Charity Auction Update

Hello, friends.  I have some disappointing news about my charity auction.  I was just finishing up my listings and was literally about to do the last one when my eBay account was put on hold for security reasons.  Apparently I listed too many name brand name items and they got suspicious.  I was required to submit proof of authenticity to eBay and have no idea how long it will take to be approved (assuming that it is).  I had so hoped to have my auction up and running today and worked super hard over the last few days to pull everything together, so you can imagine how bummed I am.  I understand eBay is just trying to protect themselves and their buyers.  Let’s hope the approval process goes smoothly and quickly.  I will list the items and officially announce the auction as soon as possible.  I very much appreciate your patience in the meantime.  I’ll do my best to get back to regular posting soon.



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  1. I have tried posting this a few times but something was going on with the sight or internet. Anyway Jen, I wanted to let you know that if you dont call ebay theres a good chance they wont fix the problem, I have had the same problem in the past and nobody from ebay ever got back to me. I solved the problem myself with posting fewer items at a time or mix some name brands with some less expensive brands. I hope to see your charity auction up soon!

    1. I did speak to someone on the phone and they insisted I had to send files electronically to them. If I don’t hear back tomorrow I’ll call again on Friday. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I am so very sorry to hear this Jen. I know how hard you work on this charity endeavor of yours and it must be so frustrating. I am really looking forward to bidding on a few things this year for the first time and would love to help out the Charities that you picked this year.
    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    Much Love and Many, Many Blessings

  3. Chin up Jen! We know your working hard and I’m sure we can muster the patience for eBay to go through their processes. It’s understandable! Hope your having a great day!

  4. I really love your motivation and your strengh to do nice things to other people,I wish you Godd luck ann all the best for all what you do.

  5. My husband was selling a watch on Ebay, and they pulled it off the day before the auction was closed due to “suspicious activity”. He had an incredibly difficult time trying to get someone to explain what the problem was. It turns out his photos were “too professional looking” and someone thought he had taken them from the internet. He had to take more photos to prove it was his watch and redo the auction. It was crazy, and the bids never got as high as from the first sale. This is such a pain for you, but better now than after the auction has started. Good Luck!

  6. Ain’t that just the way it goes? I’m sure ebay will help you get it sorted out. If not, ping me cuz I live just up the street from them and I can knock on the doors for you 🙂

  7. Oh I’ve had that sort of trouble with eBay before, I think it’s because so many crooked people sell fakes on there. It’s sad that they spoilt it for the rest of us, especially when it’s for a good cause.

    1. eBay took the listing down because they decided it didn’t seem authentic even though I sent them a copy of the receipt last week. I am working on having it relisted.

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