Decorating For Fall (October 2013)

I typically decorate our house for fall sometime during the first week of October.  I have two different sets of decorations including mostly Halloween ones for October and Thanksgiving themed items for November.  I swap out the October items for the November decor during the first week of November.  I keep plastic tubs with my decorations organized by season and room location in our basement utility/laundry/storage room.  This makes it easy to locate each bin in storage and then bring it out to its proper area when it comes time to decorate.  It also simplifies putting away decorations in my experience, because there is an established place for everything.  I tend to stick to a similar decoration scheme from year to year, which is why this storage organization works for me.

The slideshow below provides a look at my decorations for October in my home:

[portfolio_slideshow id=1639]

If you’d like a closer look at my decoration storage organization, decorating process, and a complete tour of my October decor, check out the video below:

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17 thoughts on “Decorating For Fall (October 2013)”

  1. Autumn is my favorite season. I love how you decorate your home for the season. I watch your Halloween and thanksgiving home tour many times during the fall. As always, thank you for sharing.

  2. So happy to see a new fall tour this year! Although you usually keep things the same, I like to see the new things you have purchased as well as the small changes you make from year to year. I remember loving your first Halloween House tour so much, and each year so somehow manage to make it even better than the prior year 🙂

  3. Jen, your home is absolutely beautiful and you’re my inspiration for everything I do in my own home! I may not be living in this home for a while (since I’m in an AFB…) but I’m slowly building ideas and collecting things for my future home… and you’ll always be my inspiration! So glad you’re back to vlogging and blogging! We missed you! <3

  4. Wait . . . do you freeze the candy and then store it? Doesn’t it defrost? How do you do it? I would just freeze it and then just keep it in the freezer till I needed it – but then the wrappers would get all wet I’m imagining . . . ?

    1. Generally I buy holiday candy every other year. Whatever is leftover of the new candy after the season has passed I freeze in doubled up ziplock bags. When the next year rolls around I thaw the candy still in the bags. It doesn’t take long and comes out perfectly! I typically only freeze chocolate candy.

  5. Thanks for an updated video. I love the care and attention to detail you present in your videos and blogs! You have a lovely home and know how to make it look amazing for the holidays!

  6. I love the home decorating videos and holiday prep ones. will you be doing a holiday prep series this year and thanksgiving and Christmas home decor videos?

      1. Yay can’t wait to see them. I am planning to buy and have a townhome build in atlanta and plannin to move to atlanta so I like to see the home decor videos and holiday and event prep ones.
        Have you planned a housewarming party if so can you do a video on it?

        1. We’ve thrown many parties over the years and I approach all of them with the same sort of prep and organization in mind. I like having a plan beforehand 🙂

  7. The autumn and Halloween home decor looks great; it makes your house so warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing how you store and organize your decor as I need all the help I can get in that area…I need those extra-large Ziploc bags!

  8. I have been an avid viewers for many years. Your holiday home tours brought me to your channel. I know you tend to decorate the same every year. However, I don’t care please keep posting new holiday tours. I love them and watch them all through out the year. It motivates me for giving my home a little tlc.

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