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Spring, at last!  This past month has been all about exploring with my daughter, Charlotte (CC), as it’s finally warm enough to get out and about on a daily basis.  A lot of my favorites from the 3-4 month mark include accessories to help make our outdoor adventures more comfortable.  CC is also much more interested in toys now so I’m including a few of her top picks in as well.

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❊ Zutano Baby Booties – We were given a pair of these at my shower and I’m so glad we were, because they have become an essential accessory for CC.  We used the fleece version in the colder months and I recently purchased the cotton ones for spring and summer.  They’re so much easier than trying to force a shoes onto squirmy little baby feet!  They provide a nice extra foot layer without bulk and actually stay on CC’s feet even when she’s practicing her kicks.

❊ Zutano Sun Hat – I bought the matching sun hat, because, why not match if you can.  I kid (kind of 😉 ).  I actually picked this one out because I liked that it had a more manageable brim size for everyday wear, especially when cruising in the stroller or baby wearing.  So many baby sun hats have super wide brims which I imagine is great for stand alone use at the park or beach, but a bit less practical in my mind for everyday use.  I also like how long the strap ties are making it super easy to secure to CC’s noggin when it’s especially blustery outside.

❊ Roshambo Baby Shades – I figured out early on that CC was pretty light sensitive, especially to sunshine (even indirect – I always make sure her face is shaded).  I bought a pair of these cutie-patootie sunglasses with no expectations that they might work out and was pleasantly surprised to find that she took to them immediately.  It’s made our outdoor time so much more enjoyable for CC as she’s no longer squinting and straining in the light.  They’re lightweight, flexible, and too stinkin’ cute.

cc roshambo baby shades 2016

❊ Stroller Blankets – We received so many blankets as gifts, which has provided us with a plethora of options to choose from when venturing outside.  I thought I’d share some of my current favorites in this post.  Word to the wise – don’t buy baby blankets if you’re expecting until after your shower.  You’ll most likely receive more than you need as it seems to be the most popular baby gift.

• Pottery Barn Chamois Stroller Blanket – This super soft beauty is my go-to heavy weight blanket for chillier days.  It is incredibly cozy!

• Pottery Barn Dots & Stripe Chamois Stroller Blanket – I love this gorgeous mid-weight blanket for its silky feel.  CC loves to stroke it!

• MJK Knits Personalized Striped Baby Blanket – I use this fun stripey blanket as a mid-weight option for slightly warmer days.  I love that it has her name on it.

• Aden & Anais Organic Swaddle – So many people rave about these muslin swaddle blankets.  I could never get them to work for us as actual swaddles, but they’re great as lightweight blankets.  I prefer the organic version which has a nice, soft texture.  It’s the perfect lightweight option.

❊ Dr. Seuss Bright & Early Board Books – We’re big on books in the Ross house.  CC’s board book collection has grown quite a bit over the past month.  We’re especially fond of the Dr. Seuss Bright & Early board books with their vibrant pictures and fun rhyming schemes.  They’re small and lightweight making them perfect to pop in the diaper bag for on-the-go entertainment.

❊ Youkidoo Baby Gym and Play Mat – This play gym is the ultimate baby center!  The folks at Youkidoo have thought of everything from the eye-catching patterns, high contrast color scheme, and multi-function toys.  It even comes with a motorized car and track that allows you to attach a toy beneath to rotate and dangle either above baby when they’re on their back looking up, or in front of them when they’re on their bellies for tummy time.  CC loves this play gym and is especially fond of the crinkly/rattle robot plush toys that came with it.  We did have an issue with the car that came with the mat dying after just a few days.  The customer service at Youkidoo responded quickly to our claim and sent out a replacement car within a few days.  Good customer service can’t be beat!

❊ Sassy Chime Bird – Chimey-Bird, as we’ve come to call it, was CC’s first toy crush.  When she first started showing real interest in objects (closer to the 3 month mark), this was the one that grabbed her attention first and for the longest.  She seems to enjoy toys that chime.  For what it’s worth, this one has a nice chime sound.  Although she’s now moved onto enjoy a wider variety of picks, Chimey-Bird will always have a special place in my heart as her first favorites – I came across this blog written by a pediatric occupational therapist and mama in my search for ways to make tummy time more tolerable (CC has never been a fan).  The tips I’ve found on this blog have really helped us with not only tummy time, but other interactive activities as well.  I like the casual yet informative tone of the blog and plethora of ideas for how to play with your baby in a constructive way.

I talk about each item in more detail in this video:

I hope you enjoyed this look at my top picks for my four month old.  I would love to know what some of your Mommy favorites are if you care to share!


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15 thoughts on “Mommy Favorites | Four Month Old”

  1. Loved your video and it was so sweet to see Charlotte playing on her mat, it made me remember when my daughter was that age!! Those booties would have been a lifesaver, such a great idea…will keep them in mind if I’m lucky enough to have another child in the future. Also agree about the blankets…we were gifted loads too lol! Definitely can never have too many books! Have you seen the Usborne range called ‘That’s not my…’? I think you should be able to get them in America, they are touchy feely and our daughter still loves them at 2 years old! Another favourite rhyming book is the classic, ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’…it is so sweet to listen to our little girl say the missing words now and find the people on the page…can be interactive when she is a older as well as enjoying the rhyme when she is younger. Enjoy every minute with your little one xxxx

  2. Hi, this is Christie from! I’m so happy to hear you have found helpful tips and information on my site, and I am so flattered by the kind words you shared. Congrats on making it past the 4 month mark, it really does get even better from here on out!

  3. Hi Jen,
    I’m not sure if you said it in another video, but what is the name of the baby carrier that you have in the picture with you and cc. I loved how on snapchat you talked about it. I think the mesh would be great for the summer months. I have a becco butterfly and think my baby girl would be too hot in it in the summer.

    My other question is: how did you know cc had silent reflux. My little Lexi has been absolutely miserable at 6 weeks and has started to spit up a lot more frequently and isn’t sleeping that great in During the day anymore.

    1. It’s the Lillebaby Complete Airflow – we love it! As for the reflux, I could tell because I could actually hear the liquid coming back up in her throat after feeding which she would most of the time just painfully swallow back (hence the silent reflux). Plus she had all of the classic reflux symptoms as well.

      1. My daughter is 6 weeks old and I think she might have it. She’s been so fussy lately and not sleeping like she used to. I’m glad you said that about the swallowing because I didn’t understand what she was doing after nursing or how there was that much milk in her mouth. I also noticed that she sleeps best on an incline so off to buybuybaby I went to get a wedge for her mattress and I picked up the sound machine that you had recommended too. Right around the time she hit one month is when she became fussier and not sleeping. My heart breaks for her that she’s so sad.

  4. My nephew really likes cameras so whenever someone tries to take a photo of him he starts coming for it so most photos ended up blurred for a while!

  5. Is CC enrolled in any play groups? Are you planning to sign her up for daycare/play groups? My daughter and I do a mommy and me class 3x a week and she absolutely loves it and I have enjoyed meeting other mothers as well! I encourage you to sign up if you have not already done so.

  6. I see that you have a passion for Playtex Living Gloves. You wear them for all your cleaning and washing. Does that include Charlotte’s bath? I want to see a video of you giving Charlotte her bath while wearing Playtex Gloves.

  7. Hi Jen, I love your mommy favorites blogs. I have a 4 month old son and love seeing your recommendations for different toys for his age group.

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