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I can’t believe we’re at the 10 month mark already!  In less than two months my baby will be one year old.  What?  Does not compute!  All kidding aside, the days are flying by and I’m doing my best to soak in every moment of Charlotte’s babyhood.  I relish shared moments with her throughout the day as we laugh and play together.  Today I’m sharing some of my mama picks from 9 to 10 months, including the cutest rompers and headbands, a few favorite toys & books, some food gear, and the ultimate diaper subscription.

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mommy favorites 10 month old 2016

Tea Collection Rompers – I absolutely love CC in rompers.  Not only are they much easier to manage with diaper changes, they’re also waistband free which I can only imagine is more comfortable for her.  Not to mention she looks absolutely darling in them!  Tea Collection’s rompers are hands down my favorite.  They’re well made, wash well, and come in super cute patterns and cuts.

SweetIvie Headbands – If you’re in the market for the most beautiful felt flower baby headbands, look no further than this Etsy shop!  Everything from the quality of the wool to the details in the flowers is picture perfect (Literally! CC wore a couple of these to our recent family portrait session).  They’re easy to wear thanks to the super stretchy nylon elastic.  I plan on extending our use of these when CC is a bit older by cutting the nylon and gluing the flowers onto hair clips.

Little Poppy Co – A baby bow subscription service?  Sign me up!  I subscribed a few months ago and am so happy I did, because it has provided us with a beautiful variety of bows in different colors and textures.  For $11.99 a month you receive three handmade bows either on nylon elastics or hair clips (you choose).  I think this would make an especially thoughtful gift for someone expecting a baby girl.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical Toy – CC is all about her music toys lately.  In fact, anytime she’s near one she has to continually make it play before she’ll go back to playing with something else.  The girl likes a bit of background music!  It’s incredibly cute how insistent she is upon it.  The Baby Neptune turtle is probably her favorite of the musical toys we have right now.  I like that it plays a selection of popular classical music tunes, which are easier to listen to over and over again as compared to some other musical toys we have (not to name names….Welcome to our learning farm, we have lots to show you! Raise your hand if you know what I’m referring to 😉 .

Baby Einstein Rock Light and Roll Guitar Toy – Baby Einstein makes great musical toys.  This little guitar is such a fun twist on the average push-a-button style toy.  It makes electric guitar music when baby pushes the numbered buttons on the neck and acoustic when she “strums” the ball.  The guitar plays the same popular classical tunes that Baby Einstein uses in many of its musical toys.  The handle make it easy to hold (and gum on!).  The light up headstock is a fun bonus feature.

Never Touch A Monster Board Book – I happened upon this while shopping for groceries at Whole Foods of all places last month grouped with some Halloween items.  I showed it to CC who was sitting in the cart and she immediately lunged for it.  It’s a super cute story complete with bright colors and fun textures.  This book has quickly become one of CC’s top picks in our home library!

Beaba Second Stage Ergonomic Baby Cutlery – CC eats mostly finger food at the moment but over the past month she’s shown interest in how I use utensils, so I bought her these second stage spoons and forks so she could practice.  She’s particular fond of the fork.  She doesn’t feed herself completely independently with it yet, but she’s definitely heading in that direction.  I like how baby friendly the design of this cutlery is, especially since CC enjoys gumming, poking, and throwing it so much.  I want to let her explore and experiment with utensils without worrying about her hurting herself and these fit the bill!

Nuby No-Spill Cup with Flex Straw – I’m a big fan of straw water bottles myself so it was no surprise to me when CC figured out the straw a couple of months ago.  After all, she’s had lots of time to observe me using one!  I picked this set up at Target, because I thought they looked the most leak proof.  I’m happy to report that they really are for the most part!  CC absolutely adores her straw cups and always likes to have one with her when playing or in the car.  They come apart into three pieces and are easy to clean and assemble.

Honest Company Diaper Bundle – I’ve used Honest Company diapers on CC since she grew out of newborn size all those months ago and have always been pleased with them.  After a couple of months of buying them at Target I realized I could subscribe to Honest Company’s diaper bundle.  I worked out that while I’d only save a few bucks on diapers, I’d get the included four packs of wipes for free.  We use Honest wipes for everything around here, including all sorts of baby related reasons and even for our dog, Winnie’s paws after walks.  I like that you can also add up to three additional items to your bundle for 25% off, which is especially useful since I buy other Honest products on a regular basis.  The bundle is customizable in terms of frequency of delivery, diaper prints, and sizes.  It’s also so convenient to have a big box of diapers show up on my doorstep on a regular basis!  I highly recommend it if you like Honest diapers.

I talk about each item in more detail in this video:

I hope you enjoyed this look at my top picks for my ten month old.  I would love to know what some of your Mommy favorites are if you care to share!


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7 thoughts on “Mommy Favorites | Ten Month Old”

  1. Pls. keep the posts coming, I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, as a first time mom of an almost 8MO baby myself, I find your videos incredibly helpful and love to learn about new helpful tips for raising my baby. and over the months I have purchased a few of the items you have recommended… so Thanks!
    I would really enjoy to hear your thoughts on baby food, recipes that Charlotte like or even resources you use in order to keep her menu healthy and yummy….

  2. Please keep up the monthly videos. We really miss watching you. Miss your daily vlogs, Dons cooking videos, decorating videos etc!
    I wish you would do another tour of Charlottes room now that she`s older, a tour of her room in Utah (you never did that one!), video of you & Don interacting with Charlotte. A cooking video with Charlotte sitting at the island with you would be nice to watch! And PLEASE do a Christmas House Tour again.
    In a nutshell we just miss watching you and your family!!!

  3. Hi Jen! I know this is completely off topic but I was wondering if you could do a holiday children’s book recommendations blog post/video? I love holiday books and would love to see your recommendations!

  4. I get great ideas from these videos! Maybe for continuing after a year, you could add a baby category to your lifestyle favorites and share 1-2 things you love for CC that month in those videos.

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