Ipsy Update – January 2014

New year, new kinds of posts on OrganizedJen.com!  I hope to put up coordinating blog posts with my subscription box updates on TBBB from now on.  Today I am sharing the contents of my January 2014 ipsy bag.

OJ_TBBB_01-23-2014_01The January bag theme is 19 Reasons, which I am taking to be ipsy’s beauty twist on New Year’s resolutions.  Out of a possible 19 products this month, each ipsy subscriber received five.  Does this mean that the products are meant to help you change up your beauty routine this year or somehow help you reach your beauty goals?  I find this theme to be a bit out there, but the products do seem interesting.

OJ_TBBB_01-23-2014_02What’s in my January ipsy Bag?

✻  A! Absolute! Make-up Cleansing Tissues with Pomegranate Extract – I’ve never heard of this brand before.  After a quick online search I see it is available at drugstores in a green tea, cucumber, and Vitamin C variety.  It is available in the pomegranate on the Nicka K website.  I do love a good makeup wipe and it’s fun to try new brands like this.

MicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm in Natural – I really loved the loose eyeshadow ipsy sent from MicaBeauty a few months ago and I’m hoping this tinted lip balm is another favorite.  I’ve always been a little weirded out by tinted lip balms in pots for some strange reason.  This feeling does not seem to apply to clear balms, however.  I guess I just don’t like getting the color on my fingers?  We shall see how it goes…

✻  Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo – I have so been wanting to try this one after seeing missglamorazzi use it in her Get Ready FAST After a Workout video.  I have a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo, as in I would love to find the perfect one for me, but I hate most of the ones I’ve tried.  Getting one in a sample size in a subscription box is always a plus!  I’m particiularly intrigued by the application nozzle.

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil in Penny – I checked after my initial confusion if this was just a really small shadow stick or an eyeliner and confirmed that it is indeed an eyeliner.  It is a very light copper shade, which I think will be perfect on my lower lash line for a hint of color.   Elizabeth Mott is another small beauty brand like MicaBeauty you really can only find on their own websites.

Pure Marula Facial Oil – I hear the words “facial oil” and I can’t help but cringe a little.  I know, I know, the right facial oil can be beneficial to all skin types, even oily, acne-prone skin like mine.  Still, I avoid facial oils as if they were a plague!  I can’t decide if I’m actually going to try this one on my face or just on my hands, which is one of their alternate use suggestions.  Should I brave it or is it not worth it?

Check out the video to see my review of last month’s bag and catch my reactions to this month’s selections:

Interested in subscribing?  You get 4-5 beauty products every month for just $10.  Check out ipsy here.

I will be back next month with my thoughts on the January bag as well as a look at February’s goodies.  I plan on including my reviews of the previous month’s bags in these blog posts from that point on.  I’d love to know what you got in your January ipsy bag if you are a subscriber as well!


*All products mentioned are part of the ipsy monthly sample program, for which I pay for my own membership.  The ipsy link I provide is a referral link, which means if you decide to become an ipsy subscriber when using that link, I get credit towards bonus items in future ipsy bags.  All opinions are my own.  Post contains affiliate links. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are genuinely my own. *


22 thoughts on “Ipsy Update – January 2014”

  1. Jen, I discovered face oil just over a year ago. I am totally hooked! I first got a Bobbi Brown’s and love it. When I ran out (lasted almost a year) I bought Origins version. It is thicker in consistancy . I like both. The first time I put on my face it was oily, as soon as I added a bit of water it turned milky and rinsed off great. No oiliness at all or even the feeling of something coating your skin! I swear by these face oils to take my makeup off and cleanse as I normally do. I would give it a go. Sometimes if you are using too many drying products it can create more oil..I’m by no means an expert on skincare! You might be suprised.

    1. Yes! I wanted to make sure the line was still available at Target before I did and I have not seem them in a few weeks…

  2. Hi Jen~ I have oily skin and I use the Shu Uemrua facial oil. Oil pulls oil from your skin and pores. Your skin may even feel drier after using the oil when you clean your face with it ( crazy, I know!). Try it out on your hands and see how your hands feel afterwards. My skin has never been more clear or more smooth and my pores normal for once.

  3. Nice post. Don’t be afraid of the face oil! I totally used to be the same way, my skin was always oily and acne prone with large pores and I thought using oil on my face would be crazy! I’m not familiar with this particular brand but I was converted by Fresh seaberry buckthorn oil. I’ve being using it for about a year and my skin has completely changed. So healthy, supple, glowing and acne is a thing of the past. The key is to find a good high quality one that absorbs well, doesn’t leave you oily and works with your skins needs. Honestly I thought oil on my face was such a bad idea but turns out it was just what my skin needed. Good luck!

  4. Jen,

    I think your a beautiful person with a wonderful spirit! I’ve been following you on YouTube for a year now and you’ve inspired me in so many ways. This month, I started VLOGGING too!! I’m not a pro vlogger, and I’m a work in progress. But so far I’ve enjoyed doing it!!

    Thank you,
    Angie from Fabulously 40’s

  5. Another vote for facial oils here! I use the Origins Clean Energy Cleansing oil as my first cleanse at night and have had great success with a number of oils intended to moisturise. It’s scary at first, but it really works! My only advice would be to make sure whatever you use is as pure as possible and try to avoid too many essential oils as they are often only there for fragrance and can cause irritation. Do let us know if you try one! xoxo

  6. I received almost all different products in my bag. I did get the makeup wipes too but I really don’t like the scent for something going on my face. They are nice and gentle though so I think I’m going to purchase a pack of the cucumber ones at my Walgreens. In my bag I also got a body balm, lip balm, foundation, and tiny sample of Benefit Porefessional.

  7. You received some great items in your Ipsy bag this month! I hope the same happens for me. I haven’t received my bag for this month yet. :-/ I usually get it the second or third week of the month. If I don’t get anything by Monday, I will have to contact Ipsy. I hope it won’t come to that. Let us know if you decide to try the facial oils and which one. I have combination skin -oily in my t-zone even in the winter months at times. I’m a bit wary as well about adding more oil to already “oily” skin…interested to find out how it works for you. Take care!

  8. Another facial oil testimonial… I’m in my early 50’s and began using Dr. Hauschka products about 8 years ago. I had oily skin. It seemed counterintuitive to put oil on an oily face but it works. Your face goes through an adjustment period but it then calms down and is better than ever. How Dr.H explains it is that your face stops producing oil when it senses oil on the skin. I was skeptical but no more. They also recommend a night-time regimen of NO face products at night… that your face knows what to do to rest and replenish if you leave it alone. I LOVE Dr.H products. They are pricey but are my one personal care splurge and I feel good about it because I believe the cost of healthy skin is more important than the cost of covering it up. Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods carries the line where I live. I remember my skin feeling so SOOTHED when I started using the products… they are all natural. Good luck!

  9. Hey Jen,

    Don’t be afraid of the facial oil products, they are wonderful! I have combination skin, with an oily t zone. I don’t get spots and pimples I just tend to get clogged pores and the once a month spot 😉 I have tried absolutely everything to sort out my skin and over the last few months I am finally getting there with it.

    I have a routine which starts with a pre cleanse oil that removes all make up and starts wake the skin up. If you use a nice hot flannel it will take all the oil and make up etc off. Then I use a cleanser for combination skin, usually with salicylic acid in it but avoiding mineral oil (mineral oils clog the skin and pores) and I avoid anything with sls or similar in, they just dry the skin out. Then I go in with an acid toner containing no alcohol, these are awesome, then I go with a nice hydrating toner. Then I feed my skin with serum and moisturiser on the top. At night I always use a facial oil under my moisturiser and it really, really works. My skin is a lot more moisturised and smooth. I have less breakouts, and if I do they clear up quicker, the tone of my skin is so much better too.

    If you are worried about using them, then I suggest you try them at the weekend, maybe when you’re home and not going to go out or see anyone other than the usual suspects, to take the anxiety out of it. Just make sure you read the inci list of the products and I bet you’ll be impressed. One of my favourite oils at the moment is Clarins, it is beautiful and it feels like you’ve had a special spa facial.

    I think I posted a little more about facial oils on one of your BBB videos, maybe it was your recent beauty all star faves?

    If you want a little reassurance then I recommend you visit http://www.carolinehirons,com this woman is an absolute skincare goddess!

    1. Unfortunately I believe ipsy is only available in the US right now. Hopefully they’ll include international shipping at some point!

  10. I did it, I subscribed to ipsy! I’ve been looking for some cute cosmetics bags, and would probably spend that much on them anyway…why not get them with products inside? I didn’t know about them until watching your video. My first one will be March. Thanks for telling us about them!

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