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I’ve received many requests to share some of my favorite gifts for toddlers, so I put together a list of eight of my top picks from 2017 ranging in price from $10-60.  These are products that I would give to the toddlers on my list this year, several of which my 22 month old daughter, CC, has actually received as gifts in the past that we treasure.  I think these would make great birthday or other celebratory presents as well as holiday gifts.

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1. Fubbles Bubble Machine ($10) – Have you ever met a toddler who didn’t like bubbles?  I sure haven’t!  This $10 treasure is one of CC’s most prized possessions.  It’s no spill design makes it tip-safe, which is essential in toddlerhood.  The handle is an added bonus, as CC loves to tote it around the yard.  Sure, it’s not exactly winter-friendly unless you have a bubble zone in your house, but it’s such a gem at a great price I just had to include it!

2. Emily Winfield Martin’s Dreamers Board Book Boxed Set ($12) – This set includes Day Dreamers and Dream Animals.  I can’t say enough good things about these books!  Not only are Martin’s illustrations beautifully whimsical, her stories are, too.  It’s one of the few board books I don’t get tired of reading over and over again.  And we do read them quite often (as in about 85 times a day).  CC especially loves Dream Animals as a bedtime story.  It’s a beautiful set at a great price (currently on Amazon) and makes a great gift for newborn, infants, and toddlers alike.

3. Fisher-Price Little People Magic of Disney Figure Gift Set ($14) – We were sent this set as a very sweet gift and it has become our staple on-the-go toy this year.  Mickey & friends live in my diaper purse for entertainment when out, especially at restaurants.  CC asks for her “friends” and loves pretending they’re eating and drinking her food, going “night night,” and playing hide and seek.  They’re small and lightweight enough to be easily portable and also simple to wipe down and keep clean.  We don’t leave home without them!

4. Mega Books 80-Piece Big Building Bag ($15) – CC received this great set of blocks for her first birthday.  It’s so interesting to see how they’ve grown with her over the course of the year.  For the first few months she was mostly interested in knocking down towers we built for her, but around 18 months she started to show much more interest in building.  Now she even tries to imitate the photo samples on the block bag!  I know this is a set she’ll enjoy for many years to come, and her little brother as well once he’s old enough (he’s still in utero, FYI 😉 ).  The large, lightweight pieces make it easy for small hands to manage.  The included storage bag keeps everything tidy when not in use.  Available in several color palettes at a great price, I think it’s hard to go wrong with this gift for any toddler!

5. Roshambo Baby Shades ($23) – Baby sunglasses, is there anything cuter?  We love our Roshambo Baby Shades!  CC has had hers since she was just a few months old.  Not only are they made to last, durable, and baby-friendly, but they are stylin’!  They’re available in a variety of colors and in junior and adult sizes as well.  The best part about these shades is how light they are, perfect for fussy little ones who don’t like anything on their faces.

6. Sarah & Abraham Personalized Mealtime Set ($20-55) – We were introduced to this amazing company when CC received a mealtime set as a birthday gift last year.  I knew I wanted to include them in this gift guide on account of how cute and functional they are.  We’ve used and loved ours all year and will continue to do so for a long time!  What an awesome gift alternative to clothes or toys.  You can select from a variety of combinations (plate, cup, bowl, placemat) and make something unique by fine tuning the background color, skin tone, hair style, hair color, eye shape, eye color, and expression.  Finish it all off by adding a name and presto, one super thoughtful (and super useful!) gift.

7. Hanna Andersson PJ’s ($40-$48) – We are #HannaJams fans!  These are hands down the best PJ’s ever!  They’re super well made of the softest and most durable cotton.  I can’t say enough good things about them!  The price definitely reflects the quality, so I like to wait until they go on sale.  Luckily, they tend to do so more frequently in anticipation of the holiday season (for instance, you can save 25% off select styles at the time of posting).  Available in both a one-piece zip style sleeper or long john 2-piece sets and a variety of fun designs (including Disney!), these are the ultimate pajama gift for little ones.  Fair warning: once you go #HannaJams, you don’t go back!

8. Prince Lionheart Wheely Bee Ride-On ($60) – This amazing ride-on toy is one of the best gifts CC has received to date in terms of longterm joy.  She absolutely loves to ride her bee and has for the entire year!  It’s low profile and sturdy construction made it safe for her even at a year old and now at almost two she zooms around the house on it, fast as lightening!  The caster wheels are smooth and don’t damage our floors.  Win, win!  We have the small version, but a larger size is also available and in different designs (ladybug, hedgehog, etc.).  I just know Baby Brother will love the bee as well!  It’s built to last and something I see myself holding onto for potential future grandchildren (always thinking ahead, haha!).  I think this is a great gift that can grow with any toddler.

I share a close up look at each gift and more about my thoughts on each in my coordinating video:

I hope you enjoyed the fourth and final installment of my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.  If you’d like some ideas for the bigger kids and adults on your list, check out my Little Luxuries guide for my gift picks in the $25 – $50 range, my Extravagant Splurges guide for gifts that are $50 and up, and Stockings Stuffers that are $25 and less.  I’d love to know what’s on your wish and/or give lists this year if you care to share!
Happy Holiday Shopping 🎁

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  1. Thank you for doing this series again! I have also gone back and watched past years as well 🙂 Do you still do stockings for every person in your extended family?

  2. I appreciate you taking the time to make the Toddler Gift Guide video- even when you were sick! I felt so bad- you sounded so stuffy! I have a 13 month old and these will be some great ideas to give to family and friends who ask what to give her for Christmas!

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