Italy Trip Haul (September 2014)

I’ve received some requests to share the souvenirs I purchased on our recent trip to Italy, so I thought I’d share my picks with you.  We split our trip between Venice and Lake Como and I did buy a few things in each place.


Venice is well known for its glass, specifically items made by artisans in Murano, a small island just north of Venice proper.  I bought a few small glass bead jewelry items from Murano, including a pair of light blue glass earrings and two dark blue and bronze charms.  I also bought a cut glass bud vase to replace one I purchased in Milan as a teenager traveling in Europe with a friend back when I was still in college that I recently broke.  I also bought a book with beautiful color photographs of Giotto’s frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel, which we were fortunate to visit in Padua as a side trip one day.  My big purchase on the trip was an 18k gold necklace with topaz stones that I bought in a shop on the Rialto bridge.

We also did a little shopping in Bellagio when we were staying at Lake Como.  We found a cute strawberry blond sewn doll for our niece Grace there.  I also bought a beautiful summery scarf from the Frey outlet shop.  Lastly, we picked up a darling wooden musical Christmas tree.

Check out my coordinating video if you’d like a closer look at each item I purchased and my story behind it:

Please note – I do plan on putting up a proper trip recap post from our Italy adventure, it’s just taking me awhile to sort through all of the photos I took.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the treasures I brought back from Italy.  I’d love to hear what your favorite souvenir from a past trip has been, if you care to share!


* All items shown were purchased by me.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


17 thoughts on “Italy Trip Haul (September 2014)”

  1. Hi Jen! Love the earrings you got, they’re beautiful and very classic!
    Are you going to be doing vlogidays this holiday season coming up? I think a lot of people would greatly enjoy it!
    Have a great day!

    1. I haven’t quite settled on what my vlogging plans are for the holidays just yet. It’s definitely something I’ve been thinking about lately tho!

  2. I have the same wooden tree! My mom bought lots of things on the same style too! They are super cute, aren’t they?

    I love the lil doll too, she seems adorable and very well made (:

    1. Hello Mariana, I was wondering, who is the artist/company of that wooden musical tree? My mom and I are really wanting to get one or two as decorations this year. ^-^

  3. Hi Jen
    I cannot wait to see the Trip Recap blog post about your trip to Italy! As a high school graduation present from June 2013, on behalf of my uncle who lived in Italy for 30 years, got me a plane ticket to go and visit Italy with him. Whilst there, I purchased the same Giotto book, and I absolutely love looking at those photos! They’re so pretty! I also purchased my first-ever designer handbag from a small town about a two-hour drive from Venice, called Borgo Cavalli (Village of Horses) and I got myself the most gorgeous black Italian-leather satchel! I absolutely loved using throughout all of last winter! The leather straps has a long zipper which becomes 2 long backpack-style straps which are the perfect thing to wear over big, puffy winter coats! The style of my bag is very similar to your black Longchamp leather backpack! Would you be interested in seeing a picture of it?
    Anywho, winter is slowly approaching in my neck of the woods, and I need a second pair of winter boots! I am planning on buying a new pair of Uggs, however I have no idea which colour to buy… I tend to wear lots of darker colours like grey, black and navy blue! Do you have any suggestions for colours? I also have an organization-related questions for you: What are the best organizers to use to organize an under-the-sink cabinet that are budget-friendly?
    Take care and thanks for answering my questions!
    Katherine M.

    1. What a wonderful gift from your uncle! Your bag sounds lovely. As for your questions, I prefer my tan Uggs since they go with everything. I’m not sure what under the sink orgnmizers would work best for you, but I know people find great prices at places like the Dollar Store and Walmart. Those might be good places to start.

  4. Everything you got was lovely. I bought the same Christmas tree for my mom when I visited Germany a few years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jen,
    Thanks so much for sharing your trip and haul with us. I love your videos and enjoy watching them to relax. I would love to be able to ask you so many questions about how you got started blogging/vlogging. I started a vlog a while ago after getting inspired by you. Thanks for all you do. Your readers and youtube fans appreciate it.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your souvenirs from your Italy trip! Looks like you bought some beautiful and well thought out items to remember your trip by!

    I too am in love with that wooden musical Christmas tree. I’ll have to keep checking back here to see if someone knows where it’s from and how to get one!

  7. What did you bring back for the rest of your family members? I know you shared what you got Grace and I was just curious whether you also brought your parents and Don’s parents something? As well as Emily and her husband?

  8. Thanks Jen for your vlog! I loved it. Your vlog really made me feel as though I was there. WOW what a storm! My favorite piece you brought back was that chain. Adorable! Love all your videos. I love all your channels. I also have a Shihtzu and I also nickname her Bunny, lolHer name is actually Angel. Say Hello to Don!

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