Deep Dresser Drawer Organization: Spring 2014 Overhaul

I am returning to my clothing & accessories organization series this month with a look at how I store things in the master bedroom of our main home in Illinois.  This week I am sharing how I organize our two deep dressers.


I wanted to give you a sense of this room before I jump into the details.  As you can see, we have a big, bright, and airy master bedroom in our home with lots of room for furniture.  I picked out these two large dressers mainly because we had the space to fill and I liked the way they looked in the room, not because I thought we needed so much storage space especially considering how large our closet is (which you will be seeing next in this series).  I purchased most of the furniture you see here from Pottery Barn when we moved into the house in 2007.  It is beautiful furniture that still looks just as nice as the day it arrived seven years ago.  The mahogany dressers and side tables are from Pottery Barn’s Hudson Collection (sadly, the extra side cabinets I purchased that go with one of our dressers are no longer available).  Our bed is the Farmhouse Canopy Bed, which matches perfectly with its mahogany finish.  We have two of the Manhattan Leather Club Chairs in the Espresso leather and a round leather ottoman that is no longer available.  The bookshelves are also a now discontinued model from Crate and Barrel.  My vanity is the Hampton Vanity Tower and  Super Set from PBTeen that we had painted to match the rest of our furniture.  The chair was also from Pottery Barn although now I do not see it online.  As you can see, I have a thing for dark furniture from Pottery Barn!  I love all of the pieces in this room and see myself enjoying them for many years to come.

Our two Hudson Extra Wide Dressers are not only beautiful, but extremely roomy, measuring a whopping 66″ wide x 36.5″ high x 24″ deep.  While I do appreciate how deep the drawers are, they are not all that tall, measuring only five inches.  This makes organization a bit tricky as some items can get lost in the back if they’re folded flat.  It’s also tough to pull off vertical organization since the drawers are a bit shallow and items can catch when standing upright.  I am happy with the system I am currently using, which combines both horizontal and vertical organization according to the different types of clothing we store in these dressers and frequency of wear.

OJ_OLJ_06-13-2014_02The dresser on the left bottom of the photo collage above is located right next to our bathroom.  My husband and I split the space in this dresser.  He prefers to keep most of his clothes in the closet, but we do store his undergarments and loungewear in these drawers.  I will walk you though what I keep in each drawer from left to right, top to bottom:

The top two drawers house my everyday undergarments.  I keep underwear folded flat and stack slightly one on top of the other in the drawer on the left, organized by style and frequency of use.  My bras are stored in the drawer on the right.  The molded cups make it easy for me to store them vertically.  Again, I organize these by style and frequency of use.  These dressers have a built-in drawer divider in the top two drawers, which also facilitates organization of smaller, more delicate items like undergarments.

The middle two sets of drawers are designated for my husband’s things.  I keep his boxers folded flat and his socks rolled into pairs, because it is the easiest way to keep his drawer tidy and for him to access his things.  I store his mesh shorts and pajama pants vertically, because he rotates through these items quickly as he works from home and wears loungewear to his office (in our basement) every day.  As I mentioned before, upright vertical organization is rather tricky since these drawers are a bit short.  I find that by laying folded items slightly on top of one another at an angle allows me to successfully utilize vertical organization.  As you can see, I alternate between that and horizontal organization according to our needs.  In the next two drawers down, I keep Don’s undershirts and swimsuits stored flat since there is ample space and the items are large enough that they don’t get lost in the back of the drawers.

I keep my sleep and loungewear in the bottom two drawers.  Sleep tops and nightgowns are stored in small stacks in the left drawer, organized by type and frequency of use.  I swap the warm weather stacks for the cold weather ones when the seasons change so that the items I wear most often are always the easiest to reach.  My pajama pants are stored at an angle vertically just like my husband’s.  I fold bulky sweatpants and silky sleep shorts flat due to the nature of those fabrics.


Our other dresser is located on the wall facing our bed between two windows underneath our wall-mounted television.  There was so much space here that I added the two optional cabinets, which are actually freestanding pieces, to lengthen the look and fill the space better.  This dresser is all my own, as I mentioned before my husband prefers to keep the bulk of his clothing in our closet.

While the side cabinets are slightly less deep than the dresser, they still offer ample space with a smaller drawer and two shelves.  I keep slipper socks in the small drawer of the cabinet on the left, which I wear most often in the cooler months.  I store lounge type pants that I am more comfortable wearing outside of the house to walk my dog and run to the grocery store in the top shelf of the cabinet.  These are folded flat and ordered by frequency of use.  Since it is warm now, I have my lightest weight pairs on the top.  Once winter returns I will flip the order of the pile so that my heaviest pants are on top.  I keep swimsuits and bike shorts/skorts on the bottom shelf.

The top two drawers of this dresser are again designated to undergarments, just as in the other dresser.  I keep my sports bras and fitness undergarments in the left drawer.  Again, I opt to fold these items flat and lay them slightly on top of one another, organized by type and frequency of use.  The right drawer is where I store all of my socks.  I prefer to fold my pairs of socks over and lay them on top of one another in rows that are organized by type.  I keep all of my running socks in a row, my other sports socks in another, and my everyday thinner socks in a third.  My cold weather and boot socks are folded on the other side of the built-in drawer divider.

The next three drawers down on the left side of the dresser contain the majority of my athletic wear separated by activity.  I keep all of my yoga clothes in one drawer, my general workout clothes in another, and my running-specific gear in a third.  The items I wear most frequently stay in the front for easy access.  I simply change up the order when necessary, like when the seasons change for my running gear.

The middle and bottom drawers on the right side are designated for my everyday tops, again organized by type.  I have one drawer dedicated to tank tops that are mainly used as base layers.  T-shirts, tanks, and longsleeves are folded vertically at a slight angle in another drawer.  My pullover sweatshirts and bulkier long sleeves are kept in the bottom drawer.

I keep tights and dress socks folded flat in the little drawer of the cabinet on the right.  My shorts and capris are tucked onto the shelves where I also store my yoga DVDs and a mesh pouch with all of the media manuals for this room for easy access.

I go through each drawer in more detail in my coordinating video if you’re interested in a closer look:

I would love to hear how you organize your dresser drawers if you’d care to share.  Check back next week for a look at how I organize the closet in our master bedroom.
Happy organizing!


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18 thoughts on “Deep Dresser Drawer Organization: Spring 2014 Overhaul”

  1. Love this series, I feel the need to run off and re-organize something every time you do one of these posts! The furniture in your bedroom is lovely and gives you SO much storage space! I wish we had Pottery Barn in the UK!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. After watching your last dresser video, I went through my dressers and folded everything horizontally and it has worked wonders! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Hi Jen,

    first of all TFS, I’m really looking forward to these series. I would like to point out that I don’t see any problem in sharing how you store your undergarments (you are just showing them in a drawer, nothing to be offended about for that matter, but as you said there are different people out there).
    And yes you are storing your bras correctly, molded bras are supposed to be stored like this, because the material that are cups made from, can easily lose it’s form if they are stored cup inside cup.
    I have similar organization, first two drawers are undergarments, third are socks (and i know it is wrong, but i store them like you do Don’s:), fourth drawer is sleepwear. And I have organized my husbands stuff the same way in his dresser, minus bras obivously 🙂 All of our swimm/sports wear is organized in bins in our closets.
    I’m big fan of color-coordinating (looking at all those nicely organized closets), but I just don’t have the patience for it and I’m more of practical person so everything is organized by frequency of using. Our drawers are quite deep, so they allow vertical organization.
    Ofc I like your YT videos, but I love the blog more, so keep it up please.
    Wishing you and your family nice day. 🙂

  4. Hi From Sunny Spain
    hi Jen thank you so much for such a detailed overview, the pictures are great. I was just rewatching your Utah pantry organization video, i couldnt help but think what a sweet girl you are in that i love the intro just adorable. Really enjoying the weekend compilations great fun and nice to see Don too. Please Please keep doing organization videos, its what made me watch as you know and i love them.
    take care sue

  5. I love your furniture & plan to use it as inspiration when my husband & I purchase our first home together in the next 2.5 years or so! Also, we are about to move apartments & I am actually looking forward to re-organizing our dresser drawers after watching your video. Thank you so much, Jen, for continuing to share in such an open, honest, & inspiring way! You motivate me!

  6. This is a great series. It’s giving me so many ideas and making me rethink the way I do things. A question: do y’all really get use of those lovely chairs or have they sort of become redundant? I know several people who have sitting areas in their masters but they just use the bed instead, lol.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the BBC’s Orphan Black but you and Donnie remind me of the Hendrixes.

  7. Hi Jen. I was wondering if you could do a morning routine followed by a nighttime routine on TBBB (or whatever channel) for a typical workday for you. I think it’d be fun to see and give me and others some motivation and ideas on how to stay organized and such! Thanks to much!

    1. I enjoy watching those kinds of videos on YouTube, as well. I don’t know I can film them as well as others do, tho!

  8. OK, so I don’t have to feel guilty about my husband’s drawers anymore – drive me crazy – but…they do close!

  9. I love seeing your organizing systems. I always get good inspiration from your videos and blog posts. As a new blogger in the organizing arena, I really appreciate the value that you provide with your content.

  10. Hi Jen,

    You are always so gracious to share with us, thank you so much. Just watched your recent MHWL vlog and really enjoyed it. I know sometimes you get grief from people about what you share but I hope you see and know by now that there are so many of us who really enjoy and appreciate what you share.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  11. Hi Jen! I love your videos, get so inspired! Can you please show how you fold your socks, I need help with mine. Best regards Jenny from Sweden

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