Clothing & Accessories Haul (Spring 2014)

My last haul of the season is for clothing and accessories.  I have been on a sorting frenzy lately, paring down my wardrobe quite a bit as I replace the younger style of my twenties with my new tastes.  I picked up a few new pieces that I am very excited about and thought I would share my finds with you.


Sundance – I’ve admired the clothes in their catalogues for years and finally decided to take the plunge!

Love At First Sight Dress – I fell in love with this beauty the moment I spotted it in the spring catalogue.  It is gorgeous on, hitting just above the knee in a classic cut.  I love that it is not too constricting around the bodice, making it comfortable but still classy.  I’m thinking of pairing it with a cream-colored cardigan and flats for Easter this year.

Island Rhythms Dress – I parted ways with much of my summer and beach getaway dress collection from my twenties that no longer suited my style.  I love this breezy beauty that falls to the knee as a great warm weather dress.  Plus, it folds nicely for easy travel.

Carlie Braided Platform Wedges – I had no idea Frye made anything other than boots before stumbling across these wedges.  It was love at first sight!  Brown sandals like these are so versatile in the warmer months.  I love the braided detail along the base.

Studded Starlight Boots – I’ve been on the hunt for a light brown pair of boots suitable for warmer weather for quite some time now and these beauties are perfect!  They’re wide enough to fit my athletic calves and super comfortable even with a hidden wedge which gives you a bit more height.  I love the laser cut design and scalloped edging along the top of the boots, giving them a beautiful flar that’s perfect to pair with dresses and skirts for spring and fall.


Sundance is well known for their artisan jewelry collections.  I actually have a few pieces I bought up at the Sundance shop in Utah from over the years and decided to treat myself to some new additions that I’ve been drooling over in the catalogues for quite some time.  I’m including the stock photos from Sundance as well (image sources provided with the links below) since I had trouble properly photographing them.

Light Rain Necklace – Moonstones are one of my favorite gems.  I love this dainty sterling silver piece!

Blue Moonlight Earrings – I love the combination of moonstone with blue topaz in this beautiful pair.  I have a topaz necklace my Mom gave me that matches these perfectly, not to mention my new moonstone necklace!


Prana – Yet another catalogue I’ve often admired and never before made a purchase from, the laid back outdoorsy clothes appeal to me right now.

Sarafina Dress – As I mentioned before, I am donating much of my warm weather dress collection of my twenties to charity and am in need of a few new lightweight casual pieces that would work well for travel.  This dress definitely fits the bill!  It is extremely light and airy, hitting just above the knee, and folds virtually flat for travel.  I love the purple ombre!

Julz Burnout Wrap – Another great piece for warm weather travel, this lightweight flyaway is perfect for layering over both casual and dressy items.  

Kendall Tank – A nice, lightweight top like this is a warm weather essential. I love the eyelet!  I mentioned in my coordinating video (below) that I thought I might have to wear a camisole underneath this for proper coverage but I’ve discovered I don’t need to after all, which is nice!

Kaley Tunic Top – I wanted a looser fitting top to wear to my weekly yin yoga class.  This tunic style one is long enough to cover most of my bottom, as well.

Misty Knicker – I’ve been on the hunt for knee length yoga pants for a couple of years and finally found the perfect pair for me.  These are comfortable, do not ride up or pinch at the waist, and the jacquard print is lovely!


BijouxByMeg on Etsy  – I love Etsy for unique crafts and handmade items, particularly jewelry.  BijouxByMeg is one of my favorite shops for delicate and dainty customizable pieces.

Personalized Bar Necklace – I’ve been admiring bar necklaces for awhile now and found the perfect one for me at Meg’s shop.  I love how you can customize it not only with the stamped writing, but also with a stone accent of your choice.  I’ve been wearing this beautiful piece quite a bit since it arrived in the mail.  I know it will be a constant in my jewelry rotation from now on.


Zappos – My website of choice for shoe shopping!  I pick out new walking and running shoes every year to keep my feet and legs healthy.

Nike Flex 2013 Run – This is my second pair of Nike Flex Runs, which I use as a walking shoe.  I find that it’s generally safe for my feet to wear these as walking shoes, although it is not advised to wear running shoes for other kinds of fitness that include lateral motion.  These are lightweight, flexible, and airy, and I can easily replace the insoles with my custom orthotics.  

Asics Gel-Kayano 20 – I switched over to the Gel-Kayano line last year with my last pair which were the 19s.  The 20 is this year’s updated model.  I’ve been running in them for a month now and I love them!  They offer me the support I need to help correct my overpronation, especially with my Sof Sole Airr Orthics inserts inside.  I paid an extra $10 for this special “Lite-Show” version of the line not for the glow-in-the-dark gel feature, but for the beautiful mint blue color!  

Amazon – The best one-stop shop on the web in my opinion.  I purchase a lot of my electronics here for the great prices and available warranties.

Garmin Forerunner 220 – After the sudden and unfortunate death of my previous GPS running watch (my Garmin 610 was the sad victim of being accidentally stepped on), I decided to try out the 220, which offers all of the bells and whistles I could ask for at a much lower price than the new 620.  I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I love it!  The new design is so much lighter.  I find that it also locates satellites much faster than my 610 did.   Plus, it comes in purple!  I purchased the bundle so I could get the heart rate strap to go with it.


Madewell – I only started shopping at this store in the past year, but so far I’ve found great, high quality pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Afternoon Dress in Saltwater Stripe – A classic cut paired with black and white?  Hard to go wrong with this one!  This piece is super versatile.  Dress it down with sandals or up with slingbacks, it works in a variety of situations and is a great staple for my new thirties wardrobe.

Draft Tank – The light heather color is what first drew me to this top.  It is light and flowy and works perfectly under long cardigans or on its own as a more casual top.

Kabash Top – Another light as air top that is perfect dressed down with jeans or dressed up with black pants.  I love the embroidery along the neckline!


Target – My favorite place for inexpensive basics like tees and tanks.

 ✻ Women’s Vintage V-Neck Tee – Perfect basic white tee staple, I went up a size to a medium for a looser fit.  

 Junior’s Lace Trim Long & Lean Tank – I don’t see any problem with shopping the juniors section if you can find pieces that suit your style and fit you.  I picked up two lace trim tanks, which I wear as camis underneath other layers.

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I share a closer look as well as my thoughts about each product in the coordinating video below:

Have you picked up any new clothes and/or accessories this spring?  I’d love to know if you care to share!  Happy Spring!


* Post contains affiliate links. This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


30 thoughts on “Clothing & Accessories Haul (Spring 2014)”

  1. Bravo Jen! I love the new clothing – and I did exactly the same thing when I turned 30 (gulp! all of 4 years ago). My husband thought I was crazy!

    1. To be honest I don’t think he notices. I buy all of clothing & accessories with my own earnings so it’s not like he would notice it in the monthly statements.

      1. I guess I meant – did he notice the new clothes? – To me it looks like a big change – but I just wondered if he would have commented or had thoughts on you “maturing” your wardrobe. 🙂

        1. Well, I haven’t had an opportunity to wear them yet (with the exception of the boots) since it hasn’t been warm enough yet. He’ll probably notice the dresses when I do wear them 🙂

  2. Hi Jen! I loved your video! All the things you selected are so pretty. Everything is practical and fashionable at the same time. I absolutely need to get some spring things and you’ve inspired me to get going and “shop til I drop”! lol Enjoy your purchases – jeannette

  3. Loved everything you bought! Are you planning on doing any videos about the spring cleaning of your wardrobe? I think it would be really a really fun video to watch, and inspirational

  4. What an awesome haul. Right when I would think one thing was my favorite, you would show the next thing and I’d have a new favorite! 🙂 I really like classic clothes, but with a little something extra, like the cutout on the back of the Sarafina dress. The Love at First Sight and Afternoon dresses? Perfection! I’ve been having so much fun seeing all of your new, updated spring items, and now I can’t help but hope you and Don will be planning a beach vacation soon. Since I’m not able to travel, I love living vicariously through your vacations…and I do love a good beach! 😀

  5. Loved all the great clothes you picked out. I just can not wait till the weather is nice enough to wear dresses! Also cannot wait to see your closet purge. On a side note I love the long videos. I watch them while I workout so the longer the better.

  6. i love the prana haul! actually, i love all of it!

    i had to double check here that you weren’t saying PRADA! (i was thinking, “prada yoga gear?! is that really necessary?!)


  7. Thanks for sharing your “finds”- they are lovely and look like items you will get a lot of enjoyment from. I love the Sundance catalog- they do a great job. My mission of late has been to find some fun new scarves. No success yet, but need to do some more focused looking. I see a Mall of America expedition in my future! Will be in MN in May so this may be my excuse! 🙂

  8. Love the new clothing Jen. I just turned 50 on Monday and I’ve been doing a major purge as well. My husband started a new ministry that has our church members donating gently used items that we are sending to Liberia so I have done some major purging!!! Even got rid of a bunch of shoes (I’m starting on purses next which I think is going to be harder for me…lol). But for my birthday I recieved shopping money and I have been having fun picking out new styles that will hopefully have me looking fab at fifty! LOL

  9. If spring and summer EVER come to Oregon this year, I’ll hopefully do a little shopping spree. I did a huge closet purge last weekend. It feels so good! But it left my wardrobe seriously lacking.

  10. Loved all the clothes you bought!!!! Also, loved your hair in this video, it looked simple, yet with a little more volume, loved it!!!

  11. Hi Jen,
    very good choice for the seasons to come !
    I particularly love the boots, the blue moonlight earrings and the Kendall Tank. Absolutely my style.
    Unfortunately the shipping costs to France are amazing.
    I have to plan a new trip to US.

    Enjoy the haul !

    Happy Easter !

  12. Hey Jen,
    Love your dresses, the black-and-white One is my favourite! I’ve changed my cloths when I come to the 40 (OMG- it’s already 5 years…)
    I’m happy to see you again and you are “back on track”!!!
    Hugs and kisses,

  13. Love this post. Great collection. I was of a couple mindsets as I read.
    First I thought, What a Great Travel Set. All of these would be great for a week or two away somewhere. Add some flats and bags and pretty much good to go. I love the Turquoise shoes. I remember them from your AZ video.
    My other thought was these were some great picks for a new beginning. What if a woman was starting over, for whatever reason. Weight loss. New city (new weather). Major closet cleaning. Whatever. These pieces are classic and versatile enough that they could make for a great new beginning. Just add a few basic jeans/pants/shorts and some basic tops or tees and you are good to go for a long time. I am not that woman but that is how this collection felt to me.

    I don’t know if I have shared but you have inspired me to upgrade. Well, I started doing it a while ago and wasn’t sure where it was coming from until I realized oh, I saw that item or that one on OLJ. My goal – and don’t believe me on this cause I won’t do it – is to have less of better items and more space. This will take me a while to do if I ever get around to it. But I read somewhere that you should only surround yourself with things you love. So it got me thinking. And if I get to that Start Over phase, that is what I want to do. Start with good, pretty, well made, lasting items I enjoy and will last and are versatile.

    1. I think you’re right. I am seeing my entry into my thirties as a new chapter in my life. A new wardrobe that suits the new me is just the ticket 🙂

  14. I love your style, and as I was catching up on your vlogs tonight I caught a glimpse of your running shoes and thought the looked just like the ones I bought yesterday- sure enough they are! These are my first pair of Asics – do you like them better than the similar class of Nike’s?

  15. I just subscribed to your channels (Don’s too), so I have had a chance to see the years go by rather quickly. Both of you have grown as individuals and as a couple. Love your videos! You have such a classic feminine demeanor, Jen. You can put on a Target blouse and make it look like a designer original. Your charisma as a couple is so wonderfully inspiring. Thank you both for sharing your good times with everyone.

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