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I am a definite beauty junkie and I am not ashamed to admit it.  I absolutely love cosmetics and seasonal collections are my kryptonite!  Although I’ve definitely made progress this year in cutting back on my cosmetic purchases, sometimes a collection just sucks me in and I cannot resist.  Dior’s Summer 2013 Birds of Paradise collection was just one of those!

I normally scope out upcoming collections via my favorite beauty bloggers and decide before their release date if I want anything from them.  I generally purchase said items online.  This is a much safer way for me to go makeup shopping than just let loose in a store!  I always go to Ulta and Sephora with a specific list (although to be honest, I rarely leave the store with only the items on said list, but having it definitely helps reign in my impulse purchases!).  I do not usually allow myself to shop the counters at department stores.  I am easy prey for those sales people!  I am just so enchanted by all of the beautiful makeup!  I’m usually pretty good at avoiding the beauty department altogether.  When I happen to walk through one I try to keep my eyes focused straight ahead of me and avoid peeking at the beckoning counters surrounding me while I walk through.

OJ|TBBB 7:31:2013_1I had no intentions of purchasing any of these products beforehand.  I actually haven’t had a chance to catch up on my favorite beauty blogs in some time now, so I didn’t even know about the collection.  I was at the mall the other day running some errands and I needed to find a restroom.  I decided to go to the one in Macy’s and prepared myself to make a beeline through the beauty department to get there.  I was only a few paces into the store, however, when I just happened to look up and this gorgeous collection caught my eye at the Dior counter.  The nice saleslady noticed me and asked if I needed any help.  We started talking about the beautiful makeup.  One thing led to another and before I knew it I was heading to the bathroom with a Dior bag filled with these goodies in my hand.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not regret buying these items.  I just know I don’t need them (does anyone really need any makeup?) and I honestly wouldn’t have given them a thought at all had I not seen them that day.  I do love each item I purchased and have already started playing with my new pretties.  I thought I would share my haul with you here!

OJ|TBBB 7:31:2013_2I’ve been loving Dior lip products lately, especially the Dior Addict lipstick I already have.  I’m trying to branch out from my usual mauve/pink to a little more variety in color.  I love the Addict formula, which has a very moisturizing, almost balm-like consistency with a beautiful slightly sheer finish.  I decided to try out #751 Exotique (upper half of the above photo collage) for a bright fuchsia lightweight summer lip color.  It’s a bit of a bolder choice for me, but not so much that it’s outside of my comfort zone.  I also decided to pick up the Lip Maximizer Lip Plumper in #2 Apricot (lower half of the above photo collage).  I really love the light peach sheer shade, which can tone down any lipstick and gives a nice glossy finish.  I haven’t worn it enough yet to comment on the plumping action, but I can say that I love the formula.

OJ|TBBB 7:31:2013_3I could not for the life of me decide between the two limited edition palettes offered with the collection, so I finally settled on both.  I’ve been really into green and blue eyeshadows lately and I don’t have that many options in my current makeup collection.  I’ve been a fan of Dior eyeshadow palettes for years, and  I knew these palettes would not disappoint.  #434 Peacock  (top half of the above photo collage) includes five gorgeous shades: beige, light green, lime green, teal, and a stunning mint green.  You can definitely create a more subtle green-toned look with this palette or jazz it up for a more vibrant effect.  #274 Blue Lagoon (lower half of the above photo collage) includes five drop dead gorgeous blue shades that can create a look that even a mermaid would covet.  All of the shadows on each of the two palettes are shimmery, extremely pigmented, and easy to blend.  Can you see why I couldn’t decide between the two? 😉

OJ|TBBB 7:31:2013_4Last, but not least, I couldn’t pass up the Birds of Paradise Mini Lacquer Duo in #1 Samba.  I only have one other Dior lacquer in my polish collection right now and I’ve wanted to experiment with others.  The Dior lacquers run on the pricy side, so it’s nice to be able to try two for just slightly more than the price of one.  Plus, the shades are gorgeous!  #794 (on the left) is a beautiful metallic green/blue duo chrome.  #402 (right) is a lovely Tiffany blue creme polish.  I can imagine some pretty sweet nail art using these together.  I look forward to polishing these pretties soon!

All in all, I’m actually very happy that I happened to look up on that fateful day in Macy’s and let the Dior Birds of Paradise collection draw me in.  It’s nice to just let loose and splurge like that every once in awhile so long as it doesn’t break the bank.  I love my new beauty picks!

*I am not affiliated with any of the stores or brands mentioned in this blog post.  I purchased all products shown myself.  All opinions are my own.*


28 thoughts on “Dior Birds of Paradise Haul”

  1. Those shadow palettes are so pretty…but now you’ve got to go and check out Amarixe’s beauty blog . She just swatched and reviewed a new Christian Dior shadow palette, Mystic Metallics Bonne Etoile. It’s the most gorgeous product I’ve ever seen; you HAVE to see it, because I’m sure you’ll like it, too!

  2. Eeeek! I can see why these drew you in! I love these colors. I’ve never tried any of the Dior products before, but I may have to now. 🙂

  3. Hi Jen,

    I love Dior as well. Wanting to try the Lip Maximizer, so excited to hear what you think of it or see it in “action” in one of your videos 😉 Have you had a look at the Dior 5 color palette (I think it’s the upcoming fall collection) called “Bonne Etoile”? I think this would totally be your color scheme… and there is a Dior nail polish called “destin”, gorgeous mauve color…it never ends, does it? 😉

    Wish you a great day, best wishes from Norway 🙂

  4. I love this confession! 🙂 It’s wonderful that it’s not only me that have problems with beauty counters 😀 Great haul!

  5. Great haul! You are too funny. Ironically the same thing happened to me at Macy’s yesterday but with the Estée Lauder counter. I’m a fan of beauty guru pixiewoo and they rave about their products all the time. So I made a pit stop to just test things out and left with a bag as well. To be honest I haven’t looked at Estée Lauder since my grandmother would need something, and what a mistake that was! I have combination skin just like you and my acne is getting a little our of control so I also have needed a little more than a bb cream. Their double wear light foundation is AMAZING and so is their bb cream! The also have their version of a vitazing that they are re-formulating and bringing it out in September. She had a sample of the old one and it was awesome! I’m not sure if you have tried their stuff before, but would be interested to hear your take on it.

  6. Wow, love the new collection can’t wait to see the finished looks with those newbies!!!!! Great purshase Jen, love all the colours, especially the tiffany blue polish:)

  7. I have to say your shopping philosophy is exactly like my best friend’s (she has oodles of discretionary income). “If you can’t decide, buy both!” I often subscribe to this shopping philosophy myself, as long as my budget can handle it. You appear to be a responsible shopper and very smart with your finances… so enjoy your splurges to the most. I’m allergic to paying interest so that alone keeps me from busting my budget with crazy shopping splurges. But I usually get what I want, when I want, as long as I keep my budget in mind and don’t go overboard. It takes away any guilt from buying “wants” and I don’t have to worry about this “philosophy” causing financial problems. I think we’re worth it… so I say go forth and get whatever you want! Power to the make-up splurges! LOL

    1. I make all of my personal purchases with a debit card linked to my bank account. That way there’s definitely no spending more than I have! Don & I have always paid our credit card bills in full and on time, too. We use credit cards mainly for the reward programs they offer. My motto is, if you don’t have it to spend, don’t spend it! No worrying indeed 🙂

  8. I’ve been wanting to try the Christian Dior makeup line, but I’ve resisted this long! I think this haul may have pushed me over the edge though, haha. Beautiful purchases!

  9. The polish colors are so beautiful! I’m tempted. 🙂 BTW Jen I recently made my first Coastal Scents purchase! I ordered the palette to hold 12 eye shadows, as well as the colors. I’ve been wearing a different one every day and I love it! 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh the swatches are beautiful! I hope you do a makeup look using the pallettes soon! I need help in the eyeshadow department 😛

    Btw I’ve featured you as one of my favorite bloggers on my sidebar on my website 🙂

  11. Wow, the shadows and polishes are gorgeous! I love the shimmery finish of the shadows! Can’t wait to see how the polishes look on your nails!

  12. Those are so beautiful! I usually stick with browns/neutrals, but am interested in adding a little “pop” of color. I would love to see how you wear them, since you keep your look a little more subtle like I do 🙂

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