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I decided long before my blog launched that I would include product reviews on what I find “buzzworthy.”  This can range from a large variety of products, including beauty and fashion items as well as household finds and creative accessories (any product reviews I post related to organization will be filed under the OLJ parent category).  I’d like to be a positive place, which is why I will be focusing on positive reviews (hence the “buzzworthy” label).  These will include products I’ve discovered that I’d like to share with you, because I genuinely enjoy using them.

OJ|TBBB 2:3:2013_2For my first buzzworthy find, I’d like to talk about Count Me Healthy bracelets.  I first came across these beauties in a photo Elle Fowler posted on her blog, Elle&Blair, last June.  I was immediately smitten, but the high price tag deterred me from making a purchase right away.  These bracelets are high quality jewelry.  As stated on the Count Me Healthy website under the FAQ section:

The sterling bracelet is made of sterling silver beads and a sterling silver-plated cuff with a white copper base. The yellow gold is 14k gold-dipped over sterling beads and a white copper cuff. The rose gold is 18k rose gold-dipped with a white copper cuff. The cuff is plated to withstand the daily bending.”

I spent some time perusing the website and decided that I would put aside some money for the Sexy Stack, which includes one of each shade metal.  I even pinned this set to share my new find with you.  The company was hosting a special 30% discount on all orders on Cyber Monday (November 26, 2012), which made the set I had my eye on much more affordable.  I received my new bracelets within a week of ordering and have been in love with them ever since.

OJ|TBBB 2:3:2013_3I love having one of each metal shade.  I usually wear one color at a time to match the other jewelry I’m wearing on any given day.  They are also pretty worn all together or with just two out of the three shades.  I like to combine them with my other favorite cuff style bracelets from The Current Custom.

OJ|TBBB 2:3:2013_4Not only are the bracelets absolutely gorgeous, but I love the concept behind them.  The little beads on the bracelets can be pushed around as a means to count towards healthy goals such as weight loss, healthy eating, positive thinking, etc.  You can also use them to help quit bad habits.

OJ|TBBB 2:3:2013_1I personally struggle with water consumption.  I don’t drink nearly enough on any given day and I have a bad habit of trying to make up for it by drinking a lot of water right before bed.  It’s better to space your water consumption out evenly throughout the day.  I use my Count Me Healthy bracelets to aid in this.

How To Use Count Me Healthy Bracelets (photo source)

How To Use Count Me Healthy Bracelets (photo source)

The website has some great suggestions on how to use your Count Me Healthy bracelets.  They suggest using the jump-ring in the middle to push beads from one side of the bracelet to the other to count goal achievements.

OJ|TBBB 2:3:2013_5I use the bracelets in a slightly different way than the one suggested.  Since I mostly drink water out of a 22 ounce glass water bottle (by Lifefactory), I decided to count my water intake by half bottle increments.  I designate two beads to count for one half bottle (or 11 ounces) of water consumed.  I roughly aim to drink 60 ounces of water every day.  There are twelve beads on each bracelet, therefore, counting two beads for one half bottle of water for the entire bracelet adds up to a total of 66 ounces of water over the course of one day.  Instead of pushing the beads over the jump-ring in the middle, I keep them evenly spaced out and then push two beads together for one half bottle of water consumed.  I use the jump-ring to separate the AM from the PM so that I’m aware of spacing out my water consumption more evenly throughout the day.  I aim to have consumed 33 ounces of water by midday and the other 33 ounces by bedtime.  This method works well for my personal goals and I like having the beads spaced more evenly as I find it more aesthetically pleasing.  I love how you can customize this practical jewelry to suit your own needs.

Count Me Healthy Galaxy Bracelet (photo source)

Count Me Healthy Galaxy Bracelet (photo source)

I have my eye on the beautiful Galaxy Bracelets for my next Count Me Healthy purchase.  I’m holding out for a rose gold cuff version!

Count Me Healthy is currently holding a Valentine’s Day promotion with a generous 30% off your entire purchase now through February 6, 2013.  Enter code LOVE30 at checkout to apply the discount.  These bracelets make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the special women in your life, including yourself.

*I am not affiliated with Count Me Healthy.  I purchased the Sexy Stack with a discount code that was available to the public.  All opinions are my own.*


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  1. Great blog Jen. I first saw these on your channel and decided to go ahead and buy the sassy stack. I use it everyday and find it so useful and stylish at the same time. Thanks

  2. I bought the sterling silver one with some Christmas money. I’m saving for the sassy stack and the galaxy one. I love my bracelet. I use it to keep my water in check. I tend to only drink about 4 cups of water a day and I really need to drink 8 to 10. 🙂

  3. These are gorgeous! I love this concept. I need to check on the size of them though since I have a larger wrist. Not sure if they would work for me.

  4. Have you noticed any wearing off of the beads or cuff? I want to get the galaxy bracelet for V day but don’t know if the constant moving of the beads will wear off the gold plating. Love the blog by the way!

    1. There is no wear or tear evident to me at all & I wear these quite a bit. The beads take a little effort to move, they don’t just slide around willy-nilly. They are very well made pieces.

      1. Thanks for the info. I just bought the galaxy gold bracelet and am excited to receive it! Also, I am from Utah so I love how much you love it here! I loved how you left you mac laptop at the airport in Utah and it was turned in….your response “only in Utah”. That is the kind of impression that makes me proud to live here.

        Keep up the good work!

  5. These are beautiful and love the reasoning behind them. Talking of jewelry i am about to begin the process of organizing all my collection. Finding a new jewelry box is a challenge as im so indecisive. Need the fabulous organized Jen to come to the rescue.

    Amy x

  6. I love all 3 of them together. I would just buy them for the looks really, but it’s an amazing, original concept.
    Thanks for posting. I read on facebook you’ll be doing weekly recaps. i LOVED the idea.
    I love to travel and travel loads for work and fun, so packing for me is a science I already master for my own needs, therefore everything more personal makes me jump with joy. That’s what made me be interest in you, – after the home organization – since you are always so open and candid.

  7. Jen , I started watching you for organization tips. But I am overwhelmed by your shopping addiction. What emptiness are you trying to fill ? I only ask because I used to be really deep into a shopping addiction plus other things which are too personal to detail. ( had to do with ocd behaviors and food related stuff.) I worry about all the young impressionable girls watching you. Its not a good message. Sorry to be harsh.

    1. Trying to play off your criticism as concern does not make it any less rude. If you watch Jen’s videos, you will see that she practices gratitude, and is an inspiration for taking care of yourself and living well. What emptiness are you trying to fill by criticizing others?

      1. I watch her videos and I have to agree with the shopping addiction thing. I wouldn’t be concerned if it were only her doing it to herself. She is a grown woman and may live as she pleases. However, a large number of her subbies are probably young pre-teens and young women who impressionable. I think her videos show a clear addiction that is glorified into looking like a wonderful fun way to spend her days. It’s not. I am teaching my daughters that “things” do not make a person happy. Jen is living proof of that. When will enough ever be enough? I’m guessing never.

      2. What I find interesting is that Jen approved that comment. What was the purpose? Again, it will be telling to see if THIS comment is approved. Jen chooses her comments so ask yourself why is she approving those?

    2. Shopping addiction? If you want to see what a shopping addiction looks like, watch the t.v. show “Hoarders”. I see Jen buying things she needs. Whether it’s for personal use, to beautify her home, things for her family, gifts for her subscribers, or whatever. Obviously, she and Don are doing well financially that she can afford to buy the things they have. Shopping becomes an addiction when the quality of your life suffers.

  8. I just ordered the Galaxy bracelet, with a 30% off code it was too pretty to resist! I struggle to drink enough water too, so I’m hoping this will help me hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

    As for your commenter above, I don’t think you’re trying to fill any emptiness. If you have the money to spend and allyour bills are paid, who gives a buzz right? 😉

  9. Okay, just had to post this deal. On (listed on Count me Healthy’s website as being an official retailer of her jewelry) they are having a sale on all of their Count Me Healthy jewelry. With free shipping today and tomorrow. Plus, if you use the coupon code 19549749 it increases the discount. I got the gold galaxy bracelet for $54.60 shipped to my door. I have never heard about this company since they are based in the south (I think). But ordered yesterday and got an email today saying it was shipped. Just had to share since I was excited about my deal!

  10. Hi Jen what therapy do you go to, you talk about it alot. Am I missing something, you also talk about sessions, do you feel like sharing?? 🙂

  11. The bracelets are oaky, but even with the discount quite pricey for plating. An easy way I track my water consumption each day is to put the designated number of rubber bands around my water bottle. For example, if I am aiming to drink 8 containers, I will place 8 rubber bands around the container. Each time I finish a bottle of water, I remove a band. My goal is to have all the bands removed by the end of the day. I also have an app on my iPhone called Water Tracker that is more sophisticated (accounts for height and weight), but I find the simplest technique (that is, the rubber band one) to be the most effective.

  12. I have been eyeing these bracelets since Dec. I saw them on and the prices are much better than on the count me healthy website plus 20 percent off with a coupon code and free shipping over $100 purchase. My hubby got these for me as a gift.

  13. Hey Jen!

    I just got a silver Count Me Healthy bracelet! I kept seeing yours on your vlogs and asked for one for my birthday. So far I love it! I’m working on my water intake as well. While the bracelet certainly isn’t necessary, it is a fun and pretty incentive for drinking water! Thanks for the tip!


  14. Hi Jen,

    I just wanted to say that I ordered my first Count Me Healthy bracelet. I believe I saw them on one of your tube videos, a while back, and just kept it at the back of my mind. They are having a sale this weekend so the time seemed right. Unfortunately (or perhaps good for me) they are sold out of some I am eyeing so I thought start simple. A silver bracelet with infinity beads. I don’t think I realized how cute those were until I saw them in your picture above. I have my eye on galaxy or the new bi-color they are coming out with soon (see FB page).

    I, too, have trouble with water intake but if I might share, this is my latest addiction and I have convinced myself that they help.

    BKR water bottles. Warning: They are addictive but oh so pretty. We all need spots of color in our life.

    I want to thank you for what you do. I can’t tell you how many videos I watched of yours. You are very kind, very thoughtful, very helpful and highly detailed with great taste. It is easy to come and look at a blog entry or video and trust your judgement.

    Thank you for what you do. I have been meaning to say this for a while.

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