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Hello, February!  January was jam-packed with family fun and many fond memories for us.  Some of my highlights include our stay at the Utah house, our daughter Charlotte’s first birthday party, and a fun outing to the Shedd Aquarium on my birthday.  Today I am sharing a few of my favorite things from the past month, including clothing, accessories, beauty items, home goods, multi-media picks, and tasty treats.  I’ve decided to add a couple of mommy/baby favorites into the mix as well instead of posting those separately.

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lifestyle favorites january 2017

Clothes & Accessories

Topshop Oversize Turtleneck Sweater – Ok, I technically have only owned this sweater for a couple of weeks, not the entire month, but it quickly jumped to top on my clothes list.  I snagged it in a beautiful shell pink color which I absolutely love. It brightens up these grey winter days while keeping me toasty warm!  I’m usually not a fan of turtlenecks, but this one is loose enough that I don’t feel like I’m consumed by it.  Plus, it is super soft and not at all itchy.  Winner!

Monica Rich Kosann The Four Premier Locket – I received this gorgeous 4-frame locket as a gift from Charlotte for Christmas.  It is stunning!  It’s definitely more of a statement piece with a nice heft to it and a thicker chain.  I love that the frames inside actually have glass to cover the pictures.  It is a beautiful and timeless piece that I will treasure for many years to come.

Sonix Snowflake iPhone Case – Here I go again, professing my love for Sonix phone cases.  They really are the best!  I love how slim they are so they don’t add a lot of bulk or weight to your phone, but the all around rubber bumper definitely protects the screen (especially for someone like me who drops her phone about 86 times a day).  The snowflake pattern is right up this snow lover’s alley!


Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rose Gold Toothbrush – I believe that taking care of my teeth is not only an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but also an important part of my beauty regimen.  A pretty smile lights up a face!  I recently jumped ship from my long-time favorite OralB electronic toothbrush to a Sonicare version.  I absolutely love it!  I feel like I’m getting an even better clean with it.  The sensitive brush head and setting are extra helpful to me.  I also love that the toothbrush charges in a glass.  It’s a nice alternative to your run of the mill charging station.

Home Goods

Dyson V6 Animal Cord Free Vacuum – After well over a decade and probably just as many stick vacuum fails, I finally found my holy grail cord free machine.  This beast works just as well as my full size plug-in Miele vacuum does.  I’ve had it for a few months now and it is just as powerful as the first day I used it in contrast to the many I’ve had in the past that have died within a few months of use.  It is pricey, but well worth the cost for something that I use more than once a day mainly in our kitchen and family room.  I love that it breaks down for handheld use as well, which is great when I want to vacuum the sofa.


Gabrielle Aplin – Miss You – I’ve followed Gabrielle Aplin’s music for a couple of years now and was so excited to see her release a new EP recently.  I find her music always puts me in a good mood.  The title track is so easy to sing and bop along to in the car.  I especially like the piano version.  Charlotte loves it, too!

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events – I remember when this movie came out a few years ago how much I enjoyed the quirky, dark comedy of the story.  I love it even more as the Netflix series starring Neil Patrick Harris who plays the main villain, Count Olaf.  And Patrick Warburton, who is one of my all time favorite voice actors, is a great fit for the narrator, Lemony Snicket.  Don and I were blown away by the child actors as well, especially the baby who plays Sunny.  The show is definitely worth checking out!

Tasty Treats

Lindt Peppermint Cookie Milk Chocolate Truffles – Ok, I know it isn’t the holidays anymore and I apologize for mentioning something that isn’t readily available, but I just had to share the glory that is this truffle.  Yum, yum, triple YUM!  I picked up a bag of these late last fall at Target on a whim because I love Lindt truffles and anything milk chocolate and peppermint always catches my eye.  Santa must know me pretty well because he popped some in my stocking, as well.  I only wish I had bought more for my freezer before they were pulled from the shelves!  They have that classic smooth and creamy Lindt truffle interior but with tiny bits of peppermint chocolate cookie for an added crunch and flavor.  You can bet I will be stocking up on these should they release them again next holiday season.  Until then, I am savoring my last few truffles and dreaming of next Christmas.


jj cole bundleme❊ Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney – Charlotte was obsessed with this book for most of January.  I’ve been reading to her since she was in utero, but she never really had a favorite like this until recently.  She would actually clamor out of my arms over the side of the chair to reach for it in the book basket in her room.  She’s now moved onto Goodnight Moon as her book of choice, but still enjoys her Llama Llama time.  It’s a fun story set to a classic rhyming scheme that is soothing to listen to.  The pictures are beautiful and really capture the scene.  We also like the shorter seasonal board books the author has in the series.

JJ Cole Toddler Original BundleMe – It’s definitely still winter here in the midwest (and probably will be weather-wise for a couple more months).  I still take Charlotte and our dog Winnie out for daily walks (weather-permitting) and was growing tired of tucking blankets around Charlotte only to have her kick them off and get cold,  BundleMe to the rescue!  This stroller bunting is a great solution for cold days.  It’s easy to thread through the harnesses of our strollers (we have both an Uppababy Vista and Baby Jogger City Mini GT) where it actually stays put.  I simply put Charlotte in the stroller, zip it up, and she’s snug as a bug in a rug!  You can tell she really likes it by the way she smiles now when I’m zipping her in.  She snuggles right in.  It sure looks cozy!

If you’d like to hear more about my favorites this month, check out this video:

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I would love to know what some of your January favorites were if you care to share.
I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you! ✨

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18 thoughts on “Lifestyle Favorites | January 2017”

  1. We have a Dyson miniball and I love it. The handle is telescopic so it stores easily in our tiny apartment and it was on sale. When we only had a Maltese I just swept the floors (all hardwood) but we adopted a Sheltie in December and now I’m vacuuming 3 times a week. The handle and hose come off in a way that allows you to vacuum baseboards and crown molding too.

  2. I’m sorry to tell you that author, Anna Dewdney died of brain cancer last September. So I don’t imagine there will be anymore Llama Llama books unless there are some in the vault. But I do see there will be a television show released in late Fall 2017.

  3. Hi Jen. I also have the Dyson vac and absolutely love it. It is just so handy to use, and I find that I do all those little or big jobs without putting them off because it is so convenient. Enjoy your upcoming holiday!

  4. So excited to hear you’re planning a post about taking a baby to Disney. We just got back from a long weekend at WDW with our 13 month old and I couldn’t find much before our trip on how to prepare. Even though this wasn’t his first visit, each time has been SO different because he’s growing and changing so much. This time we decided to not bring our stroller to the parks and I wore him in the carrier instead, which made navigating Disney transportation, security checks,crowds, and lines so easy (plus we didn’t have to bother with stroller parking). It was easy to let him down to walk and “get the wiggles out” if needed and he prefers to be in the carrier vs the stroller anyway. Looking forward to hearing how your trip goes. Love your blog!

    1. TFS your experience! I plan to bring both our stroller and my carrier and see what works best while we’re there 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing Jennifer! My children have also thoughtless enjoyed the Llama Llama books. Do you do any whiting with your oral hygiene routine?

  6. Hi Jen,
    I was wondering if you think your Dyson vacuum is good enough to use as your only vacuum, to clean the whole house? I currently use a miele, but it needs replacing. Appreciate your thoughts, Fleur x

    1. Our stick Dyson is a BEAST. It is magnificent especially on hardwood floor, which we have throughout our house. I think if we had wall to wall carpeting I would prefer the Miele just because it’s easier to run over carpet, but I do love my Dyson and use it 90% of the time.

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