First Look at Sigma’s Resort Palette

Before I get into the real focus of this post, I’d like to start off with a bit of a disclaimer.  Most of you probably already know that I am a Sigma Beauty affiliate and have been since the summer of 2012.  What that means is every time someone buys something using my affiliate link I receive a commission from that sale.  I like to point this out with some frequency, because I think it’s important to be very clear when it comes to affiliations or sponsors in the online social media business world.  That being said, I also like to emphasize how I try very hard not to allow my affiliate status affect my opinion of Sigma products.  I do genuinely like the majority of Sigma’s line or I wouldn’t have accepted their offer to become an affiliate in the first place.  I’ve had most of my Sigma brushes for a couple of years now and genuinely believe that they rival my other favorite MAC ones in quality and price.  As a Sigma affiliate I do receive some perks that I can share with you, such as monthly discount codes and first looks at new product launches.  Since I am not currently associated with any other company, Sigma is the only one I have the ability to share things like that with you.  I never want you to feel like I am trying to push things on you or really sell them.  I’m just sharing something I have access to and would do so with other products if I were able to.  When I give you a “first look” at something, it is different than a review because I haven’t had time to test the product and develop feelings towards it yet.  I hope this helps clarify these types of posts for you and gives you a good idea of my attitude towards affiliations in general.  Now, on with the post… 

OJ|TBBB 3:18:2013_1Today, Sigma Beauty launched its Resort Limited Edition Makeup Palette, which includes eight eye shadows, one blush, one liquid highlighter, and one dual-ended eyeliner pencil.  The packaging is much smaller than more recent Sigma palette launches like the Defining Eyes and Paris palettes, which makes it easier to store and travel with.  As a frequent traveler, I think Sigma would benefit from making their packaging even sleeker in the future, but this one isn’t so bulky that I’d rule it out altogether.

OJ|TBBB 3:18:2013_2The eye shadows range from warm neutrals to bright “ocean-like hues” giving it a nice spectrum of colors that would work in a variety of summer settings.  You could definitely pull out a more subdued everyday look from this selection with plenty of choices for more fun color pops for nights on the town.

OJ|TBBB 3:18:2013_3 OJ|TBBB 3:18:2013_4In addition to the eight eye shadows, the palette also includes a blush, Heavenly, which is a gorgeous subdued coral.  I can’t wait to try that paired with the included liquid highlighter, Luminesce.  A dual-ended eyeliner pencil is also included in the palette, with a rich warm brown called Earth Goddess on one side and a bright blue called Daydream on the other.  The eyeliners fit in with the general workable theme of the palette by providing a more natural option as well as a fun  pop of color.

OJ|TBBB 3:18:2013_5 OJ|TBBB 3:18:2013_6I’ve enjoyed all of the Sigma eye shadows I’ve ever tried and find they offer nice pigmentation and even application.  I have yet to give this palette a try, but I think I will get a lot of use out of the more neutral tones as we move from winter to spring and add in the brighter colors when summer comes along.

OJ|TBBB 3:18:2013_7The Resort Palette retails for $42 is available now on the Sigma website.  Enter code SAVE2013 for 10% off your total purchase this month.  This discount code expires March 31, 2013.  Sigma includes a free gift with every purchase of $30 or more.  Check my Facebook Fan Page for updates on new monthly discount codes in the future.

Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing product swatches for these types of posts in the future.

* I am a Sigma Beauty affiliate and receive a commission off any sales made through my affiliate link, provided above.  The Sigma Resort palette was sent to me for consideration.  All opinions are my own. *


22 thoughts on “First Look at Sigma’s Resort Palette”

  1. Hi there Jen,

    I agree on making the palette more sleek, so much more convenient while traveling! I look forward to your review, thanks for sharing:)

  2. How is this “not a sponsored post?” If Sigma provided you with a free product worth $42.00, it IS a sponsored post.

    1. “Sponsored” means you are being paid to post your review, something which I have never done. I did not ask for Sigma to send me anything; they did of their own volition with no strings attached. I chose to post about the palette, because I liked it and wanted to share my thoughts and photos.

      1. No, that’s not actually what “sponsored” means. “The promoted blog entries or posts that contain links that point to the home page or specific product pages of the website of the sponsor for which the blogger receives compensation in the form of money, products, services or in other ways” You were clearly compensated in the form of products.

        1. The product was sent to me for consideration only. I did not promise a review or mention on any public forum in return for it. There is a difference there.

          1. I disagree. I did not recieve the product because I was expected to write a blog post or provide product links. I recieved it for consideration only. If Sigma was only going to send me the product if I promised a review or post with product links then that would be sponsored. This was not the case, however, so I do not believe it qualifies as a sponsored post.

        2. As a blogger, I do not consider this post to be a sponsored post. Companies often times send me and other bloggers products simply for review consideration and feedback. I have even received products out of nowhere without my prior knowledge! There is no obligation to post about the products in any capacity. If you do write about the product, you are not obligated to write a positive review- in fact, I’m sure you’ll see plenty of negative reviews online from bloggers who disliked products that were sent to them 🙂

          In my opinion, sponsored posts are basically paid topic insertion- meaning __ company is paying me to write about such and such product, service, or topic. Even in sponsored posts, you are almost never obligated to say only positive things about a product or brand. Most bloggers accept sponsored posts from brands that they actually use and love, but maybe a few dishonest people ruin it for the rest of us! While you may have a difference in opinion, Jen has gone above and beyond FTC regulations for disclosure, and I think she is one of the most open and honest bloggers/YouTubers out there! I value Jen’s opinion, so I’m interested to see what she thinks of products before I purchase them – especially brands like Sigma that aren’t available in stores to try out in person. Thanks for your honesty and sensitivity about the issue, Jen, and keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Am I right in thinking these are mostly matte shades? I’m not seeing a lot of shimmer coming across in the photos. It reminds me a lot of one of the Sleek matte palettes we can get here in the UK, although they’re eyeshadow only. Looking forward to seeing what look you do with this, I especially think that blush will really suit you!

    1. In person, all of the eyeshadows have at least a little shimmer to them, some more subtle than others. The shades with the most noticeable shimmer are beigey taupe (“Fawn) and the bright blue (Neela). The blush is matte.

  4. Beautiful packaging! I don’t mind your affiliate posts at all, and appreciate you passing along the perks 🙂

    1. I agree with Miranda, here! I think that this palette looks lovely! By the way, does Sigma sell their beauty products in beauty stores like Sephora or Ulta? I’m really curious 😀

      1. They don’t, although they now have a dedicated store at the Mall of America. Maybe someday they’ll branch out elsewhere!

  5. This palette looks really nice. I especially like the highlighter and blush. By the way, I think you do a great job of not forcing the products down your reader’s/subscriber’s throats. It is a difficult position to be in sometimes, and you handle it really well. 🙂

  6. I love the more neutral tones. I don’t know if I can get away with the other colors, but other than that very nice palette. Can you do swatches next time? Thank you for sharing!

  7. What a beautiful palette!! I am loving that bright blue, and I am really interested in the highlighter. I’d love to see a few looks with this palette, maybe you could do like a 3 looks, 1 palette. On a side note, I think it’s awesome sigma sends you products! I trust your reviews, rather you were sent them, or purchased them yourself!

  8. Thanks for sharing Jen! Your photos using your new camera look great! 🙂 Very clear and great composition. Keep up the good work! I love your blogs and all your vlogs as well.

    P.S. Hi Winnie! 🙂

  9. I’d love to see a “current look” with this palette, Jen! I always think that the bright colors are beautiful but don’t know what to do with them. Since I know you like a more subtle makeup look, I know that if you can integrate those brights than I can too!

  10. Thanks for the review! I think this is such a beautiful palette. I’m trying to hold off on ordering it, but…I don’t know how long I can resist!!! LOL

  11. Hey Jen,
    Super annoyed with the Sigma website, it’s running real slow and will not apply the code you gave us to use for the 20% off. Just returned from vacation and realized today is the last day for the sale…I know it’s not your problem, maybe you can use your contacts to let them know. BTW, love you and Don…I watch your videos every night!

    1. Unfortunately the code expired at midnight last night. I am sorry for the misleading advertising banner!

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