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Welcome back to another Book Nook where I share my thoughts on my current reads.  Big Little Lies, my last read, put me in the mood for more mystery.  Dan Brown’s latest book provided just that and more!


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I picked up Inferno while casually browsing at a bookstore several months ago, knowing that I’d find myself in the mood for one of Brown’s intricate and detailed mysteries sooner or later.  I read both Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code years ago and remembered enjoying his attention grabbing plot twists.  What I like most about Brown’s work is how he deftly employs injecting an incredible amount of historically and culturally accurate details into complicated plot lines without it feeling overwhelming, confusing, or off putting.  This is no simple feat!

Once again, we find protagonist Robert Langdon, a symbologist at Harvard, embroiled in a frenzied search for answers to unveil the truth behind a sinister conspiracy with a global target.  I don’t want to delve too much into the storyline, since the plot in this type of fiction progresses quickly and anything I mention more than a few pages into the book would actually be a spoiler.  What I can tell you without giving anything away is that Brown keeps readers on their toes at all times without a lull or break in the action.  The whole story unfolds in just a couple of days.  This speedy pace coupled with an incredible amount of action, danger, and intrigue makes Inferno a real page turner.  I know I found it hard to put it down!

One of the things I enjoyed most about this book aside from the plot line is Brown’s meticulous use of historical and cultural facts surrounding the places his stories are set in.  The bulk of Inferno is set in Florence and Venice, two historically rich Italian metropolises.  Brown’s references to specific artwork, architecture, and historical landmarks are elaborately detailed.  He paints a precise picture with his prose.  I felt like I was back in Italy seeing these sights myself!  While Brown is quite descriptive, I never found myself bored or skimming over these details.  I personally felt like they helped bring balance to the lightening pace plot of twists and turns, providing me as the reader with something unchangeable to help anchor me as I navigated the story.

I highly recommend Inferno as well as the other Dan Brown books I mentioned to anyone who likes an intense mystery with historical connections and great attention to detail.  Now I want to read all of Brown’s other books and reread what I already own!

Working on: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
Next on my list: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Please keep in mind that these are just my opinions and while we may disagree, it can be fun to share our different points of view.  I am very interested to hear your thoughts if you’ve read this book.  I’d also love to know what you’re reading now and any book recommendations you have.
Happy Reading!


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11 thoughts on “Jen’s Book Nook | Inferno”

  1. If you’re looking for mystery/suspense, check out the Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child books about Agent Pendergast. I can read them in 2-3 days…wonderful plot, settings, and makes you want to keep reading. 🙂

  2. Thank you for letting u discover new books and histories, even if I prefer to read in French ,I doalso read in english, sweedish..and other languages.
    I m sure that this book is really interesting.
    Wish you a fab week!

  3. I looove Dan Brown! And all of his books 😉 I’m really impressed with your description – it is so spot on without revealing anything. A writer that is pretty similar to Dan Brown is Tom Egeland (norwegian i believe) I really like his books as well – you might too. Thank you for sharing <3

  4. I agree that it is a fun read. However, the inaccuracies are abundant. My art history prof at Columbia would cringe when Brown was brought up in class haha!

  5. I just finished listening to ‘Still Alice’ by Lisa Genova. The audio book was read by the author, which is the version I’d recommend. Very hard to put down. Movie DVD is being released later this month. A very moving read. Looking forward to seeing the movie as well. Julianne Moore won an award for her performance as Alice. I highly recommend.

  6. Have you read the fourth book in the series (third, chronologically) named “The Lost Symbol?” It was set in the D.C. area and is a wonderful addition to the set! Happy reading!

  7. I also love dan brown books and love the details. I wish they would come out with the DC based movie. I really really liked the lost symbol!

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