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I return to my Home Office Organization series this week with a look at my wall storage.  I’ve always been a fan of using shelves, floating or as part of a bookcase, for storage.  Using a shelf to store items can save you from a crammed closet, stuffed to the brim drawers, and piles on the floor, particularly if you’re working with a smaller space.  I personally like the aesthetic of wall storage.  It’s no secret that I love all things contained and labeled and being able to actually see my pretty storage boxes makes me happy.  There are so many attractive storage options available.  You can even make your own beautiful bins by covering a shoebox with pretty wrapping paper.  Some people like a more simple look, which can be easy and inexpensive to achieve with simple brown paper and gift boxes you might have lying around the house. The sky (or ceiling!) is the limit when it comes to wall storage!

OJ|OLJ 5:5:2013

I have three L-shaped floating shelves hovering above the main corner desk area in my office.  I configured these using the Pottery Barn Holman Shelves (right image source).  Not only are they simple and sturdy, but they match my Pottery Bedford Collection Office Furniture perfectly in the same Antique White Shade.  I also like how the shelves have a lip to them.  This narrows the bin options down dramatically, because it creates a fixed acceptable bin depth, but it also makes for a more secure situation.  Bins can’t just slide off the shelves, they have to be slightly lifted off, which is safer especially when it comes to some of the heavier ones.  There are many options for floating shelves on the market.  I’ve seen some beautiful, more affordable options at Target, Walmart, and Ikea.  You can also make your own shelves with some simple supplies from the hardware store.

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If you’ve watched my OLJ videos for some time now you already know how much I love Reisenthel Storage Boxes.  I have them in many sizes and colors throughout my home as a lightweight yet sturdy and functional yet attractive storage option.  I have a total of sixteen small size Reisenthel Storage Boxes in the flora pattern along the longest side of my three floating shelves.  They’re a perfect fit!  I keep a variety of items in these boxes, which are all labeled on both the front and side for easy identification.  The boxes on the bottom shelf contain the items I need to access most frequently, including Printer Toner and Paper, Camera and Computer Accessories, Empty Notebooks, and Stationary.  I use the top two shelves to store items I don’t need to access quite as often because they require a ladder to reach them.  I have a few empty bins here and there, because I tend to switch around the contents from time to time.  I like having flexible organization systems.

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On the short side of the L-shaped shelves I have a couple different kinds of decorative storage boxes.  I recently purchased four    Semikolon Document Boxes from The Container Store to house my extra office supplies on the lowest shelf.  The bright and cheery colors coordinate nicely with my Reisenthel Storage Boxes.  They are beautiful storage options I know I will use and love for years to come.  Above that I have three Kassett Boxes from Ikea that are currently empty.  I have used these boxes for many different purposes over the years and they’ve held up beautifully.  I don’t expect them to stay empty for long, as I foresee finding a purpose for them once I finish up my craft closet organization.  My extra large Mickey & Minnie Mouse have a cozy resting spot on the very top shelf to remind me of The Happiest Place On Earth and many wonderful shared memories of trips to Walt Disney World with my husband.  I don’t see anything wrong in throwing a knickknack or momento into organized spaces so long as they don’t interfere with the functionality of those areas.

I go over my wall storage organization in much more detail in the video (shown below) if you’re interested in a closer look.  Check back next week for another post and coordinating video in my Home Office Organization Series!

*I am not affiliated with any of the brands or stores mentioned in this blog post or video.  All opinions are my own.*


23 thoughts on “Home Office: Wall Storage Organization”

  1. Jen, Just wanted to say that your Blog is beautiful. I really like the colors, artwork, design and professionalism. You do such a wonderful job in keeping it all together and it looks like your teaching Don your tricks because he is doing awesome too. I am looking forward to the remaining videos in your Home Office Series. Thanks for all you do! – Shari

  2. Hey Jen. Love your storage. I have many Reisenthel bins and cannot say enough about them. We are planning on doing our walk in closet with Ikea’s Pax system (since our shelf and 7′ rod came crashing down!! I will be incorporating more Reisenthel bins into the new layout. Thanks for all you do and share! Xo.

  3. Hi Jen,

    I am loving this series, mainly because I have been in the process of putting together my own home office/creative studio. In the past, Martha Stewart was my guru when it came to organization, entertaining and pretty much anything that she was doing. But after watching you over the past year and having reviewed all of your previous videos, I can honestly say, “Eat your heart out Martha.” Jen you’re amazing at what you do, and I keep waiting for the day that Martha Stewart calls, or a magazine like Real Simple. You have a gift that only a select few have, so please don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about how you do things. Your delivery is amazing, you have incredible style, and you were made to be in front of a camera, or write for a publication. You just have that golden touch and I feel blessed to have found you, and now Don. You’re truly an inspiration, and I thank you for your dedication to Youtube and for sharing your life with us.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! Martha Stewart is one of my personal role models. I love the aesthetic of everything she puts her name on. Viewers/readers like you make it so much fun to share the things I genuinely enjoy. Thanks so much for your support! 🙂

  4. As a military family, we move around all the time and that really puts things into perspective when it comes to what you need. Every time we move, we go through things and throw out or give away or sell things and then, when I get to our new house and I am unpacking, I still think we have too much stuff! I know you said you used to move around a lot when you were younger so I am sure you are used to the same thing and that’s the only reason why I wonder why you have to so many extras and back-ups. Even with having the money to buy a lot of things, I start to feel swallowed when I end up with too much of anything and I end up feeling so much better once it’s used and/or out of the house. Everyone just has to find what works for them.

    1. Hello Jen! I just got done watching your Housewife Confessional and I had to come back her to comment because I am really hoping that what I previously commented was not misconstrued. I, like you, have a lot of things in storage containers and I even have a lot of possessions still in the garage in cardboard moving boxes. It could be argued that I should get rid of those things or that we don’t need them because they are in a box in the garage. Unfortunately, we have moved so much (we’re on our 7th home in 10 years) and sometimes we have a larger home and sometimes we have a smaller home. Being in what could be considered a smaller home right now, a lot of things that are important to us just don’t have anywhere that they could go inside. We are constantly on the hunt for things that are attractive for the home and may be able to provide storage at the same time. Because of this, and because of the constant moving I have never been one to have too much of anything that we don’t actually need. I think that this lifestyle has created that trait for me and I think it is deeply rooted to a point now that it won’t change. I would love to have to comfort of being in a home long term and always knowing where everything is in my home and being able to purchase something without wondering if it will fit in the next place we land! One day, post military, we’ll be there. I enjoy most of what you vlog and share and I believe you are really genuine person and I hope that my comment wasn’t taken negatively. Sorry that this got so long! 🙂

      1. I’m not offended if people think I have too much stuff. I am grateful to have all that I do and that I am able to make a personal choice about it instead of being forced to have a certain amount. I am constantly going through our things, donating what no longer serves us and trying to whittle away clutter wherever I can. I had to move a lot of the storage out of my craft closet to make room for larger professional lighting kits, which is why I have so much stored on my office wall. I also just happen to like the look of it as a personal preference. I understand and appreciate where you are coming from.

  5. Hi Jen. just wanted to let you know that I picked up a few of the larger sized boxes in the baroque sand pattern (same as your mud room) during the spring organization sale. Loving them! They are so nice and sturdy. Thanks for sharing them. Your home office looks great, I thought I recognized the boxes from a previous room tour. Great way to repurpose. Thanks for sharing all your helpful ideas!

  6. Hey. I was wondering if you and Don could do a clean healthy recipe for chicken baking chicken breast. Like a nice healthy chicken marinade.

  7. Just had to say, when I was watching your YouTube video and you panned up from your desk to your shelves: BREATHTAKING! I found myself actually having to catch my breath! What a POP of color & prints! Simply stunning! I so enjoy watching your organizational videos and save them to the very last of my ‘watch later’ YouTube list, it’s like my dessert! Keep up with any and ALL of these organizing videos…they are my drug : )

  8. Jen, I realy love your blog and your YouTube vids ofcourse! I just want to tell you that you are a great example for me! Thank you for all your video’s and blogposts. Like Lindsey Smith: they are my drug 🙂

  9. Love the storage boxes, I have one question. What are the dimensions of the storage boxes? I cannot find them anywhere. Thanks

      1. Thanks I found the link but could not find the dimensions anywhere on the page. Again thanks I’m placing my order this evening.

  10. Hey Jen! I’m a recent subscriber and I love what you do and how you do it! I’ve liked you since the very first video and I’ve already watched most of them! Keep the great job! Lots of love from Argentina!

  11. Have recently found you and am learning so much ! I have trouble sourcing products here in Ireland. Could you tell me what labeller you use to make your labels?

  12. Just found YOU! This is fantastic. I don’t feel guilty to have sat and watched everyone of your office videos on this fine Saturday. You have only inspired me with so many ideas as I re-organize my office. I share with my husband, so he is very excited. Thank you for sharing. You are a joy to listen to and learn from. Holli

  13. Fantastic tips! You did an amazing job! I am going to try to do it in my office. Thank you for sharing this post! Greetings!

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