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It’s fitting that I am wrapping up my Home Office Organization Series on the last Friday of June.  I’ve spent the last two months working through each part of my home office/craft room, which serves many functions.  My organizational process is to break big projects like this one down into more mangeable pieces and complete one part at a time, fitting in focused work whenever I can.  Working this way makes an otherwise daunting project manageable.  While it took more time than if I had dedicated a full week or two completely to it, I found that I enjoyed the more leisurely pace of the organizational overhaul and was able to feel my way through what changes I wanted to make.  When before I found it stressful and stifling to even be in the space due to its unfinished nature and unclear direction, it is now like a breath of fresh air to work, play, and just be in this space.  It is 100% me: organized, clean, colorful, and playful.  I am so happy to be able to share this final look with you.

OJ|OLJ 6:28:2013_1

The pictures above represent my best attempt at a still photo 360˚ view.  I recommend watching the video (shown below) for a better sense of the space.  It does look a bit more cramped in the photos and video than it does in person, but then again I also do have quite a bit stored in this space.  I love to tuck bins and boxes into cabinets, closets, and drawers out of sight, but I also enjoy using colorful and cheery containers out in the open on shelves and on desktops.  The look of the room makes me smile from the inside out.  I couldn’t ask for a better result for my work and play space!

OJ|OLJ 6:28:2013_2

I’ve been asked what my favorite part of my newly organized office I like best.  My absolute favorite part is that the whole space functions fluidly now even though it serves multiple purposes.  I picked out a few of my personal highlights, however, to share here:

1. Project Area/Desk Extension/Video Backsplash – I could never keep this area under control before.  There were always piles of bills to pay, papers to file, and projects in process scattered all over the desktop.  Not only did the clutter drive me nutty, but it was particularly annoying to have to clear everything off every time I wanted to film so my backsplash looked tidy.  Now, with the entire room under control, I no longer have a need to pile things on this desktop.  Once in awhile when I’m working on something I will place things there (and it is handy as an extra workspace!), but the piles no longer linger since everything has a home.  Clutter-free bliss!

2. Project Table – As with the Desk Extension, now that there is a place for everything and everything in its place, I no longer have to deal with miscellaneous items cluttering up my project table.  It is not only beautiful, but quite functional as a filming spot, craft area, and general workspace now that it’s tidied up!

3. Corner Desk – My main work station was stifling before the overhaul.  I find that corner pieces like this one tend to get particularly cluttered even when they’re as roomy as this desk is.  With my updated filing system, desktop organization, and orderly desk drawers I no longer battle with the space.  I can work here with ease.

4. Dedicated Work Stations – I didn’t do too much in terms of updating the organization of these areas, but the small changes I did make offered big improvements.  I’m especially fond of my new Bright Stockholm Paper Drawers that store Winnie’s ample collection of bows and keeps them in easy reach while I’m grooming her.  I’ve also begun to transition my rarely used sewing desk to a much needed tabletop photo station, which will come in handy with my work as a content creator.  The best part is that now that I’ve got the sewing organization figured out I can easily transition it back to a dedicated sewing station when I’m ready for it.

5. Craft Closet – This is really the shining jewel of my organizational efforts.  It was the toughest part of my office to tackle, but I finally managed it and it is better than I ever dreamed!  It’s beautiful, functional, and an all around craft lover’s dream!  Plus, the cute Shabby Chic curtain from Target adds a darling touch to the entire room.

* The three lights hanging over my Dedicated Work Stations are the Porter Pendants from Pottery Barn *

* The rug is from L.L. Bean – Oval Chenille Braided Rug in Sandbar *

OJ|OLJ 6:28:2013_5

Winnie has a few special spots in the room, of course, since a) she is one spoiled baby, and b) I spend a large chunk of my day in this room and she likes to stay close to me.  I mentioned her Tiger Dreamz Luxury Faux Fur Trundle Bed that lives under my corner desk in my Desktop Organization post.  I thought I’d also share the other bed she has in this room (two beds in one room?!  I know, I know, I’m a spoiler 😉 ).  Winnie spends equal time in her trundle and the Martha Stewart Pets Bonequilt Snuggler Dog Bed, still available from Petsmart.  She has a big basket of toys to keep her occupied while I’m working and a Pet Adjustable Water Stand with Modified Base from PAWS Creations to accomodate her needs for long hours spent in this space.

OLJ|TBBB 6:28:2013_4

I did touch up my in-room bathroom a bit and share a closer look in the coordinating video.  It serves three main purposes: 1) convenient bathroom access, 2) a bathing station for Winnie’s baths (generally about once every other week), and 3) a storage space for my massive nail polish collection (I am a nail polish enthusiast, which is just nicer way to say “Polish Junkie”).  Everything is moveable in the case that we’d like this to be a functioning personal bathroom at some point in the future.  Flexible organization like this makes my heart sing!

* The bathroom wall cabinets are both called the Neal Wall Cabinet from Target, available online only here and here *

OJ|TBBB 6:28:2013_6

The icing on the Home Office cake is this gorgeous handmade wreath that subscriber Toni made for me.  It greets me every morning when I walk into my office ready to edit or film videos, write blog posts, take photos, groom Winnie, craft, or just chill out.  I recommend checking out Toni’s Etsy shop, Casabella Wreaths, to see more of her beautiful handiwork!  The little bees on this wreath never fail to put a smile on my face, because, as many of you know or might have guessed, the busy bee is my personal mascot and power animal.

My newly overhauled home office suits my busy bee needs and desires perfectly!  If you’d like to see more details about the individual parts of my home office, I recommend checking out the blog posts listed below, which include photos and links to products:

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I recommend watching the Grand Finale Tour of my Home Office in the video (shown below) for a better sense of the layout.  I’ll return next Friday with a post dedicated to my Craft Carousel (I apologize for the delay in posting this!).  Thanks for joining me on this journey!  I enjoyed sharing with you. 🙂

*I am not affiliated with any of the brands or stores mentioned in this blog post or video.  All opinions are my own.*


22 thoughts on “Home Office/Craft Room Tour”

  1. Your office looks beautiful, and your advice throughout the series has given me ideas and inspiration in updating my own home office (particularly cable management, that was amazing).

    My question is, what is the paint color/brand in this room? The blue contrast against the white really catches your eye, and yet it’s calming too. Seems like a lovely shade to maybe paint our downstairs powder room. I had been leaning more toward neutral beigey tones, but this is another option that might be better with all the white in the bathroom. The cranberry-red shade of your powder room is lovely too, but I don’t think I’m brave enough to go that rich in color.

    1. The blue in my office is Lazy Sunday my Benjamin Moore. I’m not certain I have the powder room color correctly, but I believe it’s called Hot Cider or something along those lines, also by Benjamin Moore.

  2. Absolutely stunnign Jen!! I;ve been watching all of your videos in the series, and great job. You;re truly and inspiration when it comes to packing and organizing. I always look forward to your videos and I always try to incorporate your skills into my organization.

  3. Enjoyed the final “Grand Tour” !! You have inspired me to get my Sewing/Craft/Office Room organized! Wish we had a Container Store close by! But there is always internet shopping!! Thanks for Sharing!!

  4. Congratulations on finishing your Craft Room / Home Office! It looks beautiful!

    I remember months ago you put up a video saying how overwhlemed you were – and lots of us feel like that with projects like this, but now it just looks gorgeous and you seem much happier! Well done, and thank you for inspiring my to tackle my home office.

  5. Sorry Jen I know this is random but it is the quickest way to get a hold of you. Will you do a vlog series showing your preparations for the 4th of July or will you do a video for organized like Jen.Also I know your home is very personal but could you do a proper home tour if you you are comfortable. Thanks so much for putting your life on YouTube. I am always excited to see a new video of yours. Thanks

    1. Don will be filming his food prep for the party for his channel (Disorganized Don). I will probably show some of my own prep in vlogs, but I’m not planning a dedicated video. No complete house tour in the plans at this time.

  6. Jen, what an amazing job you did on your office. I loved the series, but, it was so nice to see a video where you filmed the entire room. Thanks for bringing us along on this journey. It has inspired me and given me so many wonderful ideas and tips.

  7. Jen, Great organization! Could you please share where you got that adorable owl clock that is hanging on the wall near the sink?

  8. Your craft room came out beautiful! I just want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. You really helped me find myself in so many ways. Most importantly you made me realize “me” time and its importance. I was wondering if you would do a organizational video on your workout DVDs and storage. Kind of like when you showed us your favorite holiday movie collection. You look great and would love to know the DVDs that you think are worth getting.

  9. Hi jen, I really love this video the most. I have also this crafty craft hand like yours. Really love those organized things you did. It’s really a thumbs up for me. Anyways, like winnie I have a tzu also…

  10. Beatiful and inspiring! Im currently looking for ideas on how to make my office/craft room worthy of leaving the door open! Do you mind telling me the dimensions of your main room (minus bathroom and craft area)?

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