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Half a year old already!  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, and we’re certainly having a lot of fun over here!  Today I’m sharing a few of my new Mama picks from the 5-6 month period, including some teething must haves, the best baby carrier, and some of my daughter, CC’s current favorite toys.

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mommy favorites six month old 2016

❊ Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Infant Bibs – CC’s cut her first two teeth!  Teething means drool.  A serious amount of drool.  I like having one of these terrycloth bibs on hand when the drool starts to get overwhelming.  It saves CC’s outfit from getting soaked.  Fortunately, we now seem to be over the excessive drool hump but when the next round of teething starts up I’m happy to have these on hand to keep CC dry.

❊ Lifefactory Multi-Sensory Silicone Teething Rings – A good teething ring can make all the difference in my baby’s mood when her gums are sore, especially when she’s in her car seat or stroller.  We love these super flexible and soft teething rings by Lifefactory, the same company that makes my favorite glass water bottles.  They’re easy to grab and have different textures for the ultimate gumming experience.

❊ Lillebaby Complete Airflow Baby Carrier – I tried to love the Ergo 360 I purchased during last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but it just never worked for us.  It wasn’t comfortable for me or CC, so I combed through online reviews of other soft structured carriers in hopes of finding the right fit.  I am so happy I decided to go with the Lillebaby Complete Airflow.  It’s designed to be used from birth through toddlerhood with adjustments that can easily accommodate the size of your child.  It’s super comfortable to wear thanks to the lumbar support panel.  The mesh material is durable but allows for some breathability, which is so important during these hot summer months.  It’s a must-have in my books!

❊ Twelve Bees Organic Drool Pads – Once CC discovered the delight of gumming on the Lillebaby straps, I began a search for drool pads on Etsy.  These are pieces of fabric that secure around the straps with baby-safe snaps to absorb the drool.  They save me having to wash our carrier all of the time since we use it daily.  I love these organic ones by Twelve Bees.  The organic terry backing provides even more absorbency and they’re super soft against baby’s face.

❊ Bunnsy – CC’s lovie has been our number one favorite for a few months now.  Basically, it’s a Jellycat Soother Blankie and Aden & Anais Security Blanket sewed together.  If you’d like to learn more about Bunnsy, I dedicated a whole post to him including a tutorial.

❊ Jellycat Tails Books – These soft-sided books make playtime so much fun!  They come in a variety of themes.  We have Pony Tails and Fishy Tails, both thoughtful gifts.  They’re colorful, crinkly, and chock full of different textures.  I love that they also come with a velcro loop to secure to a play gym, carseat, or stroller.  Plus, they’re absolutely adorable!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo – Ah, the jumperoo….CC absolutely loves this thing.  It’s like babies gone wild when she gets in it.  She jumps and squeals and shrieks with delight!  It’s basically a stationary activity jumper, complete with fun tunes and motion activated animal noises.  We have ours parked right at the entrance to our kitchen.  It’s the perfect way to keep CC entertained and secure for a few minutes while I put together her meals.  I forgot to include a photo in the collage above, but you can see it in action in the photo below.  That party face says it all!

mommy favorites cc 6 months

❊ Carter’s Rompers – CC has been living in these snap-up rompers this summer.  Not only are they perfect for the hot and muggy weather we’ve been experiencing lately, but they’re super easy to get on and off for messy meal-times (we just started purees a few weeks ago).  Easy baby outfits are always a win, but when they’re this cute I’ll take half a dozen, please. 😉 – I like to include an online resource with my monthly favorites.  I’ve actually come across many times via a variety of searches over the past six months so I figured it was about time I share about it.  I really like the humorous tone mixed with useful tips and strategies for new parents (this post is an excellent example of that).  I found this post especially helpful when CC was still in the newborn phase for helping me provide more structure to our days.  Even though I never followed a set in stone schedule for her, I appreciated the tips I gleaned from that post during those challenging first few months.   It’s not a blog I check up on regularly, but I do find myself coming back to it for specific inquiries from time to time.

I talk about each item in more detail in this video:

I hope you enjoyed this look at my top picks for my six month old.  I would love to know what some of your Mommy favorites are if you care to share!


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12 thoughts on “Mommy Favorites | Six Month Old”

  1. great post. are you still going to be doing blog posts like this?
    would you be up to snapping some of your favorite books you like to read to cc?

    thanks cannot wait for the next post. you are my favorite blog and youtuber

    1. Yes, I still plan to post my monthly Mommy Faves and I will include favorite books from time to time 🙂

  2. Just have to say that I think you a wonderful human being! Your so kind and a great mommy to your daughter! I just want to say I am a huge supporter, and love the blog and your YouTube channel!!💞 Enjoy the rest of your summer with your sweet family!

  3. Thanks for the post!
    Our 6 month old loves to play with her unbreakable mirror and to chew on Sophie the giraff! The mirror (a mirror on wheels)can keep her occupied for at least 15 minutes 🙂 Do you still find the Baby Björn bouncer useful? My baby girl wants to climb out of the bouncer, so I think we are done using it..

  4. Loved this post. Making notes since I’m due in January. Would love to see your favorite baby carriers from birth to now. I’ve seen a few on your posts but wondering what your recommendations are.

    1. I recommend the Baby K’Tan for the newborn months and the Lillebaby Complete for when they’re a bit bigger – my two faves by far!

  5. I’m in love with the baby Einsteins activity center I bought it at Babies R Us. It’s been really helpful to entertain my babies.

  6. I just want to say I really enjoy you videos and I have really liked watching your baby favourites. I am expecting my second girl I 8 weeks and it is fun to get input from other mothers.
    Now I might give you a tipe 😊 I am from Norway. The home of the tripp trapp chair. I thought that it was so great that you decided to go for this chair for CC. If you take care of it she will have a chair for life. My four year old is currently using the chair I got from my parents as a child. That should make the chair a bit over 30 years old and it is still great.
    I can also highly recommend the seat padding for it. It will lett CC site more steady in it. It is kind of the same function as the one you bought to hAve in the shoppingcarts when out.

    Thank you so much for let us take part in you and your families life.

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