Planner Review | The Happy Planner | 2015 – 2016

I’m excited to share about another planner today in my planner review series.  I’ve received many requests to review The Happy Planner by me & my BIG ideas (otherwise known as MAMBI) this year.  This is a really nice quality planner that is available locally in US craft supply stores at a mid-range price.  A variety of planner add-ons and accessories are also available for customizability.

All image sources that are not originally my own photos are from the links provided below.  Please be advised that some of the links provided are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links.  This does not cost you any extra when you make a purchase.  I very much appreciate your support of this blog in doing so!

happy planner review 2015

The Happy Planner is dated from July 2015 through December 2016.  It is disc-bound, making it extremely customizable since the punched paper can easily be removed and then added back into the planner without ruining the pages.  The planner comes with eighteen months worth of dated monthly and weekly spreads.  It retails for $24.99.

happy planner cover options

The Happy Planner is available in five cover options plus a recipe edition.  While the basic layout of the interior and calendar pages is the same in each planner, the decorative elements, fonts used, and color schemes vary.  You can check out The Happy Planner website for videos that showcase each style planner as well as links to blog posts sharing decorated weekly spreads.

happy planner cover back and front 2015

I purchased the My Life cover edition of The Happy Planner to review.  The Planner covers are made from laminated card stock.  These are interchangable thanks to the disc binding system.  The covers measure 7.75” wide x 9.75” tall with 7” x 9.25” pages.

happy planner disc binding 2015

The binding system included nine discs measuring 1.25″ in diameter.  They have heart cut-outs punched in the center of each for an added decorative touch.

happy planner expandable rings 2015

You can purchase expander rings for the planner to accommodate more pages.  These rings measure 1.75″ in diameter and are available in four colors, including black, blue, gold, and pink.  They retail for $4.99

happy planner tabs 2015

The interior of the basic planner includes both monthly and weekly calendars.  The monthly calendars are tabbed with reinforced, laminated labels for easy access.  Each monthly tab coordinates with that month’s color scheme.

happy planner monthly spread 2015

The month-on-two-pages spreads are clear with little decoration aside from colors to match that month’s weekly spreads.  The weekends are shaded.  There is a lined “Notes” section on the left side.

happy planner weekly spread

The week-on-two-pages spreads sit between each monthly calendar.  The vertical organization includes three boxes per day that are labeled “Morning,” “Afternoon,” and Evening.”  Each day is allocated the same amount of space, including the weekends, which are shaded.  There is a month-at-a-glance calendar located in the top left corner with a lined “Notes” section underneath it.  The bottom of the weekly spreads feature a quote or decorative pattern.

happy planner interior details 2015

The only other pages included in the planner in addition to the calendars are a cover page in the front, one note page in the back, and next month planning sheets at the end of each month.

happy planner arc punch 2015

I was pleased to discover that I can use my Arc hole punch with this planner since both use a standard 1″ distance between rings.  Because of this, I’m assuming you can also use Arc and other disc-style planner items interchangeably with The Happy Planner, depending on the sizing.  This opens up a lot of room for further customization and also allows you to make your own inserts and accessories for your Happy Planner.

happy planner michaels stick 2015

I like how accessible this planner is as it can be purchased at local craft supply stores as well as online.  It’s also available on Amazon.  I purchased the Happy Planner shown at my local Michaels craft supply store, which had all but one of the available cover designs in stock in addition to the majority of the accessories and add-ons.  I was able to pick up the planner and a ton of accessories for under $100 thanks to a 50% off one item coupon I had that brought my planner price down from $24.99 to $12.50.  That’s a bargain!

happy planner accessories 2015

The accessories are reasonably priced for the quality, ranging from $4.99 to $9.99 with the exception of the box kits.

happy planner add-ons 2015

The current add-ons available include a Six Month Extension Pack, Home Planner, Decorative Planner Covers, Gold Foil Dividers, Pocket Folders, and Note & Graph Paper.

happy planner accessories 2015

You can also purchase cute and functional accessories such as sticky notes, available in both the Important and Happy collections, that are perfectly sized to work within the planner’s calendars.  There are also Red & Teal and Star & Heart notepads that are pre-punched for ease of use.  The Inspiration Cards remind me of Project Life cards that are a currently popular trend for planner decoration.  I’m sure there are creative ways to turn these embellishments into functional items as well.

happy planner stickers 2015

There’s also a nice variety of coordinating sticker packs available to use in The Happy Planner.  Each pack costs $4.99 and comes with a variety of decorative and functional stickers to personalize your planner.

happy planner box kits 2015

In addition to these accessories, MAMBI also offers box kits, including two 12-month calendar options (Best Days and Stay Happy), a fitness planner, and a recipe organizer.  The calendar box kits come with 12 months worth of undated monthly and weekly calendar spreads, four sheets of stickers, a pocket folder, three magnetic bookmarks, and five sticky note pads for $34.99.  This is a nice option if you want an all-in-one kit to customize your own 12-month planner.

I go over The Happy Planner and the accessories I purchased in more detail in this video if you’re interested in a closer look:

It’s giveaway time!  I wanted to share The Happy Planner love with you.  The Happy Planner Giveaway will run until Monday, October 19, 2015 at 6 PM CT.  The giveaway is open internationally.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  TWO winners will win a Happy Planner and the accessories pictured below:

happy planner giveaway 2015

You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (check out this blog post for more information on entering Rafflecopter giveaways).  I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email, as always.
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sometimes Rafflecopter experiences technical difficulties. If you can’t enter for some reason, try again later and it will probably work.

Overall, I am impressed with The Happy Planner, especially considering the quality of the planner and related products for the price.  It’s definitely got more of a whimsical vibe, but those decorative elements do not interfere with the structure and functionality of the calendars.  The disc binding system makes it extremely flexible and customizable to suit a range of personal preferences.

I hope you enjoyed my review of The Happy Planner.  I’ll be back with a couple more planner reviews throughout the rest of the month.  I’d love to know if you use this planner and what you think of it if you care to share.
Happy Planning!


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58 thoughts on “Planner Review | The Happy Planner | 2015 – 2016”

  1. I just saw one of these at Michaels the other day. All the area was empty and discounted. Wonder if they are being discontinued? Or if they are just making way for new stuff from this line or something different.

      1. Hi Jen & Teresa! I’m Stephanie, one of the owners of mambi & The Happy Planner, and I’m here to tell you that we are definitely not discontinuing this line. The Happy Planner lives on!

        There will be a great new line of planners and accessories setting next year in Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, the mambi online shop and more. 🙂

        And thank you for the in-depth and informative review of The Happy Planner line.

        1. I just figured they were making room. I went into Michaels the other day and SCORED huge on MAMBI products.

          I purchased 6 Happy Planners (they were 50% off for the regular ones and then 40% off the box sets, I bought 3 box sets, including 2 of the workout planners)

          And then alllll of the accessories I could fit in my buggy. The folders, stickers, expander rings, dividers, covers, paper packs, etc etc, enough to customize each planner.

          After applying a 40% off highest priced item coupon, and a 25% entire sale including sale items coupon, I knocked over $100 off my bill.

          I spent around $148 for my haul and it was SOOOOOOOOO worth it.

          I have the ARC system. So I can customize, I can make my own covers, etc. I am putting together some planners as gifts for xmas, so this was a steal. I felt like I was getting away with murder, tbqfh.

          I hate that the planner is divided into morning/day/night but other than that I think I will make good use out of these, and for such a steal and being a graphic designer by trade, I can customize to my hearts content, I am happy.

          6 Planners (including 3 boxed sets!) and enough filler paper, folders, dividers, expander rings, and stickers for all of them for under $150?? STEAL.

          1. Aren’t the happy planner inserts too big for the junior arc? That’s what I want to use but wasn’t sure if I would be cutting some designs off to make it fit the arc.

        2. Hi Stephanie,
          Im aware that this is quite an old thread but I was wanting to see if there was a chance of supplying to Australian shops in the near future?

          1. Hi Melissa,

            I’m in Australia also and I purchased my Happy Planner online at Sometimes they are also on eBay & Etsy.
            I love my Happy Planner! Just wish we could get more of the accessories here!

    1. coming out with new lines starting march 1st! yes, i have my very own happy planner. i’m a bit obsessed with it! i love my happy planner! 🙂

  2. I’m so thrilled that you reviewed this, as my current planner will be finished come December and I have been eyeing yours but didn’t want to dish out that amount on it, especially after customizing. This looks like a very satisfying (and cost effective!) equivalent.

  3. Thank your for the chance to win a planner. You are so generous. Question for you Jen: what would you say about the quality of the paper used in these planners? Texture/bleed through of pens? Thank you!

    1. The paper quality is very nice. I haven’t tested it personally for bleed-through, but it seems fairly thick, especially given the price.

  4. Jen, I just wanted to tell you we where in Maui at the same time. I knew you where going to Hawaii but I though you said you where going to a different island. I had to laugh when you said it was hot. It was so hot when we got off the plane. But we had such a great time. The heat was the only bad part of the trip.

  5. Hi! I’ve been subscribed to you for over a year! I’m a new teacher and would love to enter your giveaway for a planner! My name is Kacee from Missouri! This planner would help me in so many ways. Thanks for all you do!!!

  6. i loved your planner review. I was thinking about getting this planner and now that I saw it. I love it. I’m looking to see which one. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  7. Love your planner reviews! You are so informative. I like how you compared the Happy Planner to the Erin Condren. Nice to see how they size up next to each other. Looking forward to your other reviews.

  8. I really like the look of this planner from your review; definitely more affordable for a newbie like me! I also love that Michael’s has coupons every week so I would most likely buy a few things at a time. Thanks for the chance to win it!!!

  9. Hi, I love that with the Happy Planner you are able to take the pages out to write on them. I find with the Erin Condren the rings sometimes get in the way. I love the look of it. Thanks for sharing this.


    P.S. I hope this is where you enter the contest.

    1. You enter through the Rafflecopter widget located towards the bottom of the post. Just follow the directions on it 🙂

  10. I just saw these planners for the first time this past week-end at Michael’s. I was looking at them but just wasn’t sure about the quality. Great review- thank you! I may just go back for a 2nd look now.

  11. Thanks Jen for your review. I have been on the fence about getting this planner. Unfortunately, my local Michael’s doesn’t carry them. Someday I hope to pick one up. Can’t wait to see how this works out for you.

  12. Hi Jen, I have been following you now for three plus years. What can I say ?? I so adore you and your growing family. I even bought a dog because of adorable Winnie! You have inspired me in so many ways. I’ve watched all of your videos some more than once! Do u have a fan club? Maybe I should start one😍Wishing you all the best. Can’t wait to see baby girl Ross!! Your #1 fan.

  13. I love your videos and would love to win a planner! I can’t seem to find any in the Michaels near me. I drove half hr to closest one. I can’t order online. Thank you!

  14. Hi Jen! Just placed an order using your links above! Thanks so much for this review. I just watched a bunch of your planner review videos because I’d been toying with the idea of using a planner for a while now. Since I don’t know if I’ll really make use of it yet, I just felt the Erin Condren planner cost was just a little too steep for “toying with an idea,” and so the Happy Planner looked like a great alternative for me. Thanks again for all the work you put into these detailed reviews!

  15. If you purchased in October, what did you do with the unused months (July-September)?
    I am looking for ideas. I hate to let the pages go to waste.

    1. Perhaps use them to practice your style of planning? Or decorate them scrapbook style to commemorate special memories?

  16. Jen I know your also an Erin Condren fan, I was just wondering, with the price difference do you still think that the Erin Condren is more worth it over the Happy Planner?

    I’ve got the Happy Planner, I’m in Australia so we’re unfortunately unable to get the special 40% off store specials and what not but I just wanted to ask if you think it’s still worth it to buy an Erin Condren planner.

    I’m thinking of cutting mine and putting it into my Kikki-K A5 Planner.

    1. I think it’s a matter of personal preference. I prefer the ECLP binding and aesthetic better even though the calendar layouts are quite similar.

  17. I can not find The Happy Planner. Could you help me out where I can buy the planner? I really would love to buy it but not available any where . Please help.

    Thank You!

  18. Hey there, just discovered your blog after wondering if my ARC punch would work for the happy planner and was pleased to come across this. How do you configure the punch for the paper size? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

  19. Jennifer,
    I have been trying to find a planner that works for me (and the many hats I wear) for years. I am SO thankful that I found your review. It was thorough and allowed me to see all the products/add-ons for the happy planner up close. You don’t get to do that in the store! Thank you for posting your video; it was extremely helpful! I am going to Michael’s today to get mine!

  20. I’m looking into a happy planner instead of my usual EC teacher planner this school year, mainly because I want to add pages to it (unit plans, SPed data sheets, etc). How easy is it to add pages of your own? Do you have to purchase special paper?

  21. I know that this is an old post, but because the pages are removable has anyone had problems with the pages bending, or ripping easier around the binding?

  22. Thank you so much for making this blog post and the video! I’m going to be graduating highschool and moving on to college, and want to get my life situated. I think a planner would be the perfect start. I think the happy planner might be for me.

  23. I know this is an old blog post, so I’m hoping you’ll still see this… I am coming to the end of using my pre-dates happy planner pages. Are there any refills you know of? Do I just buy the undated extension pages? Or do I need to buy a whole new planner?

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