Extravagant Splurges: Holiday Gift Guide 2014

This week I am continuing my holiday gift guide with Extravagant Splurges, which includes gifts in the $50-$300 price range.  I am including my top picks for her, for him, and some gender neutral items.

OJ_OLJ_12-01-2014_01bFor Her:

1. Victoria’s Secret PJ’s – A nice set of pajamas always makes for a thoughtful gift and Victoria’s Secret makes gifting them easy with a variety of styles and patterns already bundled up with a matching sleep mask.  One of the things I like most about Victoria’s Secret Pajamas is that they offer the bottoms in different lengths.  The Pillowtalk Tank and the Dreamer Henley sets are my personal favorites, but they have many more to choose from.  As an added bonus you can get a free pair of their waffle slippers with the purchase of a set of their Most-Loved PJ’s!  Just add the slippers to your cart and use code SLIPPERS at checkout (promotion good thru 12/3/2014). Suggested Retail: $52 $39.50 (on sale through 12/22!)

2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette – This palette is a special gift for the beauty gal in your life.  Hourglass makes my all time favorite blushes.  The only downside is that they’re very pricey ($35 a pop!).  This palette includes three very different but versatile shades in a sleek and stylish package that is easy to stow or travel with.  Suggested Retail: $58

3. Wrap Up by VP Robe – I purchased one of these robes for myself when I traveled to Miraval, a spa resort in Arizona, earlier this year and have absolutely fallen in love with it since I brought it home.  It’s the perfect robe, in my opinion, because it is soft and luxurious feeling without being too heavy or too light.  It’s truly the perfect year round robe.  Suggested Retail $208 (short) or $228 (long)

4. Michael Kors Selma Medium Satchel – I like including a handbag in my gift guide every year, because it is definitely a luxury item that many women don’t splurge on for themselves.  My husband gave me this MK bag for Christmas last year and it is such a beautiful gift.  The classic style can suit a variety of tastes.   The medium satchel is a great size with lots of room without being too bulky and is available in many colors.  It’s a beautiful and durable bag designed to last a lifetime.  Suggested Retail: $298

For Him:

5. Tumi Delta L-Fold ID Wallet – My husband never thinks to buy things like a new wallet for himself, but is always pleased to receive one as a gift when his old one starts falling apart.  I was on the hunt for a new one for him this year and picked out this one by Tumi.  Not only is it well made out of a beautiful and sturdy leather, but it also is made with Tumi ID Lock™ which is “a proprietary technology incorporated into the design of this product that protects personal data encoded on most IDs, credit cards and passports.”  RFID theft is a real thing nowadays and I don’t think it hurts to add an extra layer of protection, especially when it doesn’t add any extra bulk or change a stunning and simple design like this.  Suggested Retail: $95

6. ThermoWorks Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen – When I asked Don what his number one gift pick idea would be for guys, he immediately mentioned his favorite instant read thermometer.  This gadget is perfect for the grill-master in your family.  It is fast, accurate, and splash proof.  What more could you ask for in a thermometer?  It’s also great for general cooking purposed.  Suggested Retail $96

7. John W. Nordstrom V-Neck Cashmere Sweater – Cashmere is always an extravagant splurge and makes for a luxurious gift for a special guy in your life.  I’ve given the gift of cashmere sweaters to my husband and other male family members with great success in the past.  This sweater from Nordstrom is a very high quality cashmere for the price and comes in a nice variety of colors.  It’s also available in tall sizes, which is a nice bonus for the tall guys.  Suggested Retail: $178

8. Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones – High quality noise-canceling headphones are so nice to give to anyone who travels a lot or is really into music because they can really enhance the audio experience.  I’m including them as one of my guy gift picks, however, because I find them particularly well suited for the guys you live with who might enjoy listening/watching some things that you do not, such as music, tv shoes, YouTube videos, or video games.  Not only does my husband absolutely adore his, they’re also a gift to me, too, as Don can just pop them on whenever he’s watching poker or some Netflix on his iPad that I may not necessarily be interested in hearing/watching as well.  Win win!  Suggested Retail: $270

Gender Neutral:

9. Williams-Sonoma Hot Chocolate Pot – I originally wanted to include my favorite hot chocolate machine, but after learning that it has been discontinued I went on the hunt for an alternative.  I found this little pot and couldn’t be more pleased with it.  It’s actually surpassed my beloved Bialetti hot chocolate maker!  It’s the perfect little pot to heat 1-3 cups of hot cocoa (or any other hot beverage) evenly and quickly thanks to the enameled steel design.  I love the pour spout and teak handle for easy pouring.  Pair this with the Williams-Sonoma Hot Chocolate Sampler, which includes three flavors of real chocolate shavings style mix, and you’ll hit a home run with the hot cocoa lover in your life!  Suggested Retail: $60 (pot) & $29.95 (sampler)

10.  Teavana Matte Contour Tea TumblerTeavana Holiday Tea Collection – I know I included the same tea collection in one of my gift guides last year, but I really wanted to include it again because I think it is such a lovely gift.  You get four 2-ounces pouches of delectable holiday-themed tea already wrapped up in a gorgeous box.  If you want to really step it up a notch, this tea tumbler is designed to brew loose leaf tea on the go.  Pop both in a gift bag, and voila, perfect gift for the tea lover!  Suggested Retail: $32.95 (tumbler) & $34.95 (tea collection)

11. Food of the Month Clubs – We’ve received a few food of the month style gifts from friends and family over the years and always enjoy them.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!  And you can eat it!  It’s hard to beat that.  There are so many kind of food clubs to pick from and you really need to consider the giftee’s preferences in doing so.  Two of my top picks this year include Zingerman’s Quarterly Bacon Club, in which you receive 24 to 32 ounces of artisan bacon four times a year, and the Craft Coffee Subscription, which is a customizable coffee delivery program that you can fine tune to suit your coffee lover’s tastes. Suggested Retail: $199 (bacon club) & $19.99-24.99/month (coffee club)

12. Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throw – I recently picked up this throw for our family room sofa sectional and we are all in love with it (my dog especially)!  Not only does it look great on the couch, it is super soft and cozy to cuddle up under.  I think this would make a great group gift for a family or couple.  Suggested Retail: $129 $99 (on sale!)

13.  Garmin Forerunner 220 – This GPS watch is the ultimate gift for the runner in your life.  It’s fast and accurate and the new design is much thinner and lighter for ease of wear.  It’s the perfect way to easily track your runs on your computer or mobile device.  Suggested Retail $249 (without heart rate strap) or $299 (with heart rate strap)

Check out the video below if you’re interested in a closer look at these products as well as my thoughts on each one:

I hope you enjoyed this second installment of my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide and that it gave you some ideas or inspiration for gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.  Check out my Little Luxuries Gift Guide for my top picks in the $20-$50 range.  I will be back sharing my Stocking Stuffer guide ($20 or less) soon.  Happy Holidays!


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10 thoughts on “Extravagant Splurges: Holiday Gift Guide 2014”

  1. Thanks so much Jen – awesome gift ideas! I’ve already gone ahead and ordered some VS pj sets – thanks so much for telling us about the free slippers too! Awesome added bonus!

    I love that Michael Kors bag too!! But it’s not available anymore on the link that you provided us with… 🙁 I’ll have to see if I can find it elsewhere online.

    Love the cashmere sweaters for the guys too! I will have to look into that! And yay, glad you included that Pottery Barn throw!! I have to pick one of those up for someone too!

    Thanks Jen for the great ideas! You definitely help me make my Christmas shopping easy this year 🙂

    Oh and I wanted to say too that I am loving Vlogidays, but I’m sad that you don’t have a coordinating blogpost to go along with them as I love commenting on the vlogs! I find that on youtube there are so many comments that you can’t reply to many (understandably so) after the first 24 hours, but you are able to comment more often to comments on your blog when we post them later and I love that 🙂 Anyway just wanted to say that I miss having the coordinating blog posts but of course I understand it’s a busy time, but I look forward to the return of the blog post to go along with your vlogs hopefully again in the future.

    1. I hope to bring back my WIR posts soon, but things have been a bit hectic lately and I had to cut them for sake of time. I’m happy you enjoy commenting here 🙂

      1. Ahhh yes you are right. Sorry, that was my mistake – when I clicked the link it automatically set it at “shipping in Canada” (where I’m located), and I guess it’s not available to ship to Canada. So soon as I switched it to “ship to the US” it came up as available and in all of the gorgeous colors too – thanks for helping me figure out my error! 🙂

  2. I have been looking for a robe for a long time. I’m always cold and was thinking about ordering the robe that you ordered from WrapUpbyVP (the long one). Is it worth the price? Does it wash well? Thanks for your help and feedback?

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