

    1. I moved CC into her Rock ‘N Play after the refux diagnosis for naps and night-time sleep. I transitioned her into her crib about 2 weeks ago but we have that on an incline as well. The Halo is great and for non-refluxy babies. It’s a super safe design. You have to be a lot more vigilant with the Rock ‘N Play because of its construction, but it was a necessity for us during the worst of the reflux.

  11. Jen- I thought this might be the best platform to reach you on. I just want you to know, it’s been amazing watching your growth. We are close in age and I feel like you’ve taught me
    So much! Your family is beautiful and you look as happy as can be! I hope we see more vlogging some day, but if not, I totally get it. Thank you for your positivity, it’s so refreshing.

  12. I’ve got to say I can’t believe someone hasn’t come up with something like the pacidose sooner, it makes so much sense and must be so much more pleasant for the babies. I’ve never seen anything like it before!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  13. Hi Jen- I love your vlogs and your blogs. I’ve been watching you for years and I just love your spirit and positive energy. I don’t do Instagram or snapchat so I will just continue looking for anything I can get. Good luck with mommy hood and figuring things out. Things always work out in the end:)Much love- Sally

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