Favorite Moments | March 2017

Happy spring, friends!  I know I’m late with this post, but I still wanted to share my recap of some of my favorite moments from March with you, including lots of family time.  I posted my first Favorite Moments last month and you guys seemed to really enjoy it, so I’ll try to keep up with them as a regular monthly fixture here.

march 2017 favorite moments

March is my least favorite month weather-wise in the Chicago area.  It’s typically cold, damp, grey, and overall just dreary.  As much as I love winter, come March I’m definitely ready for spring.  There’s nothing like a happy little one to brighten up even the dreariest of days!  Since we had no travel plans during March we spent most of our time at home in our regular routine, which right now consists of lots of playing and reading with our daughter, CC.  That girl loves her books!  She equally loves being read to and just flipping through her favorites on her own.  We also make sure to get out every day so long as it isn’t raining with our dog, Winnie, for some fresh air.  Check out those rosy cheeks on that sweet little bear!

march 2017 favorite moments

Speaking of Winnie, it is so sweet to see the bond between her and CC growing stronger every day.  CC loves Winnie and is fascinated by all of her things.  She’ll happily spend time exploring her toys, bed, and water stand.  She’s recently taken to picking up Winnie’s leash whenever I’m suiting us all up for a walk.  I don’t think it will be long after CC starts walking herself that she’ll want to be the one holding the leash on our daily constitutionals.

march 2017 favorite moments

If you’ve been following along with my recent videos, you’ve already heard me talk about CC’s work in physical therapy on weight bearing.  She’s made huge progress in the past couple of months!  She went from assisted standing for the first time ever to happily playing while standing at the coffee table on her own at home within a couple of weeks.  She even managed to pull up for the first time recently.  We’re thrilled with her progress and so, so proud of her.

Just as an aside, I thought I’d share something I’ve learned as a mama.  If you’re in a situation where your child is meeting certain milestones a bit slower than other children, don’t let the judgements and opinions of others get you down.  Children grow and learn at different rates and in different ways.  So long as you are ensuring your child is healthy and you’re taking the necessary steps to provide them with the opportunities and experiences they need to flourish, you are doing the best you can do and providing your child with everything they need.

I believe that unconditional love and support are the greatest gifts we can give our children.  Having patience and showing compassion with how our children learn and grow plays a key role in that, as well.  These are invaluable tools to have as adults and I firmly believe you learn them as children from your family experience.  Having faith in this helps me see beyond the judgements of others whose opinions should not and do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Ok, I’ll step off my soapbox now… 😉

march 2017 favorite moments

We’re blessed to live so close to our immediate family and for the opportunity for CC to grow up with her cousins as a constant fixture in her childhood.  A great example of that is how easy it is to just pop over to one another’s houses.  We went to my in-law’s one Saturday morning for pancakes with Don’s sister’s kids, Grace and Theo, who had spent the night there.  Don’s Dad (known as Papa these days) made Mickey shaped pancakes and a good time was had by all.  We are so blessed by this family bond!

march 2017 favorite moments

That’s actually a nice segue into my favorite collection of moments from the month which all centered around a visit from my brother’s family and a few other cousins we don’t get to see nearly as often as we’d like.  We were able to get both sides of the family together while they were in town.  It warms my heart to see our families come together as one.  My nieces (who are my brother’s kids) absolutely love Grace, Theo, and are so sweet with little CC, too.

march 2017 favorite moments

Many sweet moments during this visit were captured by my brother who is quite handy with a camera.  Just look at that joy!  I remember having so much fun as a kid when I was able to play with my cousins especially since we didn’t live close to family growing up.  I am so happy CC has such an amazing family both near and far to grow up surrounded by so much love.

march 217 favorite moments

march 2017 favorite moments

I’m popping in a few candid shots my brother took of me and Don with CC that I love. ❤️

march 2017 favorite moments

We had our token March snow day, which I always appreciate as a winter weather fan.  I know I mentioned I was ready for spring, but I always appreciate snow.  It’s just that grey, dreary blah weather I’m ready to see go.  We didn’t get much after a few December snowfalls this winter so it was especially nice for one final hurrah before spring officially made its entrance.  I just love how peaceful and beautiful it is.  Something about a quiet morning walk through a fresh blanket of heart soothes my soul.

march 2017 favorite moments

The last memory from March I’d like to share here was a special surprise outing Don and I planned for my parents.  I bought tickets as soon as I saw that Bernadette Peters and the Boston Pops were going to perform in downtown Chicago at the end of the month.  We had an amazing dinner at a great tapas place, Mercat a la Planxa, just a few blocks from the theater before the show.  Their sangria is amazing and the bacon-wrapped dates are not to be missed!  The show was incredible and one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences I will never forget.  It was such a special night and a memory I will always cherish.

I hope you’re enjoying the spring season and that it is filled with lots of good times shared with loved ones.  Thanks for stopping by! 🌷


30 thoughts on “Favorite Moments | March 2017”

  1. Thanks for this posting. I enjoy seeing such happy children. Your little nieces are beautiful little girls. They have grown so much. Grace is as cute as ever and little Theo is precious. Charlotte is cute as ever. Please post more!

  2. Love the memories you shared! Your brothers kids are getting so big! I love what you said about little ones growing and hitting milestones individually. As a mama of 4, I was and am still blessed to watch each of my kids hit milestones and accomplishments on their own time.

    They all stood, crawled and walked at different ages. The best part Ms. Jen, is when they start telling you stories. For as much as CC reads with you guys, I’m sure her stories will be amazing!!

    Keep being the amazing mama that you are.

    I enjoy and appreciate all that you share!

    1. CC tells me stories in her baby language, which is adorable, but it will be so fun when I understand what they mean! 😉

  3. Oh my goodness, that’s Grace?! She’s gotten so big!! So cool that you guys got to see Bernadette Peters 🙂

  4. Your nieces have grown into beautiful young ladies. I too, grew up seeing my cousins very often. Its awesome that CC will have that as well. Happy Spring!

  5. Omg…. no WAY that is little Gracie!! I remember seeing her as a teeny baby in your old old vlogs… she has grown so big! Thank you so so much for sharing Jen, really enjoyed this!

  6. Hi Jen, I enjoy these posts! I am very close with my family too! My dad used to make Mickey Mouse pancakes on Saturday mornings:-). Thanks for sharing, it’s fun to see!

  7. What a lovely post! So glad you had such an amazing month. I have to say that I can’t believe how grown up your brother’s girls are!
    Hope April is full of great times as well:)
    Take care, Jen!

    1. Every time we see them I am blown away with how much mature they are getting. I remember when they were tiny babies! 😭

  8. Lovely photos Jen! And thanks for sharing. Your daughter is getting even cuter, if that’s possible. Have a wonderful spring, you and your family.

  9. CC is getting so big now! She looks so so confident with her standing! She will be toddling around in no time!

    Those Mickey pancakes are too cute! I grew up around cousins and it was so lovely. We’re not in touch anymore, but as a kid, it was nice to have that family so nearby!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  10. Great post Jen! So happy to hear that CC is making great progress – – she is beyond precious and you’re such a wonderful mother! You are blessed to have such a wonderful circle of people and kiddos around you.
    Have a great April!

  11. The more children you have you realise each milestone is different for each child, one faster or slower than the other but a milestone never the less. Comparing one child to another I find takes away the joy of that child’s acumplishment and for people to be judgmental about a child’s progress is wrong in so many ways. It always seems to be people that haven’t felt the joy of parenthood and when they do have a child they are not so quick to pass judgment, the tender moments are more felt by a parent, let the judgements and opinions of others get you down. A happy healthy child is a heart filled for mummy and daddy, It’s our happiness no matter the age of our child, we lay down the building blocks as they grow for each of our children and follow their progress at their pace not ours or other people. Sad would the world if we all went at the pace, looked alike and dressed the same, we’re not robots, the beauty of being human is our uniqueness, you are you and I am me, pretty neat in my opinon. Family member will gently tell us they are concerned some times but strangers tend to be forceful in their opinions, we mums have instincts that appear the second our child is born, we know what is best for our child and if we don’t we seek professional help without essitasion. Being around family is the most pleasurable gift we can give to our children, if our family constantly loved and cared for us then what better love can we offer our child by surrounding them with the family values we grow up with. We all have memories of great friends some we love dearly but in all honesty my family memories have been the most constant and unconditional throughout my life. In times when I feel hopelessly lost in fear I know they are there for me, I am blessed and feel you are too Jen. Your days are and forever will be felled with joy now you are a mummy to CC, life will never be like it was before you had her but before you had her was the journey you took to have her. I’ve had a wonderful visit to your blog once again Jen, thank you for sharing yoyr precious times and photos of your family, take care much love Margaret ( TheNunaFeedsTheDucks) xxxx

  12. You keep on ignoring other people’s judgement and advice, unless you specifically ask them for advice. Each and every child develops and grows differently and they need a supportive mama ! No one knows a child better than their mama.

  13. I don’t see my family often and it is just my husband and myself so I love seeing close Families, warms my heart!

  14. It’s good to see you posting again–Period. Nice that your families are close, I also didnt live near cousins as a child but was still close with them! Family is the best therapy! 😉🌹💛

  15. omg! I can’t believe how big grace is! I feel like she was just a little tiny baby! incredible how time flies.

    love that photo of charlotte holding winnie’s leash. totally adorable! love these updates 🙂

  16. Love this update Jen, the style works really well, and it’s so fun to see how much CC’s cousins have grown! I grew up with five cousins who are more like siblings, it’s a very special bond.

    When you have a moment free, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on your new Apple Watch… noticed it in a few videos of late… and it just so happens I picked up the same one in January! I love it but don’t feel like I’m using it to its full potential… would love to know which apps you find most useful.
    Happy Easter to you and the whole family!

  17. Love reading these posts. Can’t believe how grown up your nieces look! Definitely agree not to listen to others about your child’s progress, every child is different. Thanks for sharing xx

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