Craft Closet Organization

I am very excited to share my much anticipated (by me!) Craft Closet Organization with you.  The organization process of this space has been particularly challenging and I am incredibly happy to finally have a functional closet that suits my needs right now.  It is also the last part of my home office that needed attention, meaning that my room is finally not only neat and tidy, but in working order.  Woohoo!

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The closet is a very generously-sized shoot-off space located in the back lefthand corner of my office (from the perspective of looking into the room upon entering).  I’ve dedicated it mainly to craft supply storage, but it also holds some larger sized office supplies (such as file folders and binders), my video lighting equipment, and seasonal decor (particularly for my filming/project area backsplash).

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I took the door down when we first moved into the house six years ago to make room for the furniture arrangement.  I always envisioned a tidy organizational space that would be aesthetically pleasing and would not require a door to disguise its contents.  It originally started out pretty neat, but with time turned messy as things piled up because I could not decide on the exact purpose(s) I wanted my home office/craft room to serve.  I’ve got that all figured out now, at long last!  I finally have the closet cleaned up so that it’s nice to look out without a door, but decided to add an easy to move curtain.  I picked out this Simply Shabby Chic sheer panel from Target (exact model not available online), because it is very similar to the custom curtains I have hanging in the office’s picture window.  I hung the curtain using a simple thin white suspension rod, which it can easily be pushed back and forth on.  I attached a 3M Command Clear Mini Hook  to the door frame and secured the curtain to it using a simple blue wired ribbon I had on hand as a tie-back.  This setup camouflages the part of the closet where I store my unsightly video lighting equipment (not seen in these photos, but shown in the video), but still leaves the closet extremely accessible.  The fact that it’s super cute is an added bonus! 🙂

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I kept the custom Elfa closet system I devised and installed six years ago as is, because it still functions well even after the organization overhaul.  The two side walls of the closet have three 16″ deep shelves each, which I’ve stocked with medium and large Reisenthel Storage Boxes.  I’ve used the same boxes for many years for a variety of purposes.  They are one of my absolute favorite containers for larger storage needs, because they are lightweight but hold up to wear and tear quite well.  I keep crafting supplies and seasonal decor in these boxes.

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There are three Elfa Drawer Sets on castors flanking the closet.  These provide ample drawer storage for smaller crafting and gift wrap supplies as well as countertop areas.  The shallow drawers are great for corralling small supplies such as glitter, stamps, and punches.  I use clear containers like the clear Shoe Boxes from The Container Store shown above to keep items together in deeper drawers.  I love being able to pull the drawers out all the way and bring them to my project table when needed.  An added bonus of these drawer sets is that it’s super easy to change up the drawer layout since they are interchangeable.

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I used my Best Buy reward points to pay for a new microwave for my office, which is something I’ve wanted for awhile, but could never justify spending the money on.  This GE Compact Microwave was on sale marked down from $79.99 to $49.99.  I had enough points to cover the cost of the microwave without spending a single cent on it!  I tucked it into the righthand corner where it is completely out of sight unless you are standing inside the closet.  I used my favorite 3M Command Clear Mini Hooks and Clear Large Cord Clips to secure the cord along the door frame and baseboard to the outlet just outside the closet to avoid any hazardous loose cables and maintain a tidy appearance.

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There are five 12″ deep shelves spanning the width of the back wall for additional craft storage.  I have four rolling bins (sadly no longer available) from The Container Store tucked underneath the bottom shelf.  Two of the bins hold current craft projects while the other two keep cardboard and containers to use for projects out of sight.  The bottom two shelves each hold five clear Sweater Boxes from The Container Store.  Each bin is labeled with its contents, which are organized by craft type.  There are five Snapware Snap ‘N Stack  2-Layer Organizers on the middle shelf which house my most frequently accessed crafting supplies.  I think of these as mini craft kits.  The two-layer box makes organizing small contents a breeze and the handle is handy for toting to and from my project table.

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The very top shelf of the back wall of the closet is where my plush owl collection lives.  I’ve received most of these guys as gifts from family and friends over the years as I am an avid owl lover.  I used to keep them on top of the built-in cabinets in my office, but it was getting too cluttered for me.  I still wanted to display my furry feathered friends and decided this spot in my closet was the perfect perch for them.

I am extremely satisfied with how my craft closet turned out.  It was quite the journey, but it looks just as I imagined and functions even better!  I only ended up purchasing two items for it: a grounded extension cord for my new (free!) microwave and one additional Snapware bin.  I must admit that it gives me a bit of a thrill to repurpose and reuse my beloved containers time and time again!  The best part of the closet, however, is that it is flexible, meaning I can change it up without starting from scratch at any point in the future that my needs change.

I share my Craft Closet Organization in detail in the video (shown below) if you’re interested in a closer look.  Check back next week for the last Home Office Organization post and coordinating video in this series – a grand tour of the entire space!

* I am not affiliated with any of the brands or stores mentioned in this blog post or video.  All opinions are my own. *


19 thoughts on “Craft Closet Organization”

  1. Yeah!!! Jen it’s beautiful! You’ve inspired me to tackle so many projects, including my office/craft space. Of course the last time I did that I got that stupid pinched nerve, but I’m going to tackle my space and finish it before Christmas. lol now that your done..what’s your fav. Part of the whole process? I have to say the closet is mine!!!

    1. My favorite part is walking into my office and not getting stressed out by piles of stuff. A place for everything and everything in its place! 🙂

  2. It all looks fantastic! I’ve been watching your organizing videos and am inspired to get my house organized. It’s all so overwhelming but I am taking your advise of taking it one project at a time!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

  3. YOUR CRAFT CLOSET IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, JEN!! <3. I have a couple of questions for you:
    1. What kinds of projects/household things will you be working on next?
    2. For your book organization video/tour, you mentioned in your coordinating blog post that you organized your books by category and you left me confused by that. Could you give me an example as to how I could do that for my own collection of books?
    3. I have a video request: Could you either do a computer organization video (how to organize your files electronically?) or media organization video (how to organize CDs, DVDs, etc…)
    Thanks again for being an awesome inspiration and role model

    1. I’m thinking of showing some updates I’ve made to our linen closets & I’d like to revamp the pantry a bit. I also plan on touching up our DVD collection storage at some point.

      As for my books, I arrange them by categories that make sense to me like I said in the video….mostly grouped by fiction versus nonfiction and then broken down into more specific categories from there.

    1. To be honest, it’s mostly to heat up my tea. I spend a large chunk of my days working at the computer in there, so that’s very convenient. For crafting purposes it would be great to heat up water or melt items like wax for crafts.

  4. Jen, Can you please do a video on your greeting card organization? I like the accordion files you use, but would like to know how you categorize them. I also would love to see what’s in every box. I love your videos and get very excited for your Friday organizedlikejen posts!!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!
    Love, Renie

  5. I thought your video was really great and gave us a great look at how and why you organized the closet. Why did you feel the need to do a blog post? It seemed like it was all the same information in text instead of video. I think your blog should have original content that is separate from your YouTube videos. If not, then why have a blog?

    1. I like writing coordinating blog posts to accompany my videos so I can share still photos of my projects and links to products used for those who are interested.

  6. Jen, your videos have truly inspired my husband and I to get our house into gear! I’ve been a long time subscriber and this is my favorite room you’ve done so far, you really helped me determined how to organize my craft space. 🙂 Your blog is a lovely reference point, and love pinning your posts for all of my friends who don’t realize what YouTube has to offer, they’re now officially hooked on you too! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful tips, we so grateful and can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

  7. I just love your craft room it’s like a dream room!! Your pictures are gorgeous as usual 🙂 I love love love the curtain to your closet and that gorgeous bow!

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