Extravagant Splurges: Holiday Gift Guide 2013

In the second installment of my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, I’m including some of my top picks for gifts I consider to be Extravagant Splurges.  These items fall in the general price range of $50 – $250.  As with my Little Luxuries post (containing my $20-$40 gift suggestions), I am sharing my Extravagant Splurge picks for ladies, fellas, and a few gender neutral gifts for the home (that would also make great housewarming gifts!).  These are the kinds of products I like to purchase when I have a bigger budget to work with and want to give something extra special.


1. Michael Kors Midsized Chronograph Runway Watch – $250 – A beautiful medium-sized watch that compliments any outfit.
2. Dogeared Karma & Circle Heart Necklaces – $58 & $86 – Dainty pieces with beautiful sentiments for the jewelry lover.
3. Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Crossbody Bag – $258 – High quality leather at a great price for the purse enthusiast.
4. Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote – $145 – Versatile bag for the gal on the go!  Great to use as a large purse, gym bag, carry-on, pool/beach bag, etc.
5.  Sigma Enlight Collection – $165 – An all encompassing neutral makeup kit for the makeup lover (see more about my thoughts on the collection here).
6. Urban Decay Naked3  – $52 – A gorgeous rosy-toned eye shadow palette.  Keep checking the site to see when it’s restocked!
7. Ugg Cozy Knit Slippers – $130 – Supportive and cozy slippers are a real treat for tired feet.
8. Maverick Wireless Barbecue Thermometer Set – $60 – Perfect for the grill master with dual probes and a wireless feature for perfectly cooked meat.
9. Bose S1E2 Sport Headphones – $150 $135 (one sale now!) – High quality headphones designed to stay in place for active guys and gals.
10. 3BaysGSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer – $200 – Fun and informative gadget for the golf enthusiast.
11. Ugg Neuman Slippers – $120 – Warm and cozy slippers for the guy who likes to put his feet up at the end of the day.
12. Daniel Buchler Plush Robe – $98 – Soft and warm yet still lightweight, this robe is the perfect weekend morning attire.
13. The Balvenie Doublewood Aged 12 Years – approx. $50 – My husband Don’s favorite!  A high quality scotch at a great price!
14. Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky Glass (set of 2) – $50 – Amp up the fancy with these beautiful glasses for the scotch/whisky drinker.
15. Breville One Touch Tea Maker – $250 – Streamline brewing tea with this thoughtful and useful gadget.
16. Staub Wide Round Cocette (6 qt) – $200 – An extremely versatile and useful pot great for anyone who loves to cook.
17. Pottery Barn Monogrammable & Essential Cozy Throws – $59 $45 & $49 $39 – A beautiful throw is a lovely gift for the home for any occasion.

Photo sources for the images can be found with the provided links.

Check out the video below if you’re interested in a closer look at these products as well as my thoughts on each one:

Check back in a few days for the third and final installment of my Holiday Gift Guide series in which I’ll share my top picks for Stocking Stuffer gifts for $20 or less.  Happy holiday shopping!


* Post contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own. *


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  1. Hey Jenn…thanks so much for showing these to us. I just placed an order for the robe for my husband. It should get here before Christmas. So glad you showed this. It didn’t occur to me that he needed a new robe, but he really does! Thanks.

  2. Jen – thanks so much for sharing these. I just watched and immediately ordered several things on this list! Very helpful for the procrastinator that I have been this year! 🙂 I just recently found your videos and blog but wanted to let you know that I enjoy them very much! You are just adorable! And you are very generous! Stay true to who you are!

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