Kitchen Drawer Organization (Kitchen Series 2013)

I’m back with a new series on OLJ this fall all about kitchen organization.  In this post and coordinating video I share how I organized the kitchen drawers at our family vacation home in Utah.  I wanted to keep the drawer contents the same for the most part, but tidy up each drawer with a thorough clean up and neater arrangement using mostly organizers I purchased at Bed, Bath, & Beyond as well as a few we already had on hand.

Acrylic Organizers (image source) & Made Smart Organizers (image source) can be purchased at Bed, Bath, & Beyond

I love the clear acrylic organizers by InterDesign that you can find at both Bed, Bath, & Beyond and The Container Store.  They are well made, easy to clean, and stay put thanks to rubber feet placed on the bottom of each organizer.  I prefer clear drawer organizers, because I think they make drawers look particularly tidy and uncluttered.  The Made Smart organizers are nice if you prefer an opaque option.  They offer rubberized interiors to prevent the organizer contents from shifting.  You can find the grey ones pictured above at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and a clear version with a white base at The Container Store.  I feel well prepared for drawer organizer shopping when I have considered what I’d like to store in each drawer beforehand so I know what shapes and sizes of organizers might work best.  Having a list with the exact measurements of the drawers helps me purchase organizers that will fit properly.  I tend to purchase a few more organizers than I think I might need so that I have some wiggle room once I am working on my project with the organization process.  I make sure to leave all of the tags and stickers on the organizers until my project is finalized and then simply return whatever is leftover.

I am including a few photo collages of the finished kitchen drawer organization below:

OJ_OLJ_10-25-2013_02There are seven drawers on the lefthand side of the kitchen sink (the drawer containing pot lids is not pictured above).  I worked on one drawer at a time, first removing all of the drawer contents and giving it a thorough cleaning, and then used my new organizers as well as repurposed some of the old ones for an optimal arrangement.  Here is a list of the drawer contents pictured above:

1. Flatware, cheese knives, kitchen shears, and paring knives.
2. Serving utensils, basters, and miscellaneous kitchen tools.
3. Storage bags in different sizes, aluminum foil, cling wrap, wax paper, brining bags, and chip clips.
4. Wine and bottle openers, kitchen appliance manuals, and first aid items.
5. Large knives, grilling accessories, and thermometers.
6. Extra steak knives and miscellaneous kitchen utensils.

OJ_OLJ_10-25-2013_03We also have a few drawers located in the kitchen island right next to the stove top where we store frequent cooking aids (#1-3).  There are three narrower drawers on the righthand side of the kitchen sink where we keep less frequently used kitchen items (#4-6).  Here is a breakdown of the drawers pictured above:

1. Spatulas, wooden & slotted spoons, tongs, and a spoon rest.
2. Measuring cups and spoons, funnels, twine, grater, and a salad dressing shaker.
3. Tubs with sugar and flour, cooking sprays, and a small cutting board.
4. Tea and coffee filters.
5. Most frequently used kitchen towels and potholders.
6. Aprons and extra kitchen towels and rags.

If you’d like a closer look at this kitchen drawer organization, including looks at the drawers before I organized them as well as more information about my organizational progress, I recommend checking out the video below:

I have several other posts and videos planned in my 2013 Kitchen Series.  Stay tuned! 🙂

* I am not affiliated with any of the brands or stores mentioned in this blog post or video.  All opinions are my own. *


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Drawer Organization (Kitchen Series 2013)”

  1. Hi Jen
    Yay!!! a new organizational series, i love these!!! you are so naturally talented. I am having a better week and managed to do 3 kitchen drawers after watching this so a great inspiration for me, mind you it was at around 4 in the morning as i dont sleep but the family were super pleased to wake up and see that Mom accomplished something good after being sick so long !! and I am convinced i actually feel a little better too!! Keep them coming Jen they are a lifeline!! Thanks Jen you are such a great person to have in the family you really care about each person, I bet Susanne is so pleased with the new revitalised kitchen, and your nieces too for coming to thier open day, dont know many aunts and uncles that would be so involved so nice to see. lotsof hugs x

  2. Hi Jen,
    i just wanted to say thank you because all the time that you invest on doing good Quality Videos for People that you dont even know =) I think is really easy the way you make the portions of the Food in small zip bags but just think about the trash that you could avoid if you just use another type of storage… have a nice day!

  3. The tip to measure every what way when getting organizers is the best tip ever – saves so much time!

    Thanks Jen!

    Also I’d love to see a post about your journals – I know you have a video about your food journal, but I’ve just started journaling and gratitude journaling and I’m interested in how you set up yours. My problem in the past has been forgetting and then not getting back into it.

    AJ | TheAJMinute

    1. It can take a little time to form a new habit. If you stick to it each day, even for just a minute or two, you’ll eventually make the habit stick.

  4. I love the organization videos and these were very interesting. And, my goodness, I am nearly green with envy over the number of drawers and the amount of storage space your in-laws have in this home. It truly makes a difference when folks plan and build their own home – so much more thought goes into the design!

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