Favorite Moments | May 2017

Happy June, friends!  I am so excited for summer this year!  We have many fun things on the horizon, including lots of travel.  But don’t let me get too ahead of myself.  Today I am happy to share a glimpse at some of my favorite moments from May with you.

The first half of our month was very quiet with lots of ordinary at home days for us, which was much appreciated after the whirlwind of travel in April.  We celebrated Mother’s Day a couple of times.  We enjoyed a lovely brunch at Miramar Bistro the weekend before with family.  Don, Charlotte, and I spent the day together just the three of us on Mother’s Day.  It was a very relaxed and low key day, which is exactly what this mama wanted.  Both celebrations were marked by sweet baby cuddles.  Perfection!

Of course, Winnie participated in the non-dining out portions of the day.  She’s my little girl, too!  I love her little fluffy face so much.

Don and I managed to grab another date night, which is noteworthy as parents who don’t go out often (electively, to be honest).  What can I say, we don’t like to be away from our little much but it is fun to go out just the two of us every once in awhile.  We’ve settled into our new preferred night out which consists of an early, casual dinner followed by a movie.  In an actual movie theater!  We saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and both enjoyed it much more than we thought we would.  It was actually pretty funny!  And we even managed to take a selfie!  Date nite win on all accounts!

The highlight of every day of every month, however, always centers around Charlotte.  She is the light of my life!  Just look at that face!  Charlotte got her own mini couch and table set for the family room last month and is obsessed with both.  She’s already nailed how to hail a waiter.  Check, please!

So, I don’t really have any talent when it comes to photography and I’m sure someone else could have made this photo look much cooler, but I just had to include it here because it was a very special moment for me.  I remember looking down at our shoes next to each other on the floor and feeling overcome with gratitude for being blessed by such an amazing little girl.  Being a mama is my biggest dream come true and I try to never take it for granted.  I find that sometimes it’s these kind of small, seemingly trivial moments like snapping a picture of our shoes that serve up big time sentiments.

I wasn’t going to include anymore cuddle pictures, but this has to be one of my all time favorites of me and my girl.  We try to go out to dinner as a family once a week.  Eating out with a busy and impatient toddler can be a challenge sometimes but a simple cuddle cures all parenting woes.  My love for her is infinitely deep.

Somehow we only managed to get to the Botanic Garden once last month, which is a major oversight on my part.  I hope we can go more often over the summer (well, when we’re home, at least!).  It’s such an amazingly gorgeous place year round.  I love how there’s always something different to see.  The late spring flowers were stunning, showcasing vibrant jewel tones.  I personally love foliage and this hill-side grove took my breath away with its beauty.

We’ve been spending a lot of time in our own garden lately, an experience which has been enhanced by the introduction of a bubble machine.  Amazing!  I love watching Charlotte discover and delight in new experiences, both big and small.  And I hope to help instill in her an appreciation and respect for the outdoors.  I hope we can continue to explore outside with each other for years to come!

My brother and his family drove up from St. Louis for a long weekend visit over Memorial Day.  It’s always so much fun to get together.  I wish we lived closer but I am grateful we are close enough to see each other every few months at least.  We spent Saturday at the Brookfield Zoo.  It was our first time taking Charlotte.  Her favorite part was the carousel, naturally.

We invited the family over for our first BBQ of the season on Sunday.  The weather cleared up just in time so that we could spend the evening out in the yard.  I love seeing the cousins interacting with one another!

Don’s sister’s family also joined us for the BBQ.  I can’t tell you how fun it is for me to see all of the kids playing together.  Another dream realized!

My heart is full as we embark on a new month with summer in our sights.  I am so excited for what the coming months bring and can’t wait to share more moments like these with you!  I hope you are well and enjoyed a wonderful month filled with great moments, both big and small, with the people you love.  Until next time…
See ya real soon! ❤️

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30 thoughts on “Favorite Moments | May 2017”

  1. It is such a treat to be included in your monthly going ons. How big CC is getting, and her cousins… wow! Seen the video for your monthly favorites, and I have one suggestion. I had a similar issue with my nails when I used to get acrylics and gel done for years. One way that I have brought back the strength to my nails was by using a vitamin E oil and keeping a clear coat on my nails for about a month. I believe that there is a vitamin E oil enriched top coat, I’m just not sure what it would be. Hope for a speedy recovery for your nails. I know how much it sucks when they keep cracking and the pain that it can cause.

      1. Hi,
        I just watched you bullet journal video and admire how disciplined you are as far as exercise, journaling, waking up early to get ready when you could sleep in, eating healthy, and being so productive. Can you share how you stay so motivated and how you have so much energy? Is motivation something you have to work on every day?

        1. If you do something long enough it eventually becomes a habit. I am a total creature of habit as well and appreciate having some structure and routine to my days (separate from my daughter’s routines). If you keep at something long enough it will become second nature!

      2. Jen, I just read that you had Winnie’s hair cut!!! How did I miss that huge news?? I am so shocked. Where can I find a photo of her? We love you guys!!

  2. Hi Jen, that month flew by, seems like I was just reading about your April, insane how fast time goes.
    I love how much you enjoy and appreciate the outdoors, I’m the same way and insist on getting outside everyday with my dogs and daughter no matter what the weather is.
    You have been looking so beautiful lately btw, just seem to be glowing from within, love seeing you so fulfilled. Enjoy June!

  3. I am so happy to see these beautiful photos, Charlotte is absolutely adorable! I love your sweet little family! ❤️

  4. What beautiful memories. Thank you so much for sharing. My boy is about 2 weeks younger than Charlotte, so it’s lovely to follow your families story. Hugo is growing quickly and I can’t believe how time just seems to disappear. I am currently documenting our year with the Project Life app, have you seen it?

    1. I’ve heard of it for sure! Looks great but for me nothing beats the joy of creating and looking back on a physical album with all the bits and pieces crafted by hand.

  5. It’s so nice to see your family enjoying your experiences together. I am the lucky nana of three, all very young also. We are truly blessed!

  6. Jen, You’re videos are so inspiring to me. I’ve been following you for several months now and have watched/ read old as well as new posts. I am so very happy for you and Don – to experience parenthood is such a blessing.
    I too had trouble conceiving and thought it may never happen. I am now the mother of 2 beautiful girls. I feel lucky and grateful each day. You are an awesome mom and love watching your family grow and thrive 🙂 Keep it up – you’re doing great!

  7. Thanks for sharing these photos Jen. For those of us who have followed you for a few years, it makes us so happy to see how your beautiful family has grown. I know being a Momma was your dearest wish, and I am so happy your dream has come true in your precious little girl. She is darling and you all look so happy!

  8. Thanks, Jen for posting these monthly updates. I think they are my favorite feature of your blog. I know you mentioned doing a video featuring your process for Project Life in the past. Is that something you are still considering doing? I would love to see either a flip through, a process video or both! Thanks again.

    1. Yes…once I actually make time for it again! Sadly it’s gotten put aside for the time being but always on my mind. Hope to get back in the habit soon and share a bit down the road.

  9. I was there the same day with my family! It would have been a pleasure to finally meet you. I’ve watched you for years. 🙂 My kiddo’s love the carousel, too. TFS 🙂

  10. This is a beautiful blog post Jen. I reflect back on my own journey as a mother, and I love all that you are enjoying with Charlotte. My babies are no more, twin girls nearly 24 and my son is 19. I have millions of photos, though I wish I’d had an iPhone etc when they were babies. I cherish each and every memory we made together, and you are well on your way. Happy Summer my friend!

  11. It was wonderful to sneak a peek into your activities and your long weekend! I watch your entertaining videos over and over, love them and you so much! Enjoy the summer and all the wonders that it brings!

  12. Thanks for sharing your family with us. You look radiant & so happy and I am very happy for you that your wishes/dreams came true. I am glad you also included Winnie too. I miss seeing her. CC is so darn cute sitting at her little table and so precious playing with her bubbles. Brings back a lot of memories of my son and my granddaughters when they were little like CC. God bless you & your family (-:

  13. Hey Jen, I really enjoy watching your videos and reading your blog, I loved all your mommy favorites and got my son a few things that you have mentioned, so thanks for the ideas! I hope you do a 18 month update on CC and a video on mommy favorites for her 18 months. Another video I wish you would do is, your schedule for the day and ideas on what you feed charlotte. I always look forward to your videos, you have such an adorable family and I pray that you get pregnant soon!

  14. My daughter Audrey was born just a few days after Charlotte and I have so enjoyed following your stories and videos as you’ve shared your family’s milestones and the joys of being a mama (especially the first time). I’ve followed you for years and your memory keeping passion is an inspiration. I really want to start but I would love if you have any suggestions for simple memory keeping. I’m afraid to start something too time consuming and not be able to keep up with it. I’ve bought tje polaroid zip printer but haven’t really been using it yet. I’m considering getting a planner, is that the simplest way to start or would you recommend something else?

    1. Memory keeping is a very individual practice…it might take some trial and error to find what best suits you. I suggest following your gut instinct on the best way to start – if you’d like to try out memory keeping in a planner with the zip then go for it! The only way you’ll find out what works for you is if you just start.

  15. I’m a bit behind on keeping up with your posting. It looks like you had an amazing month. I grew up in Brookfield (20+ years!) and had to smile at the shot from the zoo. I now live overseas, but have many fond memories of growing up near the zoo. At any age it’s a wonderful time. Hope your June has been equally blessed.

  16. So lovely to read about how you’re enjoying time with your little family. Charlotte is such a sweetheart. I hope that you’re doing well Jen and look forward to reading next months news. Helen.

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