Jen’s Knit Nook: July 2014

Welcome back to my monthly Knit Nook update where I share a look at my completed knitting projects from the last month, any yarn hauls and new projects on the horizon, as well as the contents of this month’s KnitCrate (a knitting monthly subscription service).

July Completed Projects

OJ|TBBB_07-28-2014_01Completed projects?  Nope.  Sadly, my knitting efforts did not yield even a partially completed item this month.  I embarked on the Flow pattern by Andrea Rangel a few weeks ago only to find myself getting two rows in and having to rip it out and start again.  Over and over again.  I was pretty certain I was knitting the stitches right, but for some reason it just would not turn out no matter what I did!  Finally, I emailed a knitting expert friend of mine who suggested that I find someone local to work with one on one through the pattern.  As it turns out, this one is way over my head and assumes I know certain things about increasing and lacework that I clearly do not.  Sadly, I need to put the pattern aside until fall when I am able to sign up for private instruction at a local LYS.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some, right?  I am determined not to be discouraged and hope to start something more my speed soon.


Knitting Hauls


I purchased quite a few knitting supplies over the last month.  While I did so most specifically with that particular project in mind, these are more or less basic supplies I feel it is helpful for me to have on hand now that I’m sure I’m going to enjoy this hobby for a long time to come and it isn’t just a fleeting interest.  I picked up some blocking supplies, including four Boye Crochet Dude Blocking Boards which I chose specifically for the grids, Knit Picks Lace Blocking WiresClover Fork Pins, and Gem 1.5″ T-Pins.  I also got a set of Clover Point Protectors to help keep my knitting on the needles, especially while traveling.  I decided to buy the Royal Ball Winder and a Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Swift so I could easily wind my own yarn at home.  I’ve already used the two together with great success!

July 2014 KnitCrate


I absolutely love KnitCrate, which is a monthly (or bi-monthly if that seems like a bit too much yarn coming at you) subscription service geared towards knitters.  There are eight different subscription options, which you can see here if you’re interested.  I subscribe to the Beginner’s KnitCrate, which includes a pattern suitable to that level, enough yarn to complete that project, a couple of bonus items (ranging from soothing to sweet to fun), and promo codes for knitting related products.  It’s basically the most awesome care package a knitter could ever dream of!


What’s in my July KnitCrate?

Lauren Cowl & BONUS Grace Scarf by Michele Rose Orne – The cowl is described as an “airy loop” that is “a breeze to knit!”  I sure hope so!  I could use a simple project right now to give me a sense of accomplishment after my failure with the Flow pattern.  I just might try this one next!  The bonus scarf pattern is a bit more complicated with lacework, but might be within my wheelhouse since there are no pesky increases.

Swans Island Natural Colors Collection Silk Blend – This gorgeous, delicate yarn is a blend of merino wool and Tussah silk.  Hand-dyed with natural dyes yields this gorgeous vibrant red.  It is so soft, light, and airy!

Digital Finger Tally Counter – What a handy little device to have on hand (quite literally!) to keep track of rows.  I love the LED backlight for low lighting situations like on an airplane or when your hubby is snoozing but you’re still up knitting in bed. 

J&M Naturally Flavored Key Lime Cookies – Yum!  These cookies sound delicious!  I love key lime desserts especially in the summer and look forward to trying out this month’s sweet extra.  It’s nice to have a tasty treat to snack on while knitting!

✻ Promo codes also included for discounts on J&M Foods, the Ivy Vest and Sand People Always Ride Single File patterns, and Swans Island yarns.


I also subscribe to the 5 Mini Add-Ons package available through KnitCrate.  Each month I  receive five 30-yard mini hanks in hand painted/indie dyed yarns.  It’s a nice way to try out a variety of  hand-dyed yarns from different providers.  I use the mini hanks I receive through this subscription for the Beekeeper’s Quilt.   This month’s selections include five pretty shades from Dream In Color.  This hand-dyed Smooshy Sock yarn is made from 100% superwash merino wool.  I love the variegated colorways!

If you’re interested in purchasing the Beekeeper’s Quilt Kit or other items from KnitCrate you can receive 10% off your first KnitCrate purchase (not including monthly or bi monthly subscriptions) by clicking here!

Check out my coordinating Knit Nook video below for a closer look at my knitting supplies haul and KnitCrate goodies:


I am happy to announce that KnitCrate has very generously offered a Beekeeper’s Quilt Kit as a prize for one of you!  The July 2014 KnitCrate Giveaway will run until Monday, August  4, 2014 at 6 PM CT.  The giveaway is open internationally.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter. You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below  (check out this blog post for more information on entering Rafflecopter giveaways).   I’ll announce the winner on THIS blog post and KnitCrate will contact them directly through email.  Good luck!


Congrats to the winner of the July 2014 KnitCrate Giveaway!

The Poll Results for *Would you be more likely to buy a knitting kit (yarn, pattern) if it included an instructional video like KnitCrate’s Beekeeper’s Quilt Kit does?* out of 611 entries:

Yes (566) 93%
Don’t Care (26) 4%
No (19) 3%

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sometimes Rafflecopter experiences technical difficulties.  If you can’t enter for some reason, try again later and it will probably work.

Don’t forget to check out my group on Ravelry called Bliss Knits where we share current projects, knitting stories, and tips and tricks with each other!
Happy Knitting!


* Some of the products mentioned are part of the KnitCrate monthly subscription program, for which I pay for my own membership.  I was gifted the Beekeeper’s Quilt pattern.  KnitCrate is generously providing the giveaway prize.  Post contains affiliate & referral links.  This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are genuinely my own. *


18 thoughts on “Jen’s Knit Nook: July 2014”

  1. Oh my goodness! What a great prize. I so want to make this quilt since I first heard your mention it. Thanks Jen for sharing all the amazing fine and introducing me to Knit Crate! 🙂

  2. So I just started a lace shawl ( my first lace project) and I too was ripping out rows of stitches because I couldn’t get it to work properly. After my third attempt I reviewed the pattern carefully and found several errors now it’s fine and coming along quite nicely. My prior project was mittens and a matching hat – can’t wait for the cold weather.

    1. Further to my prior comment – there is actually an error in this pattern which is very close to the beginning. May be you already have the correct version but if you don’t this is the mistake…

      Pattern corrected and updated October 22, 2013. If you acquired the pattern after this date, your pattern is correct as it is. An update was sent via Ravelry with the new pattern version if you got the pattern before this date.

      Page 3, in the Increasing Section, Row 2 should end with a stitch count of 22 stitches, not 21.

  3. Jen,
    Don’t be discouraged its like that for us beginners. I look at knitting like my running, I remember when I couldn’t run a mile without stopping a hundred times, then with continuous running it got easier and easier. You keep right along with your knitting and maybe a lace project might be a stretch but try some projects with yarn overs and that will get you ready for the lacework patterns. Hold on to that pattern, you’ll show it who’s boss one day. My skills have improved greatly, just by making a point of knitting (even if just a row or two) every day. Just keep getting your knit on.

    Have a great day! And I loooove your knit crate/knit nook posts.

  4. Your eye makeup looks especially pretty in this video. Have you ever thought about doing an eye makeup how to video? I know you say you aren’t a makeup expert, but clearly you are doing something right!

    1. I used to do makeup application videos on TBBB but I haven’t in awhile. There are so many beauty gurus out there who do it better IMO 🙂

  5. I find that the best blocking boards are fitness mats. They look exactly like the smaller ones, but much bigger to use for larger projects that need a little more room like large shawls, long scarves, or sweaters. I got mine in a set of 3 at Ross Dress For Less for $9.99. IMO They work much better than the overpriced ones that say that they are exclusively “knitting blocking boards”.

  6. Hi Jen! I love watching your Knit Nook videos! I’ve been knitting for quite a while but still consider myself and “new knitter”. I did knit some socks but they were super basic and too small 😉 I’ve never worn them. Ha! Anyway thank you for your effort and time you put in to making these knitting videos. I did enter the giveaway too. I love this pattern (project). So portable! Hugs!!! Kim

  7. Enjoy the knitting videos. I think when you teach someone to knit you need to reach them that it’s ok to rip things ok because you
    3end up doing that alot!

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