July 2014 Ipsy Bag

I’m back with an Ipsy update! If you’re unfamiliar, Ipsy is a monthly subscription service where you receive between 4 to 5 deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products for $10 per month (this includes shipping within the US. Ipsy also ships to Canada for an extra $4.95 per month).


The July Ipsy bag theme is Sensationally Sunkissed.  The five items in my bag match the theme well and include a nice variety of beauty items.


What’s in my July Ipsy bag?

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass Lip & Cheek Stain in Cherry – This stain is safe for use on both cheeks and lips and is meant to give a subtle glow with long-lasting results.  This reminds me of Benefit’s Benetint.

bareMinerals 5-In-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Shadow – This is a very interesting cream shadow/primer with a satiny matte finish.  It has SPF 15 in it, which is different from any other eye shadow I’ve tried.  I am very curious about this product and would be interested in trying out a lighter shade as an everyday base.

Pop Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer in Secret Sunshine – While this bronzer seems a little dark to me in the pan, it applies much lighter to the skin and offers a nice glow, although I think I could only pull it off in summer when I have more color on my face.

Befine Food Skincare Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 – This lightweight moisturizer is meant to hydrate and protect without being overly heavy for the warmer months.

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08 – I must admit I was not very excited to see a tanning oil in this month’s bag as I have no interest in using this kind of product.  It seems like a nice brand, but I will not be trying this one.

Check out my coordinating video to see my review of the June bag and catch my reactions to this month’s selections:

I’ve decided to discontinue my subscription to Ipsy as I haven’t been as happy with it for several months now and it feels like a waste to get products I don’t use.  I plan on continuing with my PopSugar Must Have boxes if you’re interested in subscription posts like this.  I’d love to know if you have any subscription services you think I might enjoy.  Please leave me a comment to share!


*All products mentioned are part of the Ipsy monthly sample program, for which I pay for my own membership.  Post contains affiliate & referral links. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are genuinely my own. *


29 thoughts on “July 2014 Ipsy Bag”

  1. I can’t believe they even make a specific oil that enhances tanning. But to choose to include this in an Ipsy bag just sits wrong with me. I’m only on my 6th month and I may be done soon. Too many eyeliners, that I will never use. I love the lip products but they are usually way to bright for me. Just a small percentage of things I’ve liked. Then I go on the website to see the list of products for the month and I know if I could pick and choose I would be able to be happy with my bags.

  2. Ohh, forgot to add that I’m in Canada and usually the coupon codes that are given out are useless since the shipping will be more than the savings. Or in some cases the companies won’t even ship to Canada. Plus I already feel like I have so many of the bags that are the exact same size and if I’m just going to give them all away what’s the point in paying for the subscription.

    1. Tracy I’m with you on the Canadian front.
      I’ve actually just cancelled…I realized that in the last few months all the reviews I’ve given have either been great product too bad you can’t get it in Canada OR didn’t like it.
      I’m pretty happy with my Loose Button/luxe box subscription as they are Canadian company (about the same price but quarterly and more products)
      You can also sign up for the Elle Beauty Box which is completely free but only a couple of times per year and also Canadian

  3. I canceled mine also. I got all samples this month which I can get for nothing at the makeup counter. Why pay $120.00 per year for samples? That said, I know a lot of gals love these, to each his own!

  4. Hi Jen! I’m subscribed to stridebox and I really love it! It’s a subscription box with a bunch of running things that come every month. I think it’s 15 dollars. I just thought that you might enjoy it 🙂

    1. I’m not sure why that’s my picture icon… I’m not sure if it even really shows up on other computers or if it’s just my computer…

  5. My last Ipsy bag was the June one. Like you I had not been happy with the products lately & was giving them away…so decided it was time to cancel my subscription. Looking at your bag, I think I made the right decision for me.

  6. Hi Jen – Thanks for your review. I have been a subscriber for about 6 months and am reaching the same conclusion. The first bag or two were full of neat things that I used, now not so much. The tanning oil was a really weird choice. Who still uses that stuff? I may give it one more month or may cancel now. It was good to see that a longer-term subscriber has also not been super thrilled lately. I appreciate your honesty and thoughtful review.

  7. I understand your feelings. I cancelled ipsy with the May bag, after only three months. I just can’t use that much black eyeliner. Very disappointing. Instead I took the monthly rainbow honey bag, but was also disappointed by so much confetti polish and absolutely everything has glitter in it. There has to be something else out there.

  8. Nature box.com and barkbox.com. The nature box has natural snacks and the bark box is for Winnie. I saw both in a magazine and instantly thought of you. Being from canada a lot of subscription boxes aren’t available to us and if they are the shipping almost makes it pointless to even get them. So I love watching your videos and I hope you have new subscription to replace ipsy.

  9. yeah…I think it’s a good call to cancel this subscription. especially after experiencing such happy excitement over boxes like the popsugar boxes! I say only keep the ones you truly get excited about!

  10. The March bag was my last Ipsy bag and I haven’t regretted cancelling my subscription. I need ideas on what to do with all the bags now…LOL! Any suggestions?

  11. Hi Jen,

    You mentioned that you wish Ipsy would have sent a night cream instead of the day lotion. Everyone in my family has trouble skin and I recently (4 or 5 months ago) started using face lotion/cream from the Everyday Coconut line by Alaffia – it’s a hand crafted, fair trade product carried by Whole Foods. It’s pretty inexpensive as far as face lotions go ($16ish for 12 oz) and it has made a huge difference in the texture and oiliness of my skin as well as breakout frequencies. I’ve gotten one of my sisters and my mom hooked on it as well. I don’t think they sell sample sizes, but they have testers in the store. Since you like Whole Foods, I thought it might be something convenient to check out. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

  12. Hi, Jen! It is my first time to comment. I subscribe to Birchbox, and it has more skin care, hair and body types of products than Ipsy. It seems to me that Birchbox tends to carry higher end of brands (although some brands are overlapping), so it is nice to be able to try samples before buying them. Birchbox also has an own shop that I can use my points, and they sometimes sell curated boxes, which is fun. Thank you for making videos and blogs. I have been enjoying them a lot.

  13. Graze has a snack box subscription! It’s pretty cool, you get to personalize your own snacks based on your taste.

  14. Hi Jen,
    What about trying Barkbox? It’s not exactly for you per say but for Winnie!! It’s an awesome box that you receive every month for her with different products and toys to try.

    1. She’s so picky about & sensitive to most treats I don’t feel it would be worthwhile for her, altho I do think it’s a neat concept in general 🙂

  15. Hi! I discovered Lip Monthly and I wanted to share it with you – it’s an awesome new service that sends you lip products such as lipgloss, lipstick, lipliner, lip balm and more all for $10/month. But here’s the deal – they have a special promotion right now where you can get your 1st box for only $5.99! Just use code “SUMMERLIPS” when you checkout 🙂 It’s super cheap and it’s a great way to keep your lips looking great with new styles each month 🙂 http://mbsy.co/7wzMQ?s=e

    I am excited for this new subscription. Jen, I hope you and others enjoy.

  16. I just got by first BellaBox and my first MemeBox is on its way. I tried Wantable for a while but didn’t always like the things I got.

  17. My Ipsy bag was similar to yours. I tossed the tanning oil right away but I do like the Bare Minerals cream shadow. I signed up for Birchbox a few months ago and have enjoyed that subscription.

  18. Hi Jen, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you do ! Your company is invaluable to me 🙂
    I am planning a Disney trip for next month, can you recommend some up scale restaurants and would you know where the best place to have spa treatments ?
    I haven’t been to Disney in many years
    I am traveling with 2 older children so we don’t need to do all the little kid stuff but I don’t want to miss out on the important spots.
    Is there a website you could suggest?
    As always your advice is superb !!
    Love, beth

    1. We really like California Grill & Le Cellier for dinner. I haven’t been to the spa at the Grand Victorian but I know they recently renovated it. I recommend checking out this website for tips – http://www.wdwinfo.com

  19. I have found that Ipsy has gone down in quality. I cancelled mine last month. Here was no excitement in waiting for it to come in the mail. Looking forward to finding something new to try.

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