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Happy fall, y’all!  I think a lot of people get jazzed about fall for the same reasons as me: gorgeous, mild weather, beautiful foliage, the return of pumpkin everything, and the anticipation of the holidays quickly following suit.  I find this time of year so energizing!  Today I’m going to share some of my favorite things from the past month as the seasons changed with you, ranging from clothing, accessories, and beauty items to home goods, multi-media picks, and food.

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lifestyle favorites september 2016

Clothes & Accessories

❊ Bobeau Long Cardigan – I LOVE this sweater!  I’ve basically lived in it all month long. In fact, I’m wearing it right now as I type!  It’s the perfect weight for early fall and oh, so soft!  I have my eye on the black version, as well, since I literally wear my grey one every single day.  It’s the perfect layering option right now.

❊ J.W. Hulme Co. Legacy Backpack – I scoured the internet for the *perfect* backpack purse for months.  I’m so glad I took my time, because I finally found my perfect bag.  I call it my “diaper purse,” because it functions as both for me.  It’s just the right size to hold everything I need for errands and adventures with my 9 month old baby.  I think I’ll post a Bag Buzz soon talking more specifically about the bag and just how awesome it is.


❊ Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color – I’ve been on a eyeshadow stick kick since I became a mom, because it is the simplest way for me to slap on some eyeshadow and feel more put together.  As much as I loved The Balm versions I raved about a few months ago, they unfortunately dried out and became such a nuisance to apply.  I recently discovered the Nudestix line and fell instantly in love with the creamy texture and pigmentation.  They truly are a breeze to apply and are so easy to blend out with a quick swipe of a finger.  I use the shades Lilith, Angel, or Putty on a daily basis.

Home Goods

❊ Feeling Fluffy Wool Dryer Balls – I talked about my current laundry favorites back in March, but didn’t mention dryer balls at the time because I had recently purchased my first set of wool ones and wanted to wait to see how I liked them.  Fast forward six months and I think they’re great!  I like them even better than the nubby silicone ones I used for years.  I use dryer balls in place of dryer sheets to help keep my clothes and linens soft.  I use anywhere from 3-6 balls depending on the size of the load to help speed up drying time.


❊ Lindsey Stirling – Brave Enough – You know I’m not lying when I say I must live under a rock, because I only just learned who Lindsey Stirling is.  If you, too, live under a rock like me, she’s a violinist/dancer/songwriter who started her music career in competitions and on YouTube and is now a best selling artist.  Her music is categorized as “dance,” but I find that description too limiting.  It’s really a mishmash between dance, pop, rock, and folk, with some classical elements as well.  Her music videos are just as eclectic and attention grabbing.  I find her music invigorating and often listen to it during my workouts.  She’s definitely found her own niche and I like how refreshingly different it is!

❊ Firefly Paper Shop – I’ve followed Alison Anderson on YouTube for years (formerly known as Amarixe if you’re an OG subscriber like me) for her beauty and lifestyle videos.  She recently started a new YouTube channel to accompany the opening of her planner sticker store on Etsy, Firefly Paper Shop.  I so enjoy her plan with me and planner sticker release videos.  Her voice is very soothing and I find myself gravitated to watching her videos especially when I need to chill out.  Her sticker designs are beautiful, as well.  I just purchased her Halloween kit and plan to experiment with no white space planning using it this month (I might film a bonus Plan With Me for fun, too).  If you like planner stickers and Plan With Me style videos I recommend checking out her new channel and shop!

Tasty Treats

❊ Cascadian Farm Organics Farmstand Harvest Honey, Almond, & Chia Granola – I picked up a bag of this granola at Whole Foods on a whim when we were in Utah over the summer as they didn’t carry my (now previous) favorite in stock.  It is amazingly delicious!  It has such a delicate crunch thanks to crispy chia seeds and finely sliced almonds.  I enjoy it with yogurt for my breakfast post-workout most days.  I’m hooked!

If you’d like to hear more about my favorites this month, check out this video:

I would love to know what some of your September favorites were if you care to share.
Happy Fall! 🍂


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  1. Hi, Jen! Thanks for another great video! One product that has been a favorite of mine is the Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Flush by It Cosmetics. It’s super moisturizing and gives the perfect hint of color…perfect for the “no make-up” make-up look and for the drier months coming up. Just thought I’d pass that along because I think you would really like it!

  2. Thank you for this lovely video.
    Sugestion: as so many of us love the Autumn/Christmas decorating and party videos, maybe a blog post with some photos of decorations/parties. Also , a handy household catering tips section could be included. This way it is less invasive for you and we still get to enjoy seasonal celebrations. (A treat for us antipodeans.)

  3. My favourite is ohso chocolate which is gluten free and nut free and it is sold in whole foods here in the UK so I wonesting if it will be in the whole foods over there in the states

  4. I’d love to see a bag buzz featuring your new “diaper purse”… I’m not carrying diapers any more, but older kids still require a mom-bag full of “stuff”…

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