Easter Weekend Recap (April 19 – 20, 2014)

I look forward to Easter weekend every year as a time to share with my family.  Here’s a peek into some of my Easter traditions:


I spent my Saturday hopping around my kitchen in preparation for Easter.  Every year I bake four different recipes for our family Easter supper feast, including Paska bread (top left), Easter Savory Pie (bottom right), Brown Sugar Pound Cakes with Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting (top right), and Chocolate Chip Cookies (bottom left).  The special bread recipe was passed down to me from my mother-in-law, Suzanne, who got it from Mrs. Resavi, the mother of her uncle’s wife.  This delicious bread is of Eastern European origin and is traditionally eaten during Easter (you can read more about it here if you’re interested).  My mother-in-law’s side of the family has baked this bread for Easter supper for many generations now and I enjoy continuing the tradition.  Below is the recipe we use in our family:


The other items I bake for Easter are newer traditions we started to incorporate in the years since I married into the family.  I love to bake and the only time I really get to do so is for family gatherings and special occasion so I usually jump at the chance to contribute home-baked goods to the festivities.  The Easter Savory Pie recipe comes from the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook.  It is a delicious Italian inspired dish featuring a tasty parmesan crust with a ricotta, spinach, and prosciutto filling.  I make this pie every year at the special request of my husband’s Grandpa who is of Italian descent and grew up eating something very similar on Easter Sunday with his family.  I also bring dessert and for the past couple of years my family has asked for the special Brown Sugar Pound Cake Cupcakes with Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting I made for St. Patrick’s Day one year for fun.  This recipe is from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes cookbook.  It is simple to prepare and such a crowd pleaser with the fun twist in the frosting.  I usually bring a bunch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies to family events and I like to make two batches for Easter and wrap up cookies into little goodie bags for my family to take home with them.  I have a video sharing this recipe which you can watch target=”_blank”>here if you’re interested.


One of the other traditions I enjoy every Easter is to prepare baskets filled with trinkets, tokens, and sweet treats for my little family (my husband Don and my dog Winnie) as well as my three nieces and nephew.  I always find great Easter basket supplies at Target for the girls.  Me and my Mom sent each of my brother’s girls (ages 8 and 10) their own care package filled with goodies.  I put together a baby-friendly basket for my sister-in-law’s little one (11 months).  My nephew who is all grown up and in the navy got a bit of candy and a bit of cash.   I always put together a basket for my pup, Winnie.  She has many toys already, but I do pare down her collection on a regular basis and donate ones she no longer cares for to animal shelters.  This year I placed a few treats in the folds of a scrunched up towel that I used as filler for her basket and we had fun watching her try to fit her whole self into the basket to retrieve the cookies.  My husband and I also exchange baskets, which we have done for the entirety of our marriage (9 years this fall!).  I realize some people may think it’s silly for adults to exchange Easter baskets, but we enjoy taking the opportunity to put together little gifts of affection for each other.  Don went a little overboard with my basket this year.  He said he couldn’t help himself and got carried away!

If you’d like to see what we put in each other’s baskets as well as more about my Easter baking, check out my coordinating vlog-style video below:

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I hope you enjoyed this peek into my Easter weekend including some of my family’s holiday traditions.  I’d love to know what some of your Easter traditions are if you are to share. 🙂


* Post contains referral links.  This is not a sponsored post.  Prize items were sent to me as a gift from kikki. K.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


86 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Recap (April 19 – 20, 2014)”

  1. Hi Jen! I loved your vlog from easter weekend, it was really great seeing all of your baking and your time spent with family! I have been watching your videos for so long and you are one of the people that I look up to! 🙂 I can’t wait to see future videos and posts from you!

  2. Yay a vlog! Okay, you were so cute and funny whispering about Don’s basket! lol And that was such a great idea to hide treats in a towel in Winnie’s basket, I will have to remember that! The tea in your basket sounds amazing! Thanks for the vlog and it was nice seeing Don again!

  3. LOVED the video- it seems like over the last month or so you are really finding a great balance and variety of videos for MHWL! I really enjoyed watching what you and Don got each other in your Easter baskets- it inspires me to do the same thing when I finally move in with my boyfriend. I would also love to bake more. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter 🙂 Hannah x

  4. Enjoyed your vlog! I told my husband he’d done more for my Easter basket than I had his and he said “As it should be.”. My heart melted… Thoughtful and kind husbands are the best 🙂

  5. Hi Jen – I already wrote one comment but my internet timed out so not sure if it went through! Wanted to thank you for sharing this video – love your gifts shared with Don and his with you! Things can’t always be even so don’t sweat it 🙂 Also loved your Sundance dress and am on their site now looking at it. I am in two weddings this year and thought it would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner. Always love your videos – especially when they feature cooking – that bread looks amazing! I would try to make it but am trying to be good 🙂
    Hope you are enjoying your week, and thanks as always for sharing with us!

  6. Awesome! Jen thanks so much for putting up the Paska Bread recipe! Ive been waiting for this recipe ever since you showed us all the yummy treats you made in your April 8, 2012 vlog and your March 30, 2013 vlog as well. But I totally understand that you are a very busy bee! So I very much appreciate that you took the time to share it with us today! Cant wait to make it! In case any of your viewers are interested in the Easter Pie recipe you make, Martha Stewart has the recipe and a video up for the recipe on her website. I miss her TV show, don’t you? Thanks again Jen for being you and for your wonderful My Housewife Life channel 🙂 Take Care!

  7. That had to be one of my favorite video/vlogs you have done. It was so fun ! Everything from the oven handle laying in your hand ( I was busting up laughing, because things like that happen when a person is the busiest.) to your whispering Easter morning and talking about the rock and showing your Easter baskets. Winnie was a doll ! The family dinner looked fabulous ! It looked like you had a great Easter. Thanks for sharing that day with us.

  8. Thank you for sharing the Paska bread recipe Jen! That is a large recipe!! I may have to do some math to cut it down for us, it looks really good! Also, I don’t think you have to wait for large family gatherings to bake! I love to bake too and when I get in the mood to bake, I will whip something up and we’ll keep some for our family and then I will share the rest with friends! Nothing brightens up someone’s day like a homemade surprise from the oven! 🙂

  9. What a great idea for Winnie; hiding treats in her basket like her own mini easter egg hunt! Too cute! Thanks for sharing your Easter with us!

  10. Hello Sweet Jen,

    So nice to see you vlogging again for a holiday! So nice to see you happy! Your Easter looked Fabulous as always.
    much love to you and yours :))

      1. I miss them too. Thanks for sharing the Paska bread recipe. Great video!! Keep them coming please!! Cheers Fleur x

  11. I got such unexpected asmr tingles when you were going through the Easter baskets. Like, insane tingles. Thanks for that 🙂

  12. Hi Jen.. I really enjoyed this video I cant even decide which part was my favorite LOL Winnie is adorable as always and I got such a giggle watching her with her Easter basket. I totally enjoyed all your baking. Hope your larger mixer is not completely broke? Also I have to mention how much I think that you have such a generous soul always sharing with all of us by giving back with your Kikki K goodies but most of all ‘thank you for sharing your paska bread recipe with us I am totally going to make that for my family it looked super yummy!! I always want to comment on your video’s but can you believe that I am bashful to reach out LOL I am not bashful in person just over the internet… still trying to work up my courage to make my own video’s LOL any ways just had to get past my shyness to tell you thank you and how much I really enjoyed this video as I have all your videos… 🙂

  13. Happy Easter Ross Family! so enjoyed viewing your Easter festivity celebrations. What I wouldn’t give to be your kitchen assistant Jen! TYFS your valued family recipes. Luv & Warm Hugz, Cynthia

  14. Hi Jen! I was hoping you might be able to let me know the brand/where you picked up the ice pack for Don. My boyfriend is always using ice packs (various sports injuries), but we just haven’t found anything that works well-they leak or get too hard or whatever else. I would really appreciate it!

    Love seeing videos on this channel 🙂

  15. It was so wonderful to see a video of your Easter. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I recently discovered your videos and have gone back to watch your vlogs as far as it will go back. It is so fun to watch. Don is very good at picking out presents! Reminds me of my hubby, so thoughtful! Thank you again for sharing!!!

  16. Hi Jen 🙂 Enjoyed your easter video this morning while I was organizing my desk. I loved that you and Don give each other Easter baskets. Me and my husband have been married for 12 years and we do that every year. So no need to have to justify it. It is just another way of expressing your love to each other. Plus it is fun!

  17. Happy Easter jen. I do love this channel. I miss you not posting more on it. But I will take what
    u give. Hope u and Don had a wonderful Easter. And hope to see u soon. Oh btw.food looked yum!

  18. What a lovely Easter! Thank You for sharing with us, and I am so grateful that Dons mom finally gave you permission to share the Paska Bread Recipe with us. I think I have been waiting for about 3 years so tell her Thank You for me!! The handle on my oven door came off about 5 years ago, after putting it back on about 3 times I finally said heck with it but the oven still works fine. Don is sooo cute, I would like to give him a big hug!!! And by the way Jen you look great with or without makeup!!

  19. I am soooo hungry now after watching this!! Everything looked delish! I got to be good now, summer is on it’s way! Looks like all is well with you Jen, glad to see that! 🙂

  20. It was so nice to see you sharing your Easter with us! You looked so happy & the food looked great! Those loaves! Out of interest, why don’t you use your other ovens (the double one by the fridge)? Oh.. You will *love* Day of the Doctor, it stars my favourite actor, John Hurt and has a great storyline! Enjoy!

    1. That’s actually our microwave and a small electric oven that cannot keep its temperature. We really should replace it, too, but you need to get the whole set and the microwave works just fine!

  21. Such a great video Jen! Reminds me of the original MHWL videos which I loved so much!! You are such a fantastic baker Jen!! It was nice to see Don and Winnie too. I so wish your sweet Mom would give out the stuffed mushroom recipe but I totally understand and as usual they must have been delicious!!!! Your Mom seems like a fun girl!!! : ) Tell Emily her home looked perfect for Easter..I especially admired her table decor…cute cute!!! Thanks so much for sharing your holiday with us Jen!!

      1. Jen…you are the only YTer that doesn’t thank her viewers for watching very much. It takes time to stop and write comments and most of the channels I comment are so nice and at least acknowledges the comment with “thanks” or “thanks for watching”. Just an observation not meant to be mean……it just doesn’t make me personally want to comment anymore. I think it is great that you are answering people now though. I mean even a smiley face would be a sweet gesture to people who have taken the time to write…….and on your channel we even have to switch over to your blog. It is just that your answers seem quick and impersonal IMO. I wish you the best Jen with your channels Jen in the future.

        1. I thank people for watching at the end of every single video. I often reply to people saying the same. I wish I could reply to everyone but there’s only so many hours in the day. I do appreciate everyone’s support and try to say so often.

  22. I love Winnie and the basket, she’s like, there’s stuff in here! OMG OMG!

    That is so fun that you guys hide the baskets =) Your little family made me smile

  23. Wonderful to see your Easter baking. I love your baking videos so enjoyable and we exchange little goodies on Easter too. Your Easter Day with family looked like such a great time.

  24. Hi Jen! Thank you so much for sharing your Easter with us. I love watching your vlogs especially the holidays. Don is such a cutie and is so sweet to you,(which you deserve) glad he was in this one. Have a wonderful week, God Bless!

  25. I loved, loved, loved your MHWL vlog, and the food looked delicious…. you and Don looked good, and Winnie was amazing, I do so love these type vlogs TFS xx

  26. Great baking video Jen. I was wondering if you would mind sharing where you found your, for lack of a better word, recipe book holder/ protector? Ive found a few in stores, but they are always bulky. Yours seems neutral and nice. Thanks for sharing!

  27. This was such a joy to watch!! Winnie in that basket was just too cute. And that over handle incident sure lifted my mood, so thank you 🙂

  28. Loved this whole vlog, Jen, from beginning to end. It was so good to see Don again. I could go on and on but for once in my life, I’ll just keep it short and sweet…AWESOME! 🙂

  29. Happy Easter Ross family! I am very glad to see that you are doing well, Jen. A huge thank-you for the Paska Bread recipe. Lets just say that I won’t wait until next Easter to try it. Haha! x

  30. Happy belated Easter! Thank you for sharing your weekend with us. With your mixer blowing up and the oven door falling apart, it seemed for a while there that you were not meant to do any baking over the weekend. Loved seeing Winnie in all her preciousness. I absolutely adore anything bunny related so I was oohing and ahhing over the crystal bunny that Don got you. Thanks again for sharing!

  31. Hi Jen, loved the vlog. Thank you so much for sharing your Easter. So sweet that you and Don buy for each other. Can i ask what your baking pans and muffin tins are. They are very nice and i am in need of new ones. Also would you mind sharing your cupcake recipe, they grew so perfectly, I would love to try them sometime. Again Thank you.

    1. They were from Williams-Sonoma about 8 years ago. They have held up great over the years! The cupcakes are linked in this blog post 🙂

  32. I missed your vlogs….thanks for making one for us. I really enjoy your baking segments, too! It’s fun to see the traditions of other families. I also wanted to commend you on being brave and filming with no make-up when your skin isn’t flawless. I’m glad you can be real with your viewers because let’s face it – none of us are perfect! Happy Easter 🙂

  33. I’m always thrilled to see a vlog with your smiling face! (I truly am glad that you’ve disabled comments. I felt uncomfortable even leaving a comment!)

    It’s so wonderful that you bake for your family. They are so blessed to have you! Thank you for sharing, as always. 🙂

  34. It was so lovely seeing a vlog from you again!! Thanks for the thought. You’ve inspired me to do some baking too. <3

  35. Hi Jenn! Thank you for posting this Easter blog! I miss your MHWL videos so much! You’re such an inspiration to many of us, so keep them coming please! I’m sure many will agree:). I’m glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend with your loved ones. You and Don are a great couple. Those are some wonderful gifts you got for each other. Take care and until next blog, pic, or vlog! Suri

  36. I loved this vlog! Easter is always such a hopeful time after such a long winter. Watching you always brightens my day.

    I was very excited when you said you collect children’s books. My husband and I do not yet have kids but I have been collecting children’s books for years. I would love if you would show us your collection.

    Happy Spring from Michigan!

  37. Awesome video and joyous Easter weekend. I love all of your baking. Winnie was so precious looking for her Easter treats. Love that. Thanks for all of your encouraging words and kindness. Big hugs.

  38. Jen great video. Love the baking video’s there so much fun to watch. I have to say I love my pug as much as you love Miss Winnie <3 I hope you come back to vlogging everyday soon 🙂

  39. Thank you so much for showing us your baking for Easter. I will definitely have to try that bread. I have tried to bake your cookies however they never look as good as yours (But I will keep trying). I live in Australia and totally agree with you that Kikki-k has really cute stuff. You are a very generous person. I love seeing Winnie, she is so gorgeous. I am jealous about all the cool dog toys Winnie has (we don’t such cool stuff). Again thank you for sharing.

  40. My daughter and i have really enjoyed watching your youtube channels,and you have inspired some of our new family traditions. We cant wait to try and make the bread. Would love if there was a section we could click on that has all of your and Dons recipes/baking videos in one place. Happy Easter! x

  41. Hi Jen,
    I cracked up when you said your mixer started smoking. My kitchen often has smoke in it…..unfortunately it’s usually the food. I’ve had a pan catch fire, the toaster oven, my large oven with apple pie inside, the broiler. Needless to say, my husband has received quite a few “burnt offerings” over the years. I’m kitchen challenged, but hey

  42. Hello. Another fab video. Winnie is just absolutely adorable! Made the Martha Stewart Lemon Cake which was absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing the Paska bread recipe.
    You have a wonderful family there. Keep up the videos, love them and love the three of you x

  43. My boyfriend and I have been together for six years and have our own home together and LOVE to make each other Easter baskets! Besides Christmas, it’s our biggest gift-giving holiday! (Even bigger than our respective birthdays.) He gave me candy, a few lamb-themed things (my favorite animal!), lamb PJs, a Sephora gift card, and a Kate Space envelope crossbody. I loved it all 🙂

  44. Awesome to see you and Don, I miss you! Please, your beautiful, no need to say anything about your appearance as you said once before if acne is all you have to worry about in life then life is pretty good. I hope you will come back to vlogging I understand how awful people were to you but, I hope someday you will return as I enjoyed all of your videos. I think the disabling of comments-was the right thing to do and I hope that will help you come back soon.

    Hugs to you, Don and lil Winnie!

  45. Thank you for sharing your Easter with us. As a longtime fan, I loved seeing your traditional baking and family time! This Easter was really hard for me, as my dear mother passed away two weeks ago. We had the same food and traditions at our family Easter party, and it was so comforting for all of us. These traditions are so important! One of the things that I’ve always loved about your vlogs is your strong sense of family. It’s so wonderful to watch what truly happy family life looks like. Have a blessed week!

  46. Hi Jen! Loved your Easter vlog! It always brightens my day when I see your videos pop up! I am going to try making the bread soon! It looks delicious! 🙂 you seem so happy in your vlog and I think you are an awesome and inspiring person. 🙂 thank you for everything that you do 🙂

    -Traci 🙂

  47. Great Easter weekend vlog! You know we all miss you! In every workplace (like You Tube is for Vloggers) there’s always some who make criticisms or comments, glad you have pushed through some of the past things some people have posted and persevered!! I enjoy occasionally seeing your “bloopers” at the end of a vlog if you ever find yourself editing them out, tag them on, they are fun! Don is looking too cute and good to “see” you!!

  48. Hi Jen,
    I just finished watching your Easter Video. Winnie is adorable and you and Don are so sweet. Your Easter outfit was perfect. That dress is gorgeous.

  49. Fab video Jen. Love watching your baking ones! It all looked yummy. Hope the mixer recovered…my Mum bought me one a few years ago and I’m ashamed to say it’s still in the box! I always mix by hand but really should have a go! Bread looked lovely! I really enjoyed making bread…was really relaxing and so satisfying! Easter baskets were really cute! Glad you had a lovely Easter and thanks for the lovely giveaway! I’d love kikki k to come to the UK! Hope little Bean is settling in well! 😉 xx

  50. Jennifer, all the food looked amazing! I could almost smell the bread baking! Loved the Easter baskets and little Winnie hunting for cookies! She is the most adorable dog. Keep posting more videos….they are so enjoyed!

  51. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing an Easter weekend vlog! I loved it!! Had time to sit down, watch and enjoy it today and it was so awesome! It was so great to see all the Easter prep, the gorgeous food and decor! Plus I just love seeing your friendly face and getting to “hang out” with you 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us!

    Thanks for sharing the hair drying tip too – I am going to have to try letting my hair air dry that way for more volume!

  52. Much Love and Respect,
    Thank you for sharing your Paska Bread recipe! I was hoping and praying you would!! Now I can start that tradition here! Looks so yummy. And I love the video 😀
    Thank you!!

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