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For the second installment of my Home Office Organization series on OLJ, I share my desk drawer organization, which I have newly updated.  I’m including photos and links to all of my favorite desk drawer organization tools below.

Pottery Barn Bedford Corner Desk Set (photo source)

Pottery Barn Bedford Corner Desk Set (photo source)

I use the Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office furniture collection in my office, which I purchased when we moved into the house in 2007.  The corner desk set has a roomy desktop and includes five drawers.  There are two standard size drawers and three file size drawers, which offer plenty of room for all my desk storage needs!

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Linus Deep Drawer Organizers (photo source) & Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers (photo source) from The Container Store

I use my favorite drawer organizers by Linus from The Container Store in the two standard sized drawers of my desk.  These are the same kinds of organizers I featured in my Bedside Table Drawer Organization.  I also use these in the drawers in our bathroom as well as the kitchen.  They’re so versatile, durable, and easy to clean.  I love that they are clear!  The rubber feet on the bottom help prevent slippage inside the drawer.  I use both the shallow (on sale right now!) and deep organizers in my desk drawers to corral similar items.

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Clear 13-Pocket Accordion Files from The Container Store (photo source) & Jonathon Adler Blue Ocean Presentation Book from Barnes & Noble (photo source)

I use a variety of file organizers to store different sizes and types of papers in my desk drawers.  I recently purchased the Clear 13-Pocket Accordian Files in both the letter and coupon size from The Container Store.  I’m using the letter size one to file all of my business-related paperwork in one of the file size drawers that I newly designated as my “work” drawer.   I’m using the coupon size accordion file to keep track of my business expenses.  I used the month stickers the file came with to organize my receipts accordingly.  Having this will make it super easy to keep track of expenses for when tax time rolls around again next year.  I’m using the Jonathan Adler Blue Ocean Presentation Book from Barnes & Noble to house my inspiration boards, which are basically collages I make that help keep me motivated.  Check out this post on ToneItUp’s website for more information on inspiration or vision boards.

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Clear Zippered Envelope (photo source) and Clear Envelope (photo source) from The Container Store

I also like to keep track of my personal expenses as well as our household purchases.  I hold onto these types of receipts for two months before recycling.  I picked up two of the Clear Zippered Envelopes from The Container Store to store receipts.  I store the previous month’s receipts in the zippered portion and the current month’s ones in the front pocket.  At the beginning of a new month I will recycle the receipts from the zippered portion (unless there’s something I want to hold onto for a specific reason) and move the receipts from the front pocket back into the zippered part.  This receipt organization helps me keep on top of our purchases and makes it a cinch to pull out a receipt for a return or to go over credit card bills.  I have four of the Clear Envlopes to corral the cards that come with my beauty sample subscription services.  I like to hold onto these to compare past products with current ones and having these simple envelopes to store them works nicely for me.

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Silver Mesh CD Bin (photo source) & Linus Handled Bin (photo source) from The Container Store

Since I have ample filing space in my Pottery Barn Bedford Lateral File Cabinet (see my last organization post for more about that if you missed it), I am able to dedicate my file size desk drawers to other types of storage than just paper.  It can be difficult to store things in such deep drawers, so I rely on bins to help corral smaller items.  I use the Silver Mesh CD Bins from The Container Store to keep my blank CDs, DVDs, and empty cases all together.  I use the Linus Handled Bin, also from The Container Store, to corral computer cleaning products and  small electronic equipment.

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Cable Ties from The Container Store (photo source) & Martha Stewart Home Office With Avery Small Elastinote Tags from Staples (photo source)

Managing cables can be a real pain, but luckily there are lots of great options to purchase or easy DIY remedies to keep cables organized and untangled.  I’ve been using the velcro Cable Ties from The Container Store for years to bundle up cords and cables.  They’re easy to use and the different colors makes it easy to color code.  I recently picked up a package of the Small Elastinote Tags from Martha Stewarts Home Office collection with Avery from Staples.  Using these as labels provides for the quick identification of cables.

I go over my desk drawer organization in detail in the video (shown below) if you’re interested in a closer look.  Check back next week for a look at my desktop drawer organization!

*I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in the video or this blog post.  All opinions are my own.*


6 thoughts on “Home Office: Desk Drawer Organization”

  1. I loved this video! I have recently organized my home office, but still have to organize some drawers in my husband’s home office. His office is the first room off of the entry. It has to be super organized!! Got some great ideas from your video. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Jen, I would love to see how you create your inspiration boards you keep in your Adler Presentation Book. You say they keep you motivated… do you have separate boards for each project? each wish list? each room? each holiday? each season? How do you create them. Is it done on the computer? Is there a specific computer program/website you use? Or do you use tear sheets/cut and paste collage style on paper (the way I used to back in the day)?

    Since discovering Pinterest, I’ve created many inspiration boards and also used it as a place to store wish lists, gift ideas, recipes, funny/cute/inspirational sayings and I even pin things I come across that I think my friends would like/need (otherwise I know I’d never get those links to them).

    Please add a “How to Easily Create an Inspiration Board Tutorial” to your list of videos to make. Finding new ways to keep (stay) inspired and organized is always helpful and appreciated.

    Again, thanks for all you do.

    1. The kind I make now are more personal, emotional based inspiration boards. As they are private, I’m probably not going to share them right now. Maybe I’ll make a sample one to share in a blog post for the future, though…

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