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The third installment of my Home Office Organization series on OLJ features my desktop.  I’ve struggled with an overly cluttered desktop for awhile now, so my main focus was to clear off as much as possible.  I kept a few of my favorite personal knickknacks for display and designated several desktop organizers as functional storage.

Pottery Barn Bedford Corner Desk Set with Corner Hutch (photo source) & Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Bedford Corner Desk Set with Corner Hutch (photo source) & Pottery Barn Wingate Rattan Swivel Desk Chair (photo source)

I mentioned my Pottery Barn Corner Desk Set in my last post, which featured my Desk Drawer Organization.  I also have the matching Corner Hutch for it.  This connecting piece has three main areas, featuring a drawer on the left, a computer pedestal in the center, and slotted organizer on the right.  The hutch includes a power strip with two outlets, two phone jacks, and a power switch in the back of it (where there is a rectangular hole in the picture shown above).  I keep a larger power strip plugged into this to charge all of my backup camera batteries and my laptop.  I use the drawer on the left side of the hutch to store computer cables and accessories and the slotted organizer on the right to corral office supplies I use often such as tape dispensers and a stapler.  This elevated storage option keeps my iMac, external hard drives, and modem up off the main desk and provides useful extra counter space.  I have a Wingate Rattan Swivel Desk Chair from Pottery Barn, which I’ve personalized with cute owl pillows from Target.

Pottery Barn Daily System Magnetic Whiteboard Calendars & Corkboard (photo source)

Pottery Barn Daily System Magnetic Whiteboard Calendars & Corkboard (photo source)

When I originally worked on my office organization when we moved into our house in 2007, I put up components of Pottery Barn’s Daily System as wall organization.  I have two of the Magnetic Whiteboard Calendars flanking a Corkboard on the wall over the righthand side of my corner desk and Bedford Lateral File Cabinet.  I was experimenting with an all electronic agenda system at the time and was using the whiteboards for a visual two-month calendar at a glance option.  Once I switched back to using a Filofax agenda I found I no longer used the whiteboard calendars.  Rather than replace these pieces I decided to just cover them using Tranquil Pool Gift Wrap I found at The Container Store.  I now use this space to pin up invitations and announcements as well as sentimental momentos with magnets.  It’s an easy and cost effective way to repurpose something I no longer use into something I currently love.

Sychronocity Stolkom Letter Sorter (photo source), Pottery Barn Bedford Photo Caddy (photo source), 5 Days A Week Mousepade (photo source)

Sychronocity Stockholm Letter Sorter (photo source), Pottery Barn Bedford Photo Caddy (photo source), 5 Days A Week Paper Mousepad (photo source)

There are a few desktop organizers I use to help me keep on top of important paperwork to file, bills to pay, and my week at a glance plan.  I recently purchased the Synchronicity Stockholm Letter Sorter from The Container Store to help store bills, receipts, and things to file on a weekly basis.  Every Friday I allocate time for bill paying & filing when I go through the entire contents of the sorter, attend to bills, and file all of the documents into their more permanent homes (see my post about my Filing Organization for more information). This small purchase has already made a huge impact in not only my desktop organization but also in helping me keep track of small papers and receipts that would previously get lost in piles on my desk.

I’ve had the Pottery Barn Bedford Photo Caddy (on sale now!) since I first purchased the desk.  I didn’t change what I store in it during my latest reorganization, but I did clean it up a bit and added some decorative vase fillers to keep my pens, scissors, and mini screwdrivers upright in the front three slots.  The filler I use is by Ashland and can be found in the floral department at Michael’s or other craft supply stores.

A newer addition to my desktop organization is the 5 Days A Week Paper Mousepad by Knock Knock.*  I’ve been using this lately on Sunday evenings to contemplate the upcoming week, including any tasks I’d like to complete and appointments I have scheduled.  I love that it doubles as a mousepad, which makes it super easy to check in with every day.  It really satisfies the planner in me!

WTZ 3:27:2013

Although it’s not technically a component of my desktop organization, I wanted to share the dog bed I keep under my desk.  My dog Winnie absolutely loves to curl up in her cozy Tiger Dreamz Luxury Faux Fur Trundle Bed.  The corner desk is actually quite deep, leaving ample room underneath to house two simplehuman Stainless Steel Step Bins, which I use for rubbish and recycling, as well as this cozy, plush dog bed.  You’ll often find Winnie snoozing under my desk when I’m working on something.  She loves her own special space and I love having her near me.

I go over my desktop organization in much more detail in the video (shown below) if you’re interested in a closer look.  Check back next week for a look at my cable management!

I’m excited to be hosting a little giveaway to accompany this post!  Knock Knock was kind enough to reach out to me and asked if they could send me some products.  I am happy to be able to give away two of the 5 Days A Week Paper Mousepads to one of you!

Follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget below to be entered to win.  The giveaway is open internationally and will run until Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 6 PM CST.  There will be TWO winners.  I will contact the winners directly via email in addition to announcing them on this blog post.  Good luck!


Congrats to Marie E. & Zeineb on winning the Knock Knock Mousepad Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this blog post or coordinating video.  Knock Knock graciously sent me three 5 Days A Week Paper Mousepads as a gift to use as I pleased.  I decided to keep one to try and give the others away to two of you.  All other products shown were purchased by me.  Knock Knock did not ask me to review or feature their products.  All opinions are my own.*


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  1. I keep my desktop organised using some wooden decorative box and chests for various items and decorative mugs for pens and pencils. I also reuse and repurpose a lot: i.e. a plastic pot of body butter after removing the label and washing is a great pot for hair ties 🙂

  2. I keep my desktop organized by not keeping anything on it other than what I am currently working on, my computer, an my lamp. If there is more than that, it means that it is time to clean!

  3. Gosh my desk space is a mess. I have so many little notes here and there, things to do lists.. That mouse paper pad looks interesting. Will go and check them out .. Thanks for sharing your space..

  4. I try to keep mine clear with only two jars (which hold every day writing utensils). Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  5. Love your desk organization. It really looks like you think about what will work for you 🙂 Great job and thank you for the giweaway 😉

  6. Energel are my favorite pens, too. I recognize them anywhere (mostly because when I use them at a meeting I have to make sure that they don’t leave with someone else). =)

  7. I actually repurpose my Birchbox boxes as well as my Starlooks boxes into dividers for my desk drawer. I have also taken away a great deal of items that were cluttering my area and now I feel like I am free!! Lol–thanks so so much Jen for all u do with your vids!! You and Don seem like fantastic peeps!! Oh–and of course lil’ Winnie your 4-legged baby!! We have a 4-legged wee-one and her names is KaDee! She is a schanauzer-Maltese and I am just about as obsessed with mine as u r yours!! Lol–I have scrapbooks for Kadee just like I do for my son (19 yrs. old) sorry for the long-winded post!!

  8. I love your office desk and chair from Pottery Barn. I went from a desk that had 4 drawers to a desk that has 2 drawers. It actually only has one drawer to put things in. The other drawer on my new desk is to put your keyboard on it. I have a laptop so I use that drawer at night to put my laptop on it and watch a movie at night while I’m in bed. The drawer that I can use in my new desk has my address book, stickers, post cards and knick knacks in it. All the stuff that I had in my 4 drawer desk I put in a plastic bin and I’ll be putting it downstairs in our storage room.

  9. Loved your video. My nieces are coming to visit me for the summer and I am coordinating different events for them and one will include Organization!!! Thanks for all your ideas!

  10. In all honesty I am horrible at keeping my desk tidy as I use it as storage when I don’t need it for my studying! It’s such a small desk that I end up taking everything off it when I need to use it, which is sad, but the rest of my bedroom is semi-organised at least! Haha.

  11. I love the letter sorter. makes it so much easier to see things that need filing. your medal rack looks nice too.

  12. To be honest my desk is a mess.. I just have a small file box and I have my drawsfull of stuff. I also have a cork board.

  13. I keep my desk organised through the use of pen pots, wall memo boards, letter storage and generally in an organised manner. On my desktop I also store my filofax, notepads, pads for projects I am working on and also other nicks n’ nacks. Thanks always for your giveaways and great videos! Emma 🙂

  14. I have been a busy bee myself this past week organizing, organizing, organizing! You have rubbed off on me quite a bit and I’ve implemented many of your suggestions and ideas. Always looking forward towards your next organization video!

  15. I love the layout if your office/craft room, it has given me so many ideas to help me with my own office re-organisation. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  16. I use a pen and paper holder caddy as well as shelves and drawers in my desk. I also love to use the tupperware plastic shoe bins for receipts and papers I have to sort through. I love how organized you are and you have given me so many ideas 🙂 Thank you Jen!

  17. I get soooooo excited when I see a new organizing video up on your channel. Thanks so much for doing them, they are so helpful!

  18. I keep my desktop organized by having color cordinated folders and cubbies for each of my boys. I have two boys and a husband who is disorganized. So everything has to stay in order to keep me and my family on track.

  19. I don’t really have an organizational method, and struggle with keeping things tidy on my desk, but you’ve inspired me to try and organize that are with your video.

  20. I just recently reorganized my desk and still need to grab some things, but I love file boxes from the container instead of a filing cabinet, and lots of little bins for my desk drawers! I tend to keep my desktop pretty clutter-free, but the same cant be said for my drawers!

  21. I love to repurpose vintage items for organizing my desk, paperwork, calendar, etc. I’m actually working on turning an old wooden window frame into my “what’s going on” center for the wall.

  22. I love your blogs and all of your great ideas/products. I’m really digging your desk! Looks like plenty of storage space/functional, but cute too!

  23. I try to keep it CLEAN! When I use something I put it back and when I run out of something I replace it immediately! ORGANIZATON is KEY! And your help of course!

  24. I try to keep my desk or area organized by importance. I determine what needs to be taken care of right away, this month and items with no time sensitivity.

  25. I have a desk like yours but from Ballard Design and I use the matching wall components that are like hanging filing folders and everythign is divided into folders 🙂

  26. I keep my desktop organized by keeping it clutter free. I only keep what I need, pen, pencil & telephone. Loved the blog post

  27. I love Winnie’s bed! I am also going to check out the planning sheets “mousepad”! I think that would be so helpful. I love your organization tips.

  28. I love your desk organization. It’s really interesting to see the way you utilize the space so well. Love the medal rack, I want one for my medals!!

  29. I keep my desk organized using these stackable wire shelves I got from Staples as a makeshift hutch, it really helps.

  30. My desktop is definitely “fluid” when I get overwhelmed with everything I stop and reorganize. My favorite organization item would be my file sorter. This helps to keep all my working files in front of me an thus in my mind. I’m really enjoying your office organization videos.

  31. I checked out the Knock Knock site cos that paper-pad / mouse-pad solution seemed interesting and I loved what I’ve found…like the HONEST ACRONYMS STICKY NOTE PACKETS! LOL Gotta love it!

  32. I try to use bins and drawers to store things out of site. I like to use personal pictures and artwork for inspiration.

  33. This definitely has motivated me to declutter my home! I hoping to order a few drawer organizers from the container store ASAP

  34. Hey Jenn – Why not spray paint the unused magnetic boards with chalkboard paint? You’ll get a nice, neutral surface that won’t clash with your decor – and you can write on it if you want. The paint won’t interfere with the magnetic properties of the board, so it’s a two-for-one deal. (If you can’t unmount the boards, you can also use a roll-on chalkboard paint that works the same way.)

    1. I didn’t want to do anything permanent to them in case I want to use the calendar feature again at a future point.

  35. I took a 2 piece buffet/hutch combo and split it up into a desk and bookcase. I use an elongated shallow basket for my outgoing mail. I have my laptop on my desk with a notepad, tissues, wireless mouse, drink coaster, my journals, Bible, and Household Notebook. Under, I have a small shredder and my all-in-one printer. My pens & pencils are in one of the two front drawers of the desk. Since I have a toddler, its best those type things are out of sight. The other holds phone charger cables when not in use.The hutch turned bookcase has my oldest child’s home school curriculum and my immediate files.

  36. Oh my goodness Jen! You are a lifesaver! My desk has been so cluttered and thanks to you I have gotten some great ideas for keeping it nice and tidy.

  37. Our organizational style is so similar that I hope to make videos soon & correspond with you one day soon!!!

  38. I sadly don’t have a desk at home at the moment, I got rid of it when I finished studying as I usually use my laptop elsewhere but once I move into a bigger house I would love to have an office like yours!

  39. I use a corner glass top desk I bought at Office Max! I have a moveable cart with 10 colored drawers that are labeled with specific uses – such as coupons, to do, electronics, binder essentials. etc! It keeps my desk paper free! 🙂

  40. I try and keep as little on there as possible. I keep a small magnetic board right next to it and any papers that need to be kept close by I clip there with a magnetic clip. Keeps it up off my desktop but the space is limited so it encourages me not to let things linger there longer then they should!

  41. You, like always have clever and helpful ideas. And you always inspire me to tackle my chores! Thank you for sharing!

  42. I love your blog and videos! I like to keep the clutter on my desk light so i keep a filing system for incoming papers, a pencil cup for my writing needs, and a couple notebooks and stickies to assist in planning and to-do types of things!

  43. I use vertical magazine holders at the moment. Each project or topic can just fit right in there when I need to clear my desk, but not really put away so that I would forget about it 🙂

  44. I use the flat stack sorter and a tiered file holder to separate things but I am a piler and I have to find something to break me of that habit. It is overwhelming when it gets out of control.

  45. I like separate bins for pencils, pens, and highlights/markers. I also like a small paper file on the corner of the desk. Everything else is hung (corkboard for organization, calendar on the wall, etc.) I like my desk as CLEAR as possible because I spread out when I work.

  46. Love each and every idea you give you got me so Moviated to organized my life at work and home so thank you much 🙂

  47. Great giveaway! Just found your YouTube channel today. I’m obsessed! My little girl watched some videos with me and made a few videos of her own today on my iPod mimicking you. She is in love with Winnie! Too cute! My desk needs some organizational help. I share it with my husband so it can be tricky. We have a 4 tier mail sorter to help keep us organized and our stuff seperated. Two cubbies for each of us. One for stuff to take care of and one for things to be filled. Loving your office tips! Thanks!

  48. I love your desk organization. Keeping things orderly really helps me be efficient when working at my desk! You’ve given me so many great ideas since I’ve been watching your videos!! Thanks so much!!

  49. It’s very hard to keep my desk top organized…it’s a constant work in progress. Organizers help me keep it from getting out of hand. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. I have a hutch on top of my desk which holds a lot of my little things. and Pencil organizers for my pens and pencils. A cutesy holder that has my (tools) like scissors hole punch ruler and others. I am saving to get he carousel at Michaels which houses a lot of the necessities all in one spot which i love. I love your desk it is so beautiful. Love your organizational skills. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  51. Thank you for sharing your desktop organization tips. I’ve been planning to get my desk organized this coming week.

  52. I love how you have a mix of useful and person items surrounding your dest area. I also like how your needs are right at arms reach.
    Thanks for another giveaway. You are so kind! <3

    1. oops, I posted my comment too soon… I keep my desk organize by having a lot of drawers and small containers to group light items. Some containers only have one or two things in them but then they don’t seem to get lost in the shuffle.

    1. I have an ‘inbox’ on my desk that things go in if I don’t have time to file them right away. Once a week, I go through this and move them to my binder method of organization. I have a binder for Home Management (bills, budget, etc), Planning (vacations, meals, blogging, etc.), and Coupons. I have the Expedit desk/shelf system from Ikea, so I keep these in one of the squares on the shelf attached to my desk. I have bins that house my office supplies, cameras, etc. I have a filing system for more long term filing, receipts, tax papers, etc.

      http://www.mompaperscissors.com/2013/01/binder-system-of-office-organization.html (FYI: The contest I talk about in the post is over. I won! 🙂 )

  53. I try to be a minimal as possible keeping only the things I really need at hand. Personal items for inspiration are limited too.

  54. I really like computer cabinets or armoires. Our desktop in in our living room and the armoire is easy to close when company comes and all the wires for the router/modem are safely kept away from our twins as well.

  55. Right now I have no desk m instead I’m currently using my kitchen bar to pay bills, etc. My current organization strategy is to just hide everything.

  56. Hi Jen, thank you for this giveaway! I think that organizing is a work in progress, too. Specially when it comes to daily used areas as desks in this case. I am constantly organizing and tidying my desk where I keep many items I use every day. But having them displayed under my eyes, keeps me motivated to have that space clean and aesthetically pleasing. Hugs xxx

  57. Thanks for sharing your setup. I love getting new ideas from you that I can implement into my organizational projects.

  58. Jen, you keep me moving. I have been watching you from day one. You helped me to get my life and home pulled together. I can never thank you enought for what you have done for me.

  59. To stay organized, i have to have a large u shaped desk, but i keep very little on it. my all in one pc, my all in one printer, very few accessories, (3) a wooden pen organizer from Dillards, a coaster, B&BW candle, box of tissues and my filofax planner. The rest of my necessities, i keep in drawers, organized with Linus shallow organizers (got idea from your previous video 🙂 )

  60. I usually store all my desktop essentials in the top drawers of my desk and like to leave the surface clean and minimal. The only things I leave on my desk top are an antique jam jar for a few pens and pencils and a paper pad.

  61. I keep my desktop organized by having as little things on it as possible! I will have a decorative cup with all my essential stationery items (pens, pencils, highlighters, stapler etc) and a photo frame with small, colourful and inspiring photos that I enjoy looking at from time to time. Also, I have a folder at the right side of the table, containing documents that require immediate attention to remind me of the To-Dos.

  62. Thank you Jen for all your videos and your blog. They give so much inspiration! I am trying to keep only my computer and a notepad on my desk – and I have another desk which is attached to the big one, on which I have my planner and papers I have to file. It is hard work keeping it organized but I’m getting there- and your video gave me lots of ideas! Thank you!

  63. Hey Jen. Well I have to conmfess, I am Soooo disorganized (Don should start a club!). I’ve been watching you for a while and you have been inspired me to change! I’m a student who lives in an iddy biddy flat. We have a spare bedroom which is my study with a desk the size of a postage stamp. We can’t put anything on the walls so organizing is hard! I don’t have any organising stuff on my desk as there is no room but next to it is a set of 3 draw metal thing from IKEA which I store paper in and has my printer on. Any tips would be welcome xxxx

  64. My desktop is somewhat organized with boxes and containers and piles 🙂 I’m still trying to find the best way to organize my things. Unfortunately, it always becomes a mess again when I do clean.

  65. I have a great vintage upright file sorter with drawers which keeps most of my desk stuff contained, love it!

  66. I spent most of the day on my computer (being in the middle of my thesis). But I don’t have any desk in this new appartment, so I usually work on the dining table. No specific organization at the moment, but I used to keep my desktop pretty clean and clear of stuffs. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  67. I have a small ikea desk which I keep clearing the clutter off but wit it being in the kitchen it gets abused with a lot of junk which I regularly sort thru

  68. I really, really love your desk and other office furniture. I wish I could buy it here in The Netherlands! Love the nock nock mousepad also,, so thanks for the chance to win it!

    1. I have a very hard time keeping my desk organised, because I want so much frequent used craft supplies on top that even when I tidied it, it still is cluttered. Need to do something on that!

  69. Love your desk set up. I think I can get the Bedford desk and other bits in the UK, just got to sort out where I want to put them as I really like that collection.

  70. We’re renovating our house and I’m loving the fact that we have a room for my own desk! Yeey 🙂
    So your desk-videos are really helping me, thank you 🙂

    1. And I keep my desk organized in piles for now HAH!! SO not organized ^^
      But that’s just because we’re putting in new floors and we have to get all our stuff out so I don’t want to set up any drawers or anything to really start filing…

  71. Love the posts about organizing. I also really like the pottery barn furniture, however, it’s not available in Europe :(.

  72. my approach to decor in general is minimalistic, ESPECIALLY where my desk is concerned! i love having a clear and clean desk to work at that also allows me to manipulate it to suit my needs, eg. you (Jen) didn’t put storage boxes under the shelf with your computer screen because you sometimes put your mouse and keyboard there 🙂

  73. I’m really loving this series, Jen and look forward to more videos. It’s good that you repurposed the room and it works well as your office. Thanks for sharing!

  74. You have inspired me to clean up my office area – you have so many good ideas! I like using lots of small storage containers to try and coral small messy things. Thats the plan 😉

  75. Currently, my desk top is a mess and it is no where near as big as your desk. That’s why your office organization has inspired me so much to organize my desk. Now all I need to do is find the time. But what I do like to use is containers from the container store to keep my pens and office supplies neatly organized in my drawers! Thank you so much for all the amazing ideas you just gave me for my new desk top organization project that I’ll start ASAP!

  76. I always use cups and drawers on my desk and inside the drawers i use clear acrylic organizers to hold and catch everything 🙂

  77. Love your desk organization -both top and bottom :)) Since I work from home my desk is my command center and I recently started thinking about how to uncluter it and organize better. Your blog is so inspirational! And btw – my dogs favorite place is under my desk, too :))

  78. Great video and I love the mousepads. I like my desktop to be clear so organise most items into drawers, I like to use drawer dividers to keep things together.

  79. I have an organizer for my pens, pencils, paper clips, etc but I need a better system for my papers. They are all over the place.

  80. My desktop has a lamp & a decorative envelope stand/sorter (foo-foo scrolled metal). Sounds crazy sparse, I know, but I like neat & tidy… & decorative. Necessary items are hidden in my desk drawers & behind my desk in my computer armoire. The armoire houses all sorts of necessary office items/supplies that I can close behind doors, so everything stays “pretty”!

    A new system I want to incorporate into my home office organization is a way to deal with annoying paper clutter. It’s a file-folder system divided into 7 categories that should take care of most incoming mail/paper. Seven folders labeled: 1) pay 2) file 3) read 4) call or write 5) waiting for response 6) coupons & offers 7) errands (everything else gets shredded &/or recycled).

    I’m hoping this will manage my incoming mail more efficiently, effectively & promote less paper clutter. My only hesitation is finding something aesthetically pleasing in which to house the new paper management system that fits with my “antique, European-esque” carved, ball & claw, leather-topped desk. It will be on top of my desk so it’s easily accessible & thus I want it a beautiful & elegant & a functional decor item. If anyone has ideas on where I can find such an item, all suggestions are more than welcomed? Thanks!

  81. I am a huge fan of the Marthas Stewart desk top organization line at Staples! Also, having a simple,tidy desk keeps me on task to get my school work done!


  82. I currently don’t have a desk, and it really blows because I have to keep my papers, pens, electronics, books etc in random places around the house. But where I lived before I used to keep my desk organized by having designated containers for everything, so I always knew where something was. I also labeled everything.

  83. My desk is a mess right now. We’re in the middle of a restoration of our house so everything is a mess! Normally I’m very neat and clean with my desk. I love little bins for everything!

  84. I have recently found your channel on Youtube and it is fab! I love the idea of being organized but it doesn’t usually last very long with me!! I’m hoping I can use some of your fab tips to ensure it lasts! Thanks so much for sharing and now I have found your blog I will try to keep up to date with you. Thanks again xx

  85. I have all black organizers to go with my black pc, speakers and mouse, A ceramic jar holds my pens and pencils, ruler and a nail file! A little ceramic dish holds my post it’s and a note pad, a little box houses a measuring tape, extra post its and a calculator. I have inspirational bible verse cards on the side. I have an amethyst stone for decoration.

  86. I use a lot of different containers to organise my desktop but I’m only in my current flat for a few more months so i’m reluctant to implement a more permanent solution. The thing I struggle with is keeping a system together and not getting bored with it and changing it up!

  87. I use similar organizational tools as you do. I have a letter sorter and matching magazine file to organize papers and files. I use other trays and small bins for office supplies. Thanks for the giveaway….I love Knock Knock!

  88. I keep my desk organized by cleaning it off once a week. I also have small containers that hold various things. My desk has no drawers so containers help.

  89. I don’t keep much of anything on my desktop. I work from home, but everything is stored digitally on work servers, so I have very little need for paper or stuff. I have my landline phone and cell phone, laptop and second monitor, mouse and keyboard. Other than that: a coaster for my beverage of the moment, a little bowl with lotion and chapstick, and a cup with a few pens, pencil, highlighter, scissors. My personal laptop sits on the corner of the desk and charges. That’s it.

  90. I try to keep organized by having varying size containers for different things and/or organize according to craft. For instance, I like to scrapbook, sew, and do various other crafts with my daughter. So I keep all sewing items together, scrapbooking items together, etc.

  91. I don’t have a desk, so my organization is mainly one pouch of knick-knacks and one folder of papers. Permanent desk would help a lot, but at the moment kitchen table will suffice 🙂

  92. I don’t have a desk right now, we are in a small place waiting to buy our home, but I have set up a little “office” area in my kitchen so I love having little desktop organizers to keep things together. I would love to have that mouse pad it would be perfect for planning out things I need to do! Thanks Jen, you’re awesome!

  93. My desktop is a mess…but I’m working on it. I love the Making Memories spinning tool holder and I use it to corral little items (in the drawers), pens, note pads, Sentsy melts, lotion, rulers, calculator, etc….

  94. My desktop also holds my sewing machine so storage is key to keep it clutter free. My desk has cubbyholes for ample storage, it houses all of my sewing needs.

  95. I love the idea of a mousepad made of paper. I’m always looking for a post it note or piece of paper to jot things down as I’m at the computer. Thanks for sharing your office organization!!!

  96. I like keeping my desk top clear of clutter. At the end of every week (Friday) I like doing a 10 min clean up, this allows me to start fresh Monday morning.
    Love, love blogs posts and video on organization 🙂 great work Jen, Thank you!

  97. Not so much a cooment as a question. Any other left handers out there who find desk stuff is often set up for “righties”. Any good solutions?

  98. Thanks for sharing your desk with us! It must be so nice to have that much space devoted for your office/workspace.

  99. Unfortunately, right now my desk is the coffee table in my living room…definitely not the best situation! We are working on turning our extra bedroom into an office and I’m loving all of your great ideas! Thanks Jen!

  100. I like to make my desktop as pretty and happy as possible so that I am always motivated to get some work done everyday! I put real flowers as well as new motivational quotes everyday ! I love to light a candle, listen to good music and have a cup of moroccan tea to be relaxed and concentrated! Since i’m in college, I always have my books and note pads close to my working area!

  101. Hi Jen! Thank you for sharing your ideas! I was looking for something new to organized my home Office, and it’s nice to see your point of view, a find new ideas! I will use the one with the wrapping paper!;)

  102. Well, I don’t have a desk but…..
    I use vertical filing, drawer organizers & pencil holders to try to keep that stuff in order.

  103. I’m desperately in need of more organization for my desktop, but the one thing I love is a similar organizer to yours (where you have your pens) that I purchased from Target. I love the divided storage, and having a dedicated place for my desktop tools. Probably the most fun thing I use for my desktop though is a designer pint canning jar…it holds all of my paperclips and I hang my staple remover on the rim. It’s a wide-mouthed jar so my hand can fit inside, and I like that I’m able to see what’s inside and keep it all contained.

  104. Mine really isn’t,but I’m working on a whole office/woman cave re-vamp. But I love my rotating utilsil caddy. I got it from the kitchen section of walmart years ago and it is perfect for all my sewing tools. Keeps them right at my finger tips and the segments alllow me to catagorize the tools.

  105. I swear by letter organizers to keep loose papers organized and off the desk surface – I can’t stand when my desk looks cluttered! I also really love using small lucite drawers and cups on my desk to corral all the items I use daily 🙂

  106. I LOVE your Pottery Barn office and one day hope to be able to have something similar.
    I ALSO love the pads by KnockKnock!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!
    Take care!

  107. I am in love with the 5 days a week mouse pad! It would be perfect for my two stores that I run,for me to be able to sit down Sunday night and fill out what needs to get done for the upcoming week! I also love your desk and can’t wait to get a space big enough to have something similar!

  108. My desk is a work in progress, which is why I’ve been following your series! I try to organize any loose papers at the end of each week so my desk looks neat when I start again on Monday. I also make a to-do list so that I know where to start, too.

  109. Thanks for hosting the giveaway Jen! I recently just did a major reorganization / cleanup of my small office that I share with my husband. I like having specific places for everything and holders for stationary, pens, etc. I think I will add an in/out/to file system soon to try to maintain the organization as well as having a weekly/biweekly cleanup or purge.

  110. Thanks for hosting the giveaway Jen! I recently just did a major reorganization / cleanup of my small office that I share with my husband. I like having specific places for everything and holders for stationary, pens, etc. I think I will add an in/out/to file system soon to try to maintain the organization as well as having a weekly/biweekly cleanup or purge.

  111. I can’t seem to keep my desktop organized. I pile things up. I am an out of site out of mind person so my desktop is a mess. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

  112. I’ll be honest, at the moment my desk top is a complete mess! I am in serious need of a good system, especially as I’ve just gone back to college so will be using the area a lot more.
    You have no idea how much this series is inspiring me 🙂 thank you Jen!

    Kim xx

  113. First thing I do every day is see what you brought for us for the day – I love all of your youtube videos – they INSPIRE me!!! 🙂
    I organize my desk by keeping the clutter at bay, keeping pens/pencils where they belong and a file organizer/binder for my every day needs. Thanks for taking time for us – we truly appreciate it.

  114. Thank you for sharing. Your videos have encouraged my entire family to start organizing our homes better. Thank you so much!

  115. Hi Jen, I don’t have a desk at home but you have inspired me to reorganise my desk at work, it could do with some serious attention!

  116. I keep my desktop organized by using different little baskets and storage organizers, and trying not to let things “collect” on my desk! 🙂

  117. your organizing vids are always SO inspiring to me and i’ve actually taken to tackling organizational tasks as a way to ease anxiety when i find myself having issues with panic & anxiety attacks since becoming a subscriber to your channel. you are my #1 organizational hero and i try to implement as many of your ideas and suggestions as i can to fit my spaces. thank you so much!

    1. and i just realized the question was about my desktop organization lol
      i don’t actually have a desktop.. more of a desk-ish corner.. the laptop is on an end table next to my love seat and i keep my Thirty-One brand Organizing Utility Tote next to it on the floor which holds our family binder and all of the filing and supplies i use frequently inside. It’s easy to find what I need and pick it up if I need to be on the go with my supplies or want to work at the dining room table.

  118. Hello Jen, Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful videos! I have a question and this is the only way I think I can contact you since I am not a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube member. I just viewed your Craft Room 2 video and in it you mentioned having just posted a video on your basket system (the camera was capturing some market baskets you use on the floor of your Craft Room). I have searched for the video you were referring to and cannot find it. Would you be so kind as to post a link to that video or give me the channel and name of it? I am in the midst of setting up some organizational systems using baskets and think your information would help! Thanks and have a great day, Carla

  119. I have always been obsessed with basket and containers ..so my desk has plenty of those … i also have a few of the organization containers from Michaels

  120. I try and keep the top of my desk as clear as possible. At work and at home, I make sure that every file, notebook, planner, pencil etc has a designated home in a cabinet or drawer, so that now and then I can clear it all off, and start anew. xx

  121. Every time I get on my computer I try to clean up my desk while I watch youtube videos. It helps keep it cleaned off

  122. My desktop isn’t organized at all right now! I have some baskets for things but I neglect using them sometimes so I have some things all over the place and things that definitely don’t live on my desk that are there too! We’re in the process of moving, so in our new house I hope to use your tips and be more organized!

  123. I keep it organized by putting away everything from the desktop every evening. I tried other methods, but I always end up with a mess by the weekend… 🙁

  124. I keep as little as possible on display on top of my desk and use drawer dividers to keep everything in its place!

  125. My desk is too small for me right now and it is full of clutter. I’ll probably end up going out to buy a new desk very soon, and the white one you posted is quite tempting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  126. I organize all my colored pens,highliters and other little desk stuff by using a desk organizer from staples. Everything on my desk has its own place, and the key to keeping it organized is putting things back where it belongs.

  127. I actually don’t have a desk! Wish I had room. However we use a small corner of kitchen. We use a organizer that is wood,has slots for mail, and a drawer underneath for storage.

  128. i try to use organizers and trays to separate different papers…but i think i need to break it down a little more. i feel inspired now!

  129. I use a notebook to right all my stuff in it from phone calls to online shopping. Also cleaning it and dealing with the mail every night helps keeps my desk in order.

    Jen….also thanks for your ideas and they help motivate and bring out my inner organizer. 🙂

  130. I love all your organizing videos, & great ideas! I cannot wait to see the cord organization video. I have a feeling this will be a big help to many. Your office is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  131. I usually keep the things I use the most on my desk such us post-it notes, markers, pens and a notebook that I use to write EVERYTHING that comes to my mind.
    Because I’m in college I have to be super organized with my notebooks and papers, so all of that goes in a drawer labeled by subject so I don’t have everything mixed. Of course I feel like I have to improve my organizational system because I’m always on the run and I tend to leave everything on my desk. The problem is that at the end of every day I have to organize everything again :/
    Jen if you can help me with some ideas so I can fix my problem in order for me to spend those minutes studying it would mean the world to me. Unfortunately where I live there’s no Container Store or something alike, I only have this (http://www.sodimac.cl/sodimac-cl/).
    That Mousepad will definatly help me keep track of all my exams 🙂

  132. I got rid of my old desk & working on getting a new set up. Just haven’t found anything yet. I was wondering if you could do a what security system you have on your pc’s. I am looking into getting a good or best security system

  133. I really need to completely redo my organizational system for my at home business office. I have 4 clients that I have to keep records for and to do’s for each one. I haven’t figured out a good method yet but you inspire me to get organized. I just wish I knew how you make time for all the things you do and where do you get such great ideas! Thanks, Jen!!! xo Priscilla : )

  134. Great, video and blog post Jen!

    My desktop isn’t very big and doesn’t allow for much clutter (which is a good thing). There is just enough room on the desktop my laptop (which i do like to move to other parts of the house often) and secondary screen, then a couple pen/pencil holders. A pull out keyboard tray holders just that the keyboard and mouse, and a set of drawers to the left, has my printer sitting on top, and i have the drawers underneath as organised as possible.

  135. For my desk, I like to utilize vertical space rather than my desktop, using organizers than hang on the wall to keep things up out of the way.

  136. I try and keep the top of my desk clear. I love using decorative book boxes and organizers to keep everything nearby but out of sight. Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. I try to keep everything bundled up in little cubbies. Just to have a place for everything. Thanks for the post.

  138. I have just one small desk area for workspace, so I have to keep it pretty clear. I use a couple of glass jars (re-used candle jars) to hold pencils/pens and one for small post its and page flags. Luckily the desk has a keyboard tray, but since I use a laptop, I used the pullout tray to hide extra notepads/notes, pens, lotion, and my mouse. I use those things daily, but I never have to put them away since it slides under the desk and is hidden from view! I love it. I also re-used an old fossil watch tin case to hold my colorful paper clips and binder clips. I love seeing it out since it’s colorful and I use them often enough, it’s nice to have them on the desktop. Besides those containers on my desk, I have an ipod speaker/charger, tissues, a lamp, and candle.

  139. Hi I have a shelf which sits on top of my desk so my keyboard etc can slide under it to give me more space for paperwork. I also have a bowl for miscellaneous items to have on hand.

  140. In my job I have two distinct programs I work with so I keep each program in a separate area of my desk, drawers and pin boards.

  141. I try so so hard to stay organized in my office. It’s a struggle but I’m getting to an almost clean desktop surface. I love the desk and the hutch on top!

  142. I am still in college and this video has motivated to me to organize my desk area using some of your suggestions to make school work easier and more organized! Thank you!!

  143. I like to keep things combined based on usage..I am not too particular with organizing my desk, as I am currently in med school, and my backpack and planner is my current desk! Haha 🙂

  144. I keep my desk organized by cleaning off the clutter once a week and putting things where they’re supposed to be.

  145. I have zero to no organization with the desk in my room at the moment, there used to be before I went away to school and my sister started to use it, but now it is just a massive mess. I don’t even know where I would start on it either. Luckily I am moving out in less an a week and will only be taking some of the stuff with me. So organization will be mine again soon. 🙂

  146. I struggle with keeping my desk area organized! Your ideas are motivating me to get that area cleaned up. 🙂

  147. I keep my pens, pencils & a pair of scissors in a metal pen holder & on the other side of the desk I keep my folders in a file folder holder – everything else I keep in my desk drawers.

  148. That mousepad looks so cute and functional! My current home office area is in my bedroom for now. I turned a three tier tv stand into a desk by just adding a chair. I also added in some baskets, filing trays, and other desk organization items to complete the look. This is of course temporary. I can’t wait till I have more space to create the home office of my dreams!

  149. Thank you for Jen sharing your organizational tips and purchase finds! Love your setup and look forward to having my own someday.

  150. I like to use bins & desk organizers to keep my desk somewhat organized. My desk isn’t nearly organized as yours but I’ve gotten tons of new ideas from watching your videos!

  151. Love that desk and those PB whiteboard calendars as well! I have so much that needs an organized touch, but I have to just take it one thing at the time! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas and for sharing your world with us…kinda lights a fire under me to get things as they should be in my own home!

  152. Thanks for the desktop org video and blog post! I am struggling to get my office organized, and this has given me great ideas. Personally can’t wait to see your (hopefully) upcoming video/post on the office shelves organization—I really need inspiration there.

  153. I am redoing my office/craft room right now and loved to see how you keep everything together in your space. Gave me a ton of great ideas! Thanks!


    PS Are you going to do a video on your mouth cleaning routine (for lack of a better term)? You mentioned you have a thorough one and we would love to hear about it!

  154. I love to have all near me but a lot of space to study too! I have an organizer with a lot of pens, highlighters, stickers! Also a big mug with my crayolas! 🙂 Love it! TFS, Jen!!! You’re my inspiration!!!

  155. i dedicate one day a week to organizing my desktop, and thats when i file things away. i also use a mail system which i love! on my wall i have calendars and a magnetic board that has reminders ans pictures.

  156. I keep my desk organized with storage bins and I am constantly re-organizing, throwing away trash, and filing important documents!

  157. I try to have a designated place for everything. When I use things I make sure I put things back where they belong.

  158. I use a desktop organiser from TK Maxx to keep all my pens and essentials together, I have drawers right next to my desk so I like to keep the top pretty clear. I love your set up!

  159. I love keeping a bin on my desk for paperwork. If it has a place to go it is more likely to get there!. Thanks for sharing!

  160. My walk in closet is going to go thru a mini reno and I plan on putting a filing cabinet in there. We don’t have an office and I’m very much in need of filing options and organization.

  161. I don’t have a desk at home, but at work I make use of mugs for pen holders and use file folder holders to hold papers. I don’t have a lot on my desktop but have things organized in drawers.

  162. Thanks so much for this video Jen. I have been inspired by the series thus far and organised my desk area 2 days ago! I’ve also used the desk drawers and attached components to organise me and to force me to look carefully at what I actually need to have around me. Pride of place is held by my mac (now somewhere I can always easily reach it and work from it, with nothing resting on top of the keyboard. That mousepad looks fantastic 🙂

  163. i have a lot of drawers and other organisational components in my study which means I have plenty of space to store things. The only things on my desk are computers, phones, post its and pen holders.

  164. I love your organization videos! My desk is half-organized, I’m hoping I can get some of these products that you mentioned!

  165. I make sure I have only my computer, my phone and a glass that holds some pens – and that’s it. I keep my desktop clutter free.

  166. I keep minimal things on my desktop, only a pen/pencil holder, my laptop, and a file organizer. Everything else goes in the closet. No visual clutter. I do not like knick knacks.

  167. My desk and office organization all revolves around my 5 drawer filing cabinet. Everything I need goes in there and is labelled in a similar fashion to the way you label. I keep 7 years of paperwork and make sure to shred everything with identifying information on it. I keep paper trays on my desk to “light” file before I transfer into my cabinet.

  168. Dear Jen!
    I love watching your videos. I am finding your ideas very helpful, especially now since I will be moving soon. I think the best idea was the cover-up of the whiteboard – generally this whole mini series is great. I personally keep organized using flower pots instead of pen holders. I feel like I can store away larger items and still find anything.
    I love reading your corresponding blogposts. THANKS A LOT for doing what you do!!!! 🙂

  169. Hi jen,

    I loved your video, very inspiring i keep my desk organized bu drawer, i have four of them 🙂

    1st drawer : post it notes, pens, and most used items like stapler or ipad charging cable
    2nd drawer : all kinds of papers for school (I’m in law school in France) and my diverse assignments require different types of papers.
    3rd drawer : Important folders : health, school administrative things, diet (I have food allergies and have a specific diet) and such
    4th drawer : printing paper, cartridges, cables 🙂

  170. Your room is really pretty. My question what size of room do you have? Thanks for your hard work to help us all get organized!

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