Miscellaneous Monthlies: August 2014

September is here and it’s time to kick off the beginning of a new month with my monthly favorites mini series on TBBB, starting with my Miscellaneous Monthlies where I share some of my favorite things from the past month with you.  Since we spent the entire month of August at the family vacation home in Utah, most of the things you’ll see in this post are either items I leave out there or things I acquired during our stay.

Clothes & Accessories


✻ Lucky Brand Golden State Crop (no longer available) – I’ve talked about these crop jeans during previous stays at the Utah house.  I bought these from the Lucky Brand outlet several years ago and haven’t seen the same model since.  They are wonderfully comfortable with a bit of a rustic feel thanks to some distressing.  I lived in them all month long!

Billabong Between the Lines Sweater – My parents spent a long weekend with us at the house earlier on in the month and my Mom bought me this beautiful sweater as a thank you gift when we were out shopping in Park City.  I love the gorgeous blue color, super soft feel, and comfy fit so much I brought it home with me and hope to order another one in a lighter color.

Cloud Necklace – I have had my eye out for a cloud necklace for awhile now and stumbled upon this beauty during an Etsy browse.  It’s exactly what I had in mind!  I love the old adage “Every cloud has a silver lining” and this silver outline of the cloud suits me perfectly!

Silverware Bracelet – I had a chance to go to Swiss Days, a local annual crafts fair, over the last weekend we were in Utah, and couldn’t pass up this beautiful bracelet.  It’s made from antique sterling silverware handles that have been cut and bent into shape to form a bangle style bracelet.  The purple crystal in the center really brings the design together.  It is unique and lovely!


✻ Fossil Marlow Flap Crossbody (no longer available) – I like leaving a couple of bags out at the Utah house so I don’t have to bring a purse when I come for a visit.  I purchased this bag on sale last year at Macy’s and look forward to carrying it every time I come back to Utah.  I put up a Bag Buzz post last year sharing a closer look at the bag and my thoughts on it, which you can see here if you’re interested.

✻ Sherpani Milli Shoulder Bag – I’ve used and loved this bag as my dog walking bag out in Utah for a few years now.  It is lightweight but offers lots of pockets and places to store things.  They no longer offer it in this color, but the overall design looks similar.

✻ Erin Condren Party Pops iPhone Case – As you probably already know, I am a huge Erin Condren fan, particularly of all of the fun, whimsical, and cheery designs.  I really love this customizable phone case in one of my favorite designs, Party Pops.  Not only is it too cute to boot, it offers great protection with a built in compression cushion on the interior of the case.  I dropped my phone many times on the hard tile floors at the house and this case did its job and protected my phone perfectly.

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Home Goods

TBBB_09-03-2014_03✻ Caldrea Candle in Orange Blossom – I purchased a couple of candles in my latest Target Haul for use as relaxation.  I also burned them while I was doing my daily yoga practice.  I love the soft floral scent of this one by Caldrea.  I’m not sure if they’re discontinuing the line because it seems like this scent is no longer available and the rest are on clearance, but I do recommend it and would definitely purchase more if I saw them back in stock.

✻ Mason Jar Pomelo Lime Candle – I seem to have a love/hate relationship with lime scented candles where I love how they smell in the store but then I find them too sickeningly sweet when I get them home and burn them.  This one, however, passed the test and smells the same lit and unlit.  Yay!  It also pairs beautifully with the Caldrea candle.



The Lego Movie – We didn’t watch any TV shows over the past month, but did see a few movies, including this cute flick.  I found it a bit silly, but it had some funny moments.  Everything is awesome!

Chicago – One of my favorite musical movies of all time, I was so happy to snatch this up at Target for 8 bucks!  The cast is amazing!  I especially love Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones in it.

Bossypants by Tina Fey – I finally finished this audiobook after taking a month off of listening to it.  One of my favorite things to do this August was to listen to books on tape while I knit.  I loved this laugh-out-loud book narrated by Tina Fey herself.

✻ Seriously…I’m Kidding by Ellen Degeneres – I guess it’s clear that I am drawn to female comedian autobiographies narrated by the author’s themselves when it comes to audiobooks.  I really like Ellen’s uplifting, can-do attitude combined with her funny anecdotes and words of encouragement.

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Yes! by Jason Mraz – I’ve been a big fan of Jason Mraz’s music for the past year and was so excited to see he had a new album this summer.  I find his music both soothing and uplifiting.  I especially like the song “3 Things,” which I listen to (and sing along to) whenever I could use a little pick-me-up.

Golden by Lady Antebellum – I’ve only gotten into country music in the past five years or so, but definitely count this band as one of my top picks in the genre.  They sing so pretty!  Plus, the songs are catchy and easy to belt along to in the car.  I’m particularly fond of the song “Get To Me” from this album.  I hear they have another album coming out this fall.  Can’t wait!

SacconeJolys – This fun family of ten (2 adults + 2 kiddos + 6 dogs) is one of my favorite vlog-style channels to watch on YouTube.  I especially have been enjoying their videos from their trip to Sorrento, Italy, since we’re going to Venice and Lake Como later this month.  They’re a sweet family with a knack for keeping it real and positive in their videos.

Tasty Treats

OJ_TBBB_09-03-2014_05✻ Dark Chocolate Truffles – I am a chocaholic, through and through!  While I’ve always preferred milk chocolate, I’ve been trying to develop a palette for dark chocolate lately as I’ve heard it retains more of the health benefits of cacao than the sweeter varieties.  I’ve been really into small daily indulgences of a truffle or two, alternating between Black Truffles by Alter Eco and Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles.  They’re both absolutely delicious, decadent, and delightful!

✻ Pineapple – Every summer I go gaga over pineapple.  It’s so refreshing in the warmer months!  This antioxidant rich food also totes many health benefits.  You can read more about them here if you’re interested.  It’s a wonderful substitution for dessert, especially when served chilled on a warm summer evening.

If you’d like to hear more about my thoughts about my August favorites, check out this video:

I would love to know what some of your August favorites were so if you care to share, please do! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, wherever you are! :o)

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3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monthlies: August 2014”

  1. Lots of fun stuff! The bracelet from Swiss Days is so pretty.

    You had mentioned the SacconeJolys a while back so I checked them out. I’ve been loving their Italy pictures and videos. I was born in Naples but came to the US around six months old. I’ve never had the desire to go back but their pictures make me want to jump on a plane right now!

  2. You got me addicted to the SacconeJolys last year and I have been watching them everyday for the past year. Isn’t Emilia adorable??? Anna gives a lot of great beauty tips too, and Jonathan is so hilarious and positive. Puts me in a good mood for sure.
    I hear you with the chocolate love. Have you ever tried the Theo brand of chocolates?? It is one of my favorite chocolate bars. They are a company based in Seattle.
    As always, love your videos and thanks for sharing!

  3. Great Miscellaneous Monthlies!
    I love the idea of having that cute jar of those delicious truffle chocolates in your room! I can’t live without chocolate either (and wouldn’t want to live in a world without chocolate ;)), and always have a piece or two of dark chocolate every day too. I especially like Camino’s mint dark chocolate. I find the mint gives the dark chocolate something special.
    Loved Ellen’s book too, I’ve read that one twice 🙂

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