Desktop Reorganization (2014)

I recently purchased an additional screen for my iMac desktop computer to allow me more space while I am working in the various editing programs I use (mainly Final Cut Pro for video and Photoshop CC for photo).  I realized I could not fit both screens on the hutch I had for the corner desk in my office, so I had to remove it and reorganize my desk accordingly.  I wanted to share my updated desktop organization with you.


OJ_OLJ_04-25-2014_02Removing the hutch meant I lost the built-in organizational components that it provided, but it turned out to be extremely beneficial to me as I was suffering from some neck and shoulder issues which I eventually figured out were caused by having the hutch.  You can see my previous desktop setup in the top photo to the left.  I have the Pottery Barn Bedford Corner Desk Set which offers ample space.  Originally, I had purchased the Corner Desk Hutch to go with the desk because I thought it would open up some space on the desktop, help with cord management, and offer some nice built-in organization to stash desktop items.  While it did all of those things and looked really nice, I started to develop issues with my shoulders and neck.  I finally realized it was caused by looking up at my computer.  I spend a good chunk of my days in front of the screen editing videos, photos, and writing blog posts.  Ideally, you should look straight at your computer screen.  I was looking up all of the time with my desktop monitor on the 7″ raise.  This would have been ideal if I was using the hutch to house my laptop which has a much lower screen, but with the large iMac screen it was causing me to crane my neck every day.  As soon as I removed the hutch my neck and shoulder problems were resolved.  I am much happier and feel more productive now working not only with two screens, but also a healthy neck!  Sadly, I did lose some of my desktop organization components by ditching the hutch, so I reorganized a bit to make up for it.


I was left with a much bigger gap between the top of my monitors and the bottom of my lowest shelf by removing the hutch and placing my screens directly on the desk.  When I originally hung the shelves I did so in a way that made sense to me visually with the higher placement of the monitor.  I did not like the huge gap when the monitors came down to the desktop level.  I knew I wanted to put something there, but realized an additional shelf would seem too bulky and crowded.  I found a solution at Ikea, where I purchased items from the Fintorp Collection, which are marketed as kitchen wall organizers.  I love the look of the white hanging pails and silver rails, which coordinate with my furniture and other accents in my office.  I was bummed they don’t actually carry the white pails with the silver hardware, but it was relatively inexpensive so I went ahead and bought the silver pails just to swap out the hanging components.  I plan on using the silver pails for gift wrap or flowers at some point.  I love that I can hang my race medals on the racks as well.  I don’t have many items stowed in the pails at the moment, but I just love the way they look!  The Fintorp system fills the space nicely without looking too cluttered or bulky.


I decided to expand my storage capacity a bit with a discreet cabinet under the desk.  I was happy to find the Bisley 8-Drawer Cabinet on sale for over 3%0 off during The Container Store’s Office Sale earlier this spring.  It fits like a glove under my desk!  I now stash all of my pens, fasteners, planner supplies, and most frequently used computer accessories in it.  It tucks perfectly under the righthand side of my desk so that you can’t see it unless you’re right in front of the desk.  I can still fit my dog Winnie’s Tiger Dreamz Trundle Bed as well as one of the Large Balcolore Tubs I picked up last year where I stash larger sized items I want to film or blog about.  I’ve relocated the power strip I previously had tucked under the desk hutch to the top of the Bisley cabinet where I charge all of my camera batteries.


I try to keep my desktop as clear as possible so having a few surrounding storage spots is a must.  I picked up a Bigso Synchronocity Stolkhom Paper Drawers organizer from The Container Store as a new desktop paper sorter for the righthand side of my desk.  I keep my bills and filing in the top drawer, which I go through completely once a week, and other papers that need more longterm solutions to sort and take action on in the lower drawer.  No more piles on my desk!  I only recommend using a drawer system for your papers, however, if you trust that you will attend to them on a regular basis and won’t fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” trap.  I also purchased a gorgeous acrylic tray from Erin Condren to stash on top of my paper drawers for outgoing items as well as materials for future blog posts. I took advantage of the special 40% off discount they are having on all acrylic items now valid through April 30, 2014 (use code APRYLIC2014 at checkout).  Not only is it gorgeous it helps to corral any loose papers that might otherwise flutter around my desk.  I really don’t like piles of paper!  If you’re interested in Erin Condren products, you can receive $10 off your first purchase when you sign up for the Erin Condren website (which means you receive the occasional email on current promotions and new products from them) by clicking here.

I keep a Lace Oval Bin I picked up a few months ago from Target on the lefthand side of my desk.  I love the pretty design in mint blue, which is my current color obsession.  This small bin is designated for small non-paper items that I like to keep close by.  Right now that includes my new vlogging camera box (while I test out the camera), and a gorgeous pouch from Threadofhearts on Etsy where I stash my pocket planner.  And of course, the ever important mint green bunny.  No desk is complete without one!  Speaking of bunnies, I have a new addition to my desk, which I’ve tried to keep pretty clear of my beloved tchotchkes.  That little white bunny rabbit was an Easter gift from my husband.  He’s another Etsy find from MiaPuPe.  He stands alongside the tiniest cute-as-a-button hand thrown bud vase you’ve ever seen, which I bought a decade ago at a local art fair.  That’s it for the tchotchkes!  I’m pretty gosh darn proud of that! 😉

My last organization stash spot isn’t actually part of my desk, but I keep it parked next to it all day long so I thought I should mention it.  I’ve had a love affair with Reisenthel Market Baskets for years and have several I keep and use in my house.  I use this one every single day to haul my most-used items up and down the stairs.  In it I stow my planners, journals, books I am currently reading, knitting projects, as well as anything else that I might find during the day that needs to be returned to its proper spot.  It sits in my office most of the time because that’s where I sit.  It travels to my bedside at night and to the kitchen in the morning.  It makes my life much easier living in a multi-level house!

I also bought myself a desktop lamp, which you can’t see in these photos but I point out in the coordinating video.  I’ve was looking for a lamp that could reach across my wide desk without taking up too much room.  I also wanted something that could provide ample light without getting too hot or blinding me since I needed something tall.  I settled on a TaoTronics LED lamp, which fits all of my requirements.  It’s not the most attractive lamp in my opinion, but it is exactly what I needed.  I love that it takes up so little room and even folds up when not in use.

My absolute favorite desk accessory is actually my office companion, my Shih Tzu, Winnie.  She has two beds in my office because I am in there all day and most of the time you can find her in the same room as me.  I love having her at my feet in her little cozy nest all curled up as I work.  Dogs are the best of friends. ❤︎

If you’d like to come along for an in-depth tour of my desktop reorganization as well as a look at my entire home office, check out my coordinating video:

You guys keep clicking on my Erin Condren referral link to get that $10 off your first purchase, which in turn gives me credits that I love to be able to give back to you as giveaway prizes!  I love my new acrylic tray so much I thought some of you might like a chance to order one (or anything else you might like from the Erin Condren website).  The Spring 2014 Erin Condren Gift Card Giveaway will run until Friday, May 2, 2014 at 6 PM CST.  The giveaway is open internationally (you can find information about Erin Condren international shipping costs here).  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  There will be EIGHT winners!  Each will win a $125 gift card (sent as an e-card through email).  


You can enter the giveaway by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (check out this blog post for more information on entering Rafflecopter giveaways).   I’ll announce the eight winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email, as always.  Good luck!

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I hope you enjoyed this look at my desktop reorganization.  I’d love to know how you keep your desktop organized if you care to share.  Feel free to tweet me pics or leave them on my Facebook page (links to the right) if you feel so inclined.  Sharing is caring.  Happy organizing!


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69 thoughts on “Desktop Reorganization (2014)”

  1. This is fantastic! I am so insprired by you. I just started watching you recently and I look forward to going back and watching your entire office series. I love what you said about having things playful and colorful. I am that way too. I am always looking for things that organize the things that I have that are colorful or have a print or pattern. I like to try to find things that are not specfically meant for office or desk but can be used to organize and sort different things – like pretty glasses and dishes for paper clips, push pins, pens, etc. I like to have colorful file folders and binders (my favorites are from Vera Bradley.

      1. Hi Jen,
        Great to see you upgrade to two monitors. As you have mentioned you use Final Cut Pro video editor. I have a doubt and I think you can help me to answer my question. I use canon powershot same as your blog camera to make video also use iPhone, flip camera. I have two naughty kids and always wanted to keep safe their childhood days videos. I don’t know how to use these files to make a single video. I realized the format were mostly mp4. Could you please make a video on how to do basic editing with Final Cut Pro and how to save it to a small size file and burn a cd or movie.
        I appreciate your kind reply or a video for my query.

        I follow your home organisation videos and believe me I have bought some eagle creek and some Asian travel cube and now I can pack for my holidays like a pro by just watching you packing for holiday videos. Thank you soo much for your Very generous and kind sharing your tips and resources how to organise and pack also I love your kitchen organizing videos .

        1. There are many others out there who have much more and better knowledge of Final Cut Pro than me. I suggest searching YouTube for video tutorials.

  2. Hi Jen! I hope you and your families had a wonderful, blessed Easter holiday weekend! In August of 2013, I took a visit with my family to The Mall of America in Minneapolis and I went and did some shopping there! Whilst there, I went to the Vera Bradley store and I bought the Weekender bag in the English Rose pattern upon your recommendation from that packing video that you made and I bought to use it for small vacations and also to use as a secondary gym bag. I used it for the first time as a secondary carry-on bag over the holidays and I received many compliments. I used it as luggage for the first time last weekend over Easter and it was perfect! I’ve begun getting into makeup and “girly-girl” things and I received a “Makeup Starter Kit” over the holidays from some family members and I bought the travel-size makeup brushes from Sigma (The Sigma boutique in The Mall of America is really cool, btw! It has a futuristic sci-fi meets beauty sort-of feel and vibe to it!) using your affiliate coupon code over a #weekendgetaway that I took with my mum and sister over March break. I wanted to say “Thank you” for providing excellent resources and information! My question for you is: You mentioned in a blog post over the beginning of December 2013, that you have become an affiliate through some companies, such as Sigma, for example, how exactly did those opportunities come about? Did the companies ask to send you things, no strings attached sort-of deal? Does it have something to do with a certain amount of videos to make? Is there a specific process or protocol that you have to do or follow? Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

    1. Sigma was the first company to ever approach me about becoming an affiliate. I had purchased and loved many of their products and started talking about them in my videos. I received an email from them in the summer of 2012 asking if I’d like to become an affiliate. I decided to go for it since I truly love the brand and wanted to be able to share coupon codes and product launch info. I have been approached by other brands and companies through email, as well, but I only chose to become affiliates with those I genuinely love (such as Zazzle and Eagle Creek). I independently pursued becoming an Amazon and Reward Style affiliate to help cover costs of my YouTube and blogging endeavors. I think every company has a different process for affiliation and I would suggest perusing FAQ sections and sending emails for companies you are interested in working with. I hope this helps to answer your question!

  3. Hi Jen! Greetings from Santa Monica! I came here from YouTube hoping to find the name of the desk lamp you showed that you got from Amazon. I am in GREAT need of a light source just like this, as I make jewelry and my eyes are NOT what they used to be! Also, space is very limited and I want a good quality light. This would be perfect! If you could tell me the name so i can search on Amazon, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you SO much Jen. You have added so much to my life… what I have learned and your kind, lovely, nature. Thank you again!

  4. Dear Jen,

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS – loved this video!
    I want to re-do my desk top now : )
    I was thinking of buying another monitor but was concerned as to how this would work, but now seeing how you have done it has given me some ideas of how it can work on my desk.
    Love the organizational videos, and cannot wait until May for your clothes organization.
    Thanks Jen,
    So excited to start organizing my desk now : )

    1. I use two monitors at work as a librarian. I can keep the checkout section open on one and work on the other. It’s great! You go, Jen.

  5. Thank you for sharing your update. I too open a lot
    of Windows on my computer… thank you for the chance to win a planner. 🙂

  6. You mentioned it in the video but don’t have links to it, but do you have a link for the lamp? I think it’s nice looking and would be super useful for my night stand.


  7. Thanks Jen so much for sharing your updated desktop organizing. I am already planning to steal several of your updated ideas for my own room :-). You always have such great ideas and I really appreciate that you share them so freely with us! I am excited to hear that you are planning a new series in clothing and accessories, etc. . . I know that will be great as well.

    Thanks for everything and have a wonderful day,

  8. You should tie your beautiful medals directly onto the rod instead of hanging them from the hooks then they will be high enough above the monitor 🙂

  9. Hi Jen, everything looks great! Your craft room/office is very inspiring!
    I didn’t see a link for the photo corner you had in the video. You said you got it on Amazon. Could you do a video of how you photograph and edit your product pictures? I have such a hard time properly photographing my jewelry pieces for my website. Thanks!

    1. Here’s a link to it on Amazon –

      I’m actually still sorting out how to properly photograph things. I mostly try to use natural light from the big window in my office for closeups. Most of the time I need to make some exposure adjustments in Photoshop, though.

  10. Just a FYI, you say there will be 8 winners but at the bottom of the post, above the rafflecopter widget it says, “I’ll notify the ten winners…”

  11. Before I forget, just want to say I’m really looking forward to the May series; I need BIG help with closet/drawer organization for clothes and accessories. Your new desktop organization is so nice. It actually reminds me a lot of the way I had my desk set up at work, where we had dual monitors. It looks like you have all of the items that you may need while working within arm’s reach, which I always find to be so efficient. And finally…that lamp! I have to have it. As always, very much enjoyed this video. TFS. 🙂

  12. On your latest video, you mentioned the new desk lamp that you purchased on Amazon (tall, slim, low energy usage, arm on top folded out). Where did you find it on Amazon? Thanks!

  13. Great to see you back Jen. thank you again for such a great video – new desktop organization. Very Helpful! Have a great weekend!

  14. Hi Jen. I was really hoping to find little bit more info about the lamp on the blog. Any way you can list the make and model. It looks like something I’ve been looking for. Love your videos (all of them). You are my organization inspiration. On a different topic I think your family has Eastern Slovakia roots because that’s where I’m originally from and our Easter spread looked just like yours 😉

    1. I have since added info about it to this blog post. I am sorry I forgot to originally! And yes, there are some Eastern Slovakian roots in my husband’s mother’s side of the family.

  15. This is the reason I need a home office! I’m trying to declutter and organise my work space as I work there so much now on my blog but no matter how much I throw away or move around the desk itself just doesn’t cut it! Annoying! Its always nicer to work in an open, organised environment!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  16. Hey!
    I love your new system with the two screens!
    I was thinking about getting a second screen for a while.. maybe I wil get one now!:)
    Thank you for your video’s and blogposts!
    xx Veronique

    Sorry for my english, i’m dutch haha

  17. Hey Jen, Love the reorganization, you’ve inspired me to sort my office out, it’s become a dumping ground and not productive at all! Ugh…. x

  18. Hi Jen

    Thanks for sharing your desk re-organisation. I love watching these videos, so many great ideas. I really like your lamp that folds up, do you mind me asking what the make of that is? I have got a lot of planner accessories/stationery that needs a home so may go and have a look in IKEA, great system. Love the acrylic tray from Erin Condren…so pretty! Thanks for the chance once again to win a voucher! Would love to be able to start my Erin Condren collection! Fingers crossed 😉 Looking forward to your new videos-I am currently organising my wardrobe and it is taking me forever! Hoping I can pick up some tips from you!


  19. Hi Jen

    Thanks for the great video. Unfortunately right now living in a small apartment my “craft room” is a corner of our loft, but I found some great takeaways from this video! I noticed something about your pocket planner and as a fellow planner addict I was hoping you could share about what that is and what you use it for?? I enjoyed your filofax and life planner videos but was hoping to hear about this too. Have a great week!!

    1. It’s a pocket size kikki. K Time Planner. I showed it in this post – right now I’m just using it for fun to play with decorating. I’m considering using it as a purse planner since I cannot stand the iCal app on my phone.

      1. TFS. I currently use a pocket malden filofax as my on the go planner and have an A5 I use at home for the majority of my planning. It has been great!!

          1. I had the same thought…but I just do basics in the pocket planner like appts., work or bigger errands. My to dos and all my other planning in the A5. To each their own!

  20. Loved the video – even though my style is the exact opposite of yours – but I’m slowly starting to add more color!

    Where is your necklace from in the intro? I think I got a very similar one in Bergen, Norway, from a specialty shop. They said it was Swedish design?

    TFS Jen!

  21. Thanks for this blog post, Jen. It’s a nice accompaniment to the video. As time allows I’m viewing and absorbing the entire home office series you did. It’s very kind of you to take your time and trouble to make this available and to share your good ideas.

  22. Thanks for sharing your new organization system. I noticed that you use the Apple magic mouse with your computer. I’m having a difficult time with the movement of my mouse. There is too much friction between the mouse and the table, making the mouse sluggish and slow. I used a typical mousepad without results. What type of surface do you use for your magic mouse?

    1. I use mine directly on my craft mat and it works great. When traveling I’ll just use a pad of paper or a magazine, which also works. In Utah I use it directly on my wooden desk with no issue. Perhaps your battery is running out? That might be the culprit.

  23. Hi Jen! I just wanted to thank you for all of your organizing tips and especially your examples of how you keep your home organized. I’ve never been a person who enjoys cleaning and picking up, so seeing how much you get done in just short bursts of time has really helped a lot! I especially love your office series, because that’s the biggest challenge for me. It’s where I spend most of my time, between gaming, writing, crafting and such, and I find it’s difficult for me to keep it neat and tidy because I like to have everything within arms reach so I can use it right away! You’ve given me examples of how I can have things across the room and still feel like they’re really accessible.

    Thanks so much!

  24. Jen, that tray is so beautiful! I sure hope I am one of the very lucky winners! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such a generous gift. I can’t wait to have you back here in Utah, I like watching your videos and learning about the state I live in from your point of view. Travel safe and take care.

  25. Jen,

    LOVE to see you back in action on OLJ! I desperately need the inspiration you give me…LOL! Especially now that the weather gets warmer and I want to be outside instead of inside organizing something. What a generous give a way. It’s so thoughtful of you to share with others. I love your office and I love that knew photo box. I often sell things on Ebay and this would come in handy. Thank you for all the work you do in putting these videos together. TFS! Shari

  26. Jen, TFS and thanks for another great giveaway! What a beautiful tray! I’ve also had my eye on a Bisley drawer cabinet for a while, but couldn’t decide between the graduated 8-drawer or a single size 10 drawer. I was afraid the 2 smallest drawers would be too small, but after seeing yours I like the idea of a single layer of pens so I don’t have to dig around. Thanks for all the inspiration 🙂

  27. Am I number 102? I entered the contest and had entries through this blog fb and twitter please tell me its me because I didn’t get an email. Thanks

          1. Awesome thanks for the giveaway that was very generous! Thanks for having a great blog too!

  28. This post makes me so happy! I just got around to watching this video yesterday and it brightened my day! Your enthusiasm about organization and reorganization is so contagious! Whenever I need cheering up, I can always count on one of your OLJ videos! 🙂

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