Miscellaneous Monthlies: March 2014

Happy Spring! It may still be quite chilly, but at least we’re getting some April showers to wash away the dust and grime leftover from the snow melt. I always kick off the beginning of a new month with my monthly favorites mini series videos on TBBB, starting with my Miscellaneous Monthlies where I share some of my favorite things from the past month (not including beauty – my Beauty Buzz update is coming soon!) in the video below:


I would love to know what some of your miscellaneous favorites from March were. Leave a comment if you care to share! Let’s hope April brings warm, sunny days along with some rain to help the flowers bloom! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monthlies: March 2014”

  1. Hi, Jen; your hair’s looking longer and fuller. Hope you’re feeling as good as you look. Happy Spring.

  2. I was going to ask about your nail polish and then I checked your positively polished page and saw that it was the Neve one from Zoya. I got that in an Ipsy bag a few months back and I love it. I’ve also fallin in love with Zoya nail polish thanks to you and Ipsy. LOL As a matter of fact it was a February favorite for me on my blog!

  3. Hi Jen – loved hearing about your miscellaneous monthlies. (I’m also catching up on Vampire Diaries Season 4, too!) I just wanted to share something with you that you might be interested in – a little while ago you shared some products from Kikki.K on your blog and they recently came out with a really beautiful Thankful Journal. I know you keep a gratitude journal and thought I’d send the link your way. It’s a gorgeous little book.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  4. Thanks for sharing Jen

    I adore Bridget Jones!

    This month I’ve been listening to the new Lea Michele album on repeat, its so good!!

    I’ve also been watching The Tudors season 2 which I also love (probably mostly to see Henry Cavill though lol!)

    You’ve made me want to start knitting again too its just finding the time that’s the problem.

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