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It’s the most wonderful time of the year….if you’re a Planner Enthusiast!  And not just any kind of planner lover, but a Life Planner lover like me.  It’s Erin Condren Life Planner launch time!  Yay!  I’m super excited to share a detailed look at the new lineup this year.  The Life Planner is my personal planner of choice and is my absolute favorite to review.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 planner preview

I was fortunate to meet Erin Condren at the GO Wild planner conference in New Orleans last weekend.  She handed out the ultimate planner goodie bags to some of the bloggers in attendance at a special dinner.  I received four advance copies from the new range to show, including a couple of the Luxe beauties, as well as the new accessories.  This post will be image heavy and I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking.  You can check out my coordinating video below if you’d like to hear more of my thoughts.  Let’s dive in!

Covers & Coils

erin condren life planner 2016-17 luxe rose gold

The new Luxe option features a gorgeously soft vegan leather cover that is permanently coiled in.  It is available in three color options: purple and rose gold (shown above), teal and gold, and taupe and metallic silver (see below).  It cannot be personalized at this time.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 lixe platinum

The interior dimensions of the Luxe planners are the same as the others (7′ x 9″)  with the exception of the cover that run a bit wider.  You can pop an interchangeable cover on top but the side of the Luxe cover will show underneath (see video for demo).   The inside of the Luxe planners are the same as the non-luxe options.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 classic covers

In addition to the Luxe covers, there are new interchangeable covers launching next week.  In total there are about 20 new interchangeable covers, including several metallic options.  I have the updated paisley design (above, left) paired with the rose gold coil and the beautiful blossom cover (above, right), which looks amazing with the new black coil offered this year.  The platinum and gold coils are still available as well.  Coil size is the same as last year at 30mm.  The Erin Condren coil is the best I’ve yet to come across in the spiral bound planner world.  It is super durable!

erin condren life planner 2016-17 dry erase board interior cover

The new interchangeable covers feature a lined dry erase board section on the front interior of the cover and a blank space on the inside of the back cover.  This is the perfect place to put the new wet erase markers to use!  They set up completely dry within seconds so there’s no transferring ink to the paper on the other side and erase cleanly and easily with a damp cloth.

Colorful Interior

erin condren life planner 2016-17 colorful vellum

There are two color schemes to choose from this year.  You read that right, TWO!  Both the colorful and neutral options are available in either a vertical, horizontal, or hourly format and in all four coil color options.  The vellum cover sheet in the colorful option features the new mid-century circles print in a beautiful watercolor wash which is featured throughout the planner.

The paper weight is 70 lb with increased opacity to minimize pen bleed through.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 colorful quotes

There is a two page spread of quotes following the cover page featuring the new color palette with motivational messages.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 colorful year at a glance

The 18 month year-at-a-glance section includes monthly calendars from July 2016 to December 2017 on a two page spread.

erin condren 2016-17 life planner colorful goal setting

There is a 12-month goal setting section that is left unlabeled for customization.  This is a great place for goal setting or year planning.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 colorful monthly tabs

The months are marked by a laminated side tab for easy reference and include a motivational message with a wash of color that matches each month’s color scheme.

erin condren 2016-17 life planner colorful monthly spread

The monthly spread covers most of the two pages for maximum writing space with a column on the right margin for goals and to-dos.  Here you can get a sense of the reinvented color palette for this year which focuses on just one color (and variations) per month.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 colorful vertical weekly spread

The weekly two-page spreads are situated between the monthly spreads for chronological ordering.  This year’s weekly spreads are streamlined even further with few embellishments aside from the color blocking and watercolor wash in the background behind the days of the week.

In the vertical layout there are three equal sections per day with blank headers and a lined section at the bottom.  There is a “thankful thought” box and lined section for additional notes in the lefthand margin.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 colorful horizontal weekly spread

The horizontal spread is set up similarly to last year’s release with lightly lined sections and a blank box for each day of the week.  There is a place for notes and a “thankful thought” on the bottom righthand margin.  The color scheme for each month in both the vertical and horizontal layouts are the same.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 colorful notes section

The notes section behind the calendars includes four sheets of lined paper, four sheets of graph paper, and four blank pages with the watercolor header as seen above.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 colorful 2018 year at a glance

Behind the notes section is a year-at a-glance two-page spread for 2018 with room to write underneath each month and a blank planning section along the bottom of both pages.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 stickers

Stickers are still included in each life planner.  There are two printed pages and two blank pages of stickers in a coordinating color palette.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 colorful folder poiuch

The Keep It Together folder section has been revamped using the mid-century circles pattern and a new open style pocket on one side.  The other side has a shallow scalloped pocket (see below).  A perpetual calendar is included with an updated design to match the new color scheme.  Each planner comes with a clear snap-in ruler which features the mid-century circles design.

erin condren 2016-17 plan for it pouch

The new Plan For It Pouch is unattached to the planner now (previously it was bound into the coil).   It comes with a few compliment cards, a sample sticker book, 20% off coupons to the website for you and a friend, and a self-adhesive 6″ CoilClip Connector, which you can use to snap the pouch into your planner wherever you choose.

Neutral Interior

erin condren life planner 2016-17 neutral vellum

The new neutral interior is perfect for the Planner Enthusiast who wants a more sleek look.  It is beautiful on its own or easy to jazz up with colorful stickers and color coding pens.  You can see the layout is exactly the same as the colorful interior with some slight variations in the decorative elements.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 neutral quotes

The two-page quotes spread features the same motivational message with a splash of color.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 neutral year at a glance

The fonts used in the neutral interiors are different than in the colorful options.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 neutral goal setting

The planner includes the same number and order of pages but with a different feel in design.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 neutral monthly tabs

The monthly tabs feature a quote cover page with a black and white laminated side tab.  Just as in the colorful versions, each month includes one sheet of lined notepaper preceding the next month.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 neutral monthly spread

The only changes to the monthly spreads are the fonts and small embellishments used in the header.

erin condren 2016-17 life planner neautral horizontal weekly spread

A small flag at the top of each page in the horizontal weekly spread is the only hint of color.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 neutral hourly weekly spread

The hourly layout is date stamped from 6 AM to 7 PM every day with light lining in the columns.  The left sidebar includes a thankful thought section and checklist with a hint of color.

erin condren life planner 2016-17 neutral folder pouch

The neutral planners include a neutral-toned Keep It Together folder in the back with the same design as the colorful interior.  All planners include the Plan For It pouch, snap-in ruler, and perpetual calendar.


erin condren life planner 2016-17 accessories

New accessories are launching along with the life planners, including mini snap-in bookmarks available in three design packs and magnetic page markers.  The Live Life in Color rollerball pens in gem-tone shades match the new color scheme beautifully.  I’m especially excited about the wet erase markers that are designed to stay put on laminate surfaces until wiped clean with a damp cloth (I tested this out and it works like a charm).  I hope they roll out more colors soon!

erin condren life planner 2016-17 accessories

There’s a new snap-in travel dashboard with a packing checklist on one side and a blank daily planning section on the other.  The designer sticker book in the classic collection edition 2 is filled with beautiful metallic foiled stickers that are perfect to use in the life planner or on letters and packages.  Adhesive storage and corner pockets add customizability options within your planner.  The watercolor snap-in stylized sticky notes, keep it together bands, and  snap-in dashboard beautifully match the new watercolor color scheme and design elements.  Don’t forget to add a metallic pen loop to keep your favorite pen attached to your Life Planner at all times!

I go through each of the four planners I received as well as the accessories in more detail in this video:

Each Life Planner is available with either a 12 or 18 month calendar.  The 18 month starts in July 2016 and the 12 month starts in January 2017.  Life Planners start at $50 for a 12-month non-personalized colorful classic cover with a platinum coil.  Additional charges include: $5 for personalization, $10 for a metallic cover, $10 for a black, gold, or rose gold coil, and $5 for 18 months (instead of the standard 12).  The Luxe planners are priced as follows: $65 for the taupe/platinum and $75 for the teal/gold and purple/rose gold for a 12-month calendar.  It costs an additional $5 for an 18-month calendar.

The Luxe planners are available for presale now.  All new Life Planners and accessories go on sale on June 1, 2016.  You can receive $10 off your first Erin Condren purchase by signing up for their e-newsletter here.

I’d like to share the Life Planner love with some of you!  The Erin Condren 2016-17 Life Planner Launch Giveaway will run until Monday, May 30, 2016 at 6 PM CT.  The giveaway is open internationally.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  TEN winners will receive a $200 electronic gift card.

You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (check out this blog post for more information on entering Rafflecopter giveaways).  I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email, as always.
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I am super excited about this year’s lineup and can’t wait to hear what you think about the new offerings.  What combination would you pick?  I’m a longtime fan of the colorful vertical myself, but am intrigued by the beautiful new neutral.  I’d love to hear what you’re considering if you’re going to order a new Life Planner this year!
Happy Planning 🙂


* Post contains referral and affiliate links.  All of the items shown were sent to me for consideration.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


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    Watching your youtube videos convinced me to try an Erin Condren life planner last year and I’m so glad I did.
    Very excited to try out a horizontal this year (last year I got vertical) I think I’ll always go for the colorful options as I’m that kind of girl!

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      1. That is true. Where did you go to college Jen? Any tips for surviving university? My daughter has had difficulty adjusting

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