First Impression: Sigma Beauty Advanced Artistry Collection

If you’re a beauty girl like me, there’s nothing quite as exciting as new makeup brushes to add to your collection.  I received a pretty sweet press kit from Sigma this weekend with all three of the new Advanced Artistry Collection brush kits inside.  The first products I ever purchased from Sigma years ago were brush kits.  I love their brushes so much, I decided to become a Sigma Affiliate last summer so that I could share coupons, special sales, and looks at new products with others.  As much as I enjoy Sigma’s other beauty products, their brushes are where it’s at.  I am impressed they were able to create three new kits with six brushes in each that are different from the rest of Sigma’s vast offerings.  I have not yet found another brand with as extensive and unique of a brush line as Sigma, and the Advanced Artistry Collection sets them even farther apart.

OJ_TBBB_10-23-2013_01The three new kits in the Advanced Artistry Collection include the Spot-On Concealer Kit, the Extreme Color Payoff Kit, and the Perfect Blend Kit.  All three come packaged in simple white boxes with a basic description of the brush uses on the back.  The brushes themselves are individually packaged in plastic to protect the handles and bristles during transit.  I find that Sigma packages their products very well for safe shipping.

OJ_TBBB_10-23-2013_02While Sigma is very nice about offering professional pictures to their affiliates for blog posts, I like including some of my own photos as well, because I think you can get a better sense of the textures of these brushes.  They are luxurious!  Each brush is designed with Sigma’s signature glossy wood handles with holographic print detailing the brush description.  The brushes are well made and built to last with high quality bristles.  The first things I noticed when removing these from the packaging was how dense and soft they are (you’ll notice I use these two descriptions frequently to describe the brushes throughout this post!).  The collection is marketed as “specially designed for mastering specific functions of makeup artistry. Each brush was made to go beyond the basic uses, custom designed for detailed makeup purposes.”  These are not your basic kit brushes, although I do believe you can use them on a daily basis in place of or in addition to some of the standards.

I have only had a couple of days to play with these as of yet, but so far I am impressed!  I am including Sigma’s description of each kit as well as some of my first impressions below:


The Perfect Blend Kit contains six eye brushes designed for all of your basic blending needs. The assortment of brushes provide a variety of uses such as working shadow into the crease, buffing out harsh lines and blending colors for a diffused finish. Whether you want to go from subtle to sensational or sharp to smoked-out, this is the perfect kit.

Brushes included in the kit: E32 – Exact Blend | E38 – Diffused Crease | E37 – All Over Blend | E39 – Buff and Blend | E48 – Pointed Crease | E71 – Highlight Diffuser

I was almost certain this was going to be my favorite kit at first glance, since I really love my blending brushes.  The E38 Diffused Crease brush is Sigma’s answer to the cult favorite MAC 217 blending brush, which I use every time I apply makeup.  I never found a dupe before the E38, which is about the same size, but softer and denser in quality yet still flexible for a soft crease look.  Another new favorite is the E37 All Over Blend brush, which is extremely dense and stiff, making it a great eraser of sorts.  I also used this to pack on color to the center of my lid effectively today.  The other four brushes are brilliant as well and I can’t wait to see which one becomes my next favorite.


The Extreme Color Payoff Kit contains six brushes designed to deliver a strong and pigmented application of eye shadows, bases and liners. The different shapes and sizes of the bristles allow you to create a variety of looks while providing an intense and concentrated color payoff. Intended for makeup enthusiasts, the creative possibilities are endless.

Brushes included in the kit: E20 – Short Shader | E30 – Pencil | E44 – Firm Blender | E57 – Firm Shader | E58 – Cream Color | E59 – Wide Shader

This kit is giving the blending one a run for its money in first place in my books.  These brushes are just beautiful!  They are extremely soft and dense, which is why they are so good at picking up pigment and packing on color.  The E57 Firm Shader might just be my new favorite all over lid brush.  It’s small enough to work on both the outer and inner corners, as well as pack color onto the middle of the eyelid.  I love the E58 Cream Color for my beloved cream eyeshadows.  I am so happy Sigma decided to include this brush!  I am a fan of the little brush you can only get when you buy one of the eye shadow base sets.  Now you can get a similar brush with this kit, which is improved to be even better at picking up the product!  It’s a bit softer so it’s easy to apply creamy bases as well.  The E59 Wide Shader reminds me of my favorite Flathead Shadow brush from Bare Escentuals.  Sigma’s version is even softer and works beautifully to blend my under brow color with my crease color for a seamless transition.

OJ_TBBB_10-23-2013_05The Spot-On Concealer Kit contains six brushes for the ultimate concealing of blemishes, dark spots and any other imperfections. The various brush sizes, textures and angles were designed to apply the perfect amount of product for maximum coverage anywhere on the face. Buff and blend your way to flawless skin.

Brushes included in the kit: F69 – Angled Pixel Concealer | F66 – Angled Buff Concealer | F64 – Soft Blend Concealer | F63 – Airbrush Blender | F71 – Detail Concealer | F68 – Pin-Point Concealer

This kit is concealer brush perfection!  I have never seen such unique brushes designed specifically for concealer application anywhere else.  The tiny F68 Pin-Point Concealer brush is perfect for covering the tiniest blemish.  The F66 Angled Buff Concealer brush makes blending in concealer to a smooth, unnoticeable finish on the skin easy.  My personal favorite so far is the F69 Angled Pixel Concealer brush, which is pretty much pimple-sized and therefore perfectly suited to cover up pesky spots!  I also love the F64 Soft Blend Concealer brush for larger areas, such as under the eyes and around the nose.


These beautiful and unique brush kits are worth a look if you’re a makeup brush enthusiast like me.  I can’t wait to incorporate them into my day-t0-day favorites!  Each kit costs $63 or you can buy all three for $175.  Don’t forget you can save 10% off your entire purchase by using code FALL2013 at checkout, good through October 31, 2013.


All of the Sigma Beauty descriptions & professional images used in this post were provided for use by Sigma Beauty as part of the affiliate program.

* I am a Sigma Beauty affiliate and receive a commission off any sales made through my affiliate links, provided above.  The Sigma Advanced Artistry Collection was sent to me for consideration.  All opinions are my own. *


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  1. I was wondering what are the things you have to do to become a sigma affiliate, do you have to have a youtube channel or can i become one with just tumblr? Please reply x

    1. All you have to do to apply is go to the Sigma website (here), click on “Affiliates” in the upper right corner and select “Join the Program” from the drop down menu.

        1. How often you choose to post about Sigma products is entirely up to you. I post coupon codes, sales, and new product launches I find interesting. There is no exact timetable from Sigma on posting.

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