International Home & Housewares Show 2015

I had the opportunity to attend the International Home & Housewares Show (IHHS) for the first time this past weekend.  I was completely blown away not only by the sheer size and variety of the show, but also by the passion and dedication of the exhibitors.  There are so many creative people coming up with new and innovative products for the home.  Attending the show gave me the chance to meet some innovators and hear their stories.  Talk about inspiring!  While I didn’t have a chance to see it all, I did manage to get a good sense of what IHHS is all about.  I thought I’d share a bit more about some of the exhibitors I stopped to chat with and what’s up and coming with these amazing brands.

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Home Organization & Storage


I was most interested in the exhibitors showcasing organization and storage accessories, being a bin lover myself.  I saw many familiar brands, but also ones that I was not previously familiar with that I will now be keeping my eyes open for.

madesmart – I’ve seen and used products from this brand before, particularly their drawer organizers (which I most recently used when I reorganized the kitchen drawers at the Utah house in 2013).  I was excited to see their new fridge/pantry collection at IHHS, which features clear plastic bases with soft grip handles for portability.  I especially like the short and tall portable turntables, which I think are a rather ingenious concept for refrigerator storage.

✻ like-it – I love like-it products!  This Japanese company sells their simple yet effective storage products in the states on Amazon and at The Container Store.  I use the White Modular Drawers in my hallway linen closet and the amazing laundry baskets for different projects around the house (as seen in my recent 20 Minute Pick-Up post).  I love the new bright colors they’ve come out with in their popular laundry basket line and hope to see these products become more widely available in the states in the future.

✻ neatfreak – I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the passionate folks from neatfreak, a Canadian based organization and storage products company.  I was especially impressed by their closetMAX system that uses mostly sift-sided lightweight hanging units and coordinating accessories to transform closet spaces.  They also offer a wide range of soft sided bins and boxes as well as a complete laundry storage system.  I am especially looking forward to their collapsible bin line coming soon!

✻ Honey-Can-Do – This brand offers a large assortment of home organization products.  I enjoyed their youth organization line, with colorful bins and sorters for kids rooms.  I especially like their new All-Purpose Teaching Cart, which would be great in both a classroom or a home setting.  Children’s storage with wheels seems like a winner to me!

Home Goods & Personal Accessories


In addition to storage, there were many exhibitors at IHHS featuring home goods and personal accessories.  Once again, I saw some familiar brands/items as well as some new and exciting concepts.

Nellie’s All Natural – I’ve used and loved Nellie’s Dryer Balls in place of liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets for years now with great success.  I was excited to learn about their upcoming release of wool dryer balls, which are gentle on laundry while speeding up drying time.

Cabeau – I’ve never been a fan of travel neck pillows since my head just seems to flop around whenever I use one, which defeats the purpose of it in my experience.  The innovative folks at Cabeau have designed their Evolution Pillow to address that with a super cushy memory foam and raised side supports to help prop your head up.  The adjustable sliding toggles make it so you can turn the pillow around to adjust for your personal preferences.  You can wear it back to front and vice versa!  I am also interested in a new umbrella design they’re launching soon, which repositions the handle bar to maximize the canopy coverage.  How smart!

Triumph Plant – I’ve seen plantable notecards before, but never plantable wrapping paper!  I love this idea of taking recycling to the next level by actually being able to plant used wrapping paper and grow wildflowers by doing so.  What an amazing addition to the gift giving experience!

Fresh Tape – I never thought about how dirty bag clips can get until I met the folks from Fresh Tape.  I mean, think about it…when was the last time you washed your bag clips?  Fresh tape is designed to address that problem by offering a resealable tape that is usable on all types of flexible food packaging.  It’s even fridge and freezer friendly!  Additionally, it’s small and easy to store.

Clipa – You’re probably familiar with the kind of purse clips that are hook shaped, which you use to hang your bag onto a table.  The Clipa purse hanger is designed to attach directly to your bag for easy access at all times.  It holds up to 45 pounds and works on not only tabletops and counters, but also most sinks and rails.  You can even use it to secure your purse to the headrest in your car!

I took some footage from my time at IHHS where you get a better sense of the show if  you’re interested:

As you can see in the video, there was a huge section for kitchenware that I didn’t have a chance to explore due to my limited time there.  I hope to attend IHHS again in the future and dedicate more time to properly peruse all the show has to offer.  I recommend planning on spending full days at the show if you want the full experience.

It truly is inspiring to see people following their visions and creating amazing new things through hard work and dedication.  I look forward to seeing some of these amazing new products in stores soon!


 * Post contains affiliate links.  This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are genuinely my own. *


11 thoughts on “International Home & Housewares Show 2015”

  1. This may be a weird compliment but you’re really good a complimenting people. Everything you said to vendors seemed so polite and genuine. In Pittsburgh we get a scaled down Home and Garden show and I always nervously smile and run away from vendors haha gotta love the social shyness journey.

  2. This looks like heaven, I could spend days in there! Love the neat freak one the most haha. It’s funny how you say ‘bins’ in the US referring to buckets, a bin to me just means trash, so it’s rather amusing when you say you love bins. I’m totally childish I know hah. Lovely post and video though Jen 🙂 Love how you lay everything out neatly in your posts 🙂

    1. It’s fun to learn how people have different names for the same things in different cultures. I am always tickled when I hear someone call a shopping cart a buggy (which is popular in the south).

  3. You seemed so happy and confident talking to people in this video which is really nice to see. I’d love to check out that show!

  4. Fantastic post and vlog,I really enjoyed watching the video and visit this wonderful place..I ve never been in such a great show like ,I d love to.
    The packet with the plants to grow..I love it!
    Thank you for sharing!

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