Home Office: Dedicated Work Stations

I am quickly approaching the end of my Home Office Organization Overhaul!  Today I am sharing the last furnished area of my office, which includes two dedicated work stations.  I am fortunate to have the space in my office to accomodate multitasking areas such as my main desk and project table, ample storage space between my floating shelves and built-in cabinets, and even a couple of desks dedicated to specific purposes.

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I have two Pottery Barn Bedford Rectangular Desk Sets pushed together along the far wall in my office.  As I mentioned in my Project Area post, I love how I can mix and match pieces from the Bedford Collection since the desktops are separate and can be placed on top of any of the available drawer configurations.  It’s also useful in the event that I want to switch up the furniture arrangement at some point in the future to have such flexibility with these pieces.  I have each of the two desks set up to serve a specific function at the moment.  The desk on the left is a dedicated grooming desk.  I have a Shih Tzu named Winnie with a long coat, which requires daily maintenance (oodles of pictures of Winnie can be found on her blog, WinnieTheTzu, if you’re interested!).  The grooming desk is used twice a day, every day!  The desk on the right is set up as a sewing desk, as I had intended to take up quilting a few years ago but YouTube came along and with it a new passion that swallows up all of my time for new hobbies.  I hope this desk will see some major quilting action at some point in the future!

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There are four file cabinet size draws in the grooming desk.  The top left drawer houses my most frequently accessed grooming-related tools, such as small towels, cotton balls, a grooming pillow, and baby wipes among other things (top left photo).  The bottom left drawer is where I store grooming extras, including Winnie’s special post-grooming treats, Cheese, Please (bottom left photo).  The top right drawer is usually where I stash Winnie’s clean grooming mats (from Martha Stewart Pets, sadly no longer available).  I have four total that I rotate once a month.  I wash all four once a quarter and store the clean ones here.  I also keep Winnie’s travel kit, first aid kit, and other medications in this drawer (top right photo).  I store the three towels I use to create a towel nest for Winnie when I am blow drying her after her bath once every other week (bottom right photo).  Everything is stored in a way that is easy to access according to frequency of use.  As you can see I am a big fan of vertical organization, especially in deep drawers like these.

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Just as in other parts of my office, I use wall storage to aid in keeping my desktops clutter free.  I use the Pottery Barn Daily System to aid in that.  I have a whiteboard flanked by an office organizer and shelves (no longer available) hanging over my grooming desk.  I’ve found a functional use for every part of these wall organizers to store grooming items.  I have another set of three pieces from the Daily System over the sewing desk.  As I mentioned before, this station is not used often, but I like having it all set and ready to go for when the need arises.  I have a linen board flanked by a letter bin where I store sewing manuals and a cubby set (no longer available) where I envisioned storing thread.

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There are three drawers on the left and one on the right side of the sewing desk which hold sewing supplies.  The top drawers are shallow and I’ve used some of my favorite Linus Drawer Organizers from the Container Store to store tools and thread.  The bottom left is a deep file size drawer where I keep my sewing kit.  There are a couple of cubbies on the right side where I keep sewing books and a basket with items to fix.  I also keep a small basket of dog toys that need patching as well as the sewing machine peddle tucked under the desk.

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I’ve had this tack box from the Container Store acting as a sewing kit for many years.  I keep my most used thread, needles, pins, and extra buttons in this kit.  I like how I can keep it tucked away in the drawer when not in use and then easily pull it out and take it anywhere to make small repairs.  I’m not certain this particular box is still available from The Container Store.  I could not find it on the website, but you can purchase similar boxes at hardware and sporting good stores.  

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Just as with my main desk, I like to use 3M Command Cord Clips to keep cables tucked out of the way (see my Cable Management post for reference).  I don’t keep my sewing machine plugged in when not in use, but it’s nice to have the cords easily accessible for when I do want to use it.  Cord clips keep these cables from falling into a heap behind my desk.

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I have two Swivel Desk Chairs from Pottery Barn (exact model no longer available) tucked under each desk.  I love the look of these chairs with the Bedford Collection desks.

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The last element of my dedicated work stations are the three Pulley Style Pendants from Restoration Hardware hanging overhead.  These exact models are no longer available, but you can find a similar model here.  I haven’t actually used the pulley function of these lights as I mainly purchased them because I liked the look.  Having concentrated overhead lighting is very helpful for both grooming and sewing purposes.

I share my Dedicated Work Stations in detail in the video (shown below) if you’re interested in a closer look.  Check back next week for another Home Office Organization post and coordinating video!

* I am not affiliated with any of the brands or stores mentioned in this blog post or video.  All opinions are my own. *