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As we get closer to Christmas I like to set up my Holiday Gift Wrap Station. I keep my holiday wrapping paper on display for all of December on my wall organizers, but wait until I start wrapping gifts to pull out the bins I keep tucked away for the rest of the year filled with my remaining holiday gift wrap accessories. I transform half of my office into Holiday Gift Wrap Central for the last week or so before Christmas.

OJ_OLJ_12-23-2013_01One of the most important parts of a functional Holiday Gift Wrap Station for me is a clear space to wrap.  I wrap the majority of the gifts on top of my Pottery Barn Bedford Project Table.  I like that I can either stand or sit at this counter height table.  I make sure to keep the table clear of any additional items so I can easily wrap gifts of all sizes on it.  The only items that remain are my Craft Carousel and a glass filled with special pens I use to write my labels.

OJ_OLJ_12-23-2013_02If you watch my YouTube videos, you’ve probably noticed my Pottery Barn Wall-Mounted Craft Organizers where I display seasonal gift wrap.  What you don’t usually see, however, is the area above the gift wrap dowels where I stow ribbon, craft books, and more.  I swap all of this out for Christmas with some of my holiday gift wrap accessories, including curling & fabric ribbons, special holiday edition magazines (specifically my Martha Stewart ones I’ve saved over the years), small pieces of extra gift wrap, and festive package adornments.  I keep additional gift wrap in the cans that are tucked into either side of my project table and use a large rolling plastic laundry basket I picked up at The Container Store a couple of years ago (sadly no longer available) to stow gift boxes in all shapes and sizes.

OJ_OLJ_12-23-2013_03The rest of my holiday gift wrap accessories take over my sewing desk.   Here is a breakdown of what you see in the photo above:

1. Bin with tissue paper, cloth gift bags, and treat bags.
2. Bin with gift bags and gift card holders.
3. One tin filled with special holiday pens for labels & cards and the other tin filled with holiday cards.
4. Recycled gift bows.
5. Spools of curling ribbon.
6. Recycled fabric ribbon.
7. One tin filled with holiday stickers and the other tin filled with gift labels.
8. Backup of new gift bows.

Ultimately, I would love to be able to keep these items on the shelves in my craft closet for the week or so that I have them out, but my giveaway packages & shipping supplies have taken over that space.  Maybe next year!

I have purchased the majority of my holiday gift wrap and accessories from The Container Store’s Gift Wrap Wonderland over the years.  I tend to only pick up new items as I run out of specific things, since I have such a large collection of holiday gift wrap on hand at any given time.  I like having a nice variety of paper, boxes, bags, and ribbons on hand to make fun and festive wrapped gifts each year.

If you would like to take a closer look at my Holiday Gift Wrap Station as well as see how I wrap gifts, I recommend checking out the video below:

I would love to see your Holiday Gift Wrap Stations if you care to share!  Tweet me a pic or post on my Facebook wall (links to the right).  Happy gift wrapping!


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10 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Wrap Station”

  1. Jen, you are so precious. My hubby wraps most of the gifts, he’s great at it and finds it fun. As I have gotten older, I find I like bags and tissue. We also recycle whenever possibly. You and my hubby would be great elfs at Santas wrapping station at the North Pole. Have a wonderful Christmas. Peace and Luv, Linda

  2. Would love this station! It looks so pretty as well as keeping everything so organised! My wrapping station is usually on the floor with me surrounded by bows, labels and pens that I keep losing lol!xx

    1. You could still use boxes or bins you have on hand (even empty shipping or shoe boxes) to corral like items while you wrap gifts on the floor.

  3. What a fabulous gift wrapping station! And keeping it simple is indeed the best…. I wish I had done that myself last night when I wrapped all the presents. I made the mistake of buying bows and ribbon with too much glitter because I thought they looked so pretty but in the end it was a glitter mess! Merry Christmas 🙂

  4. Hello, your videos are great and you explain so nicely. I just love it.
    Was wondering where you bought the wall mounted gift wrap dispenser. Ib would really love
    To get one.


  5. I’m confused… Why so much holiday ribbon when you stated that you do simple wrapping, and only use curling ribbon? I didn’t see any of the above ribbons on your packages.

    1. I’ve acquired quite a bit of ribbon over the years, which I love to display and use. I also like to reuse ribbon. Something so lovely shouldn’t just be tossed!

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