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I promised a dedicated post featuring my Craft Carousel awhile back and thought today was the perfect opportunity to share since my #OrganizedByFriday video is an OLJ Q&A with no coordinating blog post.

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My Craft Carousel, as I have come to call it, is the only item aside from a coaster (handmade for me by my sister-in-law, Emily) that has a permanent place on my project table in my home office.  I like to keep that desktop clear for the most part, with the exception of these two items, so that I don’t have to move a bunch of stuff whenever I want to film, work, or craft using this space.  I purchased this white spinning desktop tool organizer by Making Memories from Michael’s last fall using a 40% off one item coupon.  I love how versatile this piece is!  You can store a variety of items in it, and it certainly does not have to be dedicated to crafting only.  I choose to keep mainly crafting tools and some work necessities in mine.

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The spinning carousel has seven upright partitions, with six side sections flanking a deep space in the middle.  Here’s what I store in the six side sections:

1. My favorite felt tip pens by LePen and Papermate.
2. Sharpies, pencils, and a bone folder.
3. Double sided colored Sharpies.
4. Paper crafting and ribbon scissors, wrapping paper cutters, and crafting blades.
5. Different size hole punchers.
6. All purpose scissors, a rotary cutter, and single punch.  Plus a photo of my pup, Winnie.

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I set a small pail in the center part which holds some small items I use when seated at my project table for filming (more on that in a moment).  This middle section is particularly deep so I stuffed some white tissue paper into the bottom of it to prop the pail up.  I used clear decorative filler pellets (available in the floral section of crafting supply stores) to keep my pens and tools upright in the vertical partitions.  There are a few built-in tool holders on two sides of the carousel.  I keep small scissors secure in the elastic bands.  I have craft tweezers hanging from one of the small hooks.  I  wedged a Scotch Pop-up Tape Refillable Deskgrip Dispenser between two of the other hooks and the bottom ledge of the carousel for easy access when gift wrapping.  It is easy to remove from it’s spot by simply rotating it about a quarter turn.

OJ|OLJ 7:5:2013_3

The only alterations I made to the carousel were to line its three small drawers with felt.  I used one of the drawers as a pattern to cut out blue adhesive felt to fit inside each drawer.  I chose to leave the paper backing on the felt for now in the case that I’d like to change out these inserts at some point in the future.

OJ|OLJ 7:5:2013_6

The three drawers hold some smaller items I reach for on occasion when sitting at my project table:

1. Makeup remover and cotton swabs for when I film makeup tutorials for TBBB.
2. A selection of paper clips, binder clips, and safety pins.
3. Some of my favorite lip products.

OJ|OLJ 7:5:2013_5

I’ve filled out the small pail I mentioned previously that I keep in the center partition of the carousel since I took the original photos over a month ago.  This pail contains some items I like to have within arm’s reach when I am filming videos.  They include a hairbrush, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, a sparkly lip balm, floss picks, a hair clip, and a Model Mirror (which is very handy for travel as well!).

I love having these craft tools and items to aid in my filming in such an attractive and accessible desktop organizer on my project table.  Organizational tools like this one are great for display as well as functionality!

*I am not affiliated with any of the brands or stores mentioned in this blog post or video.  All opinions are my own.*


20 thoughts on “Craft Carousel”

  1. Great post, I love the carousel, I think I am going to get one. I currently have two items from pampered chef that should hold kitchen utensils, but it currently houses makeup brushed, small toiletries etc.

  2. Hi Jen. I sent you the Soap and Glory lip balm. I’m so pleased you are enjoying using it. Your craft room looks amazing now. Well done on your mini series for this room. Very inspiring. You are right when you say it’s easier to tackle one area at a time. It certainly feels less overwhelming this way. Thanks, Helen. X

  3. Jen, I’ve really enjoyed your Craft/Office Room Organization Series. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your organizational ideas with us! 😉

  4. Years ago, I used a craft carousel I bought at an art supply store for my makeup and makeup brushes. Back then, it was plastic and not nearly as nice as yours, but it was cute, brightly colored and did the trick. Man, I have got to work on getting organized again; you’ve really inspired me!

  5. Great organization! I actually use the exact same carousel to store some of my everyday makeup on my vanity… I even use the same decorative filler pellets to hold eye liners and mascaras upright 🙂 Thanks for sharing Jen.

  6. I think a great blog post idea sorta like your week in review would be upcoming projects to organize/upcoming videos for the week etc with the exception of vlogs.

  7. Your craft room is a dream. I honestly aspire to have one just like it and so organized too!
    Especially love the idea of having an island bench as I’m a huge fan of the island kitchen bench.

  8. Nice. I have four of these. I’m a mixed media artist and use one for colored pencils, one for cutting tools, one for pens and markers, and the last one for hard tools (hammer, brayers, etc.). I keep the two black ones (Hobby Lobby) on my L-desktop, and the other two white ones in the closet behind my desk. All purchased with a 40% off coupon. These are great organizers and handy to use.

  9. Jen, I have really enjoyed your craft room series, and showing the carousel was a nice surprise. I would also like to thank you for the dedication and time that you took in filming, editing and posting all the wonderful July 4th party videos. You and Don did an amazing job with all of your parties, and taking the time to give us a peek into the festivities was truly admirable.

  10. Hi Jen! I love this blog post by the way! I was in my local Michaels the other day and I saw the EXACT SAME Craft Carousel AS YOURS!! I have a totally random question for you: Are you right-handed or left-handed? Also, what sort of advice would you have for someone who would like to start making videos but can’t think of a first video to make/show/talk about?
    Hope you have a nice time on vacation

    1. I am right-handed 🙂

      I recommend filming videos on topics that you’re genuinely interested in. For example, if you’re a beauty girl, you might want to consider a “what’s in my purse” or “summer beauty favorites” as a first video. Whatever topic you choose, be yourself and share your honest thoughts & opinions. Good luck!

  11. Hey Jen ! I love your videos and you inspire me to be more organized and positive in my daily life . I might have missed it but In case I didn’t I was wondering what the name of the color in your craft room was.

  12. Hi Jen, I just discovered your website and I love your videos. I need to get myself organized and I am going to follow your tips. I wanted to ask you I wanted the “Wall-Mounted Craft Organizers” from pottery barns but they don’t carry them anymore. I have search and can’t seem to find anything similar. Can you help me and let me know where I can find something similar. all the best and Happy Holidays

  13. Hi, I love your website, I stumbled across it by accident!!
    I have been looking for the craft carousel you ha vs and can’t find it anywhere please could you tell me where you bought it as this is what I need on my desk for all my craft bits and bobs
    Many thanks

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